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on August 29, 2012
I ordered this 3 month supply from amazon seller "Pets with Panache"

I have always had good experience with frontline products, however what I received was NON US frontline, which is not FDA/EPA approved for sale in the US.

The box that came in the mail DOES NOT look like the one shown in the product photo. After contacting Merial, at their helpline, they confirmed that this was indeed a foreign version of frontline, and that they are not responsible for the ingredients used, since it is not meant for US sale, and therefore non USDA/FDA/EPA approved.

I immediately went to petsmart, and bought a real genuine frontline 3 pack for $55, thats $25 more expensive than the price on amazon, and for good reason--ITS GENUINE USA FRONTLINE.

I have uploaded a product photo, please take a look to confirm if you have been sent the counterfeit frontline package.

The Genuine fronline is on the left of the image and the fake is on the right.

Notice the "CAUTION" warning label on the real package is missing on the fake. Also as you can see the fake package on the right is faded in color, and not as thick as the USA version.

I hope everyone uses this photo to be certain they have been sent GENUINE USA SPEC FRONTLINE!!!
review image
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on August 1, 2014
My vet recommended Frontline Plus during the summer months to keep my dog flea and tick free. I noticed that it was significantly cheaper to purchase the product on Amazon, but I also read that some people had been receiving different versions or repackaged products. Naturally, when your pet's health may be on the line, you want to make sure that you are getting the official, regulated product.

When ordering, I recommend that you make sure that the item is shipped from and sold by Amazon, and not a 3rd party seller. This designation will be listed under the "In Stock" indication. I received the genuine product from Amazon without issue. The genuine box is labeled Frontline Plus, and has an openable front cover. The individual doses are sealed in a blister pack (which can be devilishly tricky to open I might add). The blister pack has small, crescent-shaped perforations near the top of each dose to help puncture the backing foil.

As for Frontline Plus itself, the product seems to work as advertised. My 7-lb., 6-month old Bichon-Poodle mix did not have any adverse reactions to the 0-22 lb. dose, applied monthly. Make sure that you move the hair/fur away as best you can before applying in order to have as much skin contact as possible. This is much more easily done with two people! I haven't noticed a single tick or flea on her all summer.
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on June 18, 2016
I have been using frontline for years. I normally buy it at the pet store. I have had good luck with the product until I bought it here from the seller on Amazon. I do not think it's the real thing because it has not worked at all!!!!!!! It does not even smell like the usual frontline I buy at the pet store!! Do not waste your money on this product I tried it twice and it has not worked either time. I thought maybe the first time I just got a bad batch. Now I'm going to the pet store to buy more what a waste of money this product is!!!!! Beware!!!!!
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on August 3, 2016
I have a funny story about fleas control with Merial Frontline, I had always used it for my many different dogs over the years and have been pleased with the results, no scratching or biting for my doggies. Then, I met my husband, who could not believe the cost of the preventive medicine that I was using for flea control. So he talked me into buying el cheapo brand, and within two weeks we had to get a pest control service in to treat the house and yard. It cost us a small fortune in the long run, but I know he got the message that when you have a proven product, don't change it. We have three different size dogs, and the size chart is super easy to follow. I have never seen a tick on any of our three dogs, and I have confidence that I never will. Very good product, well deserving of a five star review. This company's products will be a boon for your four legged friends. Thank you
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on June 17, 2016
I've used this product in the past and I have no complaints. Granted, my dog is mostly in the house and on walks with me. He's not running through forests and fields of high grass. Still, (fingers crossed), he hasn't had flea or tick issues.
The packaging is well-executed and relatively streamlined- not a lot of waste. There's a tab on the box so that you can secure the flap 'til next time. The process of applying the solution is straightforward and simple. Yeah, it leaves a bit of an oily residue, but that goes away in about a day. Just make sure you apply it between the shoulder blades where your dog can't get to it.
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on April 5, 2016
After reading the reviews I feel compelled to add my experience. I check the box and found that the product I got was "made in France". About 6 hours after I applied it to my 12ish lb chi terrier mix I noticed that she became lethargic, refused food, stayed in one sport for long periods of time and she would shake when I held her. I was freaking out so I googled the reviews for this product Merial Frontline Plus for dogs. First time I used the plus. After reading the many negative and frightening reviews from other dog owners I found myself giving her a bath at midnight....was suggested...I made an appointment with the vet for the next day but could see she was feeling a bit better. I couldn't believe what I was reading and the deadly effects this brand, not EPA approved, caused many dog owners the pain of seeing their dog go into seizures, become so lethargic....mine was....among other problems including death in some cases. I suggest you read the reviews on this particular brand not only on Amazon but google as well. I think Amazon should remove it. DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT....Made in France.....Horrible side effects.
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on February 24, 2016
I would not buy from this supplier. This is the first time frontline has not worked and I'm very frustrated about this because my dog has been chomping away on herself. I figured it was because its winter and dry skin so gave her a bath with the good stuff and found a few big fleas. Frontline from other suppliers has always worked! I'm calling amazon to complain.
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on September 23, 2016
I have used this product for many years for my dogs and it works, although I hate having to use it, It's a chemical!!!!! The reason I'm giving it only 3 stars here is to draw attention to the fact that I ordered it with a 12 1/2 lb. bag of dog food and they were shipped together with the frontline box smashed almost flat. It looks ok however but I thought this was a stupid way to mail these 2 items. When I use it next week I'll know for sure when I open the package if there was any damage.
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on December 9, 2015
I recently purchased this product and put it on my 3 month old miniature poodle. A week later, I visited a friend but didn't realize that her cats had fleas, so when I brought my dog home, he was scratching, uncomfortable and refused to eat. I did some searching and found out that rubbing eucalyptus oil is often used for flea removal. I went to my local organic food store and found a small bottle of eucalyptus oil for $5 and squirted some in my hands then rubbed it all over his body. The fleas literally began to jump off of him.

I am not sure if this product works, but it didn't work for my puppy. If you do choose to buy this, make sure you also get a bottle of eucalyptus oil to supplement it.
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on December 15, 2015
My dog had a tick on her and I freaked!!! She is only 1 year old corgi. My Chihuahua and I already have Lyme disease, so of coarse I freaked out seeing a tick on my new dog. I immediately bought this. So far, I have seen no more ticks on here (and my yard is infested). I combed through her long hair really good before making this review and yup no ticks. I'm pleased, but would prefer the tablet they eat. It was very hard for me to hold her down to put this on the back of her spine/neck region. Also, she stinks, so I give her lots of baths. I know they say it is water proof, but I still worry about this coming off with the amount of baths she gets.
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