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on March 24, 2012
It takes time to research, write, publish, and sell a reference book on complex software, and if the standards and conditions are changing, traditional publishing and distribution face serious challenges.

Much (most?) lesson content like practice files needed for exercises shown in the video appear missing from the disc. While the presenter is an expert and gives clear instructions of a great demo site, the package becomes unusable at Lesson 7...out of 26 or 27.

I just found a different set of data files is available at: [...] If you Sign up for a Que account, (email required), click "Register you Product", enter: "0789747227". I clicked "Support" since the missing data is a defect, but the publisher has chosen to categorize required data files under "Bonus Content". Rating dropped from 3 stars for incompetence to 2 stars for incompetence combined with forced registration in order to be subjected to insulting arrogance with a pinch of corporate cowardice. Fess up, Que: required files are not "Bonus Content"! I have not completed the course, so I can't tell if the new zip file contains everything needed.

In addition to earlier material for EW which is out of date, Lesson 8 features out of date instructions for Flickr, which now make little sense.

Readers may be skeptical of 5 star reviewers don't seem to think that being unable to use 75-80% of the product is worth prominently noting for others on their review. One simply has to wonder if they really went through the lessons.

2012.03.25 Update: Now in Lesson 13, I'm convinced this should be a digital download product. Outdated EW functions, website examples, and links to recommended online tools simply have changed and moved too quickly for this form of distribution. I look forward to, and have pre-ordered the author's upcoming Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Expression Web 4 in 24 Hours: Updated for Service Pack 2 - HTML5, CSS 3, JQuery (2nd Edition) (Sams Teach Yourself -- Hours), and plan to work on it ASAP before the window of being (relatively) current closes.

In Lesson 20, creation of a style "#menu ul li a" appears to have been accidentally cut, so at 09:42, the available styles list goes from "#menu ul li" to "#menu ul ul", whereas at 10:07 this new style magically appears as already entered into styles.css between those styles as the presenter begins modifying it.
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on September 18, 2011
I have two companies for which I created rudamentary websites in the days of Frontpage. Over time, I did enough reading to learn the general idea behind CSS and how desirable it was to use standards compliant website coding to enhance search engine placement. That was why I bought the first version of Expression Web. But to be honest, Expression Web appeared to me to me to be an ad hoc set of ways to make modifications to a website, and I never got an Expression Web gestalt. Until I watched the Expression Web 4 LiveLessons, the panels and the icons in Expresson Web seemed too irrelevant to my coding tasks. I hand code a lot of my pages and my CSS, never understanding how helpful Expression Web could be in those regards.

Then I trained on Microsoft Expression Web 4 LiveLessons Video Training. My view of Expression Web has changed as a result. Morten Rand-Hendricksen has created a superb set of instructional videos that take you logically through your website building tasks and show you how to accomplish those tasks in Expression Web. In order to accomplish this, Morten had to find a way to explain CSS to the viewer. That is a vast topic on its own. Morten's training videos taught me things about CSS, and particularly about the box model, that I could not figure out on my own. The CSS portions are sufficiently thorough so that they would be useful to a person who had no interest in Microsoft Expression Web and who just wanted to learn CSS.

These lessons held my attention, and when I finished them all, I wanted more. They did leave me with some unanswered questions:
1. Microsoft Expression Web makes "layers" available to users. They are divs that are absolutely placed. The video lessons do not treat layers, and I am left to wonder whether they have any legitimate place in web standards compliant website coding, or whether they are a crutch.
2. I would have found it useful to hear more about when to use designs that float and when to use designs that are anchored.
3. I would have loved to learn some techniques specifically applicable to putting together product pages.

The fact that I am able to articulate these unanswered questions is all to Morten's credit, as he did a superb job of teaching me the concepts that inspire those questions. I loved his instructional video.
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on January 22, 2012
"LiveLessons for Expression Web 4" is exceptional. The Amazon review system is based on five (5) stars; I give "LiveLessons" "DOUBLE 5" -- 10 STARS! Be prepared to listen carefully and learn both the technical vocabulary and programming techniques of web design and "Expression Web 4" as you proceed through each lesson. "LiveLessons" is the best software learning tool that I have ever used in my forty-five (45) years of learning and applying software. I went down the road of using a "graphics" based website program (Homestead/Intuit) because I did not want to learn yet another programming language (HTML and CSS). Unfortunately Intuit's optimization of the Homestead website software is now making the Homestead Website software more difficult to use for continued development of my website [...]; my solution is "MicroSoft Expression Studio 4". "LiveLessons" and "Expression Web 4" make learning HTML and CSS relatively easy on a self-taught basis. I found that by duplicating each lesson exercise using "Expression Web 4" assured that I understood each technique and the points Morten made in the lesson, I cannot emphasize this enough; do each "hands-on exercise" because there are subtle points in the lessons that the "hands-on exercise" will bring out and reinforce. The "LiveLessons" menu system allows the student to choose any lesson they want to view. The progress slide (at the bottom of the lesson screen) allows you to choose any point (minute) within the lesson that you want to view; the "minute location" is displayed as you move the slide. This makes it easy to make reference of key techniques you may want to revisit later plus makes it a snap to find them!

I also purchased "Introducing Microsoft Expression Studio" and "Sam's Teach Yourself Expression Web 4 in 24 Hours". I read "Introducing Microsoft Expression Studio" first to gain an understanding of the three (3) programs (Web 4, Design 4, and Encoder 4) included in "Microsoft Expression Studio 4". Next I viewed the "LiveLessons" followed by reading "Sam's Teach Yourself Expression Web 4 in 24 Hours"; last I viewed a "YouTube" "Expression Web 4" training video [...]. Each of the four (4) "Expression Web 4"training sources provided me with unique information plus duplicate information that reinforced key concepts and techniques. The "YouTube" video includes some key syntax and computer programing basics that are not covered by the other three (3) "Expression Web 4" training sources.

If you want a basic website then buy "LiveLessons" and use the templates included with "Expression Web 4". You will need to understand the HTML and CSS concepts explained by "LiveLessons" to use the templates. "LiveLessons" also provides training on debugging and publishing website pages.

If you want a detailed website like mine [...] then "Expression Web 4" (and "LiveLessons") is the way to go. Be prepared to spend a lot of hours learning the technical vocabulary, concepts, and web design techniques. The "Design View" in "Expression Web 4" is a "WYSIWYG based Editor" not a "Graphics based Editor"; that means you must learn HTML and CSS coding techniques to effectively use "Expression Web 4". However, BE INFORMED "Expression Web 4" includes a HTML and CSS editor called "IntelliSense". "IntelliSense" handles the HTML and CSS programming details and code error (syntax) checking. "LiveLessons" provides ample training on "IntelliSense". "IntelliSense" makes doing HTML and CSS programming (coding) easy. I find using "IntelliSense" to do HTML and CSS page layout easier than using the Homestead (now Intuit) graphics based system.

Thanks to "LiveLessons Web 4" I am spending less time learning HTML, CSS, and "Expression Web 4" in depth than I spent learning the "Homestead (now Intuit) Graphics Based System" in depth!
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on May 17, 2011
I got a lot out of this video presentation but the buyer should understand a couple of things first. I tried to perform all the steps right along with the instructor but I found that I had to pause the video many times to type in text. I also had to move the windows around the screen so often that it got frustrating. The instruction is very valuable, however. I think I will probably need to re-view the video at least once more (and, perhaps, write down the steps as he gives them). It would probably be much easier to view the video on one PC and perform all the steps at the same time on another PC-if you have that option. I think you would still need to pause the video a few times but it would still be worth it. The resulting website is terrific.

The disk is also missing an image file that you will need. It's called "OlympicTorch.jpg." I sent an e-mail to the publisher and they sent it to me within a couple of days.

By the way, the DVD comes in a box that is much too much packaging for what it contains. It doesn't even include a jewel case to protect the DVD.
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on January 8, 2012
This training is excellent for beginners and advanced web designers who want to learn how to use expression web. I was very pleased with it. I had prior used frontpage and soon discovered that expression web is a much more powerful tool which requires a solid understanding of css, dwt etc. - which is only natural - with more power comes more need for knowledge ;). This training covers everything you need to learn step by step neatly broken down in different lessons which are easy to follow. Yes, a few example files are missing on the CD, but that is not a major issue and does not inhibit your training progress.
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on January 21, 2011
Very clear and concise instructions. I purchased the video, along with a book, to evaluate MS Expression Web 4. The reviews on MS Expression Web 4 have been very mixed with one of the more positive feedbackss being, "better than Expression Web 3." The video has made me feel a little better about purchasing either the Ultimate or Profession version. I'm trying to determine if I need the Ultimate or if I can make due with the Professional. Great video!
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on November 29, 2011
Microsoft Expression Web 4, LiveLessons took all the padding associated with long winded epic bible sized guides, removing it and delivered only the essentials that any junior developer needs to get started. I have volumes of IT guides on my shelf and I spend forever skimming though bloated chapters that over-explain in granular detail. This LiveSession package removes the need for countless page turning and gives the average punter a chance to simply learn. I'm not after certification, that's why this learning package is so handy.
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on December 18, 2015
It was useful - wish there was some written material to supplement it. Not many people use this program. I could've used more help with the cascading style sheets. He has a clear voice, the video is clear. As much as I prefer video for learning, sometimes we need reference material.
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on May 21, 2012
I got this to quickly get up to speed with Expression and CSS in general. This tutorial did that very well and went much further.

Now I'm re-writing an old website and applying the principles. I find I'm going back to the tutorial to review things that seemed obvious at first, but with subtle concepts that I now need.

I'd like to see a backup button in the viewer (it only has pause and a slider), but otherwise found this to be a great purchase. I hope Rand-Hendriksen comes up with a followup video for more advanced techniques, like animation, authentication, etc.
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on October 11, 2011
This is a good product and I've enjoyed it thus far. The other comments were right, in that he does move EXTREMELY quickly some times and some files are missing. What I've found works is just get a FLV player for your laptop, and be ready to pause after he says something. I'm working on my computer with one screen on the video and the other at the Microsoft Web Expressions terminal. The missing files are a problem, but I just made due with random pictures and files, you can get by without them. Other than that, he does a good job of introducing you to web development.
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