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on August 17, 2014
I've never been into the whole Hi-Fi thing so I'm coming from a regular layman's viewpoint who has loved music his whole life. After listening to these I realize how much I have been missing with cheap boomboxes, little Bluetooth speakers and regular mass-produced speakers. You can hear so much more with these than those typical ones. I would agree they are not "bassy" but more "detailed" and "clear". I am more of a "warm" and "rich" type guy but the clarity of these are amazing. For example, I can hear a guitarist's hands move up/down the frets on tracks where I never had heard that before; so imagine how detailed/clear other instruments sound with these speakers. I compared them to another set of similarly-priced popular well-reviewed and larger bookshelf speakers after reading reviews that these micca's sound "hollow". Well those other speakers sounded muted/muffled in comparison. The pure clarity of instrumentation on these stood out so much I made the decision to keep them in minimal time. Once you start upping the volume the quality really shines phenomenally. I like all kinds of music so play some great jazz tracks or "Some Like it Hot" by The Power Station on these and tell me they aren't fantastic and I'll say you are crazy. Why haven't I spent the money and done some research earlier? I hooked it up to a 20 buck Lepai amp and 20 buck Danibos Bluetooth 4.0 adapter and I have a fantastic, compact high-end sound system for $120. Wow! Hook it up to a nice surge protector too to keep out any AC power line interference. I love the design on these too. I don't like faux-wood veneer design and these don't have that which is great. The magnetic speaker grills are nifty, the size is perfect, the woofer-look is cool and the brand tags are subtle (why do some expensive speaker-makers ruin the look by putting garish brand tags on the front?). Aesthetically, whoever designed these has great taste that is totally the style I enjoy; they are pleasant on the eye to look at. So I give these 4 3/4 stars on both the sound quality and the physical design aspect. Taking 1/4 star off as they tend more to detailed/pure/clear sound than warm/rich to my layman's ears. Great job and thanks for the thoughtfully designed product that adds so much pleasure to my life.


Update 8/8/2015:

I have to give these 5 stars. Maybe even 5.25 stars. After break in and with the volume at the right level these puppies are warm and rich enough. I'm listening them right now to "Space Station Soma" on SomaFM internet radio station and this station and all music is simply wonderful sonic pleasure. These are superbly engineered speakers. Nowadays I'm using these through a Pyle PAMP2000BT Bluetooth amp/switch pumping bluetooth to them through a Galaxy S6. Fantastic sound. This amp also has a switch so I can route my tv audio to them for great movie audio immersion.
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on October 25, 2013
I have two sets of the original MB42s that I have installed the crossover upgrades in, so they are effectively the MB42Xs now.

They were pleasant sounding even before the crossover was installed, but the upgrade moves these into audiophile territory. They are wonderful sounding with surprising accuracy for such an inexpensive speaker. There are a couple of places on the frequently spectrum where they deviate, but it actually adds to the warmth of their sound. And the bass response is quite impressive for a 4" woofer.

Now...these are small speakers, so they don't have the cone surface area to blow your hat off in a large room. But having said, they do play surprisingly loud and the 4" driver is the little woofer that could. These takes well to power and you can drive them pretty dang hard before they start breaking up. Their ideal applications would be near field or in small to medium sized rooms. As Zeo mentioned above; add a sub and you got it covered! I am using one set in my office with a small sub; I listen to them for 8 hours a day with zero ear fatigue. The other set is in a work room at home; no sub (yet) but they sound great even without them. I have used one set in a workshop along with a 10" powered sub and I drove them hard in there.

I have some expensive speakers too, but like many I am on an ongoing quest for cheap speakers that sound good. I have speakers all over my home, in my office; I'm not a wealthy man so I can't afford expensive speakers everywhere. The Miccas are the most shining example of great sounding cheap speakers that I've found. I highly recommend them.

I wanted to add...I also have some of the Micca 8" ceiling speakers in my home and they are also of very high quality for low prices. I hope the company continues to expand their offering of quality speakers at low prices. I would love to see them build a big brother to the MB42X with a 6.5" or 8" woofer. Man, that would be sweet! Hello Micca...are you listening? LOL


I went ahead and ordered a set of the MB42Xs just to make sure they sound like my upgraded MB42s. They do, the speakers sound wonderful as small speakers go. Micca has obviously kept the quality where it matters.

I agree with Zeos that I liked the woodgrain finish on the old models better; they were actually kinda pretty for cheap vinyl covering. But the new matte finish is not the end of the world. And the magnetic grill is supercool!

I have speakers that cost several times as much that don't sound as good as these. Buy them, you won't be disappointed.


When you get these, make sure you break them in before passing judgement. Play them as some pretty good volumes for a minimum of 20-30 hours to loosen up the woofer and relax the tweeter. Not that they sound bad out of the box, but they will dramatically improve as they get some play time on them.

Another update....

All three pairs of these that I have (one pair of X's and 2 pair of originals with crossover added) are still playing perfectly. All three have been broken in well and sound great. The pair I have in my office constantly get complimentary comments from people who are surprised at how great they sound.

As is typical with rear ported speakers; placement is fairly critical. Bass response will vary significantly according to how much reflection you get from the rear of the speaker. As mentioned previously; I have one pair that are sitting on some deep (18") shelves in a work room. The sound from the rear ports is reflected forward, enhancing the bass response. Honest to wouldn't believe how these sound. I am not using a sub with this pair, yet the bass is very strong. They sound amazing, all by themselves in this application.

I suspect some of the people making poor reviews on these either don't know how to properly hook them up or they are not giving them any break-in time. I don't men to be insulting; it's just that a lot of folks are not technical and don't know these things. In reading the reviews, I would recommend two things before commenting on these speakers: 1) Break them in for 20-30 hours minimum (even more is better). These speakers need break in more than some do. 2) Place them where the sound from the rear port is reflected back at you.

And, of course, the basics. Make sure you observe polarity when wiring these )plus to plus and minus to minus, it really matters) and drive them with a decent amp. Many are using the Lepai, and it's a dandy little amp. But use an amp with more headroom and the bass response will be better still. Around 50 wpc RMS is a good match for these.

Do these things and I am confident that you will agree that these are fine speakers, and a crazy deal for this price.

-One more thing-

A lot of folks are running these on the Lapai T amp. It's a dandy little amp, and I have a set running on one too. But of you really want to see what these speakers have, use an amp with more power. Speakers draw most of their power while playing low bass notes, and that is when a smaller amp will run out or power...or headroom as we call it. When that happens, the sound can sound a bit shallow, and the bass will not be as full or powerful as it should be. It can even distort.

About 50 watts per channel (real RMS watts) is what these really need to wake up. Or for a small room, you can stick with your small amp and use a powered sub, that will take some of the load off the main amp. I am using one set with a Lapai and a small powered sub, and they sound very clean in my office.

I am still a huge fan of these speakers. There is nothing in this price range that will touch them, and many speakers that sell for far more don't sound as good. I listen to two sets of these daily (one set in my kitchen and one on my office) and I enjoy them tremendously.

Happy listening!


Long term update

I have three sets of these, two in daily use, and all are working perfectly. I listen to one set in my office several hours a day, and ejoy them immensely. Not quite audiophile grade, but pretty close, and at junk prices. Pair them with a subwoofer, and you have a fine speaker system for a small to medium sized room. The only thing I plan on changing is my sub; I currently have a 6" sub I built out of junk, and it could be better. But that takes nothing away from the Miccas.

At I have stated above; these need LOTS of break in to sound their best. But once they are loosened up, they are amazing! I think some have rated them low because of the bass response; but you can't expect a 4 woofer to shake the house. What they do well is deliver amazingly smooth and accurate sound that is very pleasing to the ears. The highs are bright and sparkling without being shrill, the midrange is clear and accurate, and the bass is realistic without sounding boomy or fake. One set I am using is on a high shelf in an ideal placement where the rear port is reflected forward, and the bass response is very satisfying and actually pretty impressive. In particular; guitars and vocals sound extremely natural on these.

I also have a pair of the MB42X-C (center channel) speakers I'm using as a stereo pair. They are even better, with the twin woofers producing stronger bass. You'd be shocked at how these compare against larger speakers!

In these. The sound is bright and warm, and so pleasing to the ears. If you like pounding bass, pair them with a sub, and you will want for nothing. Unless you have big bucks to spend on exotic speakers, buy these and enjoy while you save money.


Yet another update

I upgraded the sub at my office with a 10" Dayton sub. Decent sub for the money, and definitely a major step up from the small 6" sub I was using. Everyone who hears my office system is amazed at the sound quality. I had a salesman in last week and he was so impressed that wants to order the MB42-X's for his home now.

So yes, I still love these speakers. They are wonderfully warm and pleasant to listen to, with accuracy that will defy their price range. Not perfect, but so close...

But...I see that Amazon has had a major price jump on these; from $69 to $99. I think this is a mistake; they are now pitting these against other speakers that have better and more attractive cabinets. Don't get me wrong; these speakers are worth the price because of their sound quality. But at $100, they are no longer a steal. I hope they will see that this huge price jump is a mistake and lower it back down. Time will tell.

But I will state again...I do love these little speakers! I have found nothing better for small room applications, regardless of price.

Good listening!!


I just can't stop bragging on these speakers.

I had a rough day at work today. Very stressful, and I wanted to slap someone.

I closed my office door, and turned up my sound system to chill out.

To refresh...a pair of MB42-X's, a Lepai 2020 amp, a Dayton 10" sub. I have a 2nd computer in my office with thousands of songs loaded on it, and a nice sound card for reproduction.

Oh what good it did me!! To be able to listen to high-end audio and relax probably kept my blood pressure down.

These aren;t the best speakers I own, but they just might be my favorites. I have some very expensive speakers that are audiophile grade. But I think I enjoy these Miccas more than I do the high-dollar models.

There is nothing anywhere near this price range that will touch them. Yes, there are a couple of areas on the graph where these show inaccuracies. But what really matters is how they please your ears. They are so sweet!

Buy a set of these! If you're a bass monger, use a sub along with them. You will have a system that you can't beat unless you spend hundreds more.

But remember...break them in for 30-40 hours before you judge. You'll be glad you did.
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on March 31, 2015
I've been dying to give these speakers a try for quite a while. When I decided to build a budget-oriented PC surround setup, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase these based off the reviews. These are being powered by a Denon

I've been listening to these for a couple days now. What an interesting experience. Keep in mind, my home theater consists of Klipsch RF62IIs, RC62II, and RS52s with an SVS PC12 subwoofer and Denon X2100W as the hub. I am a pretty picky person when it comes to sound quality, balance, and clarity through the frequency range of speakers, and I love testing speakers' capabilities and sound. Please remember, reviews of speakers are subjective and will change from person to person. I'll try to communicate my experience the best I can.

I wasn't expecting much from their size. A 4" driver paired with a .75" silk dome tweeter. I figured it would sound better than any Logitech PC speaker, and for their price, I couldn't go wrong. I'm using these in a 5.1 setup with the MB42X-C center and a Polk PSW10 subchuffer/subwoofer.
These are utilized in a near-field setup with the following approximate distances from my ears:
FL/FR - 3.2'
Center - 2.10'
SL/SR - 8.5'

These speakers sound great for their price. They will not win any sound quality competitions by any means, but they perform beyond their price tag. 4" drivers are usually good only down to the 60-100hz, being midbass drivers not dedicated to deep bass. Through tests of wave tones, while about 60hz being the clearly audible lowest frequency during normal play, these speakers can reach down as far as 35hz, given the power. The tweeter is clear. Not as "bright" as I'd like. The midbass is also a tiny bit heavy. Playing these under a flat/no EQ will help you realize this. I'm not a huge fan of needing to deviate from a flat curve, but these do require it in order to sound as great as they can. The sound they produce is a bit "hollow" sounding, and I'll be experimenting to see if I can combat that, but it's not bad enough to the point of disliking them.

Make no mistake, these speakers do sound surprisingly good for their price. They're not out-of-this-world great, but they are indeed great. I've never bought into the "break-in" that people suggest, as it rather seems that the improvements are just the listener getting used to the sound. I don't like suggesting it, but a nice "break-in" does help these speakers a considerable amount. Under the same settings, the bass response has increased to its current form, coming from the stiff, midbass-only out of the box form. I do hope the tweeters brighten up, but that's highly unlikely.

If you're looking for great near-field speakers, speakers to set up as surround in a small room, or a pair of stereo speakers to listen to, these speakers will please you without requiring a bit of money. For a large room, I would not recommend these. For everything else mentioned above, I do recommend these. Other speakers can easily outperform these, but for the price, I couldn't be happier.

Edit: 4/2/15
These are opening up a bit more. A lot more clear than out of the box. I was able to get good balance between these and a small 10" subwoofer with a 80hz/120hz crossover setup.
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on February 3, 2015
IMO this is literally the best pair of bookshelves I've ever purchased, and absolutely the best for the price (under $100). The sound is warm, tight, accurate and crisp WITHOUT being fatiguing, though of course this depends on the type of amp/receiver setup you have. Really good bass for its size, though you obviously need a subwoofer if you want to hear super-low frequencies. I personally like these BETTER than the energy CB-20 i bought for upwards of $300.

Build quality is excellent all around. From the solid plastic case with rounded corners, the binding posts, woven woofers and tweeters, everything is solid. The magnetic grills are a bonus, very easy to take off and they just slap back on.

The MB42X is DEFINITELY WORTH IT over the MB42 because of the crossover, which allows sound to be properly separated between the woofer and the tweeter. I also recommend going over to and grabbing the corrected equalizer profile for these, which makes the frequency response perfectly flat and takes this speaker from great to absolutely amazing (though the stock sound is perfectly fine).

I spent hours listening to my music library all over again, hearing details and nuances in songs I had never heard before - I really mean this. Treble, midrange, low-midrange, midbass, and bass - it's all there in a full spectrum of sound. These speakers are one of the best deals I've come across in home audio.
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on February 11, 2016
Y'all, these speakers are freaking AMAZING for the price. I wanted small, bookshelf sized speakers to use with both my TV and my record player, and these REALLY do the trick. When I first wired them to my stereo receiver (I have an ONKYO TX-8020), the speakers sounded a bit tinny, but I adjusted the levels and they sound so full and beautiful. My friends come over to watch movies and they can't BELIEVE how amazing they sound coming out of these small speakers. I love the way my records sound through them too. You will NOT be disappointed in these! Give them a try.
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on July 7, 2015
Very nice speakers! They sound great, have amazing base for the size of the woofer, and have an excellent fit and finish. To make them even better, install the noaudiophile DSP file to make them flat and not so forward. Just do an Internet search for noaudiophile and PB42x. The review is for the PB42x, but that's the same speaker with an amp built-in so it's the correct DSP file to use for these speakers.

I paired them with a Lepai LP-2020A+ and using them on my desktop system. This is a very nice combination that will sound much better than almost all typical computer speakers even for more money. I previously had a Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX and the Micca MB42X and Lepai LP-2020A+ combination is superior and costs less.
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on September 5, 2016
Much has been said that I won't repeat, suffice it to say that I'm deeply impressed by the audio quality of this pair for the price. I was originally looking for headphones for a desktop audio solution but wanted something more practical and comfortable.

Imaging is incredible. Placement of instruments rivals open-backed headphones. Frequency response is relatively neutral, though not perfect. If anything, they're somewhat voice-forward which is the safest approach if a perfect response isn't achievable. They climb pretty high, though not the highest and they dig pretty low, though not the lowest either. I'm a basshead and I'm not left wanting for more bass from my music (which ranges from metal to orchestra to EDM and many in between). These will fill all notes aside from those you can feel in the chest.

Though their response is great, the immersive imaging isn't there unless you're in just the right spot because the tweeters directivity is so narrow. They can be even more impractical than headphones due to the space you're limited to if you want to enjoy them at their potential. I wasn't about to dock a full point from my score, but be aware that you may need to buy a pair of speaker stands in order to get the most from them.
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on October 27, 2015
I am officially surprised. First of all, why don't all speakers come with magnetic grilles eh? That alone is a fabulous win for Micca. Next, these really do sound very good for their price point, really amazingly good - the upper midrange is a bit congested, but I'm splitting hairs there when you consider the tiny cost, and I suspect it's related to the high crossover point. That same high crossover point does push the complex interaction of those parts away from the 'intelligence band' (the range where human voices are), so these are really nice for vocal clarity. The tweeter is really very good quality too, with none of the tizzy noises I was expecting from a budget box. Having such a narrow baffle makes them very good at presenting a soundstage too, so I think these would be great in a home theater environment. Obviously they would need lots of low-end reinforcement for that situation, but they absolutely run rings around any of the B*se boxes I've heard and in many scenarios would be fine on their own - running off my decent tube amp, they are almost as good from 100Hz upward as my transmission-line mains, which makes me feel a tiny bit sick actually. For music, in a smaller room, these are plenty - the bass is very well managed and careful placement near a corner gives them a very musical low-end actually, rather than the tasteless single-note bass I would typically expect from a budget speaker - well done Micca!

The only downside is the low sensitivity - there are no free lunches, and getting musical bass from a little box either requires a specially matched amplifier with frequency dependent gain, to allow for effective cone operation below resonance point, or a low sensitivity. The trade off is well worth it in this case, and the boxes I bought for staging a home (look - wired for sound!) will be coming with me, to very likely be joined by another set for surround and rear surround in my home theater setup.

In short - stunning value.
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on May 29, 2016
Sounds great especially for the price point, build quality is great also. I painted mines white.
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on August 20, 2015
Again, a big thanks to Zeos (r/zeos) for helping me pull the trigger on these.

I had always kept my eye on this set, I liked that they were small, seemingly well built and had incredible features.

I have these mounted on the wall, although they don't have any mounting holes, I ended up using the Cotytech SP-OS07 mount that fits almost perfectly under these speakers. The mounts rotate so you can turn them however you want.

Sound wise, these are really crisp, I was worried about lack of bass, but in a medium sized bedroom, using a small amp, these really have great overall performance.

I couldn't be happier with this set, and would definitely consider their other products if I had to expand my setup.

Note that in one of my photos the woofer on one of my speakers has a small manufacturing issue but it doesn't seem to affect the sound.

5 out of 5!
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