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Microplane 38006 Professional Series Large Shaver
Package Quantity: 1|Style Name: Stainless Steel|Change
Price:$15.17+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 26, 2014
Although I just got this thing today, I already know that the two of us are destine to have a long and happy relationship.
You see...My husband loves cheese....and it seems that the more expensive the cheese, the more he loves it. He recently discovered a wonderful hard cheese that only costs $26.97 a pound. I also love cheese, but I don't love watching thirty dollars worth of cheese vanish in one weekend because the big guy can't cut thin slices.
Thin slices of cheese will warm to room temperature faster than thick chunks of cheese, and we have found that all cheeses simply taste better at room temperature and when it is sliced very very thin, yet accomplishing the thin slice is not an easy thing to do. Not even using a cheese slicer. When using a cheese slicing blade you do manage to get a nice thin sliver of cheese, but you also run the risk of severing an artery while carving your block of cheese into a perfect crescent shape, rendering it all but impossible to slice.
After unwrapping and washing my new Microplane Professional Series Large Shaver, I grabbed what's left of the block of gold, and gave it a try. While the slices are thin, they are not too thin, and I'm sure that with a bit of experimentation, I will be able to slice absolutely perfect cracker sized slices of any kind of cheese...well, maybe not Velveeta, but, cummon.... address the stuff that gets addressed in product reviews: First, It's easy to clean. The shape of this tool makes it very easy to wash, and if you feel the need to scrub, you can safely scrub from the back without worrying too much about losing any skin, and the sticky label that some have complained about...Peeling it slowly and then rubbing a bit of Goo Gone ( a product no home should be without) the little bit of residue came right off. A dab of vegatable oil on a paper towel would work as well, just not as well.
Problem solved.
The truly important thing is the shape of this grater. As I get older, I find that more and more of my kitchen tools are getting harder and harder to use. The old box style shredder/grater of my youth is now an unpleasant memory. The shape and design of the Professional Series from Microplane is what sets it apart from any other grater. The long, perfectly balanced stainless steel handle is easy to hold on to, even with my weak, arthritic hands, and the rubberized foot at the bottom of this device holds the grater at a perfect height and angle for use and it helps to hold the thing steady and perfectly still on my cutting board, as opposed to sliding all over the place like my box grater did.
I can't say whether the Professional Series grater is any sharper than the Microplane Classic or the Home Series. I can tell you that while I do like the rubberized handle on my Microplane classic grater (the long skinny one) it's that "foot" on the bottom of the Professional Series that makes it so special. I have never used one of the Microplane Home Series graters, but simply by looking at the picture, and after using my Professional series grater, I can tell you to definitely go Pro!
While my main focus has been on cheese, I am anxious to try this tool with apples for salad, and chocolate as well. You are only limited by your own imagination.
It's easy to use and easy to clean and the handy, dandy plastic slip case makes it safe and easy to store...But...
Although I am FIVE STAR happy, can anybody tell me why the design engineers at Microplane decided to put one tiny hole in each of THREE corners? Do they not realize that things like that can drive people like me absolutely crazy? What are those holes for...and why are there only three of them? Anybody?
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on June 4, 2016
Absolutely the best microplane. Anything from this company is of the highest quality. Once you get one you'll start thinking you need others and your collection begins! Suddenly you think everything should be thinly sliced.
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on December 14, 2007
The Microplane graters come in different series and there are so many kinds of blades, so you may find it hard to choose one that you need.

About the size, shape, grip and other overall design of the 38000 series, these graters are very well thought out and executed. They are very convenient to use on a bowl, a pan, and a cutting board. They are also very easy to use on the serving dishes in the last steps of presentation.

At the time of this writing, I have used 3 products in 38000 series, plus the slider attachment. I bought different graters so that I can experiment with all sorts of ingredients to make novel garnishes, or something interesting that people wouldn't think of. The manufacturer says this shaver is good for chocolate and hard cheese, but I was hoping that it should work with vegetables and other things to make pretty flakes. One of my conclusions is: when they say this grater/shaver is good for such and such, you'd better believe it. Does it work just as well with other ingredients? It's hard to predict without experimenting. A lot of hard vegetables didn't work well, but some soft ones did. This is sometimes because it gives pieces of wrong size, wrong thickness, etc., and sometimes because the ingredient is too fibrous, not stiff enough or easily breakable. Anyway, you are entitled to experiment with this shaver and you may find interesting results, if you aren't discouraged by many things you can't shave nicely on this product. Some of my findings: shaved ginger flakes are nice, but depending on the direction of the fiber in the ginger, it may not be as pretty; try different sides of the ginger when necessary. Citrus skin can be nicely shaved to make flakes that are larger than what you get from the zester. This is very nice on top of chunky soup, grilled fish, what not. My conclusion two is: besides shaved chocolate and shaved parmigiano reggiano, this shaver has a lot of potential for creative uses but none is too obvious and requires some experimentation. (Small grater is at the opposite end, I think---it does exactly what you expect and not much more.)

I may try more graters in this series if I get some idea of how I can make use of other blades.
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on March 21, 2015
Great for garlic, ginger, radishes or anything you want in paper thin slices or shavings.
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on November 20, 2017
I chose this product for mincing garlic. Cheese graters leave most of the clove in the tool, while presses are a pain to clean and only leave the 'juice'. This creates paper thin slices of fresh garlic which only need a few cross cuts with a knife to achieve finely minced garlic and you get the whole clove.
Downside is it came with an adhesive sticker covering one whole side that was very difficult to remove. I had to soak and scour with steel wool and alcohol and finally used an old butter knife to power through it. Great tool, but this was a pain.
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on July 27, 2016
I love it, own 3 kinds.
but I totally agree w others about crazy sticker on the back.
I have a way to remove it now but still persistently sticky and stays on metal.
I have NO idea why Microplane put sticker on the metal,
Put it on plastic cover or use different type of sticker to be removed easily!
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on March 1, 2016
This grater made great parmesan shavings. I'm anxious to try it on chocolate and garlic. As others have pointed out these graters are extremely sharp! Exercise care when using them with small items that may get your fingers close to the blade. With proper caution this grater should give you exactly the results you were looking for from a shaver.
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on September 12, 2016
Really great for shaving cheese to put on salad. I also using to shave my cheese for my omelets too. Love the safety cover it comes with because I can store in my counter top utensil holder and not be afraid of cutting fingers while reaching in for kitchen tools.
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on September 4, 2017
Pretty nice quality but it took me 2 days to get the stickers off...after soaking, scapping and goo gone finally...for a elderly person I do not could cut your fingers pretty easily...
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on May 23, 2017
Looks like it would be great, but for the life of me I can't get the sticker off so I can use it. Would be 5 stars otherwise, I think.
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