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on August 29, 2015
This grater is fantastic! It is extremely user friendly. The length makes it easy to use & it fits nicely in your hand. Not too heavy. Very ergonomic. I have only used it once on frozen ginger root. I keep ginger root in the freezer & peel it as needed. I just grate off what I need over the pan right out of the freezer. It was quick & very efficient. No problem getting the grated ginger off. I just tapped it on the side of the pan rim. You can also run your finger along the back side, but there really was not much left on the grater after I tapped it gently a couple of times on the rim of the pan. It is very sharp. I was kind of worried about cleaning it, but that was also a breeze. I just rinsed it under the faucet or you can use the sink sprayer. I definitely will not be without this tool in my kitchen in the future!
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on June 29, 2015
This thing is FABOOSH!! I used it to grate ginger!! It was easy as pie; perfectly grated and my shavings/gratings were easily accessible on the other side unlike using a standard standing cheese grater with those teeny tiny, rough holes (so much of your ingredient becomes stuck and cumbersome to get out of that side of the grater)! That's the worst way to obtain zest etc. So I LOVE this for all zesting needs, grating ginger and fine Parmesan! Now I'm more excited than ever to make recipes calling for zest especially lemon bars that are extra thick. Zesting has been such a pain in the crack, but no longer. I grew excited using it finding how easy it is to zest now!! This tool even comes with a clear slip on protecting sheathe so no one gets nicked when reaching for it in the drawer :)
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on March 15, 2017
Love it!! It's grate (misspelling intended)!!! :-) Soooo much better for grating ginger than the flat one with the holes in it! Very sharp and gets the job one very quickly! and very easy to clean, too! I love the protective sleeve as well. Recommended!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 17, 2017
I have had this thing for a little over three years now. I use it on average 1-2 times a week, I use it primarily to zest lemons and oranges, because I put zest in some of my post workout veggie/ protein smoothies.

This is a fantastic product that works every bit as well today as it did the day it came. It does a much better job of zesting then my multi size grater. As long as you rinse it out right after you use it, it's very easy to clean. I am completely enamored of it.
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on March 6, 2017
I love the zester!! I started to buy lemons just so I could use the zester. I had originally purchased a similar one by KitchenAid but that one was terrible. All the zest would get stuck in the blades and it was impossible to clean. I returned it to the store and bought this one online. I fell in love with it in one use. It’s easy to use, the zest comes right out and doesn’t get stuck, and it’s easy to clean. I keep it in the cover that it was delivered in so that it doesn’t get messed up. I’d recommend it to everyone. Even if you don’t think you need it once you’ve tried it you’ll find reasons to use it more.
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on July 30, 2014
I've been wanting a grater for years but held back because I rarely cook anything. I finally pulled the trigger after reading the good reviews and after finding some excellent reciples involving lemons. This grater is fantastic! It is easy to use, easy to clean, and zests lemons like a dream. In addition to lemons, I've used it to grate parmesan cheese and it's amazing how effortless these chores are with this grater. I also like the protective cover that the grater comes with. It keeps the grater clean and prevents the grater accidentally damaging other tools (or your fingers) in the kitchen drawer. This will be a great gift to those who enjoy cooking.
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on December 19, 2016
This has changed my family's experience of cheese altogether. We can now purchase more interesting and sometimes more expensive hard cheeses and use less of them by grating into dishes. Our chicken parmesan bake has been kicked up a notch taste-wise but uses a lot fewer calories than the packaged shredded cheeses we'd used in the past.

The zester/grater is easy to grip and not too heavy -- heavy enough to make it easier to use. It IS very sharp and grates delicate to medium fine, long, curved shreds in no time. Be sure to flip it over to add in the bits sticking to the grater. Just don't use your hand -- the Microplane is, as I said, very sharp.

We have been tossing this in the top shelf of dishwasher and get a good result every time. It brightens/cleans easily. I am curious how long we will use it before it losews its edge and if and when it would be possible to sharpen it professionally.

The only con I can cook up is that the thick plastic protective sheath that it came with hasn't been reusable for us. Not sure why. It just never fit back over the blade.
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on September 15, 2014
I use my microplane at least once a day. It is insanely sharp, cleans in seconds, very durable (can take a lot of force against it--see update below), and is THE tool for zesting and grating anything at a pretty fine level.

These last for years, I've never seen them bent unless someone tried to do so, and they are always very even in their grating.

One note: don't use this for any cheese unless its very cold and you want it to become string-thin. If at all warm, the cheese will basically reclump since it has been grated so fine and had so much friction applied to it from the fine microplane.

UPDATE 1/28/14

I've now had my microplane for a year and a half, and the blade is just as sharp as when I first received it. Really--it is incredibly well made. The handle has also not given out at all but is still firmly attached to the blade and has excellent grip. I use it 5 times a week on average I would say. The only thing that gave out was the plastic cover. A few days I found a crack on one side which quickly ran down the entirety of it, splitting it in two. I only ever handwash the grater and cover, so I was a little disappointed that it broke. But I called microplane customer service (very short hold time, very nice representatives) and with no questions asked had a replacement sent out free of any charge within minutes. I didn't expect any less from microplane, but great to know that they take care of their customers :)
My one minor gripe with this zester that has come out over the past 18 months of use: the end doesn't have any kind of rubber cap, so if you use the microplane by leaning the end against a cutting board and holding it at a 35 or 45 degree angle to it, it wont slip (the two end corners are so sharp that they hold onto the wood), but it does etch little cuts/grooves into the board that are deeper than I like. Of course cutting boards are meant for being used and not artworks, but still--I don't want them to get roughed up from grating of all things. This is really a minor problem, and if you grate by pressing the grater horizontally above whatever bowl you're grating into, you won't have this problem (though in that case it can slip back and forth if it is a metal or glass bowl, and if its plastic or wood you may experience the same cutting into the material from the edges that I described from the end.) All in all, this brings my experience of the microplane down to 4.8 stars--something like that does not change how delightfully effective the blade is, and how easy it is to clean (always be hand!).
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on March 11, 2017
Great for Parmesan and zest. I use this a lot, after a few years it is still rust free, unlike my other grater. I use a lot of lemon zest, this works well for that; the trick is to rub the lemon diagonally across the surface so you don't get long strands of zest. This allows you to get just the zest without any of the bitter pith. Cleaning just requires running it under the faucet, maybe a wipe with a sponge.
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on October 14, 2014
Two Words: Absolutely Amazing

Just zested 13 lemons for limoncello. The first lemon I zested was with a veg peeler, next two with a sharp knife and the rest with the Microplane. I'll say the Microplane took as long as the first 3. On top of that, it feels like it wants to stop when it gets to the pith so you don't over cut into the fruit and get the bitter parts in your cooking.

I highly recommend this for any user whether you zest a couple lemons a year or a couple pounds a day.

I still have this and am very happy with it. Its also great for getting ultra fine ginger for dressing. Only con is that it may be a pain to wash/clean. Zest or fibers from fruit/veg get stuck and only come out with a brush, which the bristles get stuck sometimes while scrub in. Complaint is not enough to lower from a 5-star rating
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