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on May 21, 2017
SUPER show and sorely missed! These 3 guys will become your new best friends....they did for me! But the show stopped abruptly, and it was like a death, as you never get to find out what happens-- Does Joe become a pro golfer? Do Terry and Erin get married and adopt some kids? Does Owen turn the dealership around and live happily ever after? What happens to Annie? To Owen Sr? To Manfro? To Dori and Joe? I really loved the chemistry of these 3 guys and I have watched it several times, including all of the commentaries ( Yes, Ray and Mike, SOMEONE DOES listen to all of it!!) Sure wish there were more episodes to buy. I have all the shows they made, and it is NOT ENOUGH!! Does Terry go on to save New Orleans? Does he travel in time to stop TNT from canceling Men of a Certain Age?? Inquiring minds want to know!!
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on July 28, 2014
I bought this because I thought Scott Bakula did a great job playing "Captain Jonathan Archer"
on the decade-old 98-episode TV series "Star Trek: Enterprise" (the best most realistic of all
the Star Trek TV series offerings in my humble opinion... check it out on Netflix)... and I also
enjoy the comedy of Ray Romano on the classic old sitcom "Everyone Loves Raymond".
I was not as familiar with the work of the third co-star, Andre Braugher.

To my surprise, I discovered that the actor I was not familiar with, Andre Braugher, turned out to
be perhaps the most interesting of the three characters in this TV show, (though all three of
these actors do a fine job). This "slice-of-life" comedy / drama is some of the best TV I have
seen in a long time. There is no laugh-track... it's not a "sitcom"... it's just good, compelling,
believable, intriguing TV... which is rarely seen today.

I am in my mid-forties, and although I cannot personally relate to any of these three characters
because none of them are anything like me; I nevertheless really enjoy seeing them deal with
the obstacles of their respective late-forties lives and mid-life crisis situations. Great actors.
Great scripts. Truly enjoyable TV-watching. My wife also enjoys this TV series.... it is not just
a show that only men would like. I wish there were more of this style of quality, realistic,
intriguing, not-overly-dramatic, window-into-their-world style of TV programming available.
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on July 6, 2014
One of the best shows ever to be produced. Not all people might like this show, specifically woman who think men are pigs. While sometimes men can be, this show is beautifully well written and touches,on some of exactly the issues older men face. Three different types of men are portrayed, by probably three of the nest actors of our generation. The casting is outstanding and of course,even though the show was critically acclaimed, TNT , AS WITH OTHER NETWORKS, would rather broadcast crap,childish nonsense, than a well written and powerful show. I am quite frankly disgusted with the junk on TV and cable, and not sure why quality programming is replaced with brainless idiocy. Well, actually I am as idiocy apparently sellers commercials or whatever, and shows like this don't. This won the Peabody award and earned several other nominations. The DVD itself is standard fare, with a few good special features on each disk. It leaves you a little empty, because just as it ended, all three characters faced life changing and critical issues. Now we are only left to wonder and TNT got it wrong when they cancelled this one.
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on January 23, 2013
I admittedly watch too much television, and have for many years. I generally favor dramas and have become a rabid fan of shows on both cable as well as network broadcasts. I have never enjoyed a show as much as "Men of a Certain Age."

I was so taken with Ray Romano's dramatic (and funny) stories, and the fact that he had the acting "chops" to perform in an ensemble with Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula, that I neglected to keep track of how the show was being received. And this compounded my horror when I learned that "Men of a Certain Age" had been cancelled. Its poor ratings were the culprit, although TNT did little to try and improve them. Finally, an intelligent and realistic show with wonderfully-written scripts and phenomenal acting aimed at middle-aged men was being aired, but proved once again that the lowest common denominator, such as re-makes of tired old series from years before, or "reality" programming will always win the day. Shame on everyone, especially TNT!

The fact that this show is available on DVD provides us with the opportunity to see what quality television looks like, or enjoy it all over again.
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on January 20, 2013
My family and I love this show - both adults and children so not sure why TNT canceled the series. It figures though, they must think America is too busy watching the Kardashian's??? I'm not sure where the television pros get their stats but when I was in my teens, 20s, and 30s I was out creating my own reality while my parents stayed home and watched the boob tube. Today my spouse and I are at home watching the boob tube while our children and their children are creating their own reality. I wish the television people would get a grip on that reality, they constantly think it is important to cater to the young when it is the old watching T.V. and we don't find it too entertaining to watch people in their teens, 20s, and 30s creating what is deemed reality on T.V. we've been there we've done that. So get a clue Hollywood us old folks watch more T.V. than any other generation on earth and these, the shows you are canceling, are the type shows we are watching!! Anyway, this was a great show and worth watching more than once and it has a touch of reality all its own, comedy, drama, etc.
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on May 9, 2013
Hands down, one of my top 3 TV shows of last 15 years. If you are hitting that "certain age," you cannot NOT watch this series -- it is SO true to life and note-perfect and wet-your-pants hilarious than it breaks my heart that it was canceled while so much reality-TV dreck continues to storm the airways. I was not a Ray Romano fan prior to watching MOACA, but he completely won me over with his spot-on and wry writing and true-to-life acting.

I buy a copy of this DVD for every person I know going in for a colonoscopy because the "Let the Sunshine In" episode is CLASSIC!

Unlike just about any other TV show, I could watch these episodes over and over and over again, catching subtle nuances with each new viewing.

What are you doing reading this review? Just buy it already!
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on March 2, 2017
Insightful, funny, heartwarming show that should have lasted for years. Phenomenal performances from Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher.
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on November 7, 2011
What else can be said? We don't need or want another CSI. Do we have to know how people in Jersey or the Kardasian's behave. I do enjoy the occasional reality show but Bachelor Pad, really? A Dallas remake? It seemed that there were no more ideas for good shows. Then Mike Royce and Ray Romano write this incredible show. A fresh idea, excellent writing, wonderful acting, Peabody award winner. What were we thinking to enjoy such a show. Thank you Mike Royce, Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher for offering a glimpse into the lives of these guys. It is so sad that we will only have two seasons of this fabulous show.
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on June 5, 2017
Done up right and well-acted. High recommend
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on June 4, 2013
Ray Romano struck gold again writing and starring in this seriocomic drama series about three friends of a certain age (middle) and the trials and tribulations of their lives - work, family, love etc. Beautifully written and acted by Romano and his two besties - Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula - the only problem with the show was that TNT canceled it after only 2 seasons. It deserved a far better fate, a longer run and a bigger audience. Already owned season one and had to complete the set. If you missed this series when it was on - do yourself a favor and get the DVD and watch it. An overlooked gem.
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