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on March 30, 2015
My daughter is at risk for diabetes, as her mom and grandmother (mother's side) were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 18 months old. We have read several studies that casein protein in cow milk may force children into diabetes if they are already at risk. And, on top of that, all of the harmones that are pumped into cows isn't good for anyone, so this is a great option for baby formula. We have made our own formula with a combination of this goat milk, blackstrap molasses, agave nectar, sunflower and coconut oils, infant liquid vitamins, and infant probiotics. She will be 14 months old this week and has been drinking this formula ever since she stopped breast feeding. She's very healthy, no signs of diabetes, and has 13 teeth already! So, the "cow milk helps teeth" myth is busted!
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on July 28, 2015
They don't sell goats milk at my grocer (only the quart at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's for ~$5), so this works at ~$13 a can. 1 year old has cow milk allergy, so using goat's milk for now (same thing happened to his father and he was able to have cow's milk later on).

It says to use 2 scoops of goats milk for 1 cup (so 8 oz) and I usually just do a 5 oz bottle at a time with 1 scoop. I use the 5 oz Nuk Cars Learner Cup.

It has 25 scoops in there (each scoop is 2 tblsp), which lasts me ~8 days for one 12 oz can giving three 5oz bottles a day. The scooper in the can is a bit big so it might be messy putting into bottles with smaller spouts (why I like the Nuk).

I use the Mixie Cup, which stores formula in the bottom and water in the top and you just click the bottom and it mixes when you need it (for times such as early in the AM when you are not ready to get out of bed). You can also get the Dr Browns Formula Caddy Bottle, which stores 3 servings and mix with a bottle prepped with water when on the go.

Makes approx 3 quarts whole goat milk. Keep mixed produce refrigerated and use within 5 days. Once opened, can be stored for up to 8 weeks.
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on April 3, 2013
I only give it 3 stars because this new can packaging adds the word "whole" to what used to be a slightly more honest label. If you look at the nutrition label, both cans say there is only 11% fat. Thus, buyers who want true "whole" goat milk will be extremely disappointed. Real fresh goat milk is 53% fat, thus making it far more nutritious since that fat is mostly unsaturated fat.

More importantly, fat is necessary for protecting the form of calcium found in milk, calcium gluconate, from stomach acids. There are a lot of calcium channels in stomach cells, more than in the small intestine. However, it is better to prevent the breakdown of calcium gluconate to elemental calcium for transport through the stomach's calcium channels, saving them for transport of other forms of calcium. Why? Because calcium gluconate can transport into a cell through its glucose channels as well. There are far more glucose channels in the small intestine cells than in stomach cells. That is why whole milk, and other dairy products are the single best source of calcium, precisely because the fat protects the majority of the calcium until it reaches the small intestine where more of it gets absorbed. If you remove the fat, then calcium gluconate is treated the same as other calcium forms.

The extremely high load of calcium in milk and other dairy products is only partially absorbed and most of it gets lost to feces. It is especially important for us to be aware of calcium absorption precisely because the toxins in our air, food, and water tend to damage gut epithelium enough to prevent a lot of absorption of good nutrients. This is the main reason why we might crave fat, to protect the calcium getting to the small intestine. The brain does whatever it can when it gets the signals from cells in the body screaming for more calcium. It explains why ice cream is so addictive to many people.

Why is calcium so important? It is used by every single cell, tissue, organ in the body for important work and affects our very existence more than any other chemical element.
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on June 20, 2016
Great for dogs. Mix up in their food. Especially puppies. I have a Great Dane puppy with overly sensitive tummy. This helped regulate him. It also turned his coat really shiny. He looks really good on the outside because of this addition to his diet. I can only imagine what the inside looks like!

I took him off it when he turned 1. A few months later I put it back into his diet. I noticed the dullness of his coat when I took him off this.

Plus he has a different odor when he is on goats milk. He smells good when he has this in his diet.
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on June 15, 2013
I had been using cow milk for a while to make homemade kefir. I wanted to try goat milk because I read that it's easily digestible.

I will say that it took a while to adjust to the taste. It definitely has a goat dairy flavor. If you've ever tried goat cheese, you know the taste. At first I didn't like it, but after a few batches of the goat kefir, I'm used to it, and I really like it. It seems to me to be more tart than cow kefir. You won't know if you'll like it until you try, I suppose. If you've never tried goat milk before, just know that it may require an adjustment period. Reading some reviews, apparently some people can't tell the difference between goat and cow milk. This surprises me, but I know that taste is a funny thing, and some people can taste things that other people can't.

One thing I really like about this product is the convenience. Using fresh cow milk for kefir, I was always trying to keep an eye on my milk supply. You have to make kefir every day. You don't skip a day (okay, that's not entirely true, but I don't like to put my grains in the fridge unless I'm going on vacation). With the powdered goat milk, I always have a supply on hand. I use the Subscribe and Save Program and it's delivered automatically each month. Since this comes in the 3 packs, I change the amount for my order according to my inventory. 6 cans is more than I need, but 3 is not enough, so I vary it from month to month as needed. If I were ever to run low, I can always get a 3 pack with 2 day shipping through Amazon Prime.

The price on Amazon is great. At my local grocery store, it's over 10 dollars a can on sale. On Amazon it's usually 2 dollars cheaper. Now, this is much more expensive than cow milk, but I enjoy the goat milk kefir, so that's okay.

I'm not sure how well this mixes for regular drinking. I've never drank it "un-kefired". I find that it's hard to mix it up completely, but since I'm throwing my kefir grains in the jar and letting the whole thing sit for 24 hours, it's not really a problem. When I strain the kefir the next day, everything comes out fine. Goat milk is also much easier to strain than cow milk. It takes me about half the time.

If you can get fresh raw goat milk in your area, well, that's probably much better. For those of us who can't, this is a great option. If you are looking to make goat kefir, this is a winner in my opinion.
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on May 24, 2013
I've been using this goat milk for my daughter who is exclusively breastfed as a supplement when/if needed since she was 10 months and she has always loved it! I am not a fan of any formulas, organic or not and have my own issues with dairy so naturally wanted to avoid cows milk. Goats milk while all new to me, after significant research I found that it does not come with the inherent issues i.e. allergies etc associated with cow's milk.

My daughter has never had any issues with this milk at all, not a rash, not a reaction, not a stomach issue of any kind. She has beautiful clear skin always and is thriving. We are now working on getting coconut milk into her diet as well since she is 16 months and it's easier to find but I can't say enough good things about this product.

I also plan to begin using it to make soap!
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on November 26, 2012
Love this product, good deal through Amazon since we use this for our 16 month old's milk every day at day care and at home. She is allergic to cow's milk which we determined when she was about 9 months old. My wife breastfed her until she was 12 months and now she is on goat milk exclusively and we could not be happier. She is not sick anymore, no congestion like she had when we were giving her yogurt from cow's milk, etc.

The powder is a lot easier to deal with than the condensed of the same brand. They also sell fresh of this brand at our local stores but this is far cheaper and our daughter loves it all the same. It lasts so much longer in these cans, and we have them on subscribe and save so get a little extra discount. It's portable so you can just mix a little with water when you're out running errands, or on a road trip. Compare that to having to buy milk or keep it cold - no comparison. This stuff ideally mixes better with lukewarm water anyway. We got a couple of those 20 oz. cups with the mixer balls in them (for mixing protein shakes etc.) and they work perfectly for making up a batch and leaving it in the fridge or taking it to day care for a few days' worth. You do have to shake really well or it may clump in the lid, so be wary of that.

You can't go wrong with this, try a can from your local store first and if it meets your needs, this pack is a very good deal for the price!
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on April 28, 2014
We bought the single can for our 8 month old and had no problems with it. So we decided to get the 3 pack seems how she likes the milk. I made her a few bottles still mixed with breast milk and she refused them. I could not understand why until I smelled the can and tasted it. I would refuse to drink it too! It was nasty and smelled gross! I called Meyenberg and they told me the only way for it to go bad is that it would have to be outdated (it was not. made fresh this January) or it was exposed to extreme heat or cold. So we are sending it back. Good news is that our Wal-mart now sells the same can in stores in the baking section for a cheaper price! And they are good cans so far. I was really concerned about ordering it online due to all the reviews on the cans that had a bad smell/taste. Before you mix it smell and taste it!
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on May 10, 2014
We went to Costa Rica and planned on visiting the Jaguar rescue center which is located outside of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side. They use the formula for all the rescued babies they have and you can pay to visit the center. On their website they asked for donations of this stuff and they were happy to get them. We were able to hold actual baby monkeys during the tour which was the highlight of my trip even if the one I held pooped on me and gently bit my wrist (no skin broken). This center and what they do is really a rescue and it is local people trying to do right by the animals. Other "rescue" centers we visited never released the animals again so they were really zoos. These guys do release whenever possible.
So we hauled these cans though the airport and our whole trip but it was worth it.
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on July 18, 2013
I decided to give goat milk to my 1yo son until he's older. As many of you may have found, there are not many economic options and Meyenberg's powder whole milk is one of them. Capra is low fat and unsuitable for toddlers (although with a balanced diet or fat from other food, I suppose you can do low fat milk; BTW I'm a dietitian.) I don't care what the Paleo nuts say about Meyenberg or insist I should hunt down raw milk from farms and home-pasturized it for an hour. Nutritionally speaking this product works great. However, it is tricky to mix well! I still use the Dr. Brown jug to mix and found if the water is too hot, such as just done boiling, somehow I get a lot of clumps. If the water is cool, same thing. I need warm to merely hot water to mix a perfect batch. Tried shaking it like crazy using the baby bottle, no luck either. Each can makes 12 servings of 8oz milk. It comes about about 1 can for every 5-6 days for me, just a few dollars more than organic cow's milk. I think I'll use it until my son turns 2.
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