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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 17, 2013
I bought this and downloaded it on my computer. A week later that computer basically died so I had to get a new one. They won't reset my code and are insisting I spend another $140 TO BUY IT AGAIN. I had to wait 2 hours on the phone and online to be told no. I am beyond frustrated at them.
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on February 14, 2013
I had installation issues and Microsofts' technical support is the absolute worst. I spent a whole day on the phone and no one could fix the problem; the only thing they could do was transfer my call to someone else.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 14, 2013
I have tried to download this software numerous times and keep getting an error message. Should be a super easy process too. I went to the Microsoft website and it seems that numerous people are having the same problem. Tried the patch and process suggested by Microsoft as a fix and that did not work either. What a waste of money!
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on May 13, 2014
I have been an avid Office and Outlook user since it was introduced to the world. Keeping up with the times I upgraded to the 2013 version and bought through Amazon as I buy most other things through Amazon.

The product itself (in my own opinion) offers no to very little benefit from 2007 and 2010. The color themes and visualization of the product is hard on the eyes, and visually painful. The product takes up much more RAM memory than it's predecessors and constantly crashes and closes.

I attempted to return the product today and called Microsoft support as they say if the product is returned within 30 days you will get a full refund. Microsoft would not help me because I did not have a Microsoft purchase confirmation number as I bought it through Amazon. After being bounced between 3 departments I was given a number and told it was a Microsoft department for digital returns and it was instead a number for Amazon. Amazon transferred me to a specialist and I was informed that all digital download products (with the exception of Intuit) are non-returnable through Amazon. You also cannot sell the product because it is linked to your account (for those of you that are willing to try).

My advice is to not buy the product. Microsoft has claimed they have made great updates and changes that make the product better. For me I will be going back to 2010. If you want to try the product for yourself I would purchase directly through Microsoft so at least you can return it. I have been pleased with Office and Amazon products and support, but this is an unfortunate circumstance I want fellow consumers to be aware of before they make the same mistake.
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on November 9, 2013
After 10 years of productively using Office 2003, Office 2013 is a user-nightmare. I cannot find commonly-used functions (e.g. where is "Flush Right"?), it has trouble with older Office files, the light colored theme borders and weird decoration obscure the normal top right minimize/close buttons and so much more. Even Microsoft technical support was stumped by an EXCEL inability to save a file. It's a user-interface horror.
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on August 3, 2013
Wanted to keep my Microsoft Office up to date, so ordered this download version. Problem is, it would no download. Kept giving me an error message saying I must first delete another Microsoft application before the download could resume. It helpfully explained how I could do that. The only problem is that the program that must be uninstalled was never installed in the first place. Never heard of it. Never bought it. Never installed it. After struggling through half a night trying to find a way to make the download happen, I was absolutely furious. I decided enough is enough, and then tried to simply get my money back. And I thought the download fiasco was bad!! Neither Amazon nor Microsoft wanted to do anything; kept getting another number to call, "...and they will be glad to help you out." NO ONE wanted to help me out. Amazon said that after purchase, the funds were given to Microsoft. Microsoft said that since I purchased through Amazon, they would have to refund. I DID get my money back, with the warning from the Amazon rep that this was a "one time, special deal, because we don't do this." And this after I literally screamed through my telephone, and that's just not the kind of person I am. Any entity that can take my money within seconds, should be able to return it as easily. Doesn't happen. I will continue to purchase select items through Amazon (very carefully). I've made a promise to myself that I will NEVER spend another nickel on a Microsoft application as long as I live.
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on April 28, 2013
I stayed up to work on a research paper. This software is the worst I have ever used. It would not let me delete or add text to certain lines, and when I would try to type a letter it would type but it would be the wrong information. I made comments and part of the words in the comments box was cut off. This is the worst software I have ever used. I am surprised and because it is not a good tool to use, I had to go ahead and purchase MS Word 2010. I thought 2013 would be great, but it is not. PLEASE, don't waste your money! Maybe the company will fix the glitches in the future, bit it is horrible. I waste time today because of it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 20, 2013
Unable to download, despite several sessions with microsoft techs who were unable to solve the problem, disconnected me and never called back. Amazon refused to refund my my money. Microsoft 100% guarantee never called me back after numerous messages left - no one answers that phone number, only messages can be left. Can't speak to a live person at microsoft, can only
send an email about a refund. Steer clear!!!!!!
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on July 29, 2013
Due to circumstances both frustrating and infuriating, I found myself needing to buy, or rather buy the right to download, Office 2013. In short, despite my 2-star "I don't like it" rating, I really hate this 'new' Office.
Stark, boxy, inelegant menus, an interface both clumsy and confusing;
Options moved around even more drastically than the prior Office interface revamps;
It's not compatible with XP (yes, I know Microsoft is abandoning XP, but I still have computers with the OS);
Application suite has a license for only one PC (guess that's why I shouldn't worry about backwards compatibility);
The relatively astronomical cost in comparison to what it delivers when compared to past editions;
The push for online everything. If I wanted an online presence, if I wanted to store my stuff on a corporation's server, if I wanted my applications loaded onto my computer to ride my connection to tell Microsoft what I'm doing - but I don't, so stop trying to convince me how great and convenient it all would be. Say hello instead to my firewall.
I also hate that I don't really have a copy of Office 2013, and I fear that the problems that forced me to 'upgrade' to 2013 will reoccur and force me to eat this rather expensive version and foist the next 'new and improved' iteration of Office onto my computer.
The actual content that I use (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) has worked so far. Mostly. This version seems to have a need to 'think' a bit longer than the 2010 version before executing a command; Excel has exhibited some instability and has crashed on rare occasions. But nothing MAJOR.
I gave Office 2013 two stars, since there is some functionality buried in its shortcomings. But this 'upgrade' is, in my opinion, no upgrade at all.
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on June 17, 2013
Do yourself a HUGE favor and DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! I am the proud owner of this software. Of course it's in SPANISH and I don't speak Spanish so it's the equivalent of a software paperweight but hey--get this straight--YOU DON'T MATTER TO MICROSOFT. Not on any level. You buy this product on Amazon then are forced to go to Microsoft to download the product. Although I am aware I speak English and therefore I clicked English, the download was still in Spanish. Hours of research in Microsoft Forums yesterday assured me I wasn't the only one this happened to PLUS Microsoft, after mistakenly associating the wrong language with the Microsoft account you are forced to have to download the product, is unable to change that language choice! What-software engineers work for Microsoft? Apparently not. I was first informed by the Microsoft Store (where language packs are sold for 24.99 plus) that of course this was an easy fix and I would delete the download then be given a correct English download. My first talk with Microsoft tech support today informed me the only solution was for me to BUY the English language pack. Nonsense, of course. I then talked to Amazon-who have a no refund on software downloads policy-and they sent me back to Microsoft to a specific webpage. Upon talking to that little piece of Microsoft hell I was informed they had nothing to do with anything like this and they gave me another number to call. The Microsoft people at THAT number informed me THEY had nothing to do with this issue. They gave me the number for technical support-who I talked to the day before. I talked to tech support AGAIN and they finally told me they were incapable of changing the language download choice associated with my Microsoft account meaning any future downloads from Microsoft would also be in SPANISH! But they were willing to give me a free promo code to redeem for the language pack EXCEPT I would need to give them my credit card number--which I had no intention of doing. Why on earth would I need to give them my credit card number so they could perform some backhanded attempt to fix THEIR website error? When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told they were unavailable. Since I refused to give them my credit card number, I was bumped up the ladder of support and informed I would hear from someone else--by email--possibly within three to five business days. Am I sorry this happened? No. I was on the fence about buying this product or going to maybe Wordperfect because of Microsoft's new jackbooted policies intended to force everyone to pay them forever to rent their precious software but I opted to stick with what I've been using for YEARS because I didn't want to become familiar with new software. This was my mistake. To anyone else who might be on the fence even after reading all the negative reviews here-take my advice-forget everything Microsoft you possibly can. Their policies and customer support are only going to get worse. While I agree with many who prefer customers to review a PRODUCT rather than a COMPANY, unfortunately I would have to buy Rosetta Stone and learn Spanish to review the product.

Update: After a week, I decided since I was stuck with the product, I would have to make do so I purchased and installed the English language pack from Microsoft Store myself simply wanting nothing else to do with them. Then I discovered the 'fix' I had been advised to use by Microsoft tech support only converted part of the software suite to English and left some still in Spanish and, of course, my Microsoft account was still configured to Spanish. Then an engineer from Microsoft finally called me. He spent a week and several phone calls and hours of time fixing this problem but he did finally erase the Spanish product from my computer, install an English version and give me credit back for the English language pack I purchased from the Microsoft Store plus actually change the language choice on my Microsoft account. Yes, he was highly trained, extremely polite and helpful but the ridiculousness factor doesn't change. Microsoft website was at fault, lower levels of tech support were not even trained enough to fix something that I should have been able to fix myself. Microsoft is a big goofy giant that will most likely step on you before it decides to help.
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