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on March 9, 2013
I currently have a Sarah Peyton 10-inch Queen memory foam mattress from Amazon purchased in May 2010 (Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Queen Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress with 2 Contour Pillows). It consists of 2.5 inches of 4-pound density memory foam on top of 7.5 inches of base foam. My girlfriend and I have used this adequate, affordable mattress for almost 3 years and it finally began to sag in the areas where we sleep. My girlfriend started complaining about back pains so I knew it was time to start browsing around for a solution.

Rather than spend money on a completely new bed, I decided to try salvaging this bed with a memory foam topper. I did my research and it paid off. I considered different sizes and densities of toppers and came to the conclusion a 5-pound density material was the best choice because any lower would not provide enough support.

The Memory Foam Solutions 2-inch, 5-pound topper was a great choice for the price. My bed now has a total of 4.5 inches of higher density memory foam. We both agree the bed is a lot more comfortable now because the topper fills in the sags and conforms to however we sleep. Even if this product only lasts 2 to 3 years, it will have saved me money by extending the life and comfort of my current bed.

TL;DR: Overall, this was the best topper I could find for the price. I highly recommend it.
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on March 13, 2016
Great quality. It's lasted a long time. I used it over a Thermarest inflatable mattress and I've slept on nothing but that for over a year and I've never slept better. This combination is more comfortable than my king memory foam mattress and much better than my old pillowtop mattress or featherbed. I've spent thousands on different types of expensive beds and this 2" of 5lb density memory foam over a simple inflatable tops them all. This makes all the difference. Also, after I cut this to size for the travel bed, I used the leftover 5lb foam and shredded it and put it in a zip up pillowcase. This pillow is the best pillow I own. It is better than a 750 fill power down pillow and it is much better than a Malouf solid memory foam pillow I had. I eventually shredded the Malouf solid memory foam pillow to make to shredded memory foam travel pillows after having such good luck with this 5lb memory foam pillow. Shredding the Malouf "dough" memory foam did improve its comfort, but it is still nowhere near the comfort of the pillow made from this foam. I'd guess the malouf is maybe closer to a 3lb density quality. So, the shredded foam seems more comfortable than non-shredded foam, but the biggest factor seems to be the density quality. This 5lb foam was THE MOST COMFORTABLE as a solid piece on my mattress and it was the most comfortable shredded in a pillow even compared to other apparently lesser shredded memory foams and high quality down pillows. I put a silk pillowcase on my shredded pillow I made from this and I use a XL silk travelsheet on my inflatable mattress with this foam on it and there is no home version that can come close to what this combination provides with this 5lb foam as an integral factor. For whatever application, you can't go wrong with this. I never slept so well. Also, it has really reduced my back issues. I can't sleep on spring mattresses and even my 4lb plush memory foam bed was giving me some trouble. I'm happy to say that this foam over a firm mattress has done wonders. I've had 3 different memory foam beds and this cannot be beat.
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on June 3, 2013
Our mattress is only a couple of years old and was supposedly a very high quality name-brand, designer label one that was supposed to last for a minimum of "10 years." But after just a few years it was killing my back. I go to a chiropractor and follow other various measures for my back, but the killer was going to bed at night, dreading the very act of getting out of bed because it hurt so much. I know for a fact that the mattress was the problem, because I was able to sleep at the very edge of the bed that had not begun to sink inward, and it was a great improvement although somewhat limiting.

Buying this topper was the perfect solution. My research showed that 2" toppers had the best ratings in customer satisfaction, and I knew I needed a 5 lb. density for my back.

I am very sensitive to fragrances and odors, and had no problem whatsoever with this topper. As soon as it arrived we unwrapped it and kept it on the guest room bed to puff up and air out, as the instructions stated. Four days later we moved it to our bed, put our mattress pad on it, and slept incredibly well.

If you don't have any deep-pocket sheets on hand (we did), you may have to buy some, or else settle for your sheets not covering your entire mattress.

I have no regrets about buying this topper and no hesitation in recommending it. Of course matters such as comfort are highly subjective, and not all aching backs hurt in the same places and ways. But as far as my own experience with this item, this has been one of the wisest purchases I've ever made,
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on November 10, 2014
I think the pad is a dream. I've had a memory foam pad before, so I already knew that there was a smell associated with it.

If you think you'll be sensitive about the smell follow these instructions:
Buy it in the Spring or Fall, when you can open the windows all day.
Lay it on top of the bed (with the plastic bag between it and your covers).
Open the windows and set fans up (I did one window + fan blowing in and one blowing out).
Close the doors to the rest of the house.
I left it for 4 hours or so then put it on the mattress and fitted sheet over it.
I'm fairly sensitive and it didn't bother me that night.

After a few weeks we went on a week long vacation and I definitely noticed it more the night we got back. It does say that compression and decompression is what releases the scent, so motion is what lets it out and it sitting for a while let it build up.

After a night or two it's back to negligible. It my opinion only that one night was bad. So if you are sensitive you might even want to go in and roll around on it every once in a while during the "air out" period.
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on March 5, 2017
I could not be happier. I received my shipment quickly, it was in good condition, and I unrolled it in another room because several people said that the mattress released a chemical-like order. I can tell those who might be worried about these comments, I believe it smelled like you'd expect with a piece of foam. My wife described it a light crayon smell. Bottom line. We did not have to wait to place the mattress topper in place.

I should note. We purchased a 2" latex mattress overlay and a new mattress cover which included a think gel cooled layer of memory foam. We layered them and ended up with a new mattress. It is, by far, the most comfortable mattress we have ever owned. The product reduces the pressure points, yet gives you good support. We fall into a deep sleep every time and it is because of this great project. I highly recommend.
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on June 23, 2016
Had high hopes for this item and am disapponted. This is the 4th topper we have tried over the past year and I have been sleeping on toppers for about 10 years now on top of firm mattresses. After using it for 3 weeks I can say that it has become far less firm from when we started using it. Both my wife and my back pain improved slightly in the first week, but came back. We have turned it, flipped it, spoken to it - nothing seems to work. It's going back. Amazon, as always, as excellent customer service allowing easy returns of items.
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on March 23, 2017
We have a very very hard mattress that put too much pressure on my joints so we got this foam topper. At first it was nice and dense enough that it would mold to your shape, but it's softened up after a few months and now it's almost too squishy. That could be because we bought it in winter so foam is denser when it's cool and softer when it's warm. Overall good for the price, but will probably just spend up and get a tempurpedic next time.
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on June 15, 2013
I purchased this topper for the 5 lb density. It is very heavy and has a gel like feel to it. I purchased the Sleep Joy 3" visco topper to replace my 2" visco topper and it feels like a regular piece of foam (I did a separate 1 star review on it). This topper has no holes in it for ventilation, but I have not found it to be hot at all. I don't buy into the holes for ventilation idea. When you lay on the topper, you compress the foam and therefore compress the holes. Air cannot circulate through a compressed hole! This product also came packaged in a vacuum sealed bag unlike the Sleep Joy that was just wrapped up in cellophane. That was a big plus since the UPS driver left the box on my front steps and it poured before I got home. All the other reviews are good with the exception of the odor. There is an odor to this which doesn't bother me at all. The queen size fit on top of my mattress perfectly with nicely cut edges. If you are looking for a high quality topper, this one can't be beat. Hopefully the 5 lb density will allow this one to last a little longer than the 2 to 3 yrs that a typical 3 lb density topper will last.
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on October 23, 2012
This item was shipped early, was easy to set up, had very little smell after one night & is very comfortable. I read several reviews of other products(for almost 2 hrs.) and decided to purchase this one after reading about the 5 lb. density. It is "true" memory foam(as pictured) and the 2 inches are perfect if you want a firmer feel. I bought this for my husband because he complains about his back all the time, and although he is a lot more comfortable, I am the one who really loves it. We opened it on top of our bare mattress, it puffed up after just 4 hours, we then made the bed as usual and slept on it the very first night. You could smell a slight chemical odor, but it was virtually gone the next afternoon. It is not "hot" as others may claim, but it is now Fall and that might change come Summer. We even have a Luna Waterproof/Dust Mite proof mattress protector right on top of the foam(which does not come with a cover, but I've read they are too hard to put on anyway) and it still isn't hotter than normal. I would recommend this topper to everyone...just crank up the volume of your alarm because you will want to sleep in!Queen Size Luna Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector - 10 Year Warranty - Made In The USA
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on January 20, 2015
We have had so many beds over the last 10 years it is ridiculous. We finally found a bed that is actually holding it's firmness and not saging but it is too hard to sleep on without a pillow top or memory foam topper. We purchased another memory foam topper and within a short amount of time both of us had backaches. So far, we love this one. It adds just the right amount of softness without being mushy and it is very comfortable. We didn't have any trouble with smells or not laying flat. We did air it out for several days as they recommend. If and when we need to get another one this will be the one we will purchase again.
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