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on December 30, 2015
I purchased this cam not really knowing what to expect. I just needed a cam to Skype with my daughter while she's gone. When I opened the package, I was surprised. I thought it would have been a little smaller.

That being said, I really like it. The stand contorts to many positions for ease of use. Clip it to your laptop, stand-alone monitor, or curl it under so it can stand alone. The microphone works fantastically, which was one of my big worries. Not having a good stand-alone mic because most built-in mics tend to be really crappy. Not this one. It picks up everything you say with minimal background interference.

The cam quality itself is what wowed me. Granted, it likes to auto-focus quite a bit if you have a high light source behind you (Including sunny windows) BUT the precise focus is fantastic. Some smaller things may take a second (like displaying items on cam) but as long as you create it so you're the center of focus with lighting and positioning, it will hold perfectly on you or that item with HD quality. I really love this cam. It's not the absolute best, but it's the best for it's price range.
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on April 9, 2018
Works great with my Windows 7. It did require a firmware update online but it did it almost automatically in a matter of minutes. Easy to do for a not so savy guy! Zooms in and out quite well, auto focus works but does not go crazy like I have heard some do. Comes with a CD which makes it easy. Controls are easy and can be set to automatic for most settings.
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on May 4, 2011
Hello I think everyone covered this camera well.

-It was a good price (some $22 dollars for me, easily worth more)
-Great high quality video. Possibly better than my midrange ($40) Logitech with a slightly bulkier round camera was.
-Good microphone [better than my internal]
-Plug and play [after windows found drivers]

-It has blurry tracking (worse than the logitech I had before)
-It has weird autofocus (worse than the logitech I had before)

Great Camera. Possibly best camera for <$30. Overall for *MY* purposes I'm not sure how I feel about it, I suppose the benefits (even better quality) are even with the cons (reduced tracking and autofocus). It's much better than the average $20 dollar cam you'll find though [and on par with quality $50 cameras]. One thing I would consider is the quality of your internet. If you have slow internet, you will not be able to make use of the high quality capture (in video calls), but you will still be affected by the *slightly* delayed/blurry tracking and the funky autofocus (it occasionally becomes blurry as it unnecessarily autofocuses).

*Final note on the form factor*: The camera itself comes in a very nice form factor. I thought it would be bulky, but it's in fact smaller than my last webcam and a nicer shape (rounded rectangle-square). The way it attaches to monitors and screens was also better, and had a nice weighted mechanism more than a 'latch'. I would have liked if the mount folded up in a better way (taking up less space) or was detachable.
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on January 7, 2012
I purchased a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 and it REFUSED TO INSTALL ON WINDOWS 7 (64bit) Operating system.The software that came with it and the drive would not install at all and the cam was seen as connected however it refused to run.Logitech suggested installing it some stupid way citing that I was not following the instructions.After 3 emails to logitech support I returned the product to amazon for my money back.

I know many people in the computer repair business and had a close friend suggest I purchase a microsoft lifecam hd5000 720p HD webcam.As soon as the cam arrived I plugged it in and barely got through the cd installer before it saw the cam and had it up running on my screen.The software and everything runs perfect and it has some very great quality features.IF YOUR RUNNING WINDOWS 7 64 bit or 32 bit this cam will not let you down.Its excellent and top quality.

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on May 22, 2016
The CD software and drivers that comes with it will not work under Windows 8.0 or 8.1. That software on the CD is for
Windows 7. You will need to go to Windows here:

Download the software and driver and install. It will then work with SKYPE and Windows Movie Maker.
It will only install the necessary software to work with SKYPE and Windows Movie Maker, but you
can make web cam videos using Windows Movie Maker, or take snapshots with it.
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on May 5, 2011
 This is a good camera.

Good Stuff:
It takes pretty high quality photos and videos(see video).

It fixes the lighting, even in very poor lighting. My room was kinda dark when I recorded this, yet you'd never be able to tell just by looking

It works with Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook.

You really can't beat the price. I got it for $21.95.

Bad Stuff:
The autofocus sucks. You can take it off but you have to do so every time you start the camera up.

It takes up a lot of Memory. I'm using 4GB of memory and 500GB of storage here, and an AMD 2.1GH processor running Windows 7. If you have less than 1GB, This is not a camera for you. I ran it on my old desktop (a WIN XP) that only had 512MB of memory and 33 gigs of storage and I got Blue screened the first time and the pc froze the second time.

It says it's made for laptops but it's pretty awkward up there on my laptop. It took some positioning, but I finally got it to stay. However, once you have a flat surface nearby, that works too.

Overall, it's a good camera and I would recommend it.
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on January 21, 2012
I owned this LifeCam5000 for about a year with no problems but gave it to my mother so I could Skype with her, then I bought another from Amazon. To my dismay, the LifeCam5000 that arrived had a microphone with such poor sensitivity that my mother (and boyfriend) could not hear me unless I had it turned up to full microphone volume. I just returned the Amazon LifeCam and picked up another one from WalMart. Sadly, the microphone sensitivity on the WalMart LifeCam is about as bad as the Amazon product's was. I've now tested my new WalMart LifeCam5000 side-by-side with the LifeCam5000 my boyfriend purchased a year ago and his microphone sensitivity is about twice that of the new WalMart product. So the question now is - are the new LifeCam5000s all made with reduced microphone sensitivity, or have I had bad luck twice in a row?

Update- January 23, 2012: I contacted Microsoft directly about this product and they offered to replace it. I'm glad to know that they're willing to take responsibility for an inferior product.
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on January 11, 2013
i bought this since it was HD, and $50 in the big box stores, the picture quality and microphone was nice enough on the first unit i bought, to buy 3 more for my family members so i could cam with them (working 300 miles away every other week). my family and I are very satisfied, and works flawless with Google chat, and Skype. it also automatically turns on when i want to specify a sound source when im authoring some instructional videos and the program is going to record the screen and my cursor, while i talk. the sound quality for that purpose was also good, although if doing a serious instructional video, i would recommend a headset so that you don't hear a minor echo or sound bounce from the immediate wall behind the computer monitor (unless you have your computer screen in the middle of the room)
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on May 31, 2011
The Auto-Focus (which can be turned off)is a beast with a mind all its own, trying to focus when there is no extra focusing necessary creating horrible blurs. Once the AutoFocus is turned off, manually adjust the focus and its okay. The sound from its built in mic is okay but prefer using my own soundblaster mic for recording with - its a continual battle to keep my Soundblaster as the primary soundcard. Calls to Microsoft Support almost ruined my computer when I foolishly handed remote control of my computer over to the tech (who apparently barely understood or spoke english). I had to fix the damage she caused AND work out the sound issues myself. IF YOU LIKE THE SOUND FROM THE LIFECAM MIC - Then This should not be an issue. I sing online Karaoke and have to have my own sound card & sound Fx working. If not for that - the low price is great. Like I said - turn off the AutoFocus. You'll be glad you did.
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on March 12, 2011
 A short video review of the Microsoft HD 5000 LifeCam. The review shows you how the webcam behaves under different conditions. The recording is done at the highest resolution available in the software, 1280x720, and the file is only 35 MB.

One of the main things I point out in the video is the difference between using the auto-focus and having it switched off: The auto-focus is really only designed for when you want to show something within an inch or two of the webcam, not for when you are sitting in front of your computer talking. I tested it with close objects afterward and it works great for that.

I've tested the webcam with Gmail video chat, Skype 5.1, and Windows Live Messenger. For Gmail, I would recommend enabling "Video chat enhancements" from Google Labs to take advantage of the higher resolution.

One thing to keep in mind when setting up your webcam is that you need to make sure all the software is up-to-date. This includes the drivers, the firmware, and the application. When I plugged in the webcam, my computer got the latest drivers from Windows Update. When I installed the application from the included CD, it told me that the webcam required a firmware update. After that, the application crashed whenever I started it, so I got the latest from the Microsoft site ([...] Now everything works fine.

As you notice in the video, the special effects are resource intensive - that section causes the audio and video to not be synced for a few seconds. This is only a problem if you want to record the effects - just turning them on and viewing them on-screen works fine. Overall, I think it has great video and audio quality, especially for such cheap prices as Amazon offers, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a HD webcam.
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