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on March 24, 2013
I have purchased 3 including this one. The 1st 2 didn't work very well. Kept have to change the station for reception. This one works well, lets you put channels into memory and tells the time. The plugs are a little big for my ears but they still fit. The only problem I have is that I wear it when gardening and haven't found the best way to hook it so I don't keep pulling out the ear plugs. Still working on that one. This was well worth the purchase price!!
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on April 14, 2014
I bought this to listen to NPR while cycling around town. I live in a town of less than 100,000, and so far reception has been crystal clear wherever I go.

A few problems: the armband thingy is complicated to use and rather uncomfortable, so I use the lanyard that hangs it around my neck. OK, but slightly worrisome that it might strangle me in the event of a bike accident.

The battery issue noted by other reviewers is valid: I listen about 2-3 hours a day and the 2 AAA batteries last about 10 days. One irritating feature is that, after setting the clock and punching in all my favorite stations, when the batteries die everything is deleted, so you need to put it all back in again.

But for my purposes it works well enough.
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on February 7, 2014
The radio works fine when it doesn't unexpectedly cuts out. I'm assuming that I'm hitting a wrong button or something. I still don't know what the dbss button does, or what the silver button on the top of the unit does,.
the instruction manual is no help with these button functions. The hold button either doesn't work properly, or I'm doing it wrong. The first time I used the radio, the screen froze up and I was unable to undo it
after taking the batteries out and re installing them, the screen went blank. The next day, I started to play with the buttons again because I couldn't imagine that the radio could just conk out on me. It's pretty difficult to screw up a simple radio, right? It came back on and I assumed that the mistake was was mine.
The next morning when I went to use it the screen was blank. It came back on when I reset the batteries and worked fine. That's where I am right now with it. Tomorrow? Who knows what'll happen with it It's either messed up, or I'm doing something wrong. I've been listening to radios for over fifty years, so it's not my first rodeo or radio for that matter
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on February 1, 2014
This obviously has AM and FM, but it even has an alarm clock and clock feature. It comes with an arm band and a neck loop. I don't think much of the belt clip, however, as it doesn't seem to have a spring, just a slot where you can slide thin material through the clip. The clip is horizontal rather than vertical, too, making it very short, so I find it to be pretty much useless. Other than the clip problem, it works well, doesn't burn through batteries, and is a great deal. I also appreciate the fact that it came with very detailed English instructions written by an intelligent person who speaks English as their primary language.
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on August 23, 2014
Well to be honest I really think that it was a great purchase for less than $20 I got an awesome little unit AM/FM that works fantastic my one small complaint was the headphones themselves (earbuds) were very cheap once I upgraded The (earbuds) it's been fantastic I do you live in St. Louis area so all the radio stations are very strong so I don't know what your experience would be like if you didn't have that advantage but all I can say is my experience was very good with this product
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on June 26, 2014
I purchased this portable radio at Amazon recently and came to realize that this radio came VERY defective. The display won't work, I got it to work once by smacking the radio, after trying several other options (changing batteries, playing with buttons). I finally got to make the display work. I preset some FM stations, set the clock, then took the radio along for a long walk. An hour after the walk the volume deemed considerably without me touching it. Tried to get the volume up but to no avail. Again, the display went blank and could never get the radio working again. This is with the battery still charged... I am very disappointed with this product, please stay away from it!
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on May 1, 2014
I am a professional driver and like to hear the radio when driving because if there is trouble or bad weather in the town I am traveling it is usually broadcasted on the local radio shows. This radio is clear and easy to use and the sound is great. I like the lanyard that is attached to it because you can carry it around on your neck without having to use the arm strap. This radio also has an alarm clock and a hold button so you don't run your batteries down by it accidently turning it on is you carry it in your work bag as I do.
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on October 18, 2014
Thought "Memorex" would be a solid name for a small item like this armband AM/FM radio. Well, I was wrong. All I get is static no matter what station I try to dial in to. Found out I had to extend the player about 4 feet away from my body in order to get reception- the antenna is the cord. Sorry, but I can't carry my arm out that far when I go running. Maybe it will work for someone else.
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on August 6, 2014
I've owned / do own 5-6 of the armband radios shown on Amazon - as noted in other reviews this is not the best product nor the worst - reception is ok not great - it is ok for walking or maybe yard work but not a hard run or heavy gym workout without modification - the "armband" is a complete waste of time and utterly dysfunctional so if you buy this item simultaneously buy one of the armbands from Gymboss as the 1" width of those bands "fits" - another armband supplier is DreamBargains which has a slightly wider band that may work with other sport radio's but is too wide for this particular Memorex item - it's ok not great
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on January 8, 2014
1. we have strong radio reception and this gets all the stations clearly
2. I have somewhat expensive headphones and the sound is very good for the price of the radio.
3. The necklace string works but I carry It in my pocket where it still gets crystal clear reception/
4. You can "auto-tune" ie hold down the button and it will go to the next station not the next number.
5. As others have said I couldn't figure out how to get the arm band on - although one of the comments explains it - but I wanted it in my pocket if the signal would stay strong which it does.
6. I wasn't sure if I would keep up with my walking for exercise so I went "cheap" on the radio, now I can't really imagine changing this is so lightweight and effective.
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