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on May 3, 2016
Very nice keyboard. I use it at home and office. I'm so used to this keyboard and I'm not comfortable with any other keyboard. I'm a programmer and I can code with my eyes closed with this keyboard. My keyboard at work has started to wear off and I was looking to find another one. I tried using other keyboards and it affects my productivity. I'm surprised that a new one costs $126, this is insane. Even a used one is $45. I got this keyboard for $15 (new). If Microsoft makes this again, I'm going to stock up for my entire life.
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on November 10, 2015
This has been a favorite keyboard of mine for years and years. I've owned three. They are getting tough to find used and almost impossible to track down new. For me this keyboard has everything I want. Nice height and feel to the keys, a soft touch but not too sensitive. It still offers that "tap tap" sound but not too loud. Has a dedicated calculator key as well as internet and media keys. A slight contour to the bottom of the keyboard causes your hands to sit naturally against it and fingers to be able to fly over the full size keys. I've tried the Wave keyboard Microsoft came out with as well as other keyboards that look similar but they are all missing the natural feel this one possesses. I found I like this used one even better than a new one since its been worn in a little and has a slightly softer touch than a new one. Just wish Microsoft would make these again.
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on July 19, 2016
(USED MODEL) After some initial issues with different keys not working at different times, I started to return this keyboard then cancelled it as it seemed to be doing better. And I love the 2000 model, especially as it fits my slide-out desk tray configuration perfectly. But since it's been long discontinued I was forced to buy a used one. Mistake one. And again, mistake two was not sending it back immediately when it had issues. Now I am ordering a different (new) MS model and this one will become a door stop.
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The Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard performs well considering it is one of the least expensive keyboards you can buy. I have to use a lot of different computers and I wanted an ergonomic keyboard for one of my extra workstations. I actually have to type notes on that machine quite regularly. I needed the keyboard to be corded and I was hoping that it would be affordable.

Logitech's Wave Keyboard is my favorite by far. That corded version they used to sell cost 3 or 4 times as much as the MS CC and it was well worth it. However, it's not widely sold any longer so after searching I opted for this instead. I thought the Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 keyboards were overpriced based upon past experience with them. I regret not getting that one instead.

This keyboard will be perfect for those who want the lowest profile ergonomic keyboard they can find. But for those who do a lot of typing, this keyboard's overall feel is not nice to type on. The keys don't have the tactile feedback of even the basic free keyboard bundled with new computers. The curve of the keypad layout is slightly better than the traditional linear design of those freebies. But it is not curved enough to really be ergonomic.

++ Keyboard installs itself on Vista or later and all extra keys work with the basic drivers
++ Key layout is curved slightly, good for those who don't want a full split keyboard
++ Integrated number pad is a nice extra for a budget keyboard
++ Quiet key action will suit those who don't like loud "clicky" keyboards
++ CTRL Shortcuts are starred under common keys like x, c, v, b, u, I, & f, making this a good learning keyboard
++ Additional extra keys include the normal function keys, back, forward, music controls and 3 extras (web/home, search & mail)
++ There's even a calculator shortcut button built-in
++ Keyboard's lower profile is much thinner than most ergonomic keyboards
++ Lowest cost in an ergonomic keyboard makes this an option for those on a budget

-- Plastic body is noticeably cheap
-- Keys have little tactile feedback, making this unpleasant to use for longer periods
-- Not curved enough for those who prefer full split ergonomic designs
-- Keys are sticker prints that will eventually wear off (typical of low cost keyboards)
-- High failure rates (also typical of low cost keyboards


It's a challenge to find decent results with ergonomic or split keyboards in this price range. Even at twice the price, I wish I would have chosen another option. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 and Logitech Cordless Desktop Comfort Laser are each good options for those willing to spend more. And if you don't mind a more expensive wireless option, the Logitech K350 has the Wave design and is the primary keyboard I use on my main computer. Still, all the ergonomic alternatives require you to spend more.


I like the mix of functions and the value cannot be beat. But if you are looking for a true ergonomic split keyboard feel or even the "middle of the road" feel of the Wave, you will wish you had spent more on one of the alternatives. And if you like your keys to have a little bounce to them, you will likely be disappointed by this keyboard as well.

This is still worth it for a true backup keyboard that won't get used more than a few hours at a time, or for those who want the low profile and quiet key action. For everybody else, look elsewhere.
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on February 9, 2012
I thought those ergonomic keyboards are just gimmicks by the manufacturers, but when I needed an external keyboard for my laptop, I decided to try one of those. At $15, this keyboard doesn't cost too much above the regular cheap ones, so I guess why not try this comfort keyboard.

Turns out this keyboard is really comfortable! I didn't realize it until I used this keyboard, but on normal straight keyboards, our wrists are actually forced to bend a little bit, and this keyboard eliminates that problem. No more strains after hours of writing term papers.

There's a short learning curve, perhaps 2-3 days, to get used to the different feel of the keys' layout.

This keyboard also increases typing speed, especially if you're a touch typist. The increase is pretty significant, sometimes I have pressed the next button before I lift my finger off the shift key, so my CApitalized WOrds LOok LIke THis. I'm used to the amount of time required to press shift button in normal keyboards, so that took me a while to get used to.

Some shortcut buttons on top of the keyboard are pretty useful, and no installation whatsoever is required to enjoy those buttons. The ones that I use the most are back/forward for browsing, and volume up/down/mute. There's also a handy calculator button above the number pad on the right, which is also very helpful.

Overall, for $15, this is an excellent purchase. Highly recommended for people who earn their living by typing for hours at a time.
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on November 22, 2009
As a professional programmer, I spend most of my time on a keyboard. This one is the best so far: it is quiet, well-made, light-touch, and has just enough of the right extra buttons (Web Home Page, Calculator, Back/Forward, and few more). It seems to include all of the lessons learned from previous designs. The price is so low that you won't need to hesitate at equipping both home and work with the same keyboard, a luxurious step that really makes life pleasant (again, obviously, you'll only notice this effect if you spend way too much time on a computer).

Being wired, rather than wireless, is now a desirable feature, rather than a shortcoming, in my opinion. This is because with a wireless keyboard, you will have to change the batteries every 4 to 6 months, and once in a while you'll suffer from radio interference. This leads to about an hour per year of needless lost time and annoyance--not an issue for most people, but after a half-dozen or so such incidents, I've finally had enough. Having a keyboard that always works is such a relief.

The design really is ergonomic. The slight curve is just enough to match how most people lay their arms onto a table. That, combined with the short key travel (which reduces key binding), and the light touch, has pretty much eliminated the occasional repetitive stress pain that I've noticed with other keyboards.

In both FireFox and IE browsers, when you hit control-T, it brings up a new, blank page. Hitting the Web/Home button at the top of the keyboard is pretty convenient at that point, and you'll find yourself doing it pretty naturally after a while.

For those of you who are programmers, especially those (typically systems, firmware, and OS programmers) who must suffer through hexadecimal translations, having a Calculator button is simply marvelous.
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on March 4, 2011
Right off the bat I was surprised how thin this keyboard is. The curve and spacing was perfect for me having used a similar Microsoft keyboard for years. The other thing that struck me was how quiet the keys were. I've been using it now for a few months and they have slowly gotten louder. I grew up using typewriters so having such a quiet keyboard was a little uncomfortable at first. Actually the only thing I wasn't happy about was the slight bow in the middle of the keyboard. It dips in the middle which I've never come across before. I type on a flat keyboard from my lap so for me this took a couple days to get used to. Every new keyboard takes some getting used to so other than a couple small adjustments I couldn't be happier with the price and comfort of this keyboard.

[UPDATE] 12-13-12 The keyboard lasted longer than the cord. The cord split where it meets the keyboard and exposed the wiring in July 2012. I was receiving odd messages on my computer about a device not connected for a couple weeks before it dawned on me the frayed wire was causing the problem. I ended up ordering the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 v2.0 for $25. I see it's $17.96 today and from my experience is a better, and cheaper, alternative to this keyboard.
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on March 2, 2010
Besides the ergonomic setup of the keys, I'm in awe of its quietness! My original intent for this purchase was to use it with my work laptop when working from home, but after the first time my fingers hit the keyboard, I changed my mind and swapped out my klackety-klack Dell L100 for this one to become my main keyboard on my home desktop. The set-up was, well, there wasn't any! By the time I came up from under the desk, I saw that my "device was installed successfully" (running Vista Home Premium) and I was on my way. My decision was based on price (not the least expensive and definitely not the most) and the relatively good feedback from others. Yes, I haven't put it through its paces yet, so I can't tell you about broken keys or other issues, so far, so good. The nice-to-have shortcut buttons actually open my preferred browser (Firefox) and email client (Thunderbird). I wondered if Microsoft is going to force IE and Outlook on me if I press these buttons - not so! There is a calculator button placed at the top of the number pad that fires the Windows Calculator - nice! The Back and Forward buttons do just that - at least while browsing. A few of the other keys are labeled with their native Windows shortcut, example: "X" is Cut etc. It's really comfortable too as I removed the wrist gel pad I was using with my other keyboard. I thought about a lesser priced keyboard, but am very glad to have gone with this one. Yay!
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on May 22, 2008
I own a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 7000 ($117) and a Wireless Laser 7000 ($117) desktop sets. I got this keyboard just because I wanted to. Yes, I am using this keyboard to write this review. FYI, I've gotten 175+WPM on Mavis Beacon and typing/computers is my life.

One of the first thing you notice about this keyboard is that it is 5x lighter than the wireless keyboards I mentioned above. It has a *very* plastic feel to it - cheap plastic feel. Soon as you plug this thing in and type on it you see why it was $14... The keys are quiet but the space bar rattles like a machine gun (soft typing CLACK soft typing CLACK). I don't know if the keys will last a long time but for $14 you don't have high hopes. I LOVE Microsoft's Comfort Curve... This keyboard feels very similar to the Wireless Entertainment 7000. The key travel distance is on par with the Wireless Entertainment 7000's distance: almost like a laptop keyboard. I don't like that as much, but it isn't bad. Definitely comfortable!!!

I like how it has a windows key on both sides of the keyboard. The Wireless Entertainment 7000 has the windows key in the middle bottom (hate that) and the Wireless Laser 7000 has only one on the left side.

The keyboard has a very cheap feel to it but if you keep it clean (dust it every few days with an air duster) it should last long enough to make it a good purchase. I will make sure to report back here if it breaks on me or if any keys stop working (as other reviewers have reported).

I definitely recommend this product! Especially for those who hate all the "extra" buttons that you never use. This keyboard is pretty basic except for the few media/web buttons on the top.
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on May 10, 2010
Fairly comfy design
Calculator shortcut button above the 10-key
Coffee-spill drains
Long USB cord

Slight learning curve
Almost useless shortcut buttons
Space bar is a little loose for my taste.

This is a good keyboard for those who want to upgrade from the stock $.99 keyboard that comes with their workstation at the office but don't need to invest in a RSI-smashing ergonomic keyboard that requires muscle-memory retraining.
There is a slight learning curve to this keyboard, but I found myself touch-typing comfortably after a couple weeks. I only spend 30% of my day tethered to the computer, but this keyboard (coupled with my ergonomic Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2) has eradicated my usual late-afternoon wrist pain.
Aside from the volume buttons, the shortcut keys above the F-keys are completely useless. I have never pressed the search button. It's more efficient to not take my eyes off the screen and my hand off the mouse and simply navigate to anything those shortcuts are supposed to replace.
Save for the space bar, all the keys have a nice tight feel to them, and have good travel without being too noisy. The space bar, though, seems to be too loose front to back.
I would definitely recommend this keyboard to someone who wants an upgrade without breaking the bank.
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