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Product Description

Platform: PC Download

Based on the internationally bestselling novel series by Dmitry Glukhovsky

From the Manufacturer

Metro 2033 is a single player first-person shooter (FPS) that incorporates role-playing game (RPG) elements. Based on the best selling novel of the same name by Dmitry A. Glukhovsky, it tells the story of humanity's struggle for survival in the forgotten tunnels of Moscow's underground subway system following a devastating nuclear war. Features include mission play combining a unique mix of firearm and melee combat, an economy revolving around ammo and items and an experience system which takes each of your actions into account, leading to a variety of possible alternate endings and extended replay value.

Metro 2033 game logo
The apocalypse came by our own making, with a single blinding flash, followed by a firestorm of sheer flame. It took just an hour and a half to wipe out 3.5 billion people and 10,000 years of civilization, plunging humanity into a hopeless Dark Age. In the aftermath, survivors in Moscow moved underground and slowly organized into small socially and politically independent tribes, clustered around the city's deep, subway stations. The young man, Artyom is among them. A member of the first generation of children raised in the subterranean world following the apocalypse, he has only the vaguest recollections of life above ground, and contact with other humans beyond those that inhabit his local station, "Exhibition," but he will have to face new experiences with both if humanity is to survive. Mutated beasts known as "Dark Ones" are spreading throughout the isolated stations of the Metro, and Artyom has been chosen as the messenger to spread the news of the new peril.

Game hero Artyom in full gear and gas mask in Metro 2033
Become humanity’s last savior and uncover the truth behind the horrors that await in Moscow’s underground.
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Metro 2033 is a single player, FPS that also incorporates RPG elements. Action played out in the role of young Artyom, is mission-based and because the game is based on the Glukhovsky novel, the storyline veers away from the anti-Russian stance that is often seen in post-apocalyptic stories and video games. Here the Russian characters are humanity, and fight every day against the terrors that nuclear war has wrought. These terrors come mostly in the form of mutants known as "Homo Novus," who have invaded the Underground, as well as frightening alien-like paranormal creatures that haunt the gameworld. The game hero, Artyom, has a certain immunity to the latter and a talent for dispatching the former, which together make him a very popular choice to be sent on missions. Combat throughout utilizes a mixture of improvised firearms and melee weapons. Balancing the use of these two is important because in this world of violence and scarcity, ammunition plays the duel role of protection and commodity. Throughout the game players will use ammo as much to purchase items and upgrades at different stations visited, as they will use it in combat. In addition, the choices made by players throughout the game register as "Enlightenment Points," or the lack of them. Accumulated totals of these register as a variety of constructs such as curiosity, kindness and prejudice resistance that can and will lead to alternative story endings. Together with its unique inventory management system, engrossing storyline and replay value based on morality, Metro 2033 is sure to be a game not to be missed by FPS and RPG players alike.

Key Game Features

  • Menacing Atmosphere – Incorporating shadows, ambient sounds, lighting effects and claustrophobic scenes to create feeling of tension and fear
    • DX10 and PhysX delivers the best graphical detailing of a post-nuclear setting to date.
    • Visceral engagement with the game world - fall down broken steps, tunnel race etc.
  • Diversity of Combat – Combat is brutal and intense, fought with improvised weapons or hand to hand in the half shadows.
  • Enlightenment Points – Proprietary engine takes into account your actions and analyzes them (curiosity, kindness, prejudice resistance) leading to alternative story endings.
    • Play through the game using either over-the-top shooter, or calculated stealth techniques, altering the game play style in the progression of the game.
  • Time of No Return – The length of being in hostile environment on the surface is limited, players should take that into account when venturing above ground.
  • Inventory Management – Use ammo to take down the opposition or save it to purchase upgrades. Cartridges replace cash, Gadgets are gold (gas masks).
  • RPG Light Story – Encounter NPC’s via engaging and trading activity across the various ‘Station States’, each with its own social system.
Additional Screenshots:
A millitary installation built within a subway stop in Metro 2033
Distinct underground societies.
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Combat in the tunnels of the Moscow underground in Metro 2033
Unique combat blend.
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Using wristwatch to monitor remaining oxygen available through a gas mask in Metro 2033
Loads of gadget options.
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Observing a guitar player entertaining a crowd of survivors in the underground in Metro 2033
FPS & RPG elements blended.
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Product Information

Platform:PC Download
Release date October 20, 2010
Customer Reviews
3.8 out of 5 stars 354 customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Platform for Display: PC
I read a of the reviews and was very skeptical. However, I am happy with the game and highly recommend it.

I go into every game without any pre-conceived notion of what I think they should be. Other reviewers whining about Stalker this... Fallout that... what a crock. Each game should stand on it's own and this one does. Sure it isn't perfect. I have only played a couple I thought were, so it's easy to want to set the bar to high. However, this is an extremely engrossing game. The graphics are awesome. Also, I guess if you are using an old Atari you might have problems running it. I am having no problem playing it on a 3 year old 2.3GHz dual core with 4GB Memory and a GTX280 card. I have the game set a step below the highest settings allowed on at 28" monitor at 1920x1200. The graphics on this are quite simply, very immersive and extremely well done. You really feel like you are in the subways.

Next, the complaints that it is linear are tiresome also. Some people like that style of play. Crysis is probably one of the best games ever made. However, it is very linear. Pesonally, I don't always want a game with a bunch of side missions that add little to the story, if only to make the game longer. Borderlands, Fallout3, Stalker, and games like Oblivion bored me to tears because of this, while others love that style of game. To each their own I say.

Lastly, everyone likes different things. When I was younger I like the games with big inventories, having to sleep to heal, collecting stuff, building levels and so forth. However, as I've gotten older I just want to play a great game. The simple FPS where you arm yourself and go to work kind of games are my choice now.
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Platform for Display: PC
I've read a ton of reviews prior to purchasing the game, and so my expectations were quite unsure. The game is based off of a book (which I have not read), and you can kind of get that story-book feel in the game. I thought the game story was great. I've never seen graphics like this before, and the battle scenes and monsters are exciting. The monsters are great and the action is great. The downfall, in my opinion, is that the game is too linear. Personally, I would have liked to explore each underground town and return to each underground town whenever I wanted. Free exploration of the towns was a must, but the gamer is too restricted. The develops keep pushing you along (and that is unfortunate. It took a lot away from the game). Also, you can't lean around corners too shoot at enemies or to look for monsters. That is dumb. The AI could have also been better, but I've seen worse (Empire Total War for instance).

Overall, however, the adventure, the story, the thrill of the action, and the amazing graphics and world that has been developed, is well worth $40.00. I've already played it twice, once on each skill level, and now I'm going to play it on the hardest.
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Platform for Display: PC Verified Purchase
Even though Stalker Call Pripyat has a similar feel to Metro the two games are very different. In the best way they are different, METRO feels like you are participating in a movie. The monster sounds are way more scary as well as the monsters themselves. Having a flying monster adds a lot also as well as some women and children. The story is dynamic and the storytellers voice is great. The graphics are a better especially when it comes to people. You can throw knifes and kill without alerting the rest of the enemy..
The unfortunate is that Metro is pretty much over once you have played through it once as the game has little to offer in new situations. The script is written and you just have to get through the next door from which there is no in game return. You might find a couple of new prizes your second time through or get through a zone in total stealth mode where the last time you killed every thing that moved, but its the same experience, the characters move exactly the same every time and there are few if any new outcomes. Even if you change the difficulty mode the only difference I noticed is that you die easier.

Stalker on the other hand has silly monsters especially the retarded Zombies.. but the weapons are more fun as you can upgrade them. You can upgrade your armor as well and attach things you find to it to simulate new experiences. You can change the order of you missions, who you kill (including friendlies), and can get chased all the way back to a safe zone where they still kill you by surprise inside. Also you can download a free update for Stalker C.O.P. and have new experiences. The end of Stalker has a monolog that changes depending on who you let live or if you skip missions.
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Platform for Display: PC
This is a really really fun single-player game, it's that simple. I bought my copy on Steam and was able to download/install it without any issues. Here are my machine specs:

eVGA GTX 260
Windows Vista x64
Core2Quad Q6600

I can run the game at 1280x1024 on DX10 "very high" settings and it runs great. It is a BIT strange to not be able to tweak individual settings (you have to select "low, med, high..." etc, but it doesn't bug me that much.

If you were a fan of the really cool, atmospheric underground parts in Shadow of Chernobyl, you will love this game. It is a very immersive single-player experience. The character models are top-notch, the textures look great and the lighting and graphical effects are spot-on. The English dialogue is very good. I haven't finished the story yet, but so far it has been great as well.

I think you'll find that a lot of people complaining about this game will whine about it feeling like a console port, or they'll complain about Steam for some weird reason, but I had zero problems getting this game up and running, and I don't think my hardware is stellar.

Bottom line: If the game looks like fun to you and you're okay with the fact that it's a somewhat demanding game hardware wise and that there is no multiplayer, you will love this game. And remember, when you see a 1-star review of the game that doesn't actually talk about the game content itself...take it with a grain of salt :-).
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