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on January 27, 2017
 I purchased these little speakers thanks to the many positive reviews, and I have to add my own. I bought these speakers to replace another set of bookshelf speakers that I use in my workshop; one of those speakers fell off its wall perch and was damaged (blown out), so I needed a replacement.

Now, I'm no audiophile, and I'm really not that picky. But I like my music to sound good, and crisp and clear. I'm sure my shop, with all hard surfaces, wood, and concrete, is hardly the ideal place to highlight sound quality of any speaker, but they sound terrific.

Between the written reviews and one review that posted a video (aka audio) of these speakers in use (this was very helpful to me and totally sold me on the speakers), I bought them after only a few minutes' research. The attractively low price was the clincher, and frankly, these sound far better than the price would suggest.

They were just what I was looking for, and as good as most of the reviews suggested. I grew up in the 70s when you needed big huge speakers to get decent sound. Looking back, I can't believe the money I wasted on such things. Now, almost any inexpensive speaker will fit the bill, but I'm very pleased with these.
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on August 20, 2015
Again, a big thanks to Zeos (r/zeos) for helping me pull the trigger on these.

I had always kept my eye on this set, I liked that they were small, seemingly well built and had incredible features.

I have these mounted on the wall, although they don't have any mounting holes, I ended up using the Cotytech SP-OS07 mount that fits almost perfectly under these speakers. The mounts rotate so you can turn them however you want.

Sound wise, these are really crisp, I was worried about lack of bass, but in a medium sized bedroom, using a small amp, these really have great overall performance.

I couldn't be happier with this set, and would definitely consider their other products if I had to expand my setup.

Note that in one of my photos the woofer on one of my speakers has a small manufacturing issue but it doesn't seem to affect the sound.

5 out of 5!
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on November 1, 2015
A good center channel is a must have in any surround system. To really hear the voices and the movie sounds your system has to be led by a good center channel. I finally got around to addressing this in my system and I replaced my 15 year old cheap center channel with the mb42c.
This speaker is very good. It gives you great sound for vocals and all those movie sounds you didn't even hear if you had no center channel. I also play music through it too and it rocks plenty good. I pair this with my surround system and a subwoofer. The combo Is awesome. I also bought the micca covos speakers too. When all are working together you get great sounds. I have it running through a Yamaha receiver. The base on the mb42c is plenty good and just adds to it when the sub is going. I love watching movies and football games now on my system. A good sound system really makes a good tv come to life. Without spending a lot micca allows us to have good speakers and not have to spend a ton of money. For us husbands it's a lot easier to convince the wives to buy a good sound system at these prices..:)
Update 11/30/15
I added the crossover. I ordered it from micca for 19.00. It really does add to this speakers performance. I noticed more clarity in the vocals and the base got a lot more punch in it.
The install was not hard and took me 10 minutes. I recommend that people put the crossover in to really experience the capability of this center channel. It was a good speaker before, but now wow it has more power, more punch and increased clarity. I'm no expert, but I do know it sounds great.
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on January 18, 2017
This speaker is fantastic. I have it placed directly below my TV and paired it with the Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers and I couldn't be happier, especially for the price! I have read many reviews from people that say you can use these as bookshelf speakers as well, and I can certainly see why you could do that with the size and power of this. I'm sure it would be louder and give you more "boom" if you do that, but the sound quality with the bookshelf speakers is great as is.

Also, the look of this speaker is amazing. It has the look of a high end center speaker for a fraction of the cost. When I have my receiver set to a movie mode, all dialogue comes through this center speaker and it is clear and plenty loud.

Very happy with my purchase and decision to go with Micca speakers!
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on July 10, 2017
Good, small bookshelf speakers that sound a little bright at times and lack the bass of their "little brother", the Micca Club 3 speakers. They are more efficient and a have a tad less harsh sound than the Club 3's, but if one has the amplifier power (at least 40 to 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms resistance) my choice of the two is the Micca Club 3 speakers. The bass from the Club 3's is much better than from the Micca MB42X speakers and they sound like a speaker double their size when supplied with sufficient amplifier power. Both are very good speakers for their price, but I prefer the Club 3's over the MB42X speakers.
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on November 14, 2016
Very nice pair of speakers. Sound comes out very balanced and smooth. Very good for listening classical music.
There is one large shortcoming - it is a depth of bass sound. Bass is adequate and probably quality is attributed to small 4 inch driver. For comparison 10 year old 5.25" pair of Sony speakers puts out much richer bass notes (but lack in mids and highs) and 20 year old pair of pinnacle speakers with 5.25" driver blows this set away in bass and highs, with mids being comparable, but requires more power to drive them.
In conclusion these speakers are excellent for near field listening at low volume in the office environment, but when it comes to producing enough sound to play at moderate to high volumes, it just lacks a bit of depth, that other speakers provide.
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on February 18, 2017
Ordered as an inexpensive option to use with my Audio Technica AT-LP120BK turntable. I think these speakers sound awesome. We listen to a wide range of music, from Hill Country Blues to indie pop and garage bands, and everything sounds really nice through these speakers. I can't see us needing to upgrade any time soon.
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on November 16, 2016
The only con is that it's a fairly large unit. But the pro is that it puts out BIG sound! If it will fit where you want it, buy it...if it won't fit where you want, buy it anyway and adapt your space accordingly! I was surprised how good this sounds based on the price and a new no-name (yet!) manufacturer, but the results have been great at low and high volume levels, low watts to 100 watts RMS. You can probably under power these and blow them out, but the more watts they get the happier they seem to be.
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on January 9, 2016
I bought this speaker for a center channel setup on a 5.1 system. I was lucky and picked it up on sale for $21. I also brought the crossover from the mica website and installed it. The process to install was very simple and it cost me $41 all together with extra xover. It was a great deal and sounds good. Of course the speaker is not full bass but I have not had any center speaker that was. It does have a good amount of bass for vocals and mixed with a subwoofer it is a perfect match. I would have even tried 2 for stereo setup with a sub but without a sub I would not expect room pounding bass. I would think this would be obvious but I seen some reviews saying not bassy enough and I just wanted to make note.

It is a great deal on sale and even sounded good before the xover was installed. The xover just helps direct the frequencies better to the speakers that can handle that particular frequency and removes it from the ones that cannot handle those particular frequencies but it did sound good without it also. If you need a speaker I would recommend this and on sale it is like a steal. I could not be happier for the price I paid and quality.

I had a really small cube for a center before this but this speaker sounds better and carries a great range for center sound. Just don't expect pounding bass.
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on June 23, 2013
This is an easy 5 stars -- these are solid-sounding bookshelf speakers with the sound and sonic satisfaction of a much bigger (and more expensive) set. And they cost what I'd pay for a meal out with the wife. I am surprised at the strength of the bass and delighted with the soundstage and incredible clarity of the mids and highs.

I, too, read the reviews here on Amazon and so took a chance on a brand I was unfamiliar with -- and, after listening to rock, jazz, and clasical favorites, promptly ordered two more sets of these speakers! I paired each set with the $21 Lepai LP2020A+ amplifier (also from Amazon -- read the reviews!) and, by god, I have a trio of bonafide high-quality hi-fi systems now in the study, in the kitchen, and the third one as a gift for my daughter. Who figures on a genuine hi-fi sound and quality system for around $75??! I am used to excellent sound through my Yamaha receiver and Paradigm speakers fed by a NAD CD player or one of my iPods or iPhone (all either Apple Lossless or MP3s ripped at 320 bitrate). Good sound is a must and once you're used to quality reproduction there's no going back. These well-constructed bookshelf speakers did not let me down. This morning we were listening to a Bill Evans jazz album fed from my iPod Classic from the kitchen setup while eating breakfast: Bliss!

In a nutshell, this is one of those little life surprises that give you the giggles and make you happy at your good fortune; it's like I stumbled upon a trove of sonic treasure all by accident. I can see hooking these up to an old receiver lying around in the garage, or as a duo of rear speakers in a 5.1 home AV system (heck, I can see using them as front speakers too) and being astounded at the richness of sound. Add a sub and a center speaker for dialog and you'd spend considerably less than most any other combination for a high-caliber 5.1 home theater system.

OK, enough gushing... Buy a set for less than 60 bucks and call my bluff if you want. You won't be disappointed. An iPod/iPhone/Droid device plugged into the Lepai amp or your receiver and outputting into these speakers will make you giddy.
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