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on June 17, 2010
This is a worthwhile upgrade for me. I debated whether to do it or not and what version to get. I finally decided on the Home and Student version. I was pleased to see the price actually drop upon shipping. For me the main deal was OneNote 2010 which allows me to print directly into OneNote. In December I bought a new laptop and it has Win7 Pro 64bit. I was very disappointed to find that OneNote 2007 did not include a driver to print directly into it. While MS did provide a work around this much better.

One word of caution when you are installing. My MS Office install is a bit of a collection. I'm using stand alone versions of Outlook and Publisher (both 2007) and Access (2003). I had decided to leave these as is. Upon installing 2010 I was presented with two buttons: "Upgrade" and "Customize". I picked curtain 1 (upgrade). My bad! The install then proceeded to remove Outlook, Publisher and Access. Since the program I was installing did not include these products I think it's pretty bogus for the install process to remove them. I don't know if the "Customize" button would have allowed them to stay. I reinstalled the 3 programs and everything was fine, but I should not have had to waste time doing this.
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on July 25, 2013
I thought that it was important to let consumers know that this version does work with Windows 8. When I was looking to buy it no where did it state that it would work on Window 8. I hope this information can be helpful to someone else.
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on January 24, 2015
Hey, what can you say. Its a version of office. The only reason why I bought is that I do not like the new MicroSoft Office offering method

Soap box: Pay $100 for a yearly license to use office vs less by buying office license for life aka 2010?. Yes the benefits are you get the latest version and changes automatically, but the value per year? Pay $250 and use it for 5 years (Life of my PC) that is $50/year. I am not into relearning the new layouts because some TBD person feels that a change is needed. I am a creature of habit when it comes to manipulating the data. I know where all the buttons are. I do not need to rediscover this at every release of office.
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on May 3, 2015
American Baseball has a motto: “3 strikes and out”. Discount Capital, TechOutfitter, and JoeJohn79… all have the same swindle! I bought one Office 10 Pro and two Office home & Student from the above. The individual programs of the suites only uploaded trial versions. I did the steps correctly. I uploaded the shared programs, tools etc. along with the office programs. The different links in ‘help’ did not navigate. The products were auto activated with uploads but only as trial with a 30-day trial period. I doubt it: perhaps at the end of the trial one could enter the product key and then call when it comes back denied. I am not going to wait 30 days while each time I open a program and window’s alert box pops up asking for permission to load. Jeez. I wonder what kind of screening of providers Amazon does do. Three for three scams, jeez! And, to mention the time and effort packaging the returns and trips to the USP store. I am very much grateful for Amazon’s return protocol, for sure.
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on December 28, 2014
Purchased a "New in Retail package" disc version for 3 PCs and it arrived sealed and looked new. Successfully installed on one PC and it automatically activated online with the supplied activation key code, however for my other 2 PCs I had to use the automated phone activation system which involves talking to a voice recognition automated assistant that requires reading off a very long sequence of 6-digit number blocks, a process that takes just a minute or two if you speak clearly or use your phone pad. I don't know if having to manually activate the last two means that this new in package actually may have been used somewhere and previous installs were not deactivated, however, I am just happy that it worked and now I have a decent office suite that can be used for home and work. A good value over time compared to succumbing to the new monthly fee models, even though it feels like a big sum to pay at once. Hope to use it for several years and can' t imagine what I would need from any of the newer office versions any time soon. Tried the free suites out there but got tired of dealing with minor differences that slowed my work down. Microsoft is still the best after all these years.
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on June 26, 2012
I built a new computer and upgraded from XP to Windows 7, so while I was at it, I upgraded to this version of Office, mostly because Microsoft no longer supports 2000.

Pros: Can legally be used on 3 computers, so I have it on my desktop and laptop. Word and Excel are greatly improved, with some neat features, options and addons that 2000 doesn't have. The product seems stable and I have had no operational problems with it.

Cons: Only one con, really. Like many others, I don't care for the "ribbon." I think it needlessly complicates using functions that were very simple to get to in 2000. Maybe I'm just an old codger who needs to get into the 21st century :) but I think Microsoft over-engineered a bit on this. If not for this, I would rate this software 5 stars.

Another thought: Even if you are using Windows 64-bit, know that Office 2010 is designed for a 32-bit system. From what my research tells me, this is because many addons don't work properly, if at all, in 64-bit. In fact, the default install on this is 32-bit, and you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to force a 64-bit install. Don't do it. My system is 64-bit, but 32-bit Office plays very nicely with it and I can see no reason to mess it up with a 64-bit install.

Bottom line: The new features and such make this a good workhorse of an office suite and I'm very pleased with it. But I really think that in future editions, Microsoft should rethink the whole ribbon thing. If this isn't a problem for you, I recommend Office 2010.
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on November 30, 2012
My home and business experience with Microsoft Office goes back to Office 97. For fifteen years I've used Word and Excel on a daily basis, and PowerPoint several times a month. I've been using Office 2003 as my primary version since its release nearly ten years ago.

Office has always had a bit of a learning curve, so I empathize with Microsoft's desire to make the program easier for new users. From that perspective, the Ribbon interface makes sense: Put the most commonly-used features on large buttons clustered in groups.

But for long-time power users like me, the switch to Office 2010 is confusing and frustrating. The familiar menu bar (File | Edit | View | etc.) is gone, and is not even available as an option. Familiar Alt+letter keyboard shortcuts have been changed to match the Ribbon interface (although Excel, mercifully, has retained the old ones; why not the other programs?). Features that used to be accessible with a quick tap on the keyboard are now four, or five, or seven mouse-clicks away.

Despite this, there are some things to really like about Office 2010. Most especially are the new file formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc.), which result in smaller file sizes, as much as half the size of the old (.doc, .xls, etc.) files. And PowerPoint has better transitions and animations that give it a new professional edge.

But these new features could have been rolled out without removing familiar and powerful features that long-time users have come to rely on. Would it have been so hard for Microsoft to throw their existing customer base a bone? Apparently so.
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on December 27, 2014
Had a lot of hassle trying to activate, after several phone calls, finally got it activated. It immediately started to act up, the excel program would freeze and not move between different functions. After several phone calls and reboots, I ended up having to purchase a trial month to month version of Office 2013. Not what I expected from Microsoft. Will attempt to return to Amazon for a refund before I purchase a 2013 Office program. very disappointed.
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on April 29, 2017
I have been using this version on my laptop and both my and my husband's desk top computer for several years and we both like the program. I am now very used to using the spreadsheet in Excel and the word docs in Word and use them daily. I have used all of the other software in the product of One Note and Power Point. I used Power Point often for class requirements when I took classes that required a slide show for class or on parent's night for my open houses at school.
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on March 20, 2014
Office is the same - most people use less than 10% of features, but MS insists on adding every possible command & bloating the software and making the command bar so cluttered, it's hard to visually find whatever command you want. And we all HATE the new idiotic ribbon - what utter nonsense! Thanks to the "designers" at MS, our staff has had to re-learn every single Word & Excel & Outlook command location & name from every previous version of Office. Maybe the people at MS have nothing else to do but waste time looking for commands & options that have been the same for 10 years, but in the real world, businesses need TO USE the software -- not waste time re-learning how to use it! And what crack designer decided that to print or change options, you must now exit the document view & go to the opening page of the software? Another stupid waste of time & it breaks the user's concentration that should be focusing on the document. And the new Outlook is even worse - can't safely view & copy an email header on a suspicious email without first opening the email! What genius at MS thought that one up? They never heard of security on unknown senders, spam or junk emails - not to mention possibly opening an infected attachment? Typical MS lack of care & concern for their customers. If support wasn't ending for Office 2003, we wouldn't bother with this crappy version.
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