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on January 17, 2018
As I've gotten older, I find small digital readouts especially when I'm bent over, hard to read and decipher. This Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Pressure Gauge has a large readout with different readings for the front and rear tires. I have a new car but it has low profile tires (to me they look flat all the time) and coupled with my dashboard low-pressure tire indicator, I have to keep checking to see if there's enough air so I'm not riding on my rims.
I've used this Michelin Tire Gauge for a few months now and it is the best one I've ever had. For the most part, I've needed to check my tires when it is pitch black, not when it's a sunny bright time of day. Also, more often than not, the air/water machine at the stations are located in the darkest place on the lot so I've appreciated the LED light to read the pressure and to help screw on/off the tire caps. Now I don't have to hold a small flashlight in my mouth while trying to unscrew the caps.
Now this isn't any lightweight gauge - this looks small and lightweight but it is huge and is hefty. But I liked it being weighty - it felt comfortable when using it. So far so good. I would recommend this gauge as a great addition to your car's glove compartment or trunk.
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on June 21, 2017
Mostly DOA! Light comes on in display window when on/prog button pushed. Light comes on when the on/prog button was pushed for three seconds but no digits except zeros. Also when placed against tire with secure fit it beeped after three seconds but no reading, only zeros. Flashlight works. Just nothing other than zeros. Tried removing and re-installing batteries three times, no luck. Maybe batteries are no good but I'm not about to go out and buy new CR 2032 3V (2ea required) batteries at the local store for $5 to test it again. Returned!
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on October 8, 2016
Since I am purchasing a new vehicle I decided time to have a pressure gauge in each car. Why I like this gauge.

1) Pressure display is to 0.1 psi vs 0.5 psi like most digital gauges.
2) Large numbers with backlight to ease of reading at all times.
3) You can set in the Gauge the front and rear tire pressures. This saves you looking at the door sticker to make sure you fill to the vehicle manufacturers recommendation.

I did my monthly pressure check after a 20-degree F temperature drop. I filled all the tires to the same pressure within 0.2 psi. I went for a drive and a big difference in how the tires rolled since they were all filled the same. My old gauge was digital and would display in 0.5 psi. I would buy again.
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on October 5, 2017
I used to have an analog gauge, and the "lower tire pressure" warning light would come on frequently. And I would go fill my tires and check them with the analog gauge. After buying this, and assuming it to be correct, I found that the analog gauge was wildly inaccurate, sometimes low and sometimes high. I ditched it. I have had this digital gauge for three months, and my warning light has only come on once.
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on April 10, 2017
This gauge is an awesome buy for around 20 bucks it's better then any other 1 I've seen in the 25 or less category!!! It's accurate and reads in actual tenths instead of reading .5 or even and u don't get a different reading each time more then a tenth or 2 and if u can't remember your psi u can save it to read low or high at a certain psi for the front and back separately. Also when looking at the picture u think it's smaller then it is Its actually almost the size of my hand and fits perfectly and by looking at the pic it looks plastic amd lightweight but it is NOT it's actuality got some weight to it and is made very well it gives u a nice sturdy metal feel for the price u can not go wrong I'd expect to pay 30-40 bucks for this amd won't be suprised if I see it there 1 day
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on January 15, 2017
I got this as a gift, it is wonderful! It is the perfect size (small enough for easy storage, but the perfect handheld size). I love all of the different features and that it is programmable. I have not programmed it yet, but so far it is easy to use and easy to read.
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on October 17, 2017
This is a substantial (large) pressure gauge. It acquires the pressure reading quickly. It feels heavy and durable. I really like the large backlit display. I wanted something that was easier to read than the ultra cheap ones that I have bought in years past.
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on October 22, 2014
I bought this Tire Gauge with Light for my husband because he had a leaky tire. He had gotten it patched up, but he was still having issues with it. He wasn't sure if it was a tire defect or a weather issue, since the weather is really fickle where I live. This gauge is great! It is tiny, so it fits into your glove compartment or console. It tells you what your tire pressure is - additionally, you can program in the correct PSI for your front and for your back tires, so you can compare the actual PSI to what the PSI should be for each set of tires. It is very accurate, which is important. I myself have a gauge where a stick pops out telling you your tire pressure, and it is often off by 2 PSI's, which defeats the purpose. That's why an electronic one, like this Michelin one, is so important to have. My husband used to commute 1-1.5 hours each way for work. The light came in handy when his tire pressure light came on at nighttime and he needed to check his pressure before driving the 60 miles home to figure out if he needed to stop for air.

There are certain emergency items you should always have in your car. For the size and value, I believe this Tire Gauge is one of those products. I eventually bought my husband a portable tire air pump, which has a gauge on it as well. While it comes in handy, it is cumbersome to use if all you want to do is check your pressure. For example, I've been having issues with my tire pressure sign coming on all the time lately, but my tire pressure is just right every time I check it, and I've used 3 different gauges AND taken it to a mechanic, so I know the Michelin tire gauge isn't the problem.

Just as a thought, this could make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas if you live in a 4 season (climate) state since tires expand/contract based on the weather.
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on April 30, 2014
1. Large backlite readout,
2. Holds readout long enough to get the reading,
3. Apparent, accurate readings,

1. More expensive than many other gauges,
2. Button battery replacement, I'd prefer more common AA's or AAA's, but space wouldn't allow,
3. My first one died after five or so years only showing "low" on the display (it wasn't the battery, a serach turned up similar reports).

There is a light under the stem, but it's hard to hold on. It would be nicer if it would stay on after a press, then time out the same time the display times out.
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on May 29, 2012
Purchased this for my 1-year old vehicle and love the information it provides. Most people don't realize how having the correct pressure in their tires can help to increase fuel mileage. Or, that by having the incorrect pressure can actually affect how the car handles and can accelerate deterioration of the tire.

This gauge is pretty good all around.

- Rubber gasket to prevent air loss when checking pressure
- Large display for easy viewing
- Convenient target pressure feature allows the user to pre-set the desired pressure for the front and rear tires. Depending on the reading from that specific tire,the gauge will report that the pressure is OK, High, or Low. Really god if you are setting up the gauge for use by teenagers or novices.

- A bit larger than I expected, but not really a con. Fits in my glove compartment perfectly.
- Doesn't have an air-release valve. This would be very handy in situations where the tire has too much pressure and you would like to release a few psi.

All in all, worth the price I paid and the 5-star rating.
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