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on March 28, 2012
I originally purchased 4 of these for my granddaughters...ages 6,5,3 and 2. I immediately saw that they would be hard for the younger two to use.The stickers are somewhat tricky to remove for tiny hands as they seem to catch at certain points...since they are reusable there is no backing to peel off but they have to be gently taken out of the sheet. Having said that, the 6 and 5 year old girls had a GREAT time with them. Kind of like the old Colorforms but more durable. Very good for the imagination. They were comparing the outfits they created and even drawing pictures of them. Lots of fun for a quiet afternoon...just keep the littler ones away. Melissa and Doug also make one of these with a house motif...sort of like a dollhouse. They loved that as well.
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on December 23, 2014
Love these sticker books!!! I bought 2 of these so far and my son liked them so much, I ordered another one for my niece. They are not what I expected as they are not actually "stickers" but I actually like them better. They are similar to window clings and are not sticky at all. They can be removed and replaced over and over and will not tear. The best part is that my 18 month old son can remove and replace these all by himself. I did remove the outer edges of the sticker sheet to make it easier for him though. My son really loves stickers but the sticky ones are one time use and he gets frustrated that he can't remove them once he has stuck them on the paper. This solves that problem. I highly recommend these and am sure I will be buying a lot more. Plus...they are extremely well prices...excellent vlaue!
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on August 7, 2014
I bought 3 different sets of these sticker pads.....this, the Habitats, and the Vehicles ones for triplets. Luckily the boys started theirs first and were DELIGHTED. The stickers peeled off the "storage pages" PERFECTLY with no effort.

I wish I could say the same for the girl's fashion set. The fashion items are HORRIBLY perforated and nearly impossible to remove, even by Grandma and Her nails. My 8 yr old grand-daughter is just as disappointed and frustrated as her brothers are thrilled with their sets. Seems a defect issue with JUST this set. Always love Doug & Melissa's quality in their stuff & intend to contact them to report this issue.
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on March 5, 2017
The die cuts of everything are off such that half a dress is cut off - all the clothing is poorly cut. In addition things like gloves are all for right hands . Really poorly executed.
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on June 4, 2015
I really appreciate the Melissa and Doug toys and crafts for children. They make a well made, safe and reliable product and they also put appropriate ages on each one. That's a huge help and guideline for those buying gifts who maybe don't have children or are unsure of what to buy for a particular age. Since being blessed with two granddaughters, with a third on the way, I really rely on these toys/crafts and have not been disappointed yet. The kids love them. These reusable sticker books can be used over and over. This one is all about dance. They get to dress the dancers in dance costumes and street costumes in various poses and have imagining themselves dancing too. Lots of fun on a rainy day or maybe even a road trip if car seats will allow, as these are larger than normal pads.
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on November 6, 2014
41/2 yr old granddaughter loves to play with this new take on the old "colorforms" we enjoyed as kids. I've been searching for something like them for years. Still think the old ones with the waxy black boards they came with were more fun. I used to love to put them back on the boards, matching them up so very carefully. It was part of the "experience" for me.
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on March 20, 2013
We had purchased the Dress-Up Pad a couple weeks after we bought the Melissa & Doug Habitats Reusable Sticker Pad, for our 2 year old daughter. She does great with the Habitats Pad, the stickers are all a good size and can easily be placed on any of the scenery sheets (if you want, the dinosaurs can be placed on the farm template, with no problem.) However, the dress up sticker pad isn't this way; the template sheets of the girls are not interchangeable with all stickers. For example, some of the girls have one arm in the air, so placing a dress with long sleeves won't "work"... the arms stick out, and I feel it takes an older child to understand that. Secondly, the stickers are smaller and some are white, which blend in with the paper background making it harder for smaller children to see/use. ***One BIG Suggestion: For all of her sticker sheets, reusable or not - it makes it a lot easier for small children if you first remove the scrap that surrounds the stickers. I do this with all of my daughters stickers and reusable forms, it makes it a lot easier for her to get them out herself and less likely for her to rip them in the process.
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on October 7, 2015
This is a fantastic sticker pad for younger children. I prefer these to the other sticker pads that Melissa & Doug make because it's easy for children to put clothes on a doll form. I also tried the habitat one for a child age 6 and she had a difficult time knowing where to put things. The sticker pads that have a "blank" environment canvas and you place stickers, such as animals, cars, or fairies, and furniture was simply too overwhelming. This one is nice because there is less decisions to be made so the child can do this on their own without adult interaction.
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on August 1, 2015
My 7 yr old daughter picked this out for her birthday. It arrived fast and in great condition. I worry about items like this getting bent or damaged in shipping, but it was packed carefully.
My daughter absolutely loves this set. The stickers are sticking and peeling off like brand new still, after hours and hours of use. There are many different options for each scene, not just one outfit! The scenes are well colored and the people are posed in such a way as to easily place the outfits.
I would highly recommend this to anyone with a little girl who loves dress up!
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on September 4, 2013
Honestly, I knew what I was getting into because of the previous reviews, but for lack of an alternative, I still gave it a go. This is ridiculously girly... We have a Melissa and Doug sticker set where we can dress the girls in regular clothes -shirts and jeans and shorts and some dresses too, so I thought this would be similar. Instead, this is weddings and beauty pageants! My 2.5 year old has fun with it (with our help) but I just can't stand how gendered it is. She doesn't recognize a lot of the clothes (long gloves and sashes) because they're so outside of her experience. Couldn't we have a reusable sticker set where we can dress girls and boys in everyday clothes? Wouldn't little boys like that too? Melissa and Doug are missing an opportunity here - ALL little kids are obsessed with their everyday tasks. Why not make it fun and realistic for everyone?
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