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on May 10, 2013
With each season Merlin just keeps gettiing better and better. The writing is strong, the acting is phenomenal, the core cast have grown more into their roles and there's no turning back. This season is the darkest one yet and the stakes are even higher. Ending was not what I had anticipated but if you have been a Merlin fan since the beginning or are just starting out, you need to watch this final, epic season. Tagging along with these characters and seeing them to the end, while heartbreaking, is so fulfilling. The bond between Merlin and Arthur is as strong as ever this series, and it is because of that bond that Merlin has to make some of the hardest decisions he has ever made. My only complaint about this season is the torment and weight of Merlin's destiny weighs him down quite heavily in this season. To see Colin Morgan sad always breaks my heart!

Cannot tell you how much I adore Colin Morgan. He is truly a phenomenal actor. He brings so many layers to Merlin and provides you with so much emotion even with one look. He pulls you in! It is through Merlin this journey has been told and because of Colin Morgan that we fell in love with Merlin. Not only does he play Merlin, but he is able to play more than on character (i.e. Dragoon, and prepare yourself for one of his more hilarious characters to date) with such vitality and life! Katie McGrath is even more deliciously evil in this new series. To see her journey from the strong headed young woman from the 1st season to this bone chilling priestess who borders on the edge of madness is a true testament to Katie McGrath's genius. Bradley James plays Arthur with so much more drive this season, noble to the core you can see why Merlin would risk his life for Arthur. It's not beause of his destiny. It is because of his friend. Bradley James brings so much nuance and vulnerability to Arthur, yet under it all is steely resolve. It's little details that can be hard to miss, but he plays them so well you are truly caught up in the story. You believe in him. You believe in Arthur.

Break out the tissues folks, cause the end is nigh.
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on July 30, 2013
This season is the finale of the Merlin series so I would definitely recommend that fans of the series see it. I would, however, also warn them of this: this season is often convoluted, contradictory, and humorless. This season lost most of the classic humor that made the earlier Merlin seasons so enjoyable. Quite frankly, it was rare to find a decent joke spaced less than 10 minutes apart from the other.

The entire plot of this series was tossed aside. King Authur was supposed to unite the lands and allow magic in Camelot. He did neither of these things (he made uneasy alliances with the other kingdoms, but the alliances were very frail- and that's putting it nicely- so I hardly consider that uniting the land).

So those are my main complaints with it. But it still does have many perks. It has phenomenal acting by most of its cast. Its music is excellent. And, well, it does complete the series (even if not as well as it could or should have).
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on May 21, 2013
I was strongly eager to buy this dvd and I mean I don't regret buying it, it's just not everything I dreamed of.
First off, the cast seemed very distant. I know it is meant to be in the Dark Ages but the love between Guinevere and Arthur wasn't as magical as I had hoped. They seemed as though they did not like being near each other (of course I mean after they cured Guinevere of course). Even Merlin and Arthur seemed a little distant also. I realize Merlin wants to finally say who he really is but he seemed like he totally hated Arthur. As if he wanted to run away and never return. I was in love with their usual sarcasm with each other but this time, the sarcasm seemed almost as if it were real. I don't know, maybe that is just me.
Secondly, the storyline seemed very much rushed. I don't mind Arthur dying, but the way he went just didn't leave me feeling refreshed. Not all sad endings have to be depressed, some could feel hopeful. THERE WAS NO HOPE. He died, Guinevere became the ruler of Camelot and Merlin, who knows. I would have felt a little better with a little summary of what became of all the characters I love. It just felt so empty.

I could have just been thinking too much into this last season and ended up ruining it for myself. It is worth watching if you want to see the final season but if you like happy endings as much as I, do not watch!!
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on July 26, 2014
When I got season 1 a few months ago, I said this was my new favorite series. I have not been disappointed. The series is very well done - the acting, costumes, beautiful scenery (although some enhancement with CGI but you can't tell), wonderful music - everything about this series is high quality.
Season 5 Morgana still plotting revenge against King Arthur, and war against Camelot. Merlin faces his destiny, and we get closure between Morgana, Mordred, King Arthur, and Merlin. (Merlin isn't quite as "chipper" as he has been in the past - he's more serious, but as he tells Gaius, he "grew up" - and has a great destiny to follow.) Lots of action, lots of magic. My favorite scene is the VERY LAST ONE of the show. (That was worth the whole thing to me.) I never get tired of watching this series.
There ARE English subtitles for the hearing impaired and some extras. I would highly recommend this series. My only disappointment is that each "season" is only 13 shows and it ends at season 5. It's a little pricey - I waited to buy until the price went down a little. I'm sorry the show didn't last more seasons (I want MORE). Wonderful show.
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on June 3, 2013
I enjoyed this very much. I purchased each of the complete season sets as they came out. Since the retelling varied from the classic legend--in a good way--I came to it having no expectations of what changes there might be. In fact, I was looking forward to the changes. I especially enjoyed how the characters evolved: from prince to king, from servant to queen, from a loyal ward to her evilness, from 'apprentice' to powerful sorcerer. Even the dragon evolved from a captive full of rage to an aging benefactor. I found the stop-action rendering of the final sword fighting scenes very interesting. The lighting itself (dark scenes, light scenes) became a character in it's expression. No storyline is perfect but I find only one Major fault: Why didn't the ghost rat on Merlin? Whatever faults other reviewers may have found may be the result of looking for the negative. Any fan of the sword and sorcery genre will be entertained and appreciative of this production. As a final note, I feel the need to mention the make-up. The make-up artists did a good job in making the dying and dead look dying and dead.


Although this story started out as a retelling prequel, it ended up faithful to the idea of the once and future king. That faithfulness, in itself, came as a wonderful surprise.
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on May 3, 2013
Unless your a narrow minded, dedicated Arthurian and like to pick out the way the series changes or rearranged some of the more established Arthur lore, you will have to realize they did an excellent job of taking a story that has changed so many times over the centuries and putting in to a entertaining format that lasted 5 seasons. The fact is, no two Camelot or Arthur movies/stories are the same. Even the "historians" that first tried to write King Arthur in as a real person got many of the facts wrong.

The entire series however, and season five in particular kept the spirit of the stories alive and did so in a way that was not painful to watch.

The DVD however, do not have a whole lot in terms of any special features or such, and since it is the last season of the show, you would think there would be some more substance put into this part.
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on May 9, 2013
The journey for Merlin and Arthur continues for the fifth and final series. The first 11 episodes are good entertainment. The last two are very good. If you've been following the series from the beginning, the last episode is very emotional. SPOILER: According to the legend Arthur is killed by Mordred. But Merlin doesn't tell Arthur he has majic until this last episode. The writers had many chances to let Arthur know in previous episodes. We never get to see Arthur rule with Merlin's majic at his side. They never show Arthur as the once and future king of Albion. Other than that the DVD is still a very good one. Colin Morgan won the National Television Award in England for best actor in a dramic series. I had the privelege of meeting Colin last summer at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. What a terrific actor and also a very nice guy.
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on April 14, 2015
Don't misunderstand this is one of my wife's favorite BBC's series ever, but in this instance the "Buyer Beware" saying definitely applies! 1st and worst experience on Amazon ever. Ordered both season 4 and 5 from glenthebookseller, Order arrives one item short Season 4 was "out of stock", we were getting a refund. Month later still no refund. Season 5 that we did get all the disks were scratched so bad, one episode was unwatchable. Got a refund for that one but no return label. This has gone on so long its ridiculous. At least I know it isn't a normal experience.
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on May 1, 2013
Although many of the plots were predictable, I really liked this whole series. Colin Morgan as the young Merlin was likable and funny. Bradley James as a young, spoiled prince fit the role wonderfully. If you know the Merlin legend, you know what Morgana and Mordred are going to do, and there's really no suspense about the ending, but it was very well conceived and executed.
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on May 10, 2013
As always, the cast, the photography, the visual effects and the writing of Merlin were fantastic!

However, I was sad to see the adventures end after its 4 or 5 year run. It is sort of like becoming good friends with someone and they die or move away, never to see them again. I shall miss all of them, but esp. I shall miss the wonderful rapore between Merlin and Arthur...they were perfect for the roles. The ending is not too be missed...very moving last episode!!!

Thank you all for a wonderful adventure and a walk back in "Time!"

Ken Morris, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
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