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on October 30, 2016
Dean(a) Martin, the youngest of Dean's daughters from his first marriage, pretty well sums it up when she says of her Dad, "No, he wasn't a good father, but he was a good man." I got curious about Dean after reading about the Martin & Lewis team, and wanted to know why the break-up occurred. Dean was a restless man after a ten-year stint, he wanted to branch out and make music, which he did in a phenomenal way. He'd already conquered the nightclub act, he'd already made 17 movies with Jerry, he went on to star with John Wayne on the big screen, plus other flicks ... he made record after record, once surpassing the Beatles with what became his theme song 'Everybody Loves Somebody' ... plus had a contract with NBC to star in his own hit television variety show for 20 years ... oh yes, and was also into radio ... he was a success in every media outlet at the time, and today his songs can be heard on the internet.
Yet Deana paints a sad portrait, the other side that the public got a peek at, but weren't privy to the background story.
These celebrities present a happy front, but the more you find out about them the more you see that they had their own demons to deal with, just like the rest of us.
Dean married his first wife, Betty, while he was Dino Crocetti, and had four kids with her. Then he became famous and lived on the road with his act. While on the road he mixed & mingled until he fell in love with Jeanne the beauty-queen. He deserted his first wife and children (supporting them with alimony payments and child support, of course), and married wife #2, then made three kids with her.
This is where Deana fills in the gaps, and tells how Betty (wife #1) and the four kids handled the situation ... and the situation got worse. Betty took to hard drinking and Hollywood living; when Dean found out, he cut off her alimony, which gradually drove the first family into worse economic shape, until Betty couldn't afford to raise the kids anymore. Her drinking problem made things worse, and the four kids were all taken to live with Dean and wife #2 in their giant fortress.
Betty disappeared from the scene, and Deana described what it was like growing up with Dean and Jeanne with wealth and fame.
But even wife #2 didn't keep Dean happy, so after a number of years he divorced her and played the bachelor for a short while until he got married again to wife #3 ... for a short while. After their divorce, Dean had to cough up 6 million to keep her happy and off his back, a large settlement at the time.
He had it all but somehow it wasn't enough. The older he got the more he withdrew. He left wife #1, wife #2, and wife #3. He was a hard guy to get to know, and he kept most people at arm's length. I guess you have to do that when you've got a lotta dough, but he wound up doing that to members of his own family. They were treated to cars and presents, more than most of us will ever see, but I think they loved him (and he loved them)... but there was a certain distance that was maintained. Guess Dean was trying to protect himself, and withdrawing from his family members was one way to maintain his peace of mind. Deana did a good job explaining him; an interesting (and entertaining) read.
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on April 26, 2017
Dean Martin really comes alive when revealed through his daughters eyes. She is quick to admit his many failings with his wives and children and were it not for his former wife's sister they would not have been saved from a life of neglect. She dropped the 4 siblings at his Hollywood mansion where they were welcome by his wife Jeannie even more than by Dean. I admired his wife for making them feel at home and being a real mother to them from then on. The story deals with Deans career ups and downs, his love life ever changing, his marriages but mostly his doting daughters perception of her father which never wavered in her devotion.
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on July 21, 2016
Memories can be many things to many people. A daughter's view of her father's life is unique and this book presents a side of Dean Martin that was not seen by many. It is written in a simple style that provides simple reading. That makes it an enjoyable read. It is not a sordid tell-all.
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on April 22, 2015
It is a sweet, poignant story and Deana Martin wrote it in a " cannot put down" manner. She placed the reader right in the heart of the Martin home. How fun it would have been to be at the family dinner table with Dean and the kids. While the first few years of Deana's life were made up of challenging times living with Dean's alcoholic first wife, her life dramatically changed when she joined Dean's second family and new wife Jeanne. However, the book is really about Deana's relationship with the successful but elusive Dean Martin, his remarkable career and relationships with family, friends and "uncle" Jerry Lewis. Thank-you for sharing this
personal memoir. Clearly, while neither Deana nor Dean's multitude of fans ever had enough of Dean Martin's
charm and talent with music; television appearances and Deana's book, Dean left a beautiful legacy for all of us to enjoy.
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VINE VOICEon September 19, 2016
The take away from reading Memories Are Made of This by Deana Martin is that she loved her father dearly and both mothers as well. She's generous in her forgiving of the flaws of all 3 of them, though it occurred to me that a person might need to come from a 'broken' home like Deana's to gain her level of generous forgiving. Might have to have a Hollywood legend for a father too. An alcoholic for a birth mother and a glamorous Hollywood wife/mother number 2 for dad as well: one who had no problem discriminating between 'her' kids and his when push came to shove. Or estates were to be distributed. I found myself wincing more than once at the price Ms. Martin has paid to choose understanding and love when she could have fallen down the rabbit hole of resentment at being short changed, especially by a father as emotionally unavailable as the great Dean Martin. But her life was what it was and she feels she was often lucky (I do too). I remember her and her beautiful brother Dino (Dean Paul) and being as surprised as many people that such a tragedy can fall on a royal celebrity family like theirs. Deana's book is a similar journey; she tells her story and lets us really see inside their lives, good and bad. Nothing ultimately takes away from the entertainer Dean Martin, and I think she counts on that; I don't think she would disagree in admitting that in his life, and based on all the people who loved him, it wasn't always his family that got the most back from him.
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on August 14, 2015
wow, what a womanizer and thoughtless family man that put his kids through hell at times and the woman that loved him. I would have liked to have slapped him and Sinatra for their egos and for Deana Martin, you really should have shown more of the dark side to this womanizer. I really like Dean Martin songs and in the movies but off the screen and out of the recording studio what a different man
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 17, 2008
I read this book as well as That's Amore by Ricci Martin. I have written a review of both books. For me, it was often like I was reading two very different perspectives on Dean, one that was bittersweet and full of yearning for a father's love (Deana) and one that was more adoring, although still open about some of Dean's flaws and secrets (Ricci).

Of course, Deana was the daughter of Dean's first wife, a woman he left to marry Jeanne. People judged him harshly for that but even Deana notes the various emotional and other challenges faced by her mother -even before Jeanne entered the picture.

Deana was then put in the very difficult position of having to deal with her biological mother as well as try to find a place in the home of Jeanne and Dean Martin. I don't want to include too many spoilers here but I do want to add that I think she expresses the pain, confusion and anguish of a lifetime of challenges - as well as GREAT JOY AND PRIDE in being Dean Martin's daughter. This book is remarkably open and honest. It was a revelation to read.

Also, the foreword to this book is written by Jerry Lewis, a fact that is significant. I was a bit surprised by this because Deana is not always glowing when she writes of Jerry. However, Jerry is definitely very proud of her and this book (or appears to be, in his intro).

I would recommend that people read That's Amore because both books share similarities but also some significant differences about key parts of Dean's life. Two children, each going through watershed moments (the Martin divorce from Jeanne) and seeing some of them very differently. Each gives a slightly altered perspective on Dean and I do feel that Deana felt more outside the family than Ricci for a good part of her life.

Anyway, read the book and see what you think. In case you think I sound too negative, I'd like to end this by noting that I felt in awe of Deana's resilience and honesty as she wrote her memoirs of her father. I didn't expect the book to be so revealing so it was quite riveting to read it.
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on May 14, 2017
Deana writes a passionate memory of her Dad. He did have questionable habits for sure, but he did provide decades of entertainment to millions. For those who remember the 50's and 60's, Dean was in his glory days and he bridged many areas of his stardom. He was a generous man to his wives and children and he truly enjoyed the fame and fortune he received. A good read for those over 55. t
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on February 5, 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is an interesting biography of Dean Martin's life. You found out his personal persona was a lot different from his public persona. Deana relayed little known facts about his life from an up close perspective..
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on October 17, 2016
Informative, insightful and emotional. Appreciated the honesty concerning her Dad and the family with their trials and tribulations. Good read
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