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on October 13, 2016
Okay, I'm a bit biased... I'm a Harry Connick, Jr. fan. But even if I wasn't, this WWII story pulled my heartstrings and made for an entertaining voyage back in time. My Dad was a WWII veteran - he was an infantryman in the Battle of the Bulge - but he told me that he had tried to become a "flyboy" on a bomber... specifically the tail gunner. Watching this movie was like watching my dad as a young man, and wouldn't you know... Harry Connick Jr. played the tail gunner character! Based on a real story, "Memphis Bell" is about a young bomber crew that was selected for a news story because they were the first bombing crew to last twenty-five missions. Bombing crews rarely lasted that long - they were picked out of the sky by anti-aircraft flak pretty regularly - and IF they made this last run they would be heroes. While some may argue that the events weren't portrayed accurately (what movie ever does?) the flavor and drama of the times are certainly authentic. Two thumbs up for this moviegoer!
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on July 4, 2016
A little bit overdone in places, but an excellent film about the comradeship and courage of American servicemen and what they did to achieve victory in World War II. In this case, the setting is in a B-17 bomber on a mission into Germany. The humanity of airmen and their heroism are displayed in an exciting, fact-based movie. My father had several friends who were in B-17s during the war. One had a hardware store with his brother. One was a jeweler. One took over his dad's five-and-dime. And, one was a lawyer who's misfortune was being shot down on his first mission flying over the Netherlands. They were all regular guys, just like the ones who flew on Memphis Belle. They took the war to our enemies in a battle of goodness over evil and against incredible odds. Like servicemen and women to this day, they acted with nobility, imperfections, and the greatness of the American character that built this country and longed for peace protecting our liberty. This is a good movie.
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on March 21, 2013
The Memphis Belle is a fantastic story about a plane and its crew who flew 25 perilous missions before going home. It was a time of global conflict where daylight bombardment over fortress Europe in the effort to destroy Nazi Germany was one of the most hazardous jobs in the Army Air Corps. But it had to be done. In the movie we follow a crew of ten young men as they go about the task of flying and dropping their deadly payload of bombs on crucial targets located deep in the heart of Germany. These targets were munitions plants, ball-bearing factories, and all kinds weapons of mass destruction. The Americans flew during the day and our allies flew at night. It was a 24/7 undertaking based on good weather over the target area. But the cost was high but necessary to obtain supremacy of the skies over Europe. The B-17 Flying Fortress with a crew of ten was one of the great weapons of WWII. German fighters would dive out of the sun with all guns blazing as they attacked the slower flying bombers. For safety and to be a more formidable targets the flying fortresses would fly in formation in such away that all their guns could bear on attacking enemy fighters. But even with this strategy the allies lost many planes and crews. This is what the movie is all about; the great sacrifices for God and Country. Early in the war the Americans and the allies losses were very high! So it was decided that if a plane and its crew could fly 25 missions they could all go home. Their war was over. This gave all crews a goal and a boost to the morale of the countless squadrons fighting the air war. They would go back and tell the American people the good news and also sell war bonds, which were later called victory bonds. The Memphis Belle was the first plane to accomplish this feat. It is really quite a plane. In fact the Memphis Belle is still flying today. I had the opportunity to see her in a flying in at Eglin AFB in Florida some years ago. The original pilot was still at the controls. He has passed now; in fact most WWII Veterans are passing. It is all due to the aging process. It is a fact of life that we all must die sooner or later. During the air war over Europe this was a reality of life that was experience first hand by many. The film brings it all out very clearly! For those who did not experience WWII either doing their duty or on the home front supporting the troops who were fighting to save the world from tyranny, this is a must see film. We owe a lot to the generation that went to war. The film with actual aerial combat footage of dogfights in the skies over Europe illustrates this in a big way! Due to the high losses in crews and planes early in the war with maybe 500 planes going out on a bombing mission and only 250 returning a goal was set when you flew 25 missions you could go home. The film has a memorable scene of the Memphis Belle returning to base crippled and all shot up with many of the controls malfunctioning. Yes, friends she got back to home base on a wing and a prayer. The Memphis Belle in only 108 minutes tries to capture on the screen the many mishaps that may befall a plane and its crew over enemy territory. There is one nail-biting scene where the Memphis Belle is the lead ship because the other two planes leading the squadron had been shot down so it was up to the Memphis Belle to lead the rest of the flight over the primary target. Below the AA-guns were firing and the flak was as thick as bees. Then just as they approach the target the visibility is poor. So they must go around again. The film captures the horror and the courage of the crew as the bombardier takes control of the aircraft to successfully lead what is left of the squadron over the target for the second time. But lo and behold the target is clear and they proceed to drop their bombs. When they turn for home they realize that they have taken some major hits. Then in the final scene, which I will not reveal shows the great skill of the pilot, co-pilot and the crew. Yes, in today's world many young people do not know what it was like to fight in the air war in the skies over Europe. This movie Memphis Belle will be a great education for many. We should also thank God that we had such brave men as these and we should thank all veterans for their contributions in keeping the world safe. God bless them all! I recommend strongly that everybody see the film Memphis Belle.
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on May 12, 2014
I love this movie and was really looking forward to the Blu Ray however the quality is not a significant improvement over the DVD. Some times they really put a lot effort to maximizing the visuals when they release Blu Rays and I don't think that is the case here. Not really surprising either since this isn't a hugely popular movie.

Bottom line: If you have the DVD I wouldn't worry about buying it on Blu Ray.

As far as people who don't like this movie because it is very historically inaccurate you need to just come off it. I have the documentary and it's great. If you want history watch that. If you want entertaining drama and action then this is great. I know this is about as far from reality as it gets, but it's still enjoyable and it's def. the best quality depiction of B-17 bombing on film. Irrelevant side point: My grandfather was pilot on a B17G in the 8th.
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on April 3, 2017
This is an excellent movie, with good acting and portrayals of composite characters from B17 aircraft during WWII.

It IS NOT a historical depiction of actual events of the final flight, mission, or flight crew of the Memphis Belle. The actual crew of the Belle are greater than life is many respects and not represented by this movie. Again, this movie is a fictional history centered on an actual aircraft but the flight crew, mission and etc are composite sketches of what many B17 crews endured during the war.
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on April 5, 2017
Good movie with early computer graphics. Replica uniforms were okay except for the hats. Hats were more Brit than American in style. The story line is a good representation of the air war over Europe, however the Memphis Belle's final mission was not dramatic like this. The producers would have been better off naming it something else. Anyone that knows WWII aviation history knows the storyline is strictly Hollywood concerning the Belle. However, it is a good story looking at 8th Air Force missions. I would have given it a 3.5, but with the limited options, I give it a four.
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on June 22, 2014
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on March 12, 2017
The Blu-ray DVD was of excellent quality with no defects in play-back. I think it is a fitting tribute to all air crews in the air war over Europe in the 1940's. I see it for that reason.

But the recipients of the bombs, who suffered great tragedy, as well, were not represented to any extent at all by this epic.
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on April 15, 2017
Great movie. Wish it was more true to the real life story
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on March 18, 2017
I like this movie. I watch it a lot. Didn't know I already knew some of the stars.
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