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on February 24, 2011
The #1 function we needed from this bottle stopper was that if we laid the bottle horizontally in our new fridge that it WOULD NOT LEAK.

After four weeks and, 4-6 different bottles, I'm happy to report that we're 100% mission accomplished.

Add to that the inexpensive price point, the ease of use (just push in quick, or pull out quick) and near instant delivery from Amazon, it's a five star purchase. Enjoy.
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on April 26, 2017
For years (10+?) I've been using a pump type wine bottle stopper--yeah, you pump it but we all know it's valved to work as a vacuum pump--to seal up our usually half-empty wine bottles. Honestly, it all works very well, i.e., the plugs seal the bottle sufficiently quickly and easily and the stopper stays in, but, I've come to question if the effort/time to pump is properly rewarded... I mean, would not a "good cork/plug/stopper" sans pump work just as well? So, I went on a quest for a real "simple wine cork/plug/stopper" that worked. Viola, now I've found one!

Now, with the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle stopper I just gently press in the stopper until it stops and I'm done. No pumping. Easy-peazy. And, the stopper stays in. I've not been able to knock these stoppers off/out intentionally or accidentally. Holding the bottle upside down for an extended time shows no leaks and pulling the stopper out requires a satisfyingly resistant pull. With a kindly but purposeful "yank," out the stopper comes. And, the design of these handy little stoppers makes it impossible to force the stopper in so far that it cannot be easily removed.

Simple is good. Simple that works effectively is very, very cool. My set of Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle stoppers are simple... and are very, very cool. I even think the colors of these nifty little wine bottle stoppers help to confirm I am indeed a very knowledgeable wine snob. <smile>

Yea, Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle stoppers! I luv 'em.
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on November 6, 2016
My former roommate had wine stopper like this and they worked great. Usually, I use a wine stopper with an air pump, but I moved and forgot to pack it. This is a great alternative option. And here, you get 2 for a very cheap price. For the colors (chosen randomly by the seller), I got blue and pink.

Very pleased with this purchase. The wine stays good for a few days. Unlike other reviewers, I haven't tried lying the bottle down to see if it would not leak (skeptical about it). However, although I haven't tried it, I would not use this for sparkling wine. I'm a big fan of cava and I've used a special kind of stopper for years. It can be a little expensive but definitely worth it.
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on December 30, 2011
What sets this product apart from others is that it comes in the Really Bright Colors. I will re-iterate what the other reviewers have said about the function--they work perfectly for stopping up the wine bottles even to the point where you can lay the bottles on their sides and the seal remains intact.

However, what good is a wine bottle stopper if you can't find it? My kitchen drawers are pretty well organized (thanks to my husband) but something small and mobile like this is easy to lose track of. Much harder to lose track when the colors are so bright. Very nice touch.

It does sound like the colors shipped are aware of that (I really don't mind any color as long as it's bright--clashes with everything!).

Also, I do like to point out this product is being sold by an Amazon partner vendor, not Amazon itself. Be aware that when products are listed sometimes the vendors change--and that means the price and the shipping policies may as well. I happened to have gotten these for a very small price which made them a great value. This may not have been true in the past, or may not be in the future. Also, the vendor was one that basically keeps it's stock in Amazon's warehouse so I got Prime shipping. Another vendor may not do this so there could be shipping charges involved. Just be sure to look at the listing carefully when making a decision.

I happened to find this product perfect for my needs--inexpensive, free shipping, does the job perfectly, AND I can find them easily. Highly recommended!

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on April 2, 2017
These stoppers have a tendency to pop back out of the bottle, which is incredibly frustrating, especially if it happens in the refrigerator and we aren't aware. We tried pushing it in with varying amounts of force, and it just didn't seem to make a difference. It didn't happen every time, but it happened enough that we chucked them.
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on January 14, 2016
Love these simple little helpers. I actually them for beer, when I open a bomber of a 10%+ stout and want to save some for the next night, I still get a nice "pop!" and carbonation 24 hours later. A simple and inexpensive solution to not wanting to overconsume on a work night!
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on June 21, 2013
I actually bought these stoppers to take my total over $25.00 so I could get free shipping on something else I wanted. I received a yellow and Carolina blue stopper. I used the yellow stopper to plug the drain hole in my boat's ski locker. Sometimes bilge water would slosh forward into the ski locker through the drain hole leaving an oily film on the carpet and skis. This stopper fits it just right. I don't drink a lot of wine because my wife doesn't drink and I hate drinking a whole bottle of wine alone therefore as of right now I haven't used it to cork a bottle. The stoppers are well made and I know the blue one will work just fine in a wine bottle (it's intended use).
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on February 20, 2013
Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but half the time I open a bottle of wine the cork breaks apart and is useless. These are good reusable bottle stoppers that fit snugly in ever bottle I've tried them in. I did have the little metal cap come off one of the stoppers after I carelessly left it sitting on top of the toaster oven, but a little super glue fixed that right back up - since it isn't important to the function of the stopper at all I don't think it's worth deducting points for, but since this isn't some kind of miracle stopper that will make your wine last way longer I'm only giving it four stars.
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on June 25, 2016
Nice and simple design keeps wine fresh with a great fit in the bottle. I received the yellow and turquoise ones and i believe the rubber material is much better then the metal wine stoppers that tend to chip or corrode. Happy with the purchase.
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These fit pretty much any bottle perfectly. They are so soft (silicone?) and conform to the bottle. The wine seems to stay more fresh than when we used a glass stopper. We had an opened bottle in the fridge with one of these stoppers for 2 weeks.. we had actually forgot it was in there. I was sure it would be stale or at least taste a little funky, but it tasted fine.

I received the teal and purple set which was great for me - I love purple anything, pretty much. I would definitely purchase again and recommend them. Such a useful product at a small price.
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