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on January 5, 2015
Raiden, we had fun in MGS 2 but we didn't get to utilize your incredible cyborg transformation...until now. Now for newcomers, this is purely an incredibly fun action game, as for us fans of MGS its a little something to hold us over till Ground Zeroes comes out. Which can be a bit disappointing if you're craving that MGS gameplay, but storywise? Absolutely. Here's Raiden's first(full) game, and here's my verdict:

The Good:

Bloody good show chaps- The action, alone, steals the show in this game, it doesn't let up, even when the cut scenes hit, you need to be ready to spring into action. Nonstop fun.

Blade mode- At first feeling like you are an unstoppable beast, later turns into the only way to defeat enemies efficiently. Blade mode basically switches the game into slo-mo and then you use the right stick to slice your enemy any way you like, if you think it sounds cool, just wait till you start slicing watermelons and trees.

Story- If you aren't familiar with the MGS plot, don't worry, you can skip the story entirely and have a great time, but if you are a fan, pay attention. Just like MGS, the story is insane, you gotta keep up with it to understand whats going on. If you blink, you miss everything.

The MEH-

DmC clone?- No, just wanted to make that clear. But it takes some of what makes DmC great and puts them in nicely, but its not Metal Gear that we know and love, which might turn some fans off.

The BAD-

A little short- Took me the whole night to beat the Campaign, while wanting to play it again and again, i wanted a broader game like MGS.

So overall, its an incredibly fun but short experience that doesn't necessarily cater only to Metal Gear fans, everyone should have fun with Raiden and Blade Mode.
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on March 7, 2016
This game is a BLAST to play. Let me preface this by saying that Metal Gear Solid is an intimidating series to get into because of how LONG its been around and that its story and universe can be hard even IF you've been playing the games for years. But this is not Metal Gear Solid, this is Metal Gear RISING. You don't need to know a thing about the Metal Gear universe to have fun with this game. All you need to know is that various freelance military groups pretty much control the world, you're a break dancing cyborg SUPER ninja, and the world is full of other crazy cyborgs and giant mechs. The gameplay is fast, fluid, and AMAZING to play. However, the controls are hard to learn at first and the combos hard to remember. So at first Raiden feels weak, slow, and awkward. But once you master the controls youll be zipping around the battlefield, slicing giant mechs in half, and ripping the spines out of men. The boss battles are also really well done and showcase the combat system in this game perfectly. Also, the soundtrack needs to be talked about. The background music is amazing in this game ("RULES OF NATURE"). The fast paced and explosive combat is made even better with electro-metal blasting in your ears. The story is pretty weak, but the amazing gameplay more than makes up for it. Unfortunately, what really holds this game back is the camera. The camera is just... awful, the worst I've seen in any 3rd person game. You'll be fighting to control the camera as much as you'll be fighting the enemies in the game. Even with that drawback, the combat, crazy and creative enemies, boss battles, soundtrack, and overall level of style this game makes it a must play
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on July 28, 2016
What a fun game! Love the straight forward story-line, (getting a bit tired with pretentiously "deep" game stories trying to appear realistic. If I want reality, I'll live my life, thanks.) It's quirky, funny, entertaining, badass, and at times corny in an "I love it" sort of way, much like Devil May Cry. Gameplay is fast, hard, and keeps you on your toes. Boss fights are absolutely EPIC, the bosses are powerful and dynamic. And the music score is top notch, recently bought the soundtrack. My only regret is listening to the bad reviews and not buying the ultimate edition. It's been 3 years since the game's release but I'm still hoping we get a sequel.
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on March 10, 2013
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. What a terrible name. Luckily, it's probably the only terrible part about this game.

First off, most gamers will probably know what the Metal Gear series is all about before going into this game. If you count yourself among these people, then try to forget what you know about Metal Gear. This game stands alongside other games in the franchise, but it is worlds apart in gameplay and tone. Metal Gear Solid games are primarily about stealth and story. Revengeance is about action, plain and simple.

As for the actual gameplay, the best way I can describe it is very similar to Ninja Gaiden or God of war. Basically, you are Raiden, a cyborg ninja (which I can assure you, is as badass as it sounds). You have 2 primary attack buttons, a jump button, and a blade mode button (more on that in a moment). That's basically it. And notice I didn't say there was a block button. Blocking is handled via a parry mechanic that asks you to press your light attack command, plus your thumbstick toward the attacker with the correct timing to avoid damage. This system does work, and it keeps you as a player actively engaging enemies rather than holding in a block button for half the game. It works as intended, but it does take a bit of getting used to.

As mention above, there is also a button for "blade mode", unquestionably Metal Gear Rising's killer feature. Blade mode slows down time and allows complete control of Raiden's sword. While fixed in place, your left stick controls your camera and your right stick controls the plane of Raiden's sword. So, for example, hold the right stick to the right and release, and Raiden makes a sweeping horizontal cut from right to left. What truly makes this mode awesome is that anything you cut in this mode will be severed at the location of the cut. If you are fast enough, you can quite literally make minced meat out of your enemies. It's awesome. Overall, gameplay-wise, the game is fun and never frustrating.

The story is rather ho-hum. Basically, it's you versus some bad guys. Very forgetable stuff. But what the characters lack in depth, they make up for with fantastic boss battles. Each is unique, and I don't want to spoil anything here, but suffice to say, they will all put you to the test and force you to creatively use your blade mode.

It's a good thing the battles are so fun, because arguably the only real fault that I can find with the game is the length of the story. It's short. Really short. Like, 5 hours short. Normally this would be a big deal, but there are saving graces. As mentioned above, the boss battles are a blast, and you will replay them several times because of that. Also, there are a ton of collectables scattered about the games levels that unlock new skins and a few new weapons. Also, there are VR missions included in the game that are both addictive and fun, thus upping your overall play time with the game.

The last thing I want to mention is audio/visual. From a graphical standpoint, Metal Gear Rising looks great. The only sniggle I have is that the framerate can chug, but the only time I noticed this is when I cut an object into hundreds of pieces (literally, hundreds). And the soundtrack in this game? Amazing. Well, the soundtrack usage is what is actually the star. The songs here are mostly industrial metal, but they are dynamic. As an example, during an early boss fight, you get some crunchy guitar riffs during the fight, but as soon as you trigger the final quick time event of the battle, the lyrics kick in and are timed perfectly with the action. This makes the fights very cinematic, and go a long way toward making the player feel like the ninja-badass that you are. Honestly, I have replayed this first boss fight about 20 times, and alot of that has to do with just how well this is done.

To wrap up, Metal Gear Rising is well worth your money. It looks and sounds awesome, it's replayable, and it's damn good fun. It may be a short ride through the story, but it's one you will repeat over and over. Have fun, and cut what you will!
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on September 9, 2015
I've honestly never cared much for the MGS series. The whole appeal of the series never attracted me, although the games always have an amazing story and beautiful aesthetics. Seeing as MGR revengeance was more of an action game, I was instantly intrigued. The 'zandatsu' feature amazed me quite a bit. Presentations wise, this game is beautiful to look at. The details on the characters and environments are fantastic. Love the ability to cut enemies into a million pieces using "blade mode" and the right stick. There are plenty of unlockables that you actually can work for and not have to buy via dlc(imagine that), that adds a lot of replay value to the game. Combat is pretty much button mashing with strategic blocking. My ONLY gripe with the game is that camera.. In short, it's infuriating. The camera will forcebly turn to face Raiden so if there are enemies in front of you, they get every opportunity for an off-screen attack. Not sure how this passed play testing, honestly. All in all, MGR revengeance is a fun game to pour hours into.
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on July 4, 2015
As the Metal Gear series has had numerous of games made focused on Solid Snake, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a refreshment to an already existing franchise. This new playable character in the Metal Gear universe, Raiden, is a great new addition to the Metal Gear series. The story is interesting and keeps true to some of the important elements to the Metal Gear franchise. The main story will take on average 4 hours to complete on the normal difficultly for the average player. With the VR missions and DLC missions, it's about 8 hours of gameplay. This is the best swordplay games that I have ever played and with that came a difficult learning curve with some of the sword move controls. It is not impossible to learn...it's just difficult and frustrating at the beginning and you can cut almost everything in-game. It has some of the most memorable boss fights that rival with the Devil May Cry series. Real time events in game are done well. The same goes with the game's soundtrack. It does has some flaws in gameplay especially when learning the blocking exploit. Overall, it is a great game and worth the purchase.
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on April 9, 2014
I've only recently got into the Metal Gear series a few months ago, beating MGS1 and 2, and now playing through MGS3 and Peace Walker. That being said, this game looked really interesting, so naturally I wanted to give it a try. Metal Gear Rising is a very over-hated game due to how different it is, as well as it featuring the fanbase's least favorite character, Raiden. These are pretty biased reasons, and I for one really enjoyed this title. It may not be as stealth-oriented, but it still has that Metal Gear feel to it, with the similar sense of humor, breaking of the fourth wall, and lengthy cutscenes. There's plenty of references to the old games here, so you still feel like you're in familiar territory when playing. Gameplay-wise, it has a lot of fast-paced action similar to that of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta (it is a Platinum Game, after all). Nonetheless, this is not your average hack-and-slash beat 'em up game. This game will hand you your ass if you don't master techniques such as blocking, countering, and precision slashes. The story follows Raiden after the end of MGS4, a few years later. You fight against a new Patriot group called the Winds of Destruction and uncover conspiracy much like the past Metal Gear games. Controls are pretty tight once you get used to them, and my only real complaint is that some of the regular enemies are pretty broken, particularly the ones that have several unblockable attacks. All in all, if you didn't like Raiden in MGS2, you might enjoy this since it develops his character a lot more and makes him more likeable. On the other hand, if you couldn't get enough of him in that game and MGS4, pick this up to step back into Jack's cyborg shoes.
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on April 7, 2015
I have been a fan of Metal Gear and hack/slash games like Devil May Cry for a long time. This game essentially matches up both of them and really churns out a fun experience.

The action here is top notch to where you can precisely slice up enemies in the most satisfying ways. The difficulty is a bit rough at time but once you overcome some tough bosses, it is very rewarding. This also adds some elements to the Metal Gear Solid storyline as it follows more of Raiden's story(which for some that may be a great thing!) I always like the cyber ninja aspect of him from Metal Gear Solid 4 and it was great to take up the action.

One of the other standouts for this game is the absolutely amazing soundtrack. Each of the bosses has a unique theme with vocals and it really added to the experience.

There are additional difficulties and unlockables that are usually seen in Metal Gear games so there is the addition of replay value as well.
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on April 24, 2014
It's too bad that all my friends have moved on to the next-gen consoles cause they will be missing out on this fast paced action game with a great amount of depth to the story for those that want it. I originally bought this game because it was made by the same development team that created "Equilibrium," which was a sweet cyborg shooter that was also a sleeper hit on the Xbox 360. I figured it was the closest I would be able to get to a sequel. I was not dissapointed! I also picked this game up because I am a long time fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. The gameplay is fast paced and non-stop with music that goes along perfect, keeping the player pumped up. Also for fans of the MGS games, the story continues with some of the themes and characters of the past games and compared to the story from "Equilibrium," which was it's only real downfall, Revengence gets surprisingly deep with themes of war, terrorism, child soldiers, and philosophy. All in all on of my favorite games for 2013. Too bad it came out toward the end of the consoles life cycle.
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on August 27, 2013
I love the MG and MGS franchise. When I heard Rising was coming out I was mixed that it was going to follow Raiden. Then when I learned it was going to be a hack n slash, I had more mixed feelings. I love hack n slash games, but putting that in my MGS felt weird. Too much of a departure of the traditional gameplay. I get it's a new franchise that is trying to stand alone, but you'll always get compared to your parent franchise sadly. Still, I love the franchise enough to still get it due to the great reviews. The gameplay is interesting, took awhile to understand free blade mode, which is awesome, but unless your fighting against someone that is already dead (as a finishing move) or just chilling without noticing you, is more of a hindrance to pull off in a combo. The story...bare with me, MGS is known for their over the top story that is really convoluted, but this story, I couldn't even. It was more stupid than its parent franchise, and I really couldn't get into it. They tried to emulate the more badass Raiden from Guns of the Patriot, but ended up with a Raiden that was more of emo Jack from Sons of Liberty, which alienated a lot of fans, me included. And the same happened here. In the end, it's an okay game if you don't compare it MGS franchise. It is really short though. If you have or want to play, I would suggest renting or borrowing it first and beating it.
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