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on December 30, 2016
It's not the quality of the product, but the compatibility issue I'm running into with owning a 2002 Sport Trac. See, Amazon says "this fits!" when my Sport trac is chosen, but the first Gen Sport trac is actually pretty much the same as a 1996 Ford Explorer...they dash and interior parts are perfectly interchangeable. That's not the case for a 2002 Explorer and Sport trac. An automotive oddity for sure. So, I haven't tried installing this kit yet, but I suspect that I will not be able to use it and its mounting holes as the stock radio in the truck is a slide in and lock style that Ford used for many years and I'll have to likely order the proper kit, which I swayed from as it locks in place one installed, and removal requires some dash disassembly ( better get that install right the first time! ). I'm pretty sure that's the kit that I'll need, not this one...sigh. I can only blame Amazon for suggesting it, and myself for not questioning whether it would work or not in the first place. Not really sure if it's worth the effort to return it, but Beware if you own a Sport trac from 2001-2005....look at the other kit instead.
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on September 18, 2017
This worked for my 2004 ford escape limited. We took off the bottom tabs. We had to remove the inner part of the stereo opening on the car. It's the 1/4 inch lip on the inside top and bottom of the opening. We left the sides alone. The back peice broke when we tried to put it in, but the side peices and the face plate held it in perfectly putting it in under the dash face and then popping the face back on. We had installed a Sony wx900 bt and it is not a full double din, hence the back peice not being long enough and we didn't want to drill a new hole in the plastic peice, but the bottom lips broke off anyway. The Stereo did come with a hole to mount it but we were 1/4 off.The wiring is another issue but You Tube helped alot. Also needed the step down and stereo works great.
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on March 6, 2014
Put in my 06 Escape. It is not on the list for fit, but works without any modification, in fact it says it will not fit 2006 Escape. I had to drill small hole in back of head unit to install the guide for the bottom of the radio. Fits the odd size Ford opening on this car like a glove. Installation requires the moving of center instrument bezel. You do not have to remove center bezel it pulls back far enough to allow head unit to slide in, just place head unit on top of dash upside down plug in all wiring then slide in on the center track. There is no reason to use screws on front of the kit just leave the slots empty the center bezel when installed fits tight against these tabs and holds the unit very tight in the opening.
It is best to remove the screw slots on the front of the side mounts so the center bezel does not fit to tight, if you leave these intact it could cause binding and a miss fit.

After installation the fit looks like this kit was made for the 06 Escape, it does not have a tacky add on look like some kits have.

Just an added note there may be slight modification required even on cars or trucks that this is designed to fit.

I recommend taping duct tape around the bottom opening of the dash below the center bezel to protect the opening from being damaged by the bottom tabs on the center bezel while installing the head unit in the opening.

After doing wiring and routing wires for any options it only takes about 5 minutes to remove center bezel, plug in wires, install head unit in dash and reinstall center bezel. Very easy to remove head unit to do any future add ons.

My total install time running wires to rear camera running wires under sill plates, running mic wire up to driver visor, running antenna wires for GPS and traffic receiver, installing AVIC-250 Navigation module under dash, running USB cable to in side center counsel all wires are zip tied and hidden from sight it took a good 8 hours. Another note I am experienced with installing in dash audio equipment so your time could vary. I rate this as an average to easy difficulty, can be done by most anyone.

Extremely happy with fit finish and look of this dash kit and I highly recommend the kit for the 2006 Ford Escape.

DVD receiver used is an AVHX-5600BHS.
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on March 31, 2015
I used the kit for installing a SONY touch screen DVD player into my 04 Mustang convertible. Once screwed firmly onto the double DIN radio, it made for a quick, easy install. The parts individually seemed a little flimsy, but once secured onto the radio case, it was all good. Looks like a factory install once the trim bezel was reinstalled. You might have a small issue with the lining up of screw holes on the sides, but nothing a little Xacto knife trimming couldn't fix. I know Metra can't possibly make enough screw hole openings on the kit for every single aftermarket radio out there. One screw hole on each side of my Sony head unit was a bit snug, but I installed those last after I had three others already in place.
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on January 11, 2016
Bottom line, it worked. I purchased this to install a Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS in my 2003 Ford Explorer. Everything lined up except for the bracket that attaches to the rear of the radio. The radio's mounting hole was too high for the bracket to slide along the rail in my vehicle. Not that big an issue the radio was still very stable.
The finished results were professional in appearance. I only deducted one star because the kit was all plastic. I did expect the side brackets to be aluminum. The stock one was steel, and I do remember a time when mounting hardware was aluminum. I'll admit, the last time I installed a radio was, well...along time ago. The plastic only concerns me from a longevity perspective.
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on April 8, 2015
This went into a 2004 Mustang Deluxe that previously had a Mach 460 jok... er, stereo in it.
It fits nicely, holds the unit in place and looks good, imo.
The Mustang has a steel rail in the dash that runs under the deck and attaches to the back of it with a plastic piece.
This kit does come with that piece, but my Pioneer AVH-X2700BS does NOT have the applicable screw hole to hold it in.
I just put some weatherstripping on top of the beam in the 'stang, and it worked great.
I think I got that idea from an Amazon review actually, thank you!
Once the kit is screwed in, everything's nice and tight in it's place.
It feels a little loose and cheap till you get the screws in the side of the deck, then it feels fine.

This does NOT come with a wiring harness, so make sure you get that if you need it!

I posted some picks!
review imagereview image
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on January 11, 2018
The front frame of this kit did not fir the Double Din stereo (Standard size, no unusual protrusions) that I was installing in my vehicle. I wound up foregoing the front bracket and just screwing on the side pieces (out of 4 screw holes on my stereo, only ONE on each side lined up with the side bracket) and cutting off the bolt tabs to reinforce the piece of the side brackets that tabbed over top of the holes in the dash. I didnt use the back bracket that slides onto the mounting tongue at the bottom of the recess; most "modern" stereos dont fill the depth necessary to hold that piece.....maybe they should retro-fit it for modern application. Got the job done, but that's about it....
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on December 28, 2015
Used this on a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. It fits the vehicle fine and I had no trouble mounting the Head unit to the bracket. The rear support works also. My reason for 4 stars is because the top of mine is warped downward. It doesn't affect functionality, but definitely gives it a cheap aftermarket look. I carefully applied some heat and made it straight, but after a few days in the vehicle, it went right back to its original shape as if it was made out of some crazy memory plastic. I am not going to pull it back out as it is a small annoyance. This could have been due to storage or shipping, but over the years, I have noticed these kits feel cheaper each time I handle one.
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on June 20, 2016
This kit did indeed fit between my aftermarket double DIN stereo and the dash in our 2004 Ford Explorer, but it did so in such a way that the screen was unable to tilt to allow discs to be inserted.

I ended up having to shave some material from the kit, and then drill two additional mounting holes in the side pieces.

Now the stereo is mounted rock solid, but there is unfortunately a gap between it and the dash. Considering the price and the universal nature of the kit, I don't have that much to complain about.
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on February 3, 2017
Worked well to install my pioneer double din touchscreen unit. The piece that is supposed to attach to the back of the head unit and attach radio the the factory track assumes that the radio has the screw hole in place for it. My pioneer didn't have a screw hole for this but I happy to say it is not neccisary, the radio is quite secure using just the front 2 screws and is secured even better when the dash is reassembled.
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