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on May 20, 2012
This software is the same quality software we all expect from Microsoft and I am certain you'll be pleased with it (more on that later)---but first, be very careful about what you're buying, because there is no longer an upgrade path between Office 2010 versions:

I purchased this product for my brother, who did not need Outlook. Once installed, however, I realized that the software labels itself "Not for commercial use"--meaning, it's not licensed for use in a business, and this was going to be for use in an office. This was clearly my fault: I was only looking at the included products, and not thinking about the license terms.

No matter; I figured I would simply upgrade him to "Home and Business"--only to find that Microsoft's latest upgrade strategy is...well, there isn't one. According to Microsoft, this keeps things simpler for consumers, because apparently we were having trouble understanding the difference between "upgrade" and "full" versions. So to upgrade, you just have to buy the higher-level version at full price. For this reason, I feel Microsoft should do a little more "are you sure?" work during installation (for example, "Is this software going to be used in a business environment?" would have been a great question in my case...)

So if you're purchasing this for a business, OR you think you will need Outlook, Access or Publisher eventually, strongly consider buying either the Home and Business version (adds Outlook and business licensing) or Professional version (additionally adds Access and Publisher) instead of this one.

As far as the software itself, this suite is everything most people need: Word (the word-processor), Excel (spreadsheet), PowerPoint (presentation software) and OneNote (a note-taking app optimized for laptop and tablet use), with a number of nice improvements over 2007: They replaced the big round button with a "File" tab for a more consistent (and less confusing) interface, image editing is much improved (not Photoshop, but WAY better than before), and PowerPoint transitions are much easier to control now as well. Not huge stuff, but I do think this version is worth the extra money compared to the 2007 version, and you'll find yourself becoming productive with it in a hurry--especially if you're coming from version 2007 (Version 2003 users will take longer, but it's worth it, promise!)

(***UPDATE: When I originally realized my purchasing mistake, I emailed Amazon asking them if I could return the software. After re-reading the license terms, however, I realized there would be no way they could. So, I just purchased the Home and Business version and considered it an expensive lesson. After writing this review to warn others, however, I was SHOCKED AND STUNNED to find an email in my inbox explaining that my original purchase of the Home and Student version had been cheerfully refunded.

This was nearly unbelievable to me. I clearly didn't deserve a refund, but Amazon gave me one anyway. Whatever gripe I may have with the Microsoft licensing strategy, it was more than made up for by Amazon customer service. Wow. I will never buy software anywhere else after this...)
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on February 10, 2014
first if you get this as a full version uninstall the old one first. if an update don't, leave the old one on your device. that said 2010 is yet another step forward in the evolution of this office. there are some changes but for those of us who have used office before it is fairly easy to pickup and get going without having to learn a bunch of new stuff. if you have 2007 or older you really should update sooner than later. the longer you wait the more changes get made to the product line and the steeper the learning curve. i still have this on one of my older machines. it does not have outlook but home and student never has. if you want outlook you will need move up a package to get that. personally i like outlook and after more than a decade of using it i have no plans to use something else. if you have an older machine or are still running pre-win8 operating systems this might well be your best bet to go with rather than office 2013. i have both and there isn't that much different to be honest both are good solid products, it just depends on your needs and wants.
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on October 27, 2013
My first attempt to install failed - Microsoft did not recognize the key card. Spent an hour on phone with Microsoft rep, thought it was installing but not yet. Went to Microsoft site - now it accepts key card. Icon appears on my desktop - problem solved? Not yet. Computer goes through a re-start, icon is gone - no more Office. At one step I ordered the back-up CD - hope I have better luck with that. Company called me to restitute, but we're playing phone tag. Never again will I purchase a key card.
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on May 30, 2012
Run! I'm a novice, I'd admit, but I have downloaded Word Office 2007 by myself previously without a problem....This time:WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Purchased this~installation took 24hrs and only had 70% downloaded because download connection kept disconnecting. Then "Download file is Corrupt!" Amazon customer support was prompt. Gave me a direct link to Msft to download since I have a Product #. Wouldn't download although # was accepted. Re-called "Now it's Msft's problem-call them." Msft:" OF course it's Amazon's problem-they sold it and should support it!" Rather than get the run around again, MSFT solved my problem by selling me a $14.99 disk (which is what I wanted in the first place). I have purchased a lot from Amazon in the past and been happy. The software download support needs to be own the same page with Microsoft. Buy direct!
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on February 15, 2015
It's Microsoft Office after all and most of us need some version of it. I recently bought a Dell laptop with Windows 8.1 and needed to add Office. Through Dell or Microsoft's website I could only get Office 2013 with an annual subscription. I don't like the annual subscription because of the cost, and after reading reviews of Office 2013 I knew I didn't want that either. I have been perfectly comfortable with 2010 on another computer. So I hunted around for Office 2010 for outright purchase and was happy to find it.

So this is just three stars instead of five for two reasons. First, I find that this software like most Microsoft software is only moderately user-friendly and not particularly intuitive. And second, because although the Key packaging says you can download it from Microsoft's website, I couldn't get the website to accept my key number and neither could the very patient customer service rep I called. So it took him over 2 hours to load it for me. It was a lot of work for him, not so much for me, but it should have been unnecessary. Still, of the choices available to acquire Office, I would do it again - so overall, three stars.
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on March 7, 2017
I'm giving it two stars because I paid over $100 for a program that I can't use again because my last PC that this was installed on died and greedy Microsoft won't allow it to be transferred. Now they want me to spend $100 a year for a subscription for the latest version, no thank you. I downloaded a program that is just as good but it's free.
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on May 8, 2017
had to return due to no key being inside. just an empty box with instructions. the spot was there for the key but nothing printed. Amazon helped me out with a return because Amazon is awesome and always takes care of their members. If it wasn't for them I'd be out 100 bucks. I got about 85 of it back. I'll take it. Would never buy again.
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on January 16, 2014
I have a 2 year old HP laptop that had just the "starter" versions of Microsoft Office 2010 software installed on it. I wanted to upgrade to the full version but Microsoft.com is only selling the newest Microsoft Office 2013 software. So I bought this 2010 version key card. It worked perfectly... I just clicked on Microsoft Office icon from my desktop, selected "Activate", entered my key card number and it installed everything. Then, I restarted my laptop and checked out all the programs and they all work great. The only thing was that it took a while for it to install everything and activate- about 15 minutes. But no problems at all, super easy.
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on March 12, 2014
I gave it five stars because I bought it for cheap and it works. So here are somethings you should know before buying.

1. Use Internet Explorer to download the installer(.exe). I tried it in Mozilla Firefox and it did not work. I did not test Google Chrome.

2. Don't listen to that people who say that "There is no backup" You can always save the installer in cloud storage, USB Drive, or burn the installer to a disc. <--- Free Alternatives...
a. For a paid alternative, you have the option to purchase a disc from Microsoft for an extra $14.00 or so shipped.
I personally did order the disc just for my records, but I have already backed up both my 32bit and 64bit installers.
It's not hard to back up data and files, but very few people do. Just buy a portable hard drive and back up your
data including the installer for Microsoft Office 2010.

3. Enough reading! Buy the software. It works and its the cheapest I've found on the net that's legal. Enjoy!
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on August 14, 2017
Counterfeit/bootleg product. The disc has a paper label on it and when I tried to install it it would not fully install. Luckily, Microsoft took pity on me and helped me get it working. Now that I need the program on another computer, Microsoft will not give me a valid key code to install it.
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