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on October 23, 2015
Of the fourteen novels written by Vince Flynn, this is one of my very favorites. Memorial Day has it all: Nonstop action, a thrilling plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end, and a character that any red-blooded American can get behind and cheer for in Mitch Rapp.

The story opens with Rapp interrogating a jihadist that holds information regarding a a planned attack on American soil. The interrogation scene is far from over the top or gruesome, and likely won't bother anyone with a weak stomach. From that first chapter on, Rapp is connecting dots and chasing breadcrumbs, trying to locate a nuclear weapon that may or may not already be in the country.

Flynn had knack for understanding geopolitics, and wrote a scene where Mitch and some delta force guys rode into Pakistan via helicopter without notifying the Pakistani government. Their target was a terrorist compound, housing a high priority al -Qaeda leader. The scene in general bears a remarkable resemblance to the real life raid on the compound of Osama bin Laden - which took place many years after Memorial Day was written.

Aside from Mitch Rapp, who is at his absolute best in this novel, all the series regular supporting cast of characters have strong roles. The lone exception being Rapp's wife, Anna, as she's conveniently away on holiday while the bulk of the plot unfolds.

Another hallmark of Flynn's writing was his ability to create compelling bad guys that readers love to hate. This is especially true in Memorial Day, as you'll soon find yourself counting down the pages until the story's leading dirt bag comes face-to-face with Mitch Rapp. In the end, nothing about this book disappointing. It's a total thrill ride that will leave you thoroughly satisfied!

- Ryan Steck is known as “The Rappologist” for his unmatched knowledge of Mitch Rapp, the hero of Vince Flynn’s many novels. Steck runs and loves discussing books, especially thrillers on twitter @MitchRappFans.
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on April 22, 2017
Another good book from Flynn. In this one the hero stops the bad guys (Muslims) from blowing up several cities with nuclear bombs. Naturally the last bomb is a problem and takes some rather creative thinking to deal with it. Rapp is a bit over the top with the way he explodes in front of top level people. I enjoyed the books more where Rapp worked alone or maybe with one or two helpers. They are not as fun with the volume of people that are involved as in with this book. Nevertheless, good plot and excellent story telling.
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on October 22, 2015
I am currently trying to read the Mitch Rapp series in order as quickly as feasible and with that, you have to read Executive Power. Other readers of that will not the pace much slower than previous books and I say that to highlight how much I wanted to get to Memorial Day. It started somewhat slowly since it continued the previous books' storyline, but that was only for a short time. It quickly begins to pick up and like most of Mr. Flynn's series takes off at a lightning pace with Mitch Rapp focused on taking care of business. This book is worth reading, but if you're reading them in order as I am you already know this. What I will add is that the technical detail is wonderful without being over the top as some other authors like to do. You can also imagine, in your mind's eye, what is happening as you read along, again the mark of a great writer like Mr. Flynn. I look forward to continuing the series and although sadly Mr. Flynn is no longer with us, his books are good enough to read more than once.
I recommend this also as a beach read as I was able to get through Executive Power and Memorial Day in a week at the beach. They're great!
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on March 25, 2017
This is as good as a novel with a superstar CIA operative gets. It is filled with action and a believable plot. It's only foible is that it is one of a series with a continuing protagonist. One may wonder why I bothered reading it, since I knew this before I started. It is simply because it is a nice break from reading more serious and tedious books.
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on August 14, 2015
I have a hard time finding fiction I like and a friend recommended Vince Flynn's books to me. That's the nicest referral anybody ever gave me. These books are very hard to put down and do mundane things like your work or chores 8-) I've been reading them in order, starting with the first novel, Term Limits (although Term Limits was not related to the Mitch Rapp series). Astounding action, detail and suspense. And I don't see how anyone couldn't love a no B.S. hero like Rapp.

Mr. Flynn took a chance as his protag, Mitch Rapp grew more seasoned. When the character was "pulled in" to more of an operations role than an independent operator, I began to wonder if the books could hold their staying power. With Memorial Day, I've learned that they absolutely can. I still couldn't put the book down. I've already downloaded #6 to begin reading over the weekend.

The driving action, political intrigue, intricate detail---not to mention clearly articulating politics and policy on an international scale--I'm simply amazed at Mr. Flynn's skill and prowess in conveying all this complexity in a way every reader can understand. Other writers could learn a lot by studying his books.

The Mitch Rapp series is also an interesting conundrum. On the one hand, the books are depressing---there is nothing more depressing then being reminded that politicians are probably more lethal to the citizens' health than communism, radical islam or any other threat combined. Yet the books convey hope too. The United States may be young in the eyes of many countries. We may take some wrong turns, but we are driven by a desperate need for independence and no matter how bad things get, there will always be great men and women in the nation to rise up and set us back on course. That's Mitch Rapp. His character represents just the kind of person we want to have our back when enemies wait to destroy us.

Vince Flynn was a stupendous writer. It grieves me that his life was cut so short. Thankfully, he leaves behind a tremendous written legacy.
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on June 11, 2015
This was the first book written post-9/11 and is still a very good story despite the unfortunate emphasis on torture and abundant PC drivel about Islam:

“[Mitch Rapp] recited verses from the Koran that condemned the killing of innocent civilians.” Yep… all those many verses… that people say are more often than they actually produce them.

Mitch Rapp again: “Have you never read the Koran and wondered how the imams derive such hate from a book that is so filled with peace and beauty?” Well, I’ve read the Koran. I wonder how anyone derives anything peaceful from a book so full of hate – unless they’re really determined to see what they want to see.

The interrogation scenes are somewhat unrealistic in other ways. Jihadis do not fear death (they call it martyrdom), so threatening to kill a captured terrorist is not going to make him break. Maybe Flynn picked up on this in later books.

Again, as others here have pointed out, this is an entertaining story. I just thought I’d get a few things out.
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on May 22, 2017
Flynn explores a frightening possibility; one that seems all too realistic. The hero Rapp is able, of course, to thwart the attack and save the world yet again--all in thrilling fashion.
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on April 11, 2012
Located in the underbelly of American government lay secrets that the American people most likely do not want to know. Memorial Day takes the reader on a journey inside the war on terror. Vince Flynn builds a story that is so realistic, it forces the reader to ask themselves what is really transpiring in the world around us.

Mitch Rapp once again is the center point of the book. He is on mission to save thousands of Americans from the devastating ramifications of a nuclear explosion. The story is vivid and real, portrayed through fictional characters the places and possibilities are real. From Afghanistan to the sordid nuclear waste fields in the old USSR, Flynn is able to paint a picture that will keep us on our toes. He is also able to bring to life the politics that play into the every day decisions are elected leaders face. Is re-election and a new Vice President truly happening for the reasons that the media is telling us? Is the upcoming Deputy AG one of the countries brightest or did she sleep her way into power? Mitch Rapp hates the drama, he hates the politics but more importantly he wants what terrorists want to do to our country.

This book will keep you engaged, you will skip dinner to read just a couple more pages and before you realize you will be hooked. You will being asking yourself was that an earthquake or was it the lifesaving work of a real Mitch Rapp!
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on June 17, 2013
More than ever Vince Flynn gets to the heart of the characters, bad guys and good guys alike to reveal what makes them tick.

Unlike some very popular books in this genre that focus exclusively on action and entertaining plot twists, Mr. Flynn gets to the heart of the characters, good and bad alike to reveal what makes them tick.

From the everyday selfish political wrangling born of greed, ignorance and stupidity, to the hate filled degenerate deception and violence of our enemies, to the selfless love and heroic actions of true patriots -- the results are at times openly ugly, sometimes seductively beautiful, but of course in the end (no spoiler here) the good guys win.

The action, plot twists, and hair raising fun are all there too as you ride shotgun on a global roller coaster ride from the Caspian Sea to the Middle East, from Mexico, Texas, and Georgia, to Virginia and D.C., with jarring ups and downs in helicopters and speed boats. Complete with so called friends stabbing each other in the back and would be heros enduring radiation poisoning while dreaming of the destruction of our country and the glory of "martyrdom".

You can hate the bad guys for their evil and corruption in black and white, love the good guys for their loyalty and true heroism in technicolor, while feeling pain and sorrow for the deaths of innocents. Our true hero Mitch Rapp never wavers even though most would give up in the face of the senseless vitriol spewed forth by powerful fools. He's the kind of hero we need, there to protect the fools and the innocent alike. He's willing to risk his own freedom and his own life to safeguard ours.

There are strong doses of humanity and ragged edged realism in Mr. Flynn's books, and plenty of love for family and country -- and a complete shortage of rose colored glasses.

This one is a roller coaster ride for sure, that will leave you stumbling and dizzy in the end, and looking forward to the next ride.
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on May 14, 2017
Great book, Flynn was the master. I will miss his storytelling. I will keep reading the series as long as they keep getting written. This is my kind of novel.
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