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on July 1, 2011
DAY 2 - will update later but so far great machine.

The faithful Krups duo finally died after 15 + years of service. This time we wanted a thermal carafe type to reduce the burn on the coffee. Spent a lot of time reading the reviews and it seemed like there weren't any choices that were consistently highly rated. All had issues that caused me to keep looking, until I found this one. Not many reviews to go with, but the one negative review seemed overly harsh, and the non-thermal unit got good reviews, so took a chance.

First the quality of the product is NOT cheap Chinese junk!

With so many things being produced in China these days, you are hard pressed too find things that are NOT made in China. And as Apple and others have shown, that with good design and careful sourcing companies can produce quality products in China.

The coffee maker seems solid and well made, the plastic parts fit well and the overall design is functional and stylish enough. Overall while maybe not the ultimate, a good value.

Have not had a chance to truly test all the brewing options vs coffee amounts etc., the first pot tasted very good.


The carafe pre-heat is a nice feature that starts the coffee out hot. The riser tub is double walled to reduce heat loss from the water in the reservoir.

The carafe has a nice wide mouth for easy access. the top twists off with a 30 degree turn. The pour is fast and drip free. All of the coffee can be poured without any drama.

Coffee remained hot for the first 3 hours or so then it started cooling. If you drink it black still hot enough but if you add cream it's going to seem closer to warm. Good enough for me.

The top has a wide area to collect the coffee so alignment is not super critical. The carafe does fit nicely into place so it is unlikely to be off.

The clock and timer functions are easy and obvious enough to figure out.

Its quiet when brewing.

There is a hole in the back at the max level to prevent overfilling if you don't fill from the carafe

There is a pour stop feature which does effectively stop the coffee without drips. This feature has one of the cons - see below.


Only two so far and minor IMHO

Pour stop was hard to replace the pot when the basket was full with water due to the weight and close tolerance, and perhaps the newness of the plastic. I noticed this when i was testing with a pot of water to rinse it out. Have not tried it out "for real" yet. It may improve with use.

The clock uses the fadish blue led look, which makes for a low contrast display. Not so much a problem if you are up close and straight on, but from a distance hard to read.

Will add some more as time goes by, so far not disappointed. Definitely recommend considering this model
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on August 21, 2011
This machine is a beast! Prior to this machine, I had paid up for a large cuisinart will all these fancy buttons and functions. Bottom line...the cuisinart consistently overflowed, grinds got in the coffee itself, and I needed to use the manual every time I wanted to auto-program because there were so many steps. I take the cuisenart back and buy this guy. Granted...I was uncomfortable at first shifting to paper filters after years of using a permanent filter...nonetheless...the coffee brews Fast...there is no mess...and the coffee itself comes out very good: no grinds or sediment gets mixed in. Just a few buttons to do the few things a coffee machine should do: 1. Brew coffee 2. be programable. The best part for me, and this has to do with the double whammy stainless steel walls...the coffee stays hot FOREVER. My coffee was still hot at 6pm from a 7am brew time. This is great because I HATE microwaving my 6 hour old coffee because it just never tastes the same after the microwave.
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on October 19, 2011
Our 6-year-old Capresso was finally getting ready to give up the ghost (I'd bought it re-furbished, so it was easily a 8-10 year old model).

What I wanted was:

- 10 cup maker
- Built-in Thermal Carafe (we were pouring from the glass carafe into a thermal one)
- Easily programmable to make coffee each day
- Great strong, robust taste, but adjustable
- Absence of "always-on" heating element that "cooks" the coffee for 2hrs
- Nice small countertop footprint
- Low profile
- Easy to make (refill the tank, pour the coffee into the basket, push a button)
- Chrome or stainless steel for esthetic reasons

We got all of the above. It's been in constant use since 9/27/11 (it's now 10/19/11), not a single problem.

Especially nice: the lack of heating element. As the coffee is made, it goes right into the carafe and is sealed there. There's nothing to turn off, and nothing that stays on for 1-2 hours. When I come down in the morning, the coffee is ready; there's nothing to do but to pour.

Great price, too. I'm planning to get one for my office and replace the 10+ year old Mr. Coffee (and the 3+ year old Crate and Barrel Carafe).

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on September 23, 2011
I am done with the Bunn! I used Bunn coffee machines for years and the last two I purchased leaked, right at 3 years when the warranty expired. At least in the past, Bunn would provide a new gasket upon request so the consumer could repair their machine themselves and get a few more months out of it. However I learned last week the design has changed and the machines are now made in such a way that the consumer cannot replace the gasket. (Velocity Brew NHBB) Interesting how Bunn has designed their models in such a way that they break around the time the warranty expires. They do however, have a "replacement" program where you can send in your old machine and buy a new coffee machine at a discount. Sounds like a racket to me.

As a result, I was in search of a new Coffee maker. The Melitta 10-cup thermal coffee brewer had great reviews and the features I wanted. I just received it and could not be happier. The machine is well built and easy to use. I've been using it for about a week now and wished I would have bought it several months ago when my old machine started to leak. Every pot of coffee tastes great and the thermos keeps the coffee hot for hours. This machine just works, great coffee, great price and simple design.
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on November 10, 2011
The other reviews led us to this unit and we are happy with it. Our top priorities were a metal/ thermal carafe (which really limits the choices) and the ability to brew strong tasting coffee. The thermal carafe doesn't break -- we'd go through a couple glass carafes a year -- and keeps coffee hot without burning it after a half hour (my wife and I sometimes wake up an hour apart but we only have to make coffee once). The coffee does come out full-flavored; the strength selector is nice but we find it doesn't make a real big difference in taste. The middle setting seems fine and it brews a bit quicker than the strongest setting. Other features we really like are the wide mouth carafe for filling and cleaning, and the lid is super easy to open and close -- just a 10 degree or so rotation with very little force. Our last unit had the usual threaded rim which was difficult to align and took quite a grip to close it all the way. This unit also allows filling the water reservoir from either side and the water level indicator conveniently faces the front (not the side like our last unit); however there is no float ball and the water level container is not very clear so it is difficult to see the water level without bright light and careful attention (my only criticism). There's a convenient carry handle for the removable filter holder that transports to the trash well. And the controls are simple and up high for easy access. Lastly, the little thumb lever you push to pour is nice and it pours pretty quickly unlike our previous thermal carafes. We hope it lasts because it's the best we've owned yet!
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on August 21, 2011
After one month of use, this is clearly the best of several coffee makers we've purchased in recent years (a couple of others didn't last). The overall design and build quality are a solid step above the rest. We especially like the three different brewing temperature settings, and they make a nice subtle difference in the taste of the coffee. The reviewer who complained that you can't brew less than 4 cups was wrong. The first labeled indicator on the see-through water measurement scale is 4 cups, but the water level is clearly visible from approximately 2 cups on up. It is just as easy to brew up a small batch of 2 or 3 cups. The no-drip, insulated mug is the kind of superior design you come to expect from Melitta. Here's hoping it will hold up for at least a few good years.
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on September 11, 2011
Everyone who knows me knows I was a true loyalist to my Bunn coffee makers. I had the first one for many years and the last one was the last gift my mother ever bought me. She knew I was in withdrawal after the first one died. I loved getting hot coffee in 3 minutes, but grew to hate all of the water on my counters from the leaking seals. Every 6 months or so, the last one started to leak and I'd have to clean up water for a couple of weeks while waiting on new seals.

It took a lot for me to consider another manufacturer. I studied reviews and websites. The Melitta is the only one to have all positive reviews (the one negative one seemed to be from someone who just wanted to complain) and I am am so happy I went with it. I can set the timer to start the coffee before I would possibly get up and even the one night I neglected to get it ready it brewed fast the next morning. The Bunn was able to brew so fast because it kept a pot of water warm at all times which cost me electric. I don't have to worry about that with the Melitta. It shuts off as soon as it finishes brewing and the thermal caraffe keeps the coffee hot (without cooking it into tar) for hours.

The cone filters make a better cup of coffee and the manual even gives you directions on making iced coffee. I haven't yet had friends overnight, but since most like their coffee stronger than I do, I really look forward to the push button strength settings. It leaves the Bunn in the dust.
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on September 18, 2011
I was looking for a thermal coffee maker to replace our aging coffee maker. After looking at several from well-known brands like Cuisinart, Bunn and others, I decided to take a look at the Melitta. I was really only familiar with the brand based on their coffee filters and wasn't even aware that they made coffee makers.

However, based primarily on the positive reviews and a price that was easily $40 less than the competition, I decided to go with the Melitta. Turned out to be one of the best purchases I've made in awhile.

The first impression you get when you take it out of the box is that the quality of this coffee maker - it doesn't have the cheap feel that so many other products have. This is a very well-designed, well-engineered and very well-constructed product.

The good:

- Simplicity of design. Making coffee should be a simple, uncomplicated process. The people at Melitta seem to understand that. Press a button and the filter compartment pops open for easy access. The filter holder has a handle, making the task of replacing a used filter simple and mess-free.

- The unit has three brew settings - Regular, Bold, and Robust. The user's manual doesn't say exactly how this feature works, but there is a noticeable difference in the favor at each setting. I like my coffee nice and strong, and the bold and robust settings are perfect. My wife prefers hers not quite as strong and the normal setting is just right for her.

- The thermal carafe does an excellent job of keeping coffee warm for a long period of time. After 12 hours I found that the coffee was still hot enough that I didn't feel the need to warm it up in the microwave.

- Pouring coffee from the carafe is a snap - just push the thumb lever on the handle as you pour. No need to unscrew the lid, no drips, makes pouring a one-hand operation.

- The lid removes by rotating only about a 1/4 of an inch - again, simplicity of design.

- Setting automatic brewing is very simple - hold down the program button and set the hours and minutes and you're done. Setting the clock works the same way, except you don't hold down the program button

The bad:

- The folks at Melitta seem to be consistent with their "less is more" approach and also apply it to the owner's manual. However, in this case, it doesn't work as well. The manual mainly consists of pictures showing how the unit operates - very few words. Most of the pictures are self-explanatory, but in some cases a description to go along with the picture would have been helpful.

- The manual is obviously written for multiple Melitta models, and makes reference to an adjustable warming feature that apparently is an optional feature that doesn't exist on the thermal model. The manual also says that the unit is designed to stay on for 2 hours and then shut off, to keep the coffee warm. Since the adjustable warming feature wasn't included, I figured the warmer wasn't either - until I touched the plate the carafe sits on! Seems kind of strange to have a warmer feature on a model with a thermal carafe, and show a warmer control that isn't included (and isn't explained as an optional feature).

Highly recommend this coffee maker. I also purchased the Medelco #4 Cone Permanent Coffee Filter - drops right in, and is a perfect fit for the Melitta.
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on September 14, 2011
Our coffee maker criteria is (1) brews hot strong coffee into a (2) thermal carafe that is REALLY a thermal carafe - meaning it keeps the coffee hot a reasonable period of time, (3) that the water reservoir is accessible without undue contortions, (4) that the filter be easy to access and remove, and (5) that the carafe both pours easily and opens to clean. The Melitta does all that!

(1 The Melitta has three coffee brew settings and makes good strong coffee.
(2 The thermal carafe works as well or better than any I've tried and the coffee stays pretty hot for a couple of hours - not a hot as fresh brewed but not bad.
(3) The water reservoir is in the back and it is wide enough to fill without too much effort.
(4 To access the filter you push a button and the basket swings open. The filter basket lifts out with a handle. Easy.
(5 The carafe pours fast and doesn't drip all over the place. Great pouring - one of my favorite features.

Cons: None really - maybe that the thermal carafe doesn't keep the coffee quite as hot, for as long as we would like. A small thing since we usually drink our coffee pretty quickly. So not a big, big deal for us. And the brew cycle is a little slower than the old Cuisinart we had, or the more recent Mr. Coffee - but I think the coffee is better. We did have to adjust the quantity of the coffee grounds to get the flavor we wanted but that is typical when you change products. Ideally the reservoir might be a little more accessible.

One neat thing that Melitta did with this coffee maker, and they don't really advertise the fact, is that the hot plate under the thermal carafe turns on when you start the brew and off when the brew cycle is complete. That heats the bottom of the carafe and helps the coffee stay hot - but doesn't continue to cook the coffee.

UPDATE: We've had it for weeks now and highly recommend this coffee maker. In the past year we've retired a 3 year old thermal Cuisinart and had a brief and unpleasant few months with a thermal Mr. Coffee. I strongly recommend this coffee maker.
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on September 24, 2011
This thing brews the perfect cup(s) of coffee. The temperature setting (reg, bold, robust) is a nice touch and seems to actually heat properly; unlike other (cheaper?) coffee makers. It is well built, and not cheaply made. The filter releases smoothly with a button press, instead of slamming open or not at all. When you make the coffee, it brews and immediately shuts off the burner when it's done. This works fine because of the insulated carafe. The burner will remain hot for awhile after it's shut off. What's nice is the carafe can be set down on any surface shortly after it's done brewing, and the bottom will stay cool to the touch.

Coffee story:

After buying several Mr Coffee's over the years, I finally threw the last (still new) one away. The temps were way off and of course the coffee would burn if left on more than ~40 minutes. I was surprised by the Mr Coffee build quality of their recent line, even though I was skeptical to buy it. I should have passed, this one is so much better and doesn't break the bank like other "higher end" brands might.

I've had this a couple months, and will update if anything breaks.. At this point, I plan on buying one for work also.

As always, KEEP YOUR COFFEE MAKER CLEAN. The most reported "bitter" taste by coffee connoisseurs, on any coffee maker, is usually caused by the lack of cleaning. Anything that's black/brown leftover, is oil that eventually goes rancid, causing a very bad taste and smell. Coffee should never be bitter! It's meant to be smooth and enjoyable! I clean my coffee makers before every brew, and once you get into the habit it's no big deal. Try it!
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