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on July 16, 2012
I traded in another Microsoft mouse (Microsoft SideWinder X8 Mouse) because it simply stopped working after only a few months after purchase. I ended up trading it in with a credit and bought this mouse instead.
I have to admit I like this mouse better and while it is a wireless and the other a simi-wired/wireless I was originally expecting a loss in speed for my gaming needs and found it did better then a mouse designed for gaming (the X8).
This mouse can generally run a full week without the need for recharging, however if I remember to put it on it's recharging cradle at night it is ready to go the next morning with no problems at all. The recharging cradle is on the small size but once I got use to placing the mouse on it found I like it's small profile design.
While some people may need multi-programmable buttons on their mouse this mouse does feature 2 fully programmable buttons, however the entire mouse is totally programmable using the supplied (or downloadable) software from Microsoft.
The mouse is the right size for a large hand which took a little getting use to, but in no time I found it was a comfort to use for hours on end unlike many other mice I have had including the X8.
I would order this mouse again in the future if it continues to perform as well as it has been the past 18 months I have been using it. Ya I know I could of written a product review sooner, but with some products I like to wait and see how they work over at least an 18 month period before giving a review since it is these types of reviews I myself would value in the purchase of most hardware products.
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A member of my family had a wireless mouse similar to mine at the time except his had a charge station that saved him the convenience of having to keep changing the batteries of his mouse every month or so, and now that I have my own I find that this relieves a great deal of annoyance for me as I no longer have to keep dreading the pop up screen telling me that my mouse's batteries need replacing and having to nearly crack open the mouse to change them. The mouse has a nice firm grip that is easy on the hand and has no problem with motion or sensitivity controls as it runs incredibly well, this might be a minus for some people but I appreciate that the scroll wheel is not rubber but plastic so no possibilities of it becoming to elastic with wear and tear like with my previous mouse. The charger station is a little small true, it goes under the mouse and is about half its size but its rubber stand and design keep it sturdy with no problems and the connection prongs match up pretty securely to give the mouse a good charging when it's placed on the charger. The charger has its own a.c. adapter cord so it doesn't run through your pc case like the previous one did like a friend told me(Though I haven't seen that being sold so I'm not a 100% if that's actually correct). I think we all have the most basic question about this mouse is it worth getting for my computer use?, I say for the pro side yes because of both its price and the added bonus of no longer having to keep getting batteries rechargeable or otherwise every three months to keep your mouse running but if you're still not convinced I say at least try it at a computer or electronic store if you can you'll be amazed at how durable and reliable it can really be...
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on December 6, 2009
I purchased two of these mice earlier this year in January. I use one of the mice at home for my desktop computer, and I used the other at the office at work. Due to the fact that I only used the one of the mice at work, I never left it at the office when I wasn't there because I was afraid of some stealing my mouse when I was gone. So, earlier this month, my mouse stopped working, and that is because the metal part of the receiver that goes into the USB port on the computer became loosened from its base - due to the wear and tear of me plugging it in and taking it out of my computer so much at work.

Overall, this is a great mouse to use. I just recently had to buy a replacement one this weekend because the one that I had at work malfunctioned. I love the mouse for its Blue Track technology, and it is very comfortable because it fits great into one's hand. Also, I love this mouse for it only needing but ONE battery, in which I use a rechargeable battery for that purpose. Having a mouse that uses only one battery is great because I don't have to charge up double batteries. I can just put one rechargeable battery in the mouse, and charge it up a month later, yet I still carry 2 extra rechargeable batteries to work with me in case one loses its charge.

I RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND this mouse for anyone who needs a great, wireless mouse to use, but I do advise for one to be cautious when using the mouse for mobile purposes. Once the receiver malfunctions, then the mouse is no good anymore, so be extra careful with the mobile use of it.
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on February 13, 2011
El producto hace lo que tiene que hacer: ser un mouse muy preciso, pero además es ergonómico y tiene un diseño simplemente fascinante. Para la instalacion en Windows 7 será necesario descargar la versión compatible de IntelliPoint, ya que la viene en la caja, al ejecutarla, inmediatamente indica que no se puede instalar, pero la misma ayuda de Windows lo lleva a uno al sitio de Microsoft para decargar la versión compatible. La luz azul es sencillamente elegante, pero sólo se activa unos 5 segundos luego de que el mouse sale de inactividad o se desconecta de su cargador. Esa es otra ventaja, no hay que estarle cambiando baterías, viene con una sola recargable. El mouse solamente debe acoplarse a su base y enchufar; en una par de horas, la batería está tolamente cargada para varios días (se puede cargar con solamente 15 min. para el uso de más o menos un día). En resumen, estoy contento con mi nuevo mouse BlueTrack.
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on June 26, 2013
I am finally starting to get used to this mouse but I'm still not sure I like it. I bought this mouse to replace an HP rechargeable mouse with charging cradle that I had for 4 or 5 years. Unfortunately HP had discontinued their mouse so I had to search for quite awhile before finding this one.

This mouse is larger than what I am used to but fits my hand well and I like the button placement. I spend a lot of time online so my mouse gets quite a workout. Several times now I have had to stop what I was doing and put this mouse back on the charger for awhile before I could finish what I was doing and then had to let it charge up fully afterwards. My old HP mouse used two AA batteries and would last a couple of days before needing recharge. This mouse, using just one AA battery just doesn't have the go power I liked. As big as this mouse is, I don't see why they didn't design it to use two batteries.

When the battery gets low the cursor jumps all over the place and then just stops dead in it's tracks until you charge it up again. The charger is small rather than being a full cradle I was used to. It is hard to find and slides around a lot when I'm trying to put the mouse on it. ( We have cats so I have to kind of hide the charger between my computer and the desk upright to keep them away from it.)

When I first went to install the mouse software I got a warning it was not compatible with my operating system, windows 7. I went ahead and installed it anyway but had to fight it. First, my keyboard wouldn't work so I had to restart my computer to get it going again and then my wifi wouldn't work with it. Another restart got that going but it was annoying. I used one of the batteries from my old mouse to get started but it wasn't fully charged so I had to contend with the cursor jumping all over the place while I was trying to get the silly thing installed. I have had this mouse about a month now and I'm getting used to it's quirks but I'm still not satisfied with it. I've never had this much trouble with a mouse before.
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on September 22, 2013
I bought one a long time ago at a big-box store and its still going. I use that one at work. I was so glad to find a good deal on a "used" one here on amazon for home since I've never had a mouse last 4+ years with only a single problem (the battery). Its great sized compared to a majority of mice that seem to be made for people with "8 year old's hands". Plus the weight is perfect as I used to take apart other mice and put model train weights inside to get the heft right to be accurate or, if a corded mouse, to prevent the thing from moving slightly on its own because of the cord pulling on it. Microsoft's ergo team hit the nail on the head with this mouse, period.

The problem:
The rechargeable battery system included is weak at best. It only took about 4-6 months for me to ditch that at work (battery wouldn't last a full day after >14 hours charging). A regular AA battery lasts about 9 weeks and I found a deal on Amazon about 3 years ago for 150 Duracell AA for next to nothing that has been feeding it since (and for a while longer too).

I suspect that the charger they picked was cheap and low enough power to work safely with the exposed terminals of the charge pad, but its just not powerful enough to keep a NiMH happy for a long time in the short use and low draw application they put it in.
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on April 27, 2012
I've had this mouse for about 5 months now. I used to have the Logitech MX Air - Rechargeable Wireless Air Mouse, which was a great rechargeable mouse that cost me about $100+, but found that I never really used it "in the air" as it was also designed for, so I decided to find another less expensive rechargeable mouse. Not many options to choose from!

I was skeptical from the mixed reviews at first. This is a full size mouse, doesn't look as sleek and modern as my Logitech one, but it works just fine and exceeded my expections. This tracks on multiple surfaces fairly well - especially on my glass surface desk. In addition, I have found the battery life to hold pretty long, days at a time. I haven't had too many problems with the dock to charge it. You just need to make sure the green battery light goes on to indicate that it is charging. All-in-all, I am pleased with my purchase that cost a fraction of what I spent on my logitech one.
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on February 10, 2012
I have bought three Microsoft mice in the past two months in an attempt to find the perfect one. I will be semi-comparing them in the hopes it will help others decide.
The other models I bought are
Microsoft Wireless Rechargeable Laser Mouse 7000 Mac/Windows
Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 V2.0 Mac/Windows USB

It should be noted that I got the Laser Mouse 6000 with a keyboard combo.

I used this mouse everyday on average of 14 hours a day for two months straight. Here are my thoughts.


1. Comfortable design.
2. Quality construction(save for one issue, more on that later.)
3. Accurate
4. Programmable buttons are well placed.
5. Nice weight.
6 Great Looks.
7. Charger.
8. Included software works with all Microsoft's other, newer, products. Okay, so does Logitech's "setpoint" but since I've been on a quest for the past three months to find the perfect mouse and keyboard, not having to install/uninstall/reinstall software is a plus, for me.

I have medium size hands for a guy, This mouse fits my hand very well. One of the biggest things I look for in a mouse is portability, See I'm very rarely at my desk so I have to have a mouse I can easily pickup with one hand. This mouse is very easy to pickup with one hand.

I'm a designer so I use Adobe 'Illustrator' & 'Photoshop' heavily. I rarely do outright drawing but on the rare occasion I have to, this mouse handles the task well for a general purpose mouse. I'm not sure if it's the "BlueTrack" but this is the most accurate of the three.
I'm not much of a gamer but this mouse works perfectly fine on James Bond: Blood stone and Modern Warfare 3, honestly all three are more then adequate for all but the most discerning of gamers.

The buttons are pretty much the same on all three but on this one I have to lift my thumb and press the buttons with the tip of my finger, when using the side buttons. On the other two I don't. This can be easily attributed to the fact that this, by far, is the thickest of the three and that they are longer, a lot longer.

The construction on this mouse is really solid, in fact this is the most solid of the three, its also the heaviest.

This one looks better then the other two. It looks like it's cost three times it's actual price.

I really liked the charger, but it is also some what of a pain(see cons)

1. Cheap falx chrome.
2. Occasionally drops signal.
3. Battery holds short charge.
4. Scroll wheel left and right buttons.
5. Blue light doesn't stay on.
6. Doesn't have an on/off switch.

Okay my biggest gripe is the falx chrome on the plastic running along the entire bottom. It started rubbing off a week and a half after I started using it. It really hasn't gotten any worse but still less then two weeks in? This is unacceptable.

In the two months I used this mouse I lost single about five times. A few times I was able to reset it by pulling the battery, The others I actually had to pull the receiver dongle. This is a way to common issue with Microsoft wireless products.

The fact that this, and the Wireless 7000, had a charger was my main attraction to this mouse. I use my mouse a lot and as such
I use batteries up quite fast, I've always used rechargeable batteries, but I just figured this would cut out the middleman, so to speak.
First off the battery that comes with this is not of great quality, but it works just fine. The main problem with the battery/charging system is the fact that this mouse only operates on one battery. Because of this I only get about 2 1/2 days out of a charge.
I got accustomed to slapping this on the charger every night, which is fine it just means the battery won't last half as long as it should... But it is what it is.

I hope you don't use the left/right buttons on the scroll wheel. The button his way to low and "slippery" to ever hope to use reliably. The wheel on this is made out of slippery plastic while the wheels on the 6000 & 7000 are made of grip friendly rubber.
I can gut it a little slack her because this is the only design flaw that impact actual usage. That I've never really used them, anyways. But if you do then THIS MOUSE IS NOT FOR YOU.

It would be cool if there was an option that would allow the blue light to stay on. But then again it would probably get annoying after about 5 minutes-- about as long as it would take to drain the

I probably got one form a bad batch, in regards to the falx chrome issue, I know that. So thats not why I took a star off, The real reason is because I don't understand why they would use only one battery and not have an on/off switch... This makes no sense to me.

Overall this is a great looking and operating mouse. No I am not currently using this mouse. Not because it's a bad mouse but because the Wireless 6000 that I got in the combo just happens to fit my hand better then the 'Bluetrack.' Make no mistake the 'Bluetrack' is the better mouse in just about every category other then shape. The best way I can describe the difference is the 'Bluetrack" is more like a non-ergonomic mouse that just happens to have a grove for your thumb and ring finger(pinkie to, if you have really small hands.) - your hand sits on this mouse whereas your hand wraps around the 6000 and 7000... It's a pity because I really do love this mouse and of three this is the one I'd recommend to the average user. That being said if you have severe wrist problems or use the scroll wheel left and right buttons heavily, then I'd look at the 6000 or 7000.

Of those two, the 6000 & 7000, the 6000 is the better mouse. But the 7000 does have a charger, but the battery his completely useless in that one plus it just feels light, not cheep-light per say, but it just doesn't seem on par with the construction and material of the 'Bluetrack' and the Wireless 6000.

Hope this helped.

All The Best
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on November 2, 2011
I must admit when I received this mouse I thought wow its big and heavy , But as I started to use it I instantly fell in love with it. I have big hands and it is a perfect fit plus I like the 5 button config. I am not sure about the battery life as of yet but time will tell. For now I am glad I bought this mouse , for me it seems a perfect fit , Oh and I love the blue halo it puts out . I also love the smooth action of the scroll wheel with no clicks . I would highly recommend this mouse for sure ................
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on October 4, 2011
I have a couple of explorer mini mouses. I didn't notice this is a desktop version when I placed the order. So it's a lot bigger than I expected. Except the features shared with the mini model, the most attractive feature for this model to me is the recharging base. It's really useful and I don't have to change the battery at all. The disappointing part is the size and the working range. It is rated with a 30-foot range, but didn't work well if I put the receiver on the back of my desktop. It might because of the interference from other USB devices like the WIFI adapter or keyboard adapter.
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