Customer Reviews: Michael Jackson: Moonwalker
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on September 9, 2000
This video was my favorite movie when I was little and i still love it as a teenager. It begins with a live performance of Man in the Mirror. And then goes into a huge MJ medly wich include I Want YOu BAck, ABC, The Love You Save, Whos Loving You, Ben, Dancing Machine, Blame It On The Boogie, Shake Your Body Down To the Ground, Can You Feel It, Rock With You, Dont Stop Till You Get Enough, Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Human Nature, State of Shock, We Are the World, The Way You Make Me Feel and Dirty Diana. Then we see a little kid version BAD. The clamation Speed Demon is next and is very funny. THen its the video Leave me Alone and then goes into the actual hour long Moonwalker movie. I think the best part of this whole video is the 10 minute performance of Smooth Criminal. Michael's dance moves during this song seem to defy gravity. He ends the movie with Come Together. If you stick aroung till after the credit you get the actual Smooth Criminal music video which is pretty tame compared to the movie version.
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on October 27, 2010
While I can admit that Moonwalker is not a great film, as a Michael Jackson fan, it's always held a special place in my heart. It's a series of music videos (or short films) strung together with a pretty loose plot. Scrutinize it and it will fall apart, but if you don't take it too seriously, it can be very fun.

With that said, if you're looking up import blu ray editions of the movie, you're likely a big enough fan of it (or Michael Jackson's music) that you don't need anyone to write a review telling you about the film itself. So instead of going into detail about the movie, I'll focus exclusively on the blu ray.

Assuming Amazon keeps my review on the right page (I've seen reviews get tussled around to related items), the edition I'm referring to is the UK blu ray of Moonwalker. At present, there is no US version (nor was there an official US DVD edition) so I bought this to upgrade my import DVD and I was quite impressed with the results.

First, let me say that this is a region-free blu ray, so it should work on any US blu ray player or PS3 and the packaging is entirely in English (with the exception of a little bit of Spanish on the disc art itself).

The film itself is in full 1080p 1.85:1 widescreen, keeping it in its original theatrical aspect ratio, and the print looks beautiful. I've never been impressed with the A/V of Jackson's DVD releases in the past, but Moonwalker is very clean, preserving an 80s film-like look without any noticeable damage or dirt marks on the print. Colors are vibrant and contrast is consistent with the original look of the movie... if every Jackson release in the future looks this good, we could consider ourselves lucky.

The audio, presented in DTS-Master Audio 5.1 surround, was just as impressive. I didn't find myself blown away by directional effects, but compared to past Jackson releases, as well as other movies of the era, this track certainly does the movie justice. Where it especially shines is when it's playing one of the music videos which, thanks to the higher bit rate blu ray provides over CD, has become my preferred way of listening to these songs (even when I'm not in the mood to watch the rest of the film).

The only negative thing I have to say about this release is that it was censored. I've had the VHS and DVD of this movie (both were left uncut) and now, for the first time, a line toward the end of the film, where Pesci's character Lideo threatens to get the kids high while holding a needle, was cut. I can't say that I particularly loved the line, but as a purist, it was kind of annoying for me to see anything cut. However, at the very least, the cut is handled in such a way that if you didn't know where the line was supposed to go, you likely wouldn't notice it. Other references to drugs (from Pesci's character) were left intact and there is no option to watch the original version of the film.

A theatrical trailer is provided in anamorphic widescreen, and although its print is quite dirty, I was still very happy to see it on the disc. Generally, Jackson DVDs leave special features on the cutting room floor so, at the very least, it was great to have something.

For the clean, clear and vibrant presentation with a great audio track and a bonus trailer, I'd have easily given the UK blu ray edition of Moonwalker a 5/5, however, I can't in good conscience give it a perfect score when the film's been cut... especially after Jackson's death when he is no longer around to have had a say in the matter. So I'll leave it with a 4/5, and a very high recommendation to fans nonetheless.
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on February 1, 2000
Before I saw this video, I never liked Micheal Jackson. I thought that he was weird and strange, and wanted nothing to do with him.
But one night, I was in Blockbuster, and rented this film for laughs. I wanted to see what it was like. Sort of a morbid curiosity, if you will. I swear, from the opening sequence,(a dance sequence from one of his Pepsi commercials,) I was amazed. the stereotypical Michael Jackson that had existed in my mind up until that point vanished. I had never seen anything like this before. This man is unquestionably one of the best dancers that has ever lived. He rivals Barishnikov, Fred Astaire, John Travolta, you name it, he can do it. He has his own style that seduced me into MJ Fanhood that night, and still Wows me today.
Even if you think that you are incapable of liking Michael Jackson, and are only looking at the customer reviews of this video on to see what kind of losers actually watch this kind of stuff, Try it out. Just give him a chance, like I did. Like lots of other people have.
I think that You'll be thoroughly surprised.
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on November 21, 2001
Many can remember watching this video as a little kid or a teenager and loving it. Luckily, it is still one of the greatest musical/visual spectacles out there. But be warned, while the film is still magical, it may seem a bit to some like going back to Disney World for adults who watched the film as a child. Amazing, but not like it was at the time. The video is pretty timeless, but the best of special effects then may not have the wow-effect today.
The review may be broken down into each section of the video. This film contains:
-'Man In The Mirror' [concert footage/tribute to great peacemakers]
-'A Retrospective Of 24 Years Of Hits' [history as of 1988]
-'Badder' [cute kiddie remake of 'Bad']
-'Speed Demon' [CLAYMATION sequence}
-'Leave Me Alone' [short film]
-'Smooth Criminal' [the 45-minute feature]
-'Come Together' [concert at the end of SMOOTH CRIMINAL]
- and as the 'THE MOON IS WALKING' song played through the credits by an African group called Ladysmith Black Mombazo.
- Man In The Mirror is a great 'BAD' concert recap which successfully gives the respect to former men and women who have 'made that change' while showing off Michael's undoubtable charisma onstage. Uses a good bit of the split screen technique, which was a revolution back then.
- The look back at the '24' years of Michael's history is great. It traces 'ABC' to 'BAD' flawlessly, with some neat high-tech transition animations aiding it and gives lots of hard to find clips of little Michael. Nice little set up of memoirs and newer memories like 'Thriller', 'Beat It', and 'The Way You Make Me Feel'.
- The 'Badder' features a group of little kids in a mini-Michael Jackson bad cover. It's flat out cute, and the kiddies do a good job. You still get the feeling that no one does it like Michael.
- 'Speed Demon' is cute and is a comical view of what Michael's life is like with his tremendous fame. The segment combines CLAYMATION with live action fairly well. The short features "Spike" the rabbit, as well as an all-star cast being spoofed by the CLAYMATION creators. Very cute!
- 'Leave Me Alone' is a classic short film. The bizarre carnival theme laughably, yet with a severe undertone shows the rollercoaster ride which the Tabloid and media have locked Michael Jackson into. Sometimes scary, sometimes funny or cute - the piece is unique and meant to mock and illustrate the bogus media mayhem.
- 'Smooth Criminal' is, though I won't spoil it, full of awesome dancing and an adorable adventure. Michael Jackson, Joe Pesci, and son of legend John Lennon - Sean Lennon. The music video portion is beyond belief and your kids will be trying to mimic it eternally. The action/adventure storyline is fun (a bit corny), but meaningfully set against drugs. A sort of blend between Star Wars and E.T.
- 'Come Together' is an awesome performance. The Beatles hit is performed with much enthusiasm and forms a nice triumphant little ending.
- The credits and behind the scenes selection is also very nice. The sort of chant is accompanied by the group doing some cute little dance with bits of Michael and graphic element sequences dispersed through out.
Altogether A GREAT family film that adults will love and children will cherish. Catches your attention and keeps you happy throughout. You'll LOVE it!
- AnDie
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on January 9, 2005
When Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker" was released on video in early 1989... Michael Jackson was still the king of pop. If anything, this could be the final stand of this amazing chapter of his career (beginning with the release of Thriller and ending here).

Michael Jackson's "Bad" album was a great record, while it wasn't as good as Thriller or Off The Wall, it was still as satisfying a followup one could expect. He had 7 big hits (5 #1's) off this album and a massively successful world tour. This video montage was released as his tour (which included a very young Sheryl Crow) was winding down, and it provided a big treat for his fans...

Here's what was included:

- Man In The Mirror - a live performance of the #1 hit (the music video for the song only had about 5 seconds of MJ)

- a classic MJ video montage - a neat little megamix going from the Jackson Five days through the Bad album.

- Badder - a remake of the Bad video but with kids featuring Brandon Adams as a mini-MJ. Cute but not one of the highlights of the set.

- Speed Demon - a mini movie making great usage of the claymation boom of the late 1980's (ie. California Raisins). MJ fighting against Claymation paparazzi and animated as a rabbit. The highlight of the video is the end when motorcycle clad MJ and the bunny have a dance-off.

- Leave Me Alone - music video that got plenty of MTV/VH1 airplay back in the day. MJ basically saying what he feels about the tabloids by opening himself up as an amusement park.

- Smooth Criminal - the centerpiece of this collection. An extended mini-movie also featuring Joe Pesci (right before Lethal Weapon and Home Alone took him to the next level and made him an A-list star) as an evil drug lord intent on pushing drugs to kids. Great special effects, including Michael morphing into a car as well as a spaceship in the climatic finale.

- Come Together - the end of Smooth Criminal leads us to a live performance of the Beatles classic, which didn't appear on a MJ album until HIStory six years later.

- The Moon Is Walking - over the closing credits, is another video with MJ and Ladysmith Black Mambaso.
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on February 17, 2010
At long last, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker DVD in USA-Format. I watched mine about 5 times now before writing this review and I have to say, the picture quality and Dolby sound on this imported DVD is SUPERBLY EXCELLENT, Im really really impressed! DVD is indeed 100% Authentic and Brand New. It arrived in tamper-proof shrinkwrap seal which you can only open by peeling off the plastic completely. The disc is brand new and perfect. Amazing to see Michael in flat screen =) Its Crystal Clear!

I'm a big Michael Jackson fan. The last time I saw this in my own TV was on VHS and that was way back when I was in highschool. I watch the Youtube uploads but nothing compares to watching it in your own TV, so imagine my BLISS this past weekend. I ordered it Jan 25 and I received it Friday afternoon Feb 12th because it came all the way from Manila, Phillipines so be prepared to wait. I didn't really mind because I found out about this item from another friend from the forums who ordered and received hers ahead of mine. And boy, its truly worth the wait! That same evening, I sat down on my bed and watched this alone with buttered popcorn and iced coffee---OH WOW! Its Michael, Michael and more Michael in all glory- that angelic dimpled smile, his fierce swagger and his bad era curls... the storyline is about this mysterious superhero or ANGEL who moonlights as a pop superstar. He fights against the antagonist played by Joe Pesci. You could really notice the influence of 80s-90s Japanese superheroes like Shaider, Bioman and the likes of Daimos to Michael in making this movie. He really is a child at heart which is why all children will surely enjoy this movie. For adults like me, its simply nostalgic and a true reminder of why Michael remains to be the biggest superstar the world has ever known. He is truly one of a kind and truly amazing! Imagine watching the shortfilm "Smooth Criminal" in the 1980s??? I mean, it drops my jaw even now, what more back then! I remember really being GLUED to the screen whenever I saw it on MTV and It still has that same effect to me now seeing the full shortfilm included in this DVD. And the full MTV of "COME TOGETHER"-- oh wow, no words... no words to describe Michael here. So hot!

Every Michael Jackson fan should have this DVD in their collection! DEFINITELY BUY IT! THIS IS IT! Genuine Moonwalker DVD for all American fans! 5 GLOWING STARS *****
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on August 13, 2008
If I were to take a trip back to my childhood, the aptly-named "Moonwalker", the brainchild of Michael Jackson, would be one of the prominent stops. Even back when I wasn't necessarily an MJ fan (I am now), this movie captured my imagination. Rather than a whole, cohesive movie, it's a collection of mini-films, for the most part well-woven together. The first part is a performance of "Man in the Mirror". The second is a retrospective on Michael Jackson's career, with clips from his music videos and performances from his early career to his "Bad" days (which is the era when the movie was made, and it shows). The third is a re-enactment of the "Bad" video by a younger counterpart of the cast. The fourth part is a mini-movie which features Michael Jackson escaping from maniacal fans and press by racing a motorcycle as a rabbit-man and eventually doing a dance duel with him (you really need to see it to believe it). The fifth is a video for "Leave Me Alone", and the sixth and final part is a noir/sci-fi film where Michael and three young kids on the streets who have befriended him try to escape a drug lord (Joe Pesci) who wants Michael's head after the latter discovers his plans to get all kids addicted to drugs.

"Moonwalker" never made it to theatres in the US (it did, however, in Europe and South America), but that didn't stop the VHS release to be sold in over 800,000 copies within a year of the movie's release. It is a truly engrossing trip through the imagination of the legendary musician/entertainer. While many musicians have tried their hands at filmmaking and only succeeded at showing that they have no talent at it, Michael Jackson surprises. Not only does he show that he has as much feel for staging and visual storytelling as he has for music, he manages to make this movie his own, weaving into both the collage and story some truly imaginative moments.

Take the midway point, where we sort of hit the "present". The "Bad" video is reenacted by younger actors, in a truly hilarious but nonetheless competent spectacle. After that, Michael Jackson emerges onto the 'streets' of Hollywood and is hounded by an assortment of stark-raving-mad, claymated fans and press. An attempt by a humoured Michael to escape his chasers ensues, but as he finds out, trying to hide out in Hollywood studios (especially when you're Michael Jackson) is about as easy as hiding the punch at a banquet.

But his way out of this situation is possibly my favourite part of the movie. Disguising himself as a leather-clad rabbit man, he manages to escape the studios on a bicycle, which transforms into a motorcycle. At this point "Speed Demon" kicks in as the rabbit-man drives at breakneck speed down the highway, ocean and sky. And still the relentless fans and media are hot on Michael's tail, his disguise not fooling them. This all makes up a truly stunning piece of claymation, both excellently-paced and delicious to behold. Driving out into the desert, Michael takes off his disguise only to have the rabbit disguise reanimate itself, and the two do the best dance duel I've ever seen. It's especially stunning to see the claymated rabbit dance like MJ, and Will Vinton and co (who were responsible for the claymation segment, while Michael himself is live-action) truly deserve an applause for this as well as Michael.

Following is the video for "Leave Me Alone", a truly imaginative, satirical portrait of the mass hysteria the media attribute to Michael. Michael humorously visualises this as an amusement park constructed on top of him, while a miniature version of him goes through a has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed tour, frequented by lots of dogs in suits. This video may feel like a filler but its imagination and vision more than make up for it.

This is when the 'movie' itself begins. My favourite part is when Michael steps into a 30s-style club and "Smooth Criminal" kicks in, resulting in a truly artistic music-video sequence, climaxing in the middle, when the music dies and the club-goers chant, for almost a minute, before the music kicks back in. I won't spoil the rest of the movie for you, but these are my favourite parts.

If you are a Michael Jackson fan then this belongs in your collection for sure. Whether or not you are a fan, if you want to see a really imaginative, creative journey through Michael Jackons's imagination, I can also recommend this. One thing is for sure; the tagline couldn't be more correct. This truly IS a movie like no other.
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on June 30, 2009
The US release has been out of print for quite sometime. It is most likely that some of the Sellers are offering Asian bootlegs or home made copies. Please beware!!!
If you notice fuzzy covers, blue data side of the disc (DVD-R copy) you should notify Amazon.
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on June 29, 2009
$200 for used acceptable condition, $400 for used very good condition, and even $429 for new from a "Just Launched" store
The King didn't deserve to have people trying to cash in on his death like this. It hasn't even been four days!!!
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on December 24, 2000
Made when Michael Jackson was the biggest superstar in the world and before all that tabloid attention.
To start off with, it features a video medley of all his greatest hits from when he was in the Jackson 5 and his solo career, then it moves on to the actuall hour-long movie, full of music and killer-coriography by non-other than the man himself.
Most of the soundtrack is from his newest album at the time 'Bad', ofwhich 'Smooth Criminal' is the theme tune, though it does include tracks like 'Thriller', 'Billie Jean', Blame It On The Boogie' and 'Man In The Mirror', not to mention an extremly good cover of the Beatles' 'Come Together'.
The entire movie in itself is a bit of a mess, but fans will love it for it's great music and dance.
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