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on March 12, 2013
I read the reviews of all photo frames 10" in the $60-$100 range, because that's about what I was willing to spend on this. I finally bought this one for several factors, 1) the scheduled/auto on off capability (turns on and off at a scheduled time each day), 2) the ability to 'plug and play' with large flash cards, 3) music support, 4) randomize capability.

When it arrived I promptly plugged it in and then loaded 1,000+ pictures on my flash drive, which then I plugged into the usb 2.0 port. Right away images started displaying, at the default of 5 seconds a picture. I then went into settings and easily was able to figure out how to change to 'random' and set the auto on/off settings. I am technologically adept, true, but I handed off the remote to my daughter (14) and she quickly had figured out how to surf the pics, rotate them, etc.

Overall, I would definitely buy this again or suggest to another. Here is the top reasons:
1. Plug and Play makes it a no brainer. You can send off to someone with an accompanying flash drive and just tell them to stick it in and power on.
2. Can be wall mounted and has a long enough cord to accommodate.
3. At 10" this is a good display area and produces a crisp image.
4. As long as photo is correct when loaded on flash (see point #1 below), screen does a good job rendering and scaling it to size and resolution.

Cons or 'could be better':
1. Make sure your pics are orientated (turned rightside up) correctly on your flash drive. Otherwise it will show them sideways or however they were saved, it will not auto rotate them. The same goes for resolution or large scale photos (this is a minor issue for most since most cameras stick to common sizes/resolutions).
2. I put the frame on my wall unit (entertainment center) and the angle of the stand meant it was hard to see the photos when sitting on my couch 10 feet away. I would have liked an adjustable angle on the stand so I could angle it forward for better viewing. Instead I used a curio from my collection to elevate the end of the stand arm by about 5" to correct the viewing angle to my needs. Minor, but a bit of a jerry rigged manner of solving it.
3. As others have said, random doesn't seem to be truly random, I swear I'm seeing some pics more than others I haven't seen but once in a blue moon.
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on May 14, 2017
 Okay, so at first, I was upset that the frame didn't automatically resize and output our pictures in great quality; but, I did a quick Google search and found a great app, Fotosizer, that is free and will fix all of the aspect ratio issues you're having.

How to convert:
Under the Resize settings area, click the Pad option, set the custom size to 1024 x 600 px, do not enlarge if smaller, maintain aspect ratio, then click start.

See the video/picture for more information.

The display after converting the photos looks amazing!
review image
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on August 7, 2013
I capture all my images on my digital camera in 16:9 image format ratio so, when doing a "slide show" on my TV, it fills the frame fully, and had been looking for a nice digital frame with the same aspect ratio to display images from a variety of events in the house. There's no point to capturing hundreds of images and seeing them only rarely. This one has great resolution for the price and a perfect not too big, not too small size.

There have been a handful of less than stellar reviews here but, if one takes into consideration what this thing IS, most can be totally circumvented. One needs only take into consideration that this device is a "one trick pony" and will have, to keep the cost down, JUST enough horsepower to do that one trick. There sure won't be a very big processor or a ton of working memory in this thing.

One of the issues that was alluded to in some reviews, sluggish response, is actually addressed in the manual for the frame. The manual recommends re-sizing images to 1MP for peformance reasons. This makes sense as the teeny CPU and working memory in the frame will most certainly struggle to resize much higher resolution images to display on a device having a much lower resolution than even the cheapest currently available digital cameras. Rather than shoot for a specific megapixel value, I re-sized all the images I had to the number of pixels high the display is. In this way, the processor in the frame has to do little to no resizing of the image to display at all. Further, the image processors in even the poorest image editing software on a PC will be superior to those implemented in the frame's firmware and do a much better job of scaling resulting in much better image quality overall.

If you're putting a ton of images on the frame, "Preview" (on Apple OS X) or the freeware "irfanview" (on PCs) have very simple steps and do a great job of bulk re-sizing of images. Just set the height in the tool you use to re-size to 600 pixels, tell it to maintain aspect ratio, and you'll end up with images that are perfect for the frame and easy for the CPU to present on the display.

The other problem seen was, even when telling the frame to display images sequentially, it showed them somewhat randomly and did not show all the images on the memory card. Initially, with about 3,300 images loaded on the memory card to display, I experienced the same result. However, putting on my engineering hat and thinking again about the processing elements in the frame being rather limited, it occurred to me that, in that 3300 images, there are a LOT of bytes in the file names. For my own reference, after vacations, I tend to rename image files to having descriptive file names. The frame doesn't care and, in this case, I don't either since all I want to do is see them. Using a bulk file re-namer, I renamed all the file names to a simple sequence number - in my case from 0001 to N. I used the leading zeros to ensure sequence rigidity in case the sequential parsing algorithm used alphabetic rather than numeric sequencing. Had I not used leading zeros and had simple integer counting, with alphabetic sorting, the order may well have been 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20, 21, .... (have seen this occur more than once).

As soon as I made the change to simple 4 character numeric file names, the frame displayed every one of the over 3,300 images in order. As a bonus, the image transitions smoothed out and run more quickly as well. Also (and this is only conjecture), by re-sizing the images, I was able to get the 3k plus images on a rather small SD card (2GB with tons of room left over) which may well give the device a much smaller address space to have to deal with were one to use the maximum size 32GB card.

With those two things taken into consideration one ends up with a stellar device at a great price. I will grant you, as another review said, navigating the menus with the remote is sluggish. It's the same with the hard keys on the back of the display. That said, since my use of the menu was to get it set up initially and then ignore it while it turns on and off when I specify while it displays pix between these times, it is a small annoyance. If you want something to be totally interactive with for images or videos, use a PC.

Couldn't be happier.
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on August 11, 2017
We had a 7" photo frame - wanted something better - bigger screen, truer colors, better viewing angle. We use this in our motorhome to display pictures, since wall space is limited. Have been using this about a month - meets our needs very well. Pictures have a wide viewing angle, which is much better than previous frame. Very much like the fact it will randomize the order of pictures to display - never know what will pop up next! Color rendition isn't bad - varies on the angle of view - certainly acceptable for our use, and for what we paid. Uses 5VDC power input - got a step-down transformer so frame is powered by 12VDC from camper system so frame works right off the 12VDC system.
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on May 20, 2017
Not bad for the price... High quality images still appear slightly diminished or pixelated on the screen, and there seems to be a blue you too almost all of the images, no matter how they were uploaded. I got it for my mom for Mother's Day, and she is still happy with it regardless of the few flaws. I have a nicer Kodak digital frame, and it is nowhere near as nice as that. Definitely will stick with Kodak for my own home's digital frame use.
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on April 19, 2014
Bought this digital frame as a birthday gift for my wife. Everyone provided a flash drive in advance so we could load up the frame in advance for the birthday girl. We gave her the wrapped frame and aggregated flash drive; she opened it; plugged it in; turned it on; and nothing happened. We tried different outlets; different clicks on the remote; nothing worked until someone had the bright idea to jiggle the power cord. Voila, if the power jack was rotated a certain way, the frame worked. Otherwise, nothing. So, we lived with this for several months, but then the power jack became even more picky and would sometimes work in the preferred position and sometimes not. At this point, I contacted Micca and let them know of the issues, asking if they had a solution or could provide a different power attachment. The response I got was "Past 30 days." That was it. No sorry, no nothing. So, I don't usually write product reviews, but this terse response, customer unfriendly response from Micca inspired me. My recommendation. Choose another manufacturer.
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on August 1, 2017
My wife really likes this product and it works good but I personally do not think it puts out a High Resolution picture. Was kind of disappointed in that but otherwise my wife is totally happy with it. Funny thing is that I have it programmed to come on at a certain time in the morning and then automatically go off at night. It comes on in the morning but will not shut off at night. Looks like I have the settings correct but maybe I am missing something.
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on January 11, 2014
I had originally given this frame a very poor review, but after working with Micca my tune has changed.

1.) I would like to applaud Micca Support Team for assisting me in getting this frame up and running. They provided a lot of insight on how to work this frame to work correctly.
2.) Despite this frame claiming to be plug and play, it isn't the same, when uploading pictures to external drives please keep the following in mind:
a.) The frame can only handle a maximum of 1000 pictures, so there's no need to have a very large external drive.
1.) Picture size needs to be less than 1000 kb/MB in size in order to play without issue on the frame.
b.) The naming convention for the photos needs to be consistent in order for the pictures to play without issue.
2.)Naming convention as example image001, image002, image003, etc.
3.) Make sure none of the photos have corrupt files, if they do, the frame will freeze. The follow link has instructions on how to Batch Reprocessing to ensure the files are not corrupt:
The program you download on CNET is a great tool for shrinking the file size, renaming the files, changing the rotation, as well as, the Photo Batch Reprocessing.

If you are not happy with the frame, I would highly recommend contacting Micca Support, because they are looking to ensure customer satisfaction. They offered to look at the pictures I was uploading onto the frame, pay for their shipping and return. For my inconvenience they offered me a $10 gift card to Amazon.

People are quick to complain, but if they look into the issue and reach out to manufacturer more often than not they are willing to help. Again, Micca was super helpful.
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on October 17, 2014
The first one I ordered had a software defect. There was a line across the screen that appeared when the unit was turned on, that didn't go away. I returned it, and ordered a replacement. The second one was defective also, but this time the mat inside the frame was seriously crooked. I returned it and will be looking for a different manufacturer.
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on May 29, 2014
Took a long time (I have 12000 + photos on 32 GB usb) to load and start up. Have patience. It doesn't appear to be doing anything, just a blank screen and won't respond to remote while its "sizing up" the material on the flash drive. If your flash drive is like mine you can see an led flashing inside the drive. After about 25 minutes the MICCA emblem came on the screen. Maybe 20 minutes later the photos started appearing at 5 second intervals.

Biggest con: If your visual angle with the screen is greater than 30 deg (ie not at eye level) the screen colors are really washed out, visually bad. If at eye level or close to eye level, its beautiful. Great color and detail.

If you need to change the setup settings you have to first remove the flash drive to get its attention, then the remote suddenly works. Neither optimal nor full photo settings will give an accurate rendition of photos. Must be in auto fit setting to see entire photo. Have not yet tried but suspect same of video settings.

My old INSIGNIA DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME had a nice feature which the MICCA doesn't appear to have - namely it automatically resized every picture to fit the screen without distortion and when they were just too wide (as in panoramas) it would scan from left to right and back for the entire 5 seconds giving a good view of the entire shot. Though its color wasn't quite as good as the new MICCA, the picture looked good from a wider set of angles (maybe 45 to 50 deg). Its biggest disadvantage was that it simply wouldn't/couldn't access and show all the images on the flash drive and its selection criteria was confusing. For example it might show the first 50 or so photos then jump 200 and show 100 more them jump back 170 and show 50 then restart from the beginning. It would never come close to showing all or even a significant fraction of the photos on the drive. The MICCA, on the other hand, appears to cycle thru all the photos in sequence from the first to the last.

Overall I am pleased with my new photo frame and am forwarding my old one to a relative with fewer photos to show.
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