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on September 28, 2011
I gave this doll to my daughter on her first birthday. I picked it because I wanted a doll that was simple and soft, yet realistic and had eyes that open and close. I wasn't too sure that I would like it's size... and sure enough a 12" is pretty small. But for the size of my one-year-old it turned out to be perfect. If she were any bigger, than it would be hard for my little girl to hang on to her, especially with one hand. My daughter responded so cute to this gift. She started kissing this doll and hugging her tight and patting her. I love the smell of this scented doll, as well. I know others were turned off by her scent, but to me it just smells like baby powder-ish and is actually one of my favorite things about this doll. Another thing I love about this choice is her outfit. So many baby dolls come in cheap ugly clothing, but this one comes in a quality-made and adorable little sleeper and hat. When the outfit got dirty, I threw it in the wash and it came out great. (I didn't dry it, because I didn't know if it would shrink.) My daughter loves to pull the little hat off and then try to put it back on. Another plus: The soft body of this doll is peachy-colored to look like skin tones instead of just plain white. The features are just cute. She "sucks" her thumb... a favorite option or her pacifer (not crazy about that feature... especially since my daughter wanted to suck on it, too and it fit ALL the way in her mouth... so that was just put away until she's old enough to understand not to do that). This doll doesn't have any hair that tangles or any electronics, just gorgeous blue eyes, beautiful and sturdy eyelashes, cute toes and enough sweetness to win any girl's heart. I would recommend completely as long as you put up the pacifier, don't mind a scented doll and are happy with a bit smaller size than the average doll. Thank you for reading my review. Looking forward to many happy years with our new little "baby!"
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on December 25, 2012
I was debating between this doll and the Corolle. I was so afraid that the scent would not be pleasant from some reviews. I went ahead and ordered this anyway and am completely happy! Smaller which is perfect for my almost 2 year old, but my son who is 3 loves it too. Sits up nicely which is a plus for the shopping cart we have. Smell is light- like baby powder (I am already sensitive to smell, but being pregnant even more so now). Not sure what others are complaining about. No bad smell on my daughter either from it- I actually expected to deal with some sort of bad smell, but seriously, nothing bad. Also, if I spent $20 more on a doll this small, I would of been upset. Too high of a price tag for a doll of this size- $15 is right on. The You & Me clothes are perfect and the pacifier fits as well (Toys R Us). Baby is a lot cuter than many I have seen and the body is sturdier than most in stores while still being soft. If you like to over investigate like me, save your time and just go for it- nothing to lose for this small of a price tag and free shopping. Wish they had a boy version or another doll that looked different so I could buy more.
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on January 3, 2016
I got this sweet doll as a gift for a 3 year old girl. She came beautifully presented in a box, perfect for a gift. She has the sweetest face of any baby doll I've ever seen. My younger son has the Melissa and Doug Brianna Doll, so I knew the excellent quality of the Melissa and Doug dolls. EXCELLENT! I knew that the 3 year old girl I was buying for would absolutely fall in love with this adorable, precious baby Jenna Doll. Her eyes close when she lies down and she can suck her thumb or or the pacifier she comes with. She would be wonderful with the Melissa and Doug diaper set or the feeding set. Hands down, the best baby doll around. Way to go Melissa and Doug!
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on March 18, 2017
sweet little doll, bought for my 2 year old. a great little, but not too little, size for my 2 yr old! i like the weight of this doll. daughter is very comfortable holding her. pacifier fits better in mouth than other dolls, but is still difficult to keep in mouth for long. and somewhat difficult for 2 yr old to put in alone. glad i chose this one for her.
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on December 12, 2015
Short version: As good as the American Girl baby doll, but is a much better size for the very young.
Long version: Cons: None.

Great, lifelike face. Some have big eyes that we think are cute, but that scare babies because their instincts recognize that there is something wrong - the proportions aren’t right.

Soft, cuddly body. Hard plastic bodies are rigid, making snuggling difficult, & don’t have the softness of a baby. This soft body makes the doll just slightly flopsy, which brings out the maternal instincts in a little girl because it seems more like a helpless baby. Lift her up or turn her over & she isn’t rigid. My almost 7-yr-old granddaughter has many dolls that she likes a lot, but the one she has similar to this (which is no longer for sale) is her favorite because it feels more like a real baby than the others do.

Eyes that open & close. Greatly enhances pretending it’s asleep or awake. More lifelike. Babies absolutely love opening & closing those eyelids with their little fingers, & it’s good for dexterity practice.

Arms & legs (like the face) are easy to clean, & because of the contrast in material between them & the body, the limbs will at times flop a little, making the baby more lifelike.

Perfect size. Not long ago I discovered the American Girl baby doll. I came close to buying it because it meets all the above criteria, but it’s a little too big for a 1-yr-old. This doll is 2 inches shorter & is the perfect size for rocking, cuddling, carrying.

Clothes. Well made, soft, cute. The sleeper is a cuddlier look than other outfits, so is what I choose first for little girl’s dolls (if I have a choice), adding other clothes when they are almost old enough to change their own doll’s clothes.

Mouth. Cute that it’s thumb or it’s pacifier can stay in its mouth. The open mouth also makes feeding it a bottle more enjoyable because the tip of the bottle wedges a little in the mouth instead of just sliding right off the doll's face. This wasn't on my list of criteria, but I'm so pleased with it.

Price. I payed about $20 & consider it a great deal since it has the same features as the expensive American Girl doll & is a better size. Sometime after Black Friday weekend was over (2015), it was selling for about $13 for a little while.

Cons: None
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on December 4, 2012
like many other reviewers, I just can't get past the smell. I bought this doll as part of my daughter's Santa gifts for this Christmas. Sad to say, but I'll be returning the doll and hunting for a new one. I'm glad I shop early!

I think M&D make a great product, but this doll falls short. I didn't fully unpack Jenna to see how well the pacifier/thumb fit in her mouth. I'll assume that feature is accurate. Jenna's eyes take a few jiggles before they start to open and close, but that won't be noticed by many children. Her outfit is very sweet, very soft, and has an easy Velco back. On the surface, the doll looks great.

Since my daughter is only 2 years old, I can say I've been out of the doll market for awhile; this was supposed to be her first. I like the weight that the poly-beads gave the body (think beanie baby filler) but was surprised that there was no stuffing to fill the gab between the "beanie" pouch and where the plastic limbs connected to the fabric of the body. There was enough fabric between the two for me to pinch with my thumb and first two fingers. To say the legs flop around is an understatement.

And then, there's the scent...

The smell is enough to turn anybody off. I'd say the smell is closer to Powder Fresh Lysol (when you've just sprayed it in a small room) than baby powder, or a strong perfume. It's more than noticeable.

Maybe my expectations are out of line with today's market; but right now, I'd much rather dig my 1988 Madam Alexander doll out of storage, and let my daughter have something that I know is quality.
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This was a gift for our 2 yr old daughter and she adores it. She carries Jenna everywhere with her! I love the soft body and easy to clean face. My favorite thing about this sweet doll is her precious baby powder smell! She is soft and cuddly and the opening/closing eyes is a huge hit with our little one!
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on April 17, 2017
Sweet little baby doll, got it for Christmas for my 1 year old grandaughter. When she saw it she said "baby" and immediately began to hug and rock it. Well made and durable has been played with a lot in the last 4 months and is still looking like new. Product is as advertised.
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on January 8, 2017
My daughter loved this gift. Dolls, in general, creep me out, but this one is very cute. Hat is removable. Eyes close when she lays down. Very cute and good quality.
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on April 15, 2017
Both of my toddlers love this doll. It's well made and easy for them to hold. It's holding up well with two toddlers taking it all over town, so I would say they did a quality job constructing this product. Highly recommend.
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