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on February 13, 2011
At first I was a little wary with all the reviews. Some said it did not work. Some said bobbins were a problem. I waited a month or so and used it extensively before I decided to review it so it would be accurate.

Firstly, the machine is very easy to thread. There is an instructional video on their website:

[...] (Look for LSS 505 under 'Sewing Machines')

This was extremely helpful for me as it was the first time I've ever owned/used a sewing machine in my life and did not for the life of me understand the intricacies of threading and tension. Make sure you follow the threading instructions to the key, or the machine will jam. Threading it the right way will solve this problem.

Secondly, the machine has a bobbin winder with an instructional pamphlet on how to get it working (again, a necessity for a sewing dummy like me). I got it working just fine and substituted the bobbins with the thread I actually wanted.

Thirdly, all of the patterns on the machine work. I tested them all out on some scrap fabric as I noticed some low-end sewing machines tend to advertise more patterns than they actually have (such as the Singer Pixie Plus).

The machine is cute and small. If you're looking for a heavy weight substitute for your Singer/Brother, this is not the machine for you. If you're looking to do some simple hemming and stitching with light fabrics such as cotton, this is the machine for you.

If you substitute the bobbins, look for something similar in size and material. This machine uses metal bobbins. There are some generic metal bobbins which are exactly the same sold at JoAnn's. These have worked for me.

So far I have hemmed and sewn two 24 x 24 inch decorative pillow covers and it still works perfectly. I have substituted the bobbins, wound up and prepared new bobbins and threaded and re-threaded multiple times with no problems. If your stitches look like a loose line, check the tension dial on the needle.

To wrap things up, I'm honestly not sure what the fuss is about concerning this machine since it has worked like a dream for me. I highly recommend this for a first sewing machine!
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on November 22, 2011
I bought this machine for a 9-year old.

This is a great machine for the price. I will say that I bought a toy Singer chain stitch machine for my daughter last Christimas. It did not work at all. Singer did not back the product and said I should return it to the store I bought it. My daughter was extremely disappointed with her xmas gift. The reviews on that machine speak for themselves--(I bought it from a craft store so didn't see bad reviews). I'll never buy anything Singer again. They know they are selling junk and don't care. Okay now I vented about my purchase that is laying in the landfill.

Now, on to THIS machine! LOVE IT! This machine is a great first sewing machine for a child. IT WORKS! I tried this one before xmas so I wouldn't have a disappointed child again. I was a little leary when it arrived in the mail because it was so lightweight. I was concerned it would vibrate all over the table or it would be too junky to use. I was wrong. It came threaded and ready to go. I tried a couple of the stitches and the reverse on standard quilters weight cotton. It worked great. You cannot adjust the stitch lengths. There are several stitch patterns to choose from. There are 2 straight stitch lengths. It is also great because you can control it with a foot pedal or by a switch right on the machine. It has a little light to light the work surface. I showed it to my husband and he noted the motor sounds pretty strong. I agree, it didn't seem to struggle sewing basic fabric. Some reviews said you cannot use heavy fabrics. I did not try. For a beginner sewer, cotton is the easiest and most economical. It'll work for that. It is very small and compact. It also comes in a cute box to make a kid's eyes light up. Also, when threading the spots are numbered so you know where to go next with your thread. I didn't mess with the tension knob. It was set fine.

The negatives...
The foot pedal is "Toyish" in quality and small. I used the hand control, it was easier for me. I did not try the bobbin threader and thought of it after I had it all packed in the styrofoam again. I did check it out. It is made of plastic and may break easily. Again, kind of toy quality. I think these are both reasonable compromises for the price. I have spent $40 on so many junky toys. This is extremely high-quality in comparison for the price.

My Background with sewing...
I sew on my grandma's 1950's machine. I make handbags, curtains and crafty items. I am familiar with sewing and using machines. I think this machine would be great to learn on. It would also be good if you just need to hem a skirt or do a small project here and there. I wouldn't buy this if you are planning on making a new wardrobe or slipcover for your couch. I am adding this tidbit because sometimes expectations from the users are different. I wouldn't think a $40 machine can "do it all". This one will satisfy basic needs for small projects. Thats why 5 stars.

As for my singer ripoff--I have 3 daughters that are all crafty and interested in sewing. We'll never buy a Singer. We are happy with this off-brand I have never heard of. I hope this review helps somebody else
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on August 7, 2016
I purchased the Michley LSS-505 for $39.00 in August, 2016 for personal clothing use. I've been wanting to get a functional sewing machine while keeping the cost as low as possible.

What type of sewing I hope to achieve:
Tops and lightweight bottoms, take in medium weight jean legs, put together medium weight curtains, pillows as needed.

Testing Day One : So far I have taken in several lightweight cotton tops and the legs on a medium weight denim jean.

My initial reaction to seeing the machine was concern that it would not be able to handle denim. It's very lightweight. I did work on taking in the legs of some medium weight denim jeans today and found it very successful. I changed loosened the tension just a little because the denim I was using had some stretch to it and I wanted the stitches to have room to stretch a little as well as to keep the material from puckering. My jeans look great and it took just about ten minutes. I am happy that this little machine seems to be able to handle more than just lightweight crafts.

I'm going to include so many pictures because those always help me when looking at reviews. The machine can be battery or cord powered. There is a pedal and there is a button on the front that can be switched on low/off/hi to run the machine. It seems like it would be difficult to run this without the pedal. The reverse switch has to be held down to engage. I didn't find it difficult to use. The machine has a small built in light. I hadn't noticed that it did and was happy about that. I have noticed that the light flickers when I first press down the pedal, which can be distracting if I'm sewing short sections at a time. The only other thing I will mention is that the plastic cover for the bottom bobbin is a little tight to put back on and I found that pressing the cover down while sliding it in allows it to go back into place. Also, here is a setup video for anyone who needs to know how to thread their machine. [...]. I hope this helps :)
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on January 14, 2016
Right from the start, this never worked correctly. The needle was misaligned and upon trying to use the machine, the needle broke immediately. After my husband tried to fix it, he was able to get it to work somewhat, but the thread continuously snapped due to the "fix." My daughter was so disappointed. We returned it and got a different machine altogether. Had it worked as expected, I think it would have been perfect for our 9 year old. But it didn't, so I can't recommend this machine at all.
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on June 3, 2017
Bought this for my grand daughter who wants to learn to sew this did not work right out of the box thread kept jamming the bobbon would not pick up as it should watched a couple of you tube videos they didn't help so am sending it back I see a lot of good reviews and I hope they have good luck with this
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on September 2, 2015
I needed to shorten the straps on several tank dresses and used this little machine to do it myself. Taking them to a tailor would have cost more than the machine. So, even if it broke tomorrow, I am still ahead. It is pretty easy to figure out and I am not seamstress, by any stretch. I have used sewing machines before, else I never would have figured out how to thread it and to get the bobbin thread to come up through the metal plate where it needs to be. Sorry, I don't know the terminology. The machine arrives already threaded; if you have no experience, then take a picture of the threading before you do anything so that you can recreate it. Then, go online and get a video to show you how to get the bobbin thread working. I highly recommend that you opt for the combo for a few dollars more. The battery operated scissors are useless. However, the box of threads and bobbins you receive are well worth it. Nice to know that this has already paid for itself and I still have a nice little machine around to do small jobs, if I need it.
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on March 9, 2017
This is a good product. My order was prompt and efficiently handled. It arrived in a timely manner with no problems on my end. It works great. It is a good value at a reasonable price. I love this sewing machine. I am 69 year old man than has never used a sewing machine before. The machine and the instruction video and manual are great. I am not making my own clothes but I do repairs and hem my jeans. Love the easy slide off section that changes the machine to use for sleeves and pant legs. Several stitches easy to chose. HIGHLY recommend especially for a beginner like me.
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on November 10, 2011
I have some custom work pants that developed a tear in a seam. They are quite expensive and I do not have anyone that can fix it for me.

I figured a small machine like this would be ideal to simply stitch the seam back up. The price is right and amazon delivered it very quickly.

Well, it took me 2 hours to figure out how to thread the bobbin (the one on the bottom.) The video on youtube was no help to me. I was ready to return it but I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong. You put the metal bobbin in and leave about 4" of thread hanging down, pointed towards you and away from the machine. Turn the manual knob on the right side of the machine counter-clockwise. It will magically pick up the thread and bring it through the hole. I don't understand how it does it but I swear that's all there is to it. I kept turning the knob in the wrong direction and I also kept thinking I had to put the bobbin string into something. You don't.

After I got it threaded with the color I needed, it really worked like a charm. I fixed two pairs of pants quickly. With that, the machine has paid for itself twice over. I figure I'll let my daughter make her own stocking this year, something my mom did with me when I was a kid.

Cons: The reverse button requires that you keep a hand on it to keep it in reverse. I don't understand why that is. I like to use to foot pedal to work the machine and I like to keep two hands on the fabric. That reverse button requires a hand to hold it so I only have one hand on the fabric. Easy to mess up that way.

It's small, it's lightweight, it's portable, it's cheap. I'd buy it again.
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on March 15, 2017
After using it for a short period of time, the machine is malfunctioning. The cheap, plastic bobbin house is spinning with the motion of the machine. and preventing the needle from descending properly. There's no foreseeable way to fix this problem. I wish the second time this was needed hadn't been several months from the first use or I would certainly return this. Now I'm left wondering where I can recycle this piece of ----
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on October 5, 2016
Great little sewing machine! I already finished a blanket that would have taken me a couple weeks to do by hand and with this compact sewing machine and plenty of bobbins I got it done in one night. I had bobbin issues a few times, but that is every sewing machine, nothing against this particular machine. I will say that there is really no variation in the pedal though. Fully down is the same speed as barely on it. It sews a little slow for my taste but for the price and what I do with sewing this is the perfect machine for me.
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