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on November 13, 2012
As I've read all the books with Alex Cross in them, I was eager to begin his next adventure. What a disappointment! I was hoping that Cross would continue to be "part of a team" of investigators working on a case. What I found was,,,Washington D.C. could not function unless Cross was in the lead. Even his family could not enjoy Christmas without his appearance. At one point in the story, Alex's wife appears at the hostage scene and tells Cross to leave and come home as it was Christmas. REALLY???? The entire story had people in awe of Cross. He became a "super hero" and not the character I've loved from past books.
When I got 89% finished with the story on my Kindle, I then discovered that the book had ended (most books go til 99%). For the money I paid and the lack of a farmilar character, I will check out James Patterson's next Alex Cross book at the library. If the story line fails me again,,,I think that I'm done with Alex Cross.:(
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on December 11, 2012
As a reader who had read every James Patterson book until he began having co-authors fill in the blanks a few short years ago, I began only purchasing the beloved Alex Cross books which used to be solely written by Patterson. I have officially purchased my last Patterson book with Merry Christmas Alex Cross as now this character has lost his luster along with the other original Patterson characters because of the apparent popularity which resulted in mass producing books written by multiple authors under the name of James Patterson. Very sad. Michael Connelly and John Sandford have replaced Patterson as the best authors of nail biting mysteries which you cannot put down because they write their own stuff and only publish one or two books per year which maintains the integrity of the characters and the quality of their works. Goodbye James Patterson.
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on November 16, 2012
Not only is this book dull dull dull - it's poorly written. It's just the same old formula thrown together, no finesse at all. I'm not even sure it is a new story. It's two ideas jammed together for Paterson to make a buck before Christmas. This is the last Alex Cross book I will ever buy and I was a HUGE fan once.
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on December 29, 2014
For a Christmas mystery, I chose to read "Merry Christmas, Alex Cross." I never tire of the Alex Cross books or really any of James Patterson's novels even with his co-authors contributing their parts. This particular book was shorter than most but I remember reading that about this particular novel when it first came out.

In the beginning, Alex is called upon to help nail a thief who is stealing from the church's poor box. That's a rather short and simple story that allows Alex to go home to Nana, Bree and his kids for Christmas Eve and tree decorating. No sooner is Alex home than he has a call telling him that he is needed in a dangerous domestic hostage situation. His family isn't happy about it, but by now they understand that when he is called on a case, he must go.

This book kept me reading straight through to the end and I especially liked the Christmas scenes with Alex and his family. It gave me a dose of needed Christmas spirit even though it is a mystery/suspense novel. I read the sample first and of course, that had me hooked. All in all I enjoyed this very much, despite the cost and despite the co-author's contributions. I look forward to more James Patterson books in the future. I find them as fast-paced as ever and some of the plots just as diabolical, and when it comes to enjoyment, it depends on how much one is willing to spend for those hours reading or re-reading a good book.
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I really enjoyed this Alex Cross novel. Well, maybe I should say "novella", as it was really short. I had it finished in just a couple of hours. However, the story was quite good and it was refreshing to once again experience James Patterson's crisp prose and fast paced plot. It has been a few years since I picked up an Alex Cross book, and it is reminiscent of meeting up with an old friend. I am glad some things never change.
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on January 5, 2015
Alex Cross's family are desperate for him to be home to spend Christmas with them but on Christmas Eve he is abruptly called away to a hostage situation. A distraught bankrupt business is holding his ex-wife and children, her new husband and a neighbour at gunpoint and with nothing left to lose the situation is fraught with danger. Washington is suffering a blizzard making conditions cold and difficult as Alex and the police settle in for a long surveillance.

Finally after the siege ended, Alex stumbled home exhausted to snatch a few hours sleep and spend the rest of Christmas with his family, only to be called out to an even more dangerous situation with an infamous terrorist spotted at Union Station. Plenty of action ensues as Alex tries to foil her plans. Both stories felt somewhat rushed and maybe sticking to a single situation would have led to a more satisfying read than trying to fit two plots into what is a fairly short book
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on November 13, 2012
It was just an OK story, but as another reviewer posted, this is just greedy. I was done in a few hours. Hard to tell from buying the kindle version and the supposed number of pages how short this really was. Chapters were barely pages. As for the storyline, the two main plots were stories that had been done before many times - a hostage situation and a terrorist situation without much suspense. Not impressed by this at all.
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on October 19, 2014
This is neither the best, nor the worst of the novels with Patterson's name on it, but it is, perhaps the worst written thing, in technical terms, I've ever paid money for. Patterson (or whoever writes his books these days) has adopted, with increasing commitment, the infuriating habit of joining verb clauses without benefit of the required conjunction "and". But he doesn't do it consistently. Every now and then, he actually writes a sentence correctly, but most times, he doesn't. He'll say something like, "Alex ran across the street, fired his gun." AND fired his gun, Patterson. AND. You have to use "and". Or he'll say, "She looked adoringly at him, said, "I love you". You forgot the "and". This happens on almost every page, and it completely throws off the rhythm and cadence of reading. Because it's just wrong. I don't know if he thinks it's edgy, or cool, or what. I think it's moronic. Probably the last James Patterson book I'll read, unless he goes back to school and learns to use the language.
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on December 25, 2012
I stopped reading the James Patterson co-author books when they starting coming out with such frequency that I couldn't finish one before the next one was on the shelf. However, the Alex Cross novels that Patterson wrote himself still were an exciting, easy read. They were page turners that did have a level of excitement that kept me coming back. After reading the latest Cross novel, I hate to say that it may be my last. As many have mentioned, this book is actually two short-stories, neither one of which is very exciting in an of themselves. The first book with the family hostage situation started off on a good note and kept me reading. Unfortunately, it ended rather abruptly, without a lot of answers or development. The second book, the terrorist plot, was just plain boring and difficult to even get through. In the end, they were both just terrible. The book definitely felt like it was pushed out to meet the holiday time-frame and fulfill a commitment by Patterson to deliver a book. He might as well end the series and name the next book 'Good-bye, Alex Cross.'
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VINE VOICEon November 27, 2012
As someone who served with a Police Department for over a decade (as a Police Chaplain) I got to watch first hand the pressures and issues that police officers deal with. One of the biggest pressures was that someone has to serve and protect even on Holidays, even in a blizzard and even when they are tired, worn out and would rather be with family.

So I read this book with a bit of a different take on it than probably most readers gave it. I could identify with being called out on a Christmas eve going in to Christmas day to deal with a stressful situation and leaving the comfort of my home, the warm fire, the Christmas celebration and family. It basically sucks. But when you think about those you are serving you realize that their day is a whole lot worst than yours.

Yes, most police families deal with loved ones away on holiday and they have to learn how to deal with it and it isn't always a good outcome.

For the story, it is not an unusual occurrence for this type of a hostage situation on a holiday. But, it is a bit improbable that a police detective would be allowed to walk into the hostage situation unarmed, not just once but then again. This is what Alex Cross does. Is he insane, or does he understand something the rest of the officer's doesn't?

The tension builds as a man strung out on drugs, depressed from a bad marriage, hating his life and basically blaming it on everyone else moves towards the ultimate fate accomplish, the death of his family and his own death. How will it end.

The book is broken up into sections, I agree with some that it seems more like a few short stories woven together. Also it seems more like everyone is in awe of Alex Cross, except his wife, his kids and his grandmother. It isn't the same type of story that we have come to expect of Alex Cross, or better yet of James Patterson.

But for me, it made me stop and think of all that goes on at Christmas and reminded me to be thankful for those that serve our community even on a holiday.
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