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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 20, 2016
A bit of a mixed bag with this one. Right out the door, you won't be getting as much as a 34 button gaming mouse or whatever, but what you do get to compromise with the mobility is good enough.

The touch strip is the coolest thing about it. When I first started using the mouse, I had trouble finding it, but in a week or two you get the hang of it and don't feel the need to feel for a physical wheel. The tactile feedback comes in handy and really sells the whole "who needs to roll a wheel when you can gliiide" aesthetic that I get from it.

The usb dongle is also really cool, smooth plastic on the outside, and something that I was really tickled about was they printed all their FCC warnings and such on the actual usb metal part- novel and smart. The back of the bending arch part is magnetic, and a strong magnet at that. I haven't had the dongle fall off once. You can even lift the whole mouse with the dongle attached holding only the dongle. (Okay, enough with the word "dongle")

The hinge is so neat. My dad had the original arc mouse, the one that folded the opposite direction, and so when I learned that the new one bended the other way, I was afraid it would collapse if I rested my hand on it. Luckily this thing locks into position.

When I got this thing, I was afraid that it was going to have the old Microsoft logo printed on it, since that's what all the marketing images have. luckily, the days of Ballmer past are all but forgotten with the new fresh logo emblazoned on it.
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on April 28, 2016
I love the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. Amazing in all functionality, and really amazing how I can fold it and that also turns it off, and then I can fold it for when I want to use it. The mouse precision is great and the ergonomics are better than much more expensive mouse that I have tried. Great on battery life.

My last one was perfect but over time (4+ years) it has separated enough at where it arcs that the battery compartment cover can no longer stay on. Just been downhill from there to where it is basically ready to come apart.

Rather than try to super glue the part that seems to be separating away, I decided to buy a replacement. The new one isn't as perfectly assembled together as my original right out of the box. Rather than return it and wait for a replacement, I decided to file off the sharp plastic edge (due to poor / imperfect assembly) on the left side of it to make it as smooth as the right side. My original both sides were smooth.

Another problem I am having is that the wireless transmitter on it seems to be weaker than my original so it has lower responsiveness / precision. I was forced to move things around to get the transmitter closer to where I am using the Mouse so that it gets consistent responsiveness without any jittery movement. My last one worked fine at the original range.

I rate my original Arc Touch Mouse 5/5 and this new one 3/5. I average it out for review score of 4/5.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
This is my current favorite Bluetooth mouse. I have purchased this mouse (or a version of it) 3 times. One was given away, another lost. This is a great responsive mouse that folds glad for storage and when it's time to use it just bend it and that turns it on and connects it to whatever device it has been paired to. Battery life is good, with a pair of AAA batteries lasting for months. I have had no connection issues. These mice are slightly more expensive than I would prefer but they are responsive, comfortable, and very cool looking. Definitely a great accessory for my Surface devices.
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I purchased this mouse to use with my surface pro. It is very comfortable to use both on my desk, fold down, or even on the arm of my chair.

The thing I dislike about this mouse is the use of the usb dongle. I would much prefer it to be bluetooth. I am afraid of loosing the usb does attach to the bottom with a pretty strong magnet but if you slide your mouse into a bag without precautions you WILL loose the usb dongle. I have a small neoprene zipper cover that I keep the Pro in when out so I doubt if I loose it.

In fact on the surface pro you can just leave it securely in the pro for transport. Both the MoKo cover and my zipper cover can easily accommodate the device left plugged in.

The mouse has haptic touch so it is easy to find the scroll bar.

The mouse seems to be well made and I expect years of use.
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on October 19, 2017
This is by far my favorite mouse. As one who travels and is never sitting in the same place for long, the balance of convenience for mobility with ergonomics in functionality is priceless.

I have actually had this mouse for a few years and left it on a train - immediately replaced and am thrilled to have the new one in hand!
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on April 17, 2016
I absolutely love this mouse. You will either love it or hate it. One of my coworkers did not like the shape and feel. This works great for me and I love how compact it is. I love using it for presentations, I can just hold the mouse in my hand and click to move to the next slide. I haven't figured out how to go back to the previous slide though. This works great for business travel! My husband also borrowed this for a presentation and also loved it. It is guaranteed to spark up a conversation!
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on August 13, 2015
The Arc mouse looks amazing and I was really excited to use it. I liked the fact that when you fold it flat that action turns the mouse off. Very nice workflow as I often leave my wireless mouses on forever. The mouse was not comfortable for me to use for long periods of time. Between my work and evening hours, I am easily online 12+ hours a day and this mouse made my wrist hurt. I think the arch is maybe just a little to high for my preference. I also didn't like all of the noise the touch scroll wheel makes. Additionally because the scroll wheel is actually not a wheel at all and rather a futuristic mini touch pad of sorts, I often over scrolled when reviewing content on longer web pages. I went with something that was a little closer in form factor to the Apple Magic Mouse but with a manual scroll wheel.
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on February 10, 2014
Updating my review. Arc Touch which was returned to me sat in the closet for 3 months until this month when I gave this one to a techy, he was using win8.1 on a X1-carbon touch. He just loved it, all the functionality & style and it offers. Rating changed!

I ordered two of these and a MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse (H3S-00003), both of the employees who were given Arc Touch mouse returned the mouse back to me and they complained issues with her wrist while using it. One of the user also mentioned that it doesn't move really smooth on the desk.
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on February 3, 2017
It works great. It looks cool. The issue I have is that I have a hard time properly gripping the dang thing. I also dislike how loud the scrolling clicking sound is - it is just way too loud with no way to control it. You can tell me there is a software setting: yes - I adjusted it trying to get it a bit more quiet, and no real response from the device.

Speaking of scrolling - I can't tell you how many times it mistakes the different gestures I did. Maybe it was me using it wrong - but ultimately I did not like it.

The other issue I had - which was admittedly my mistake for not properly understanding the description - was that this is not a Bluetooth model. I am not counting my mistake against the mouse on this review. I just purchased the wrong one.
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on September 16, 2015
I used to love it....until a month ago. I have been using it nonstop since August 2014, so I guess I got my money's worth, but it stopped working smoothly about a week ago. I thought it was the batteries, so I replaced them, but it was still "intermittent". It would work fine for moving the pointer, but the click was delayed and the double click was impossible to get. It just makes working a nightmare, since you have to constantly click and nothing seemed to open, and it slowed me down quite a bit. I thought the batteries were bad, so I got new Energizers...and the same thing. Something broke and the thing got annoying with the clicking hiccups. I decided to go for the Visenta wireless which was about the same money, but it comes with a plug to charge the INTERNAL battery. Perfection. Much better!
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