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on October 15, 2012
This review may be quite lengthy, but as an Amazon consumer, I recommend that you thoroughly read and understand this review, as I guarantee it to be worth your time and the health and safety of your pet. Frontline Plus for Dogs when packaged and sold properly (by most Veterinarians and most reputable companies) works as it is described to work. For those instances, I would give the product a 5 star rating. But being that this is a consumer review of Frontline Plus for Dogs for the marketplace of Amazon, I would like to bring a particular experience that I became a victim of, to the attention of the consumer.

Merial produces the product named Frontline Plus for Dogs (of various weights) for US consumers and for the consumers in International markets. Products produced for US distribution are EPA approved. Products for International markets, are not EPA approved. EPA, in this instance, stands for Environmental Protection Agency. This agency sets and enforces rules and standards that protect the environment and control pollution. If a manufacturer produces and distributes EPA and non EPA approved products, it seems like a safer option to administer the EPA approved product.

Here goes the story of how I fell victim to a fraudulent sale of Frontline Plus for Dogs through a Seller / Store utilizing Amazon:

Upon receipt of a Merial Frontline Plus for Dogs product from a Seller / Store on Amazon, the packaging appeared identical to those sold by my previous Veterinary purchase as well as a previous purchase of this product from Amazon directly. While the outside appeared legit, the inside contents had me on alert instantaneously. Here are a few of the red flags that came to mind: 1) The inside contents did not contain the stickers for the consumer to mark their calendar on usage dates. 2) The back of the sealed vials stated the product as Frontline Combo and not as Frontline Plus for Dogs. 3) The back of the sealed vials displayed three rows of orange that read as follows: "AD US. VET - USAGE VETERINAIRE - FOR VETERINARY USE." 4) The plastic vials contained a pull like backing as opposed to the difficult plastic tab opening that most consumers avoid and end up puncturing the seal to pull the vial from the individual packaging. 5) The sealed area of each vial shows individually, Fipronil 10% w/v, MethroPrene 9% w/v, and 0.67 ml. (I do not recall my previous vials ever showing these figures) 6) The lot number that can be found on the outside of the box contains a lot number that is different from the lot number listed on the back of each of the inside vials.

I made the decision to not use this product on my pet and contacted the US 800 number for Merial, the manufacturer. After explaining the item that arrived to the representative, I was provided some interesting information that confirmed that my intuition of the product I received was correct and that this product was non-other than a fraudulent product that needed to be returned to the Seller / Store that sold this item to me through the use of Amazon. I gathered the following information from the representative at Merial: 1) The box is a US EPA approved Frontline Plus for Dogs. 2) The contents are not EPA approved as it contained vials for a different country. 3) The lot numbers on the box and vials are not consistent, when they should be. This product that I fell victim to was a foreign label product and when questioning the representative as to what she would do if she had this item on hand, she said that she would not use the item and request a refund because foreign label products are not EPA approved.

So, as the title of my review states, "Buyer Beware", please beware and pay close attention to the product that you are receiving. If key points that I have listed in my review clearly identify your item that you received as a foreign label product, please contact the Seller / Store and request to process the return of the item immediately. Pets are like family, the last thing that I believe you should administer to your pet is a non EPA approved product.

Additionally, if a consumer is sold a counterfeit / fraudulent item through Amazon's Marketplace, the consumer should report it to Amazon. These fraudulent Sellers / Stores don't belong on Amazon and the only way that we can initiate an investigation and seek their removal is to report each counterfeit situation to the attention of Amazon directly and warn potential consumers of these fraudulent Sellers / Stores.

I had some issues initially handling my return with the Seller. I refused to pay to ship the counterfeit / fraudulent items (that shouldn't have been sold to me in the first place) back and I insisted that the Seller either pay for the postage and tracking of the products or refund it to me with the refund of my original purchase (Including my original shipping costs). The Seller after multiple email communications emailed me a prepaid USPS mailing label with tracking.

I was hesitant on naming the fraudulent Amazon Marketplace Seller / Store until my entire return was processed and refunded. Now that my refund was successful, the fraudulent Frontline Plus that was sold to me was sold through the Amazon Marketplace Seller / Store of Discount Flea. The return address company name was Doc's Discount Flea Control located in Las Vegas, NV. The front of their sold product contains a sticker that refers you to re-order from unitedpetmeds2010.com with a 10% discount off of an order of $100 or more. I do not recommend purchasing these products from any of these companies. I would also be wary of any other company that you receive items that look as I described and suggest requesting an immediate return and issuing a complaint to Amazon of the fraudulent Seller / Store that you encountered.
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on August 29, 2012
I ordered this 3 month supply from amazon seller "Pets with Panache"

I have always had good experience with frontline products, however what I received was NON US frontline, which is not FDA/EPA approved for sale in the US.

The box that came in the mail DOES NOT look like the one shown in the product photo. After contacting Merial, at their helpline, they confirmed that this was indeed a foreign version of frontline, and that they are not responsible for the ingredients used, since it is not meant for US sale, and therefore non USDA/FDA/EPA approved.

I immediately went to petsmart, and bought a real genuine frontline 3 pack for $55, thats $25 more expensive than the price on amazon, and for good reason--ITS GENUINE USA FRONTLINE.

I have uploaded a product photo, please take a look to confirm if you have been sent the counterfeit frontline package.

The Genuine fronline is on the left of the image and the fake is on the right.

Notice the "CAUTION" warning label on the real package is missing on the fake. Also as you can see the fake package on the right is faded in color, and not as thick as the USA version.

I hope everyone uses this photo to be certain they have been sent GENUINE USA SPEC FRONTLINE!!!
review image
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on May 13, 2017
Have used this for years and our dog has never had a tick or flea. Our dog tolerates the application and there is no skin irritation. I will be reordering later this year as the tick season came early this year and will most likely last longer. Shipping was quick and product arrived in perfect condition.
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on October 30, 2016
Worked for the small amount of fleas my puppy German Shepherd got around 9-12 weeks old. He has white fur, and at the time was rapidly outgrowing this weight recommendation. He was 26 pounds when I first applied, I just needed it in the mean time. He is currently on higher weight dosage.

I live in town so mostly only for fleas from my cats and mosquitoes.
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on October 18, 2016
This doesn't do much of anything for my dogs. Maybe the fleas in Southern California are immune to Frontline, because I found myself picking live fleas off my dogs at least a week in after administering drops, and again starting at week 3. Basically I had a week free of fleas but the itching never stopped because the dogs would still be covered in bites.
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on October 2, 2011
I bought this product after talking to the vets office about a good game plan for exterminating all the fleas on the 2 dogs my family was rescuing from a decesed family member household. The Dogs were badly infested with fleas, one of them (Muffin) had 10 or more fleas every square inch. The other (Snoopa) hardly had any at all. We gave both of them Frontline(along with the other dogs that we had already in our household((Franklin and Tia)), to prevent them from getting any fleas) and then the Capstar. We waited outside with the dogs while the Capstar (pills) worked its magic, we waited outside a full 4 hours just to be safe, and make sure that they were all dead. THEY WERE! Every last adult flea was dead.It has been a month since we used the capstar and frontline and still no fleas Muffin even had 3 baths in the past month due to a skin infection she got because of her bad flea infestation, so the frontline really is waterproof! We are continuing to put frontline on them all for an additional 3 months. The solo dose of Capstar each for Muffin and Snoopa worked and possibly saved muffins life by relieveing her of such a terrible flea infestation Thank you Frontline and Capstar!
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on June 14, 2016
I assume this is coming directly from Merial. I've bought Frontline plus for dogs up to 22 pounds for 10 plus years. This is my second purchase from Amazon and it just doesn't seem to do as well as when I bought it directly from Walmart. Maybe I just have a worse flea problem this year. It is also staining my dogs white hair a reddish color. I've definitely never seen that before. Not certain if I buy again. Probably not
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on September 19, 2016
It worked on my smooth-coat 7 pound chihuahua mix for a couple years (only applied during summer/warmer months when fleas are a problem in our area), but slowly started wearing off before the month deadline for reapplication.

I would say definitely try out Frontline Plus since it does work and didn't irritate my dog's skin, but be aware it might not be a lifelong solution depending on the type of infestations you get.
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on September 3, 2014
***This product needs to have a DANGER WARNING on the label!***
If you are considering this product for a small dog, please read!!

We rarely have flea issues in our area, and we have no cats in our home and, actually,very few in our area. So we usually only treat for fleas as a preventative in spring/summer months when our mini dachshund spends more time outdoors. We don't like to use such harsh chemicals on her, but we also don't want her to catch any diseases from flea bites.
Last night we applied her monthly dose, after switching to this product from another on the advice of our vet's office. Within about 1 hour of applying it our mini dachshund was was losing her mind! I didn't know if she in pain, having a seizure or having a nervous breakdown! She was running around like she was trying to crawl out of her own skin. She was extremely agitated, and kept jumping around as if something was stinging or biting her. (She has no fleas on her, not even when the vet looked at her today.) She acted like she was trying to scratch her back and bottom area, and she kept dragging her bottom on the ground (in that weird butt scooting way dogs do) and she has never scooted her butt before. Her back legs kept twitching and she looked like she was dancing in place. She couldn't rest, she was crying and whimpering. We bathed her and got it off her skin, and we took her to the vet.....

He did a thorough workup, and ruled lots of stuff out; including parasites, worms, constipation, uti, muscle injury....you name it, he ruled it out. He said he is 99.9999% sure she is having a reaction to the Frontline Tritak! When we came home I did a little digging around online and sure enough.... This product has been reported to have serious adverse side effects in small breeds of dogs. I was horrified that I had done this to her, and more horrified to find out that the only thing we can do is give her pain relievers, muscle relaxers and antihistamines and wait for it to pass. She has been completely exhausted by this, and now appears to be slowly recovering, but it's possible she could have long term side effects.

He said that our dog was the first severe/serious reaction to a topical flea treatment he has ever seen. We've been using this vet for over 20 years, and he has a good reputation. He's been in practice here in our town for almost 40 years.

I feel it is important to share this information with as many people as possible! It isn't being reported by Merial (the makers of Frontline and Frontline Tritak) and there is no warning on the product packaging about the possibility of a reaction of this magnitude.. This has been a nightmare, and I hope nobody who reads this will take the chance of using it.
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on June 23, 2015
Absolute necessity for your dog. I've only ever used this brand. Outside plastic (around each dose) is tricky to remove (unless you have scissors on hand), but applicator is simple and easy to use. Consistently using for nearly 20 years. Amazon's price is usually competitive if not much better than retail or Vet/pharmacy. Aim for around $10 a dose (as of 2015).
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