Customer Reviews: Melissa & Doug Natalie - 12" Doll
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on December 7, 2011
My almost two-year old daughter has this doll and has recently really started enjoying it. She brushes Natalie's hair, puts her 'night-night', and helps 'change' her. We also got a feeding set and she likes giving Natalie a bottle. The doll is a good size for her to carry around, and overall it's been a successful purchase.
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on June 12, 2012
The doll is precious, and step daughter (2 yrs old) loves her. We made her a potty and a diaper so that she could practice potty-training with Dolly. This doll really has gotten my step-daughter interested in using the potty herself. She loves that the doll eyes close when she (the kid) lies down to take a nap, and that the doll has real hair that she can comb. We are also trying to wean my step daughter off of her pacifier. Putting the little pacifier into her doll's mouth when she wants one during the day seems to help calm that craving.

Like so many other reviewers, I want to give this doll five stars for being so awesome, but I can't because it is scented. I contacted Melissa and Doug and asked them if they make any unscented dolls, and they don't! I couldn't believe it! The scent doesn't smell like any baby I have ever whiffed. It's cloyingly strong and cheap-smelling; me and my husband really hate it. Dolly then went for a ride in the washing machine on cold against manufacturers instructions, and it made her smell a little better, but I still don't like her near my face.

And yes she came out fine from the washing machine. She needed to have her hair re-styled, but other than than everything was fine. I wouldn't put her in the dryer, though, I think her hair would melt.
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on October 17, 2012
Watch out American Doll!! Melissa and Doug have a winner - cute as cute can be - sturdy - good hair - very reasonably priced. I do wish they had more selections for 12" doll cloths, though. The pacifier is perfect and fits the doll's mouth very well. Just tie a string on it and pen it to her clothing or you'll be searching for it more often than you will appreciate.
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on December 22, 2011
I bought this doll for my daughter because she like to rub hair while sucking her thumb. Shes only 10 monthes old and the toy is aged 18 monthes plus. I thourghly checked it over before giving it too her and found no loose parts she may choke on. The plus is, its great for babies. The negative is, I bought the doll for her to rub the hair but the hair is maybe 3" or 4" long. Hard for her to grasp onto. When she is able to hold onto it she sleeps like a baby =). The smell just smells like a baby doll. Nothing bad just that fabric softner/plasticy smell baby dolls smell like. Over all I would buy this again for the price just wish the hair was a bit longer. It seems very durable and none of the hair has been pulled out which is another plus.
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on September 19, 2011
I have a little cousin name Natalie and the doll has the same name. She loves her. Very cute and I like that it sits. Size was ok for her, 2yrs.
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on January 6, 2015
I love Melissa & Doug toys but was disappointed in this doll. MUCH smaller than expected (even though size was listed--features still seem much smaller than other dolls of similar size). The doll is not nearly as pretty as in the pictures either. Quality did seem good though. Sent back.
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on January 21, 2015
I got this as a gift for my for 7 year old niece Christmas and she loves it. I think all girls have a natural need to care for and nurture babies and as soon as we got it out of the box for her, she started to feed the baby doll and make sure she was going to help her open the rest of her presents. I know she love the gift because her mom said she has it with her all of the time. One thing, I recommended to her Mom was when my niece was upset or crying for not getting what she wanted, she could divert her attention to taking care of her baby by asking if her baby is hungry, etc. and it works very well for her.
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on November 9, 2012
I bought this doll for my daughter. It was her first doll, and she was 14 months old at that time. She is 20 months now, and she still doesn't really like playing with Natalie. At first I thought that my daughter was just too young for dolls, but as time passed, she hasn't really become much more interested in playing with it. I think that there are few issues here.

First, Natalie is a bit plain. Her clothes are not interesting in terms of color, decoration and function (it's been my experience that babies and toddlers like bright colors and objects they can manipulate or explore such as buttons and pockets, shoes they can put on and off, etc.). The nice aspect of Natalie's outfit is that you can take her pants and shirt off, and sometimes I found my daughter in her crib after her nap with Natalie wearing no pants :)

Second, her hair is a bit short and when you remove her ponytail, it's thin, not natural looking at all, and falls awkwardly on her shoulders, and you can see this doll's bold skin on her head in many places. Little kids don't really have the skills yet to put it back in a ponytail so it would be nice if this doll's hair was attractive to play with without having to put it in in a ponytail.

Third, the pacifier it comes with is not easy to put in this doll's mouth. I do like that it requires my daughter to practice her fine motor skills by trying to place the pacifier in the small opening in Natalie's mouth. However, even when she succeeds at that task, this pacifier needs to be pushed pretty hard (too hard for little hands) in order to stay in. After a while my daughter gave up on her attempts to put this pacifier in Natalie's mouth, and I was disappointed to see that because I thought it was a great educational value of this toy.

Fourth, we encountered the same issue with Natalie's thumb. It takes some effort to pull her hand and stick the thumb in her mouth. This is not something my daughter can do right now on her own. It's just too difficult. Again, I like the fact that this feature exists and I think it has educational value, but it shouldn't have to take so much force to complete this task. It's easy for me, but not for my daughter, and I think that it should be easier for her in order to encourage her to practice her fine motor skills and try to align the thumb with Natalie's mouth and push it in. It might become easier for my daughter as she gets older, but right now it's not a feature she plays with too much.

Finally, I have to agree with other reviewers that the colors are not as pretty as in the picture. The difference isn't really that big, and I wouldn't even mention it if not for the fact that this doll is just overall not colorful enough in my opinion to interest a small baby (it might be just right for an older toddler, but I haven't had the opportunity to test that yet). In reality, these colors are a little bit more dull, but again, not drastically different from the picture. I also don't feel very comfortable about the fact that it's perfumed. The smell is not very strong, and I actually like it, but I would prefer to not put additional chemicals in my daughter's environment, and artificial scents can sometimes be serious offenders to someone with allergies and sensitive systems.

What I like about this doll is the fact that it's small and cuddly. While not perfect, her hair has pretty color, it's soft, and it's longer. It also happens to be the same color as my daughter's hair which is an added bonus. Her eyes open and close (not always perfectly, but they do). You can take her clothes off and put them back on. The pacifier and thumb sucking have educational value to them (I wish they were easier to use, but still...). Finally, I feel that the price is appropriate for this product.

While I feel that this doll is just okay, I do recommend it. I just feel that this product is simply very ordinary, and in my daughter's case, not really that exciting. There is nothing really wrong with it. In Natalie's defense, my daughter seems to prefer stuffed animals over dolls (or perhaps we haven't found the right doll yet).
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I know a lot of the reviews here say this doll has a smell. I almost didn't purchase it for that reason, but I decided to go for it and get it for my 3 year old for Christmas. Yes, this doll had a smell when it first arrived, but within a week it was gone. My daughter loves having a baby doll whose hair is like hers, always in a pony tail. But be careful, don't take the pony tail out, as the hair doesn't go back in the same way. Ours has her pony tail hair all sticking out in weird ways, which is still fine but drives my ocd self nuts. All in all, this doll was worth the money, doesn't stink and my daughter loves her.
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on July 6, 2015
I have 3-year old twin granddaughters. One has blonde hair and blue eyes and the other has brown hair and brown eyes. I gave this doll to the blue-eyed blonde and she just loves to play with her look-alike. The doll is well made and her clothes are beautiful and can take the punishment of a 3-year old taking them off and putting them back on without ripping.
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