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on April 3, 2016
I bought this Office 2010 NEW on 3.27.2014 (sold by Tax Software Store, Inc) with an Installation for 3 PC's, which I installed on my three computers. My desktop crashed so I reinstalled it on my new desktop, without any issues. That's a total of FOUR activated installations by me.

Now my Laptop has crashed and I am trying to reinstall it on my new Laptop, but I keep getting errors that "this Product Key is already associated with another user on this site"??? Upon calling Microsoft, they said that MY Product Key has been activated TWENTY FOUR times!!!!!???!!!
The only possible way that could have happened is for MY Product Key to have been double-sold to another customer or customers.

I wanted this review to go directly to the seller, but I don't see that option here, so I hope they see it. I don't think it's right for me to have to buy another Office Package just because they sold MY Product Key to more customers than just me. :(
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on June 6, 2017
I bought this software a couple years ago, but finally installed it recently. The vendor was not the current one, but Cobalt Technologies, who has disappeared or changed their name. I choose "CUSTOM INSTALL" because I had Access 2007, Outlook 2007, and Publisher 2007 that I wanted to keep. I probably should have returned it, but didn't open the box in the "return" time frame. Why? Because although the box was sealed with a Microsoft seal and the outer wrappings looked fine, the DVD didn't have the fancy edge and more importantly, the product key was on a white sticker stuck to the bottom front of the Quick Start guide. The product key is supposed to be on a yellow Windows sticker on the back of the front cardboard panel, which was missing. Well, I installed it on my Windows 7 desktop and manually activated it over the phone, and it worked. I didn't really need to install it on any other PC and figured I'd better "save" any additional installs, if there were any, in case I have to reinstall on the desktop. If the product you get has the product key on a plain white sticker and not the official Microsoft yellow sticker, I think I would return it and ask Amazon to have the vendor send you one with the official product key sticker. It's hard to say where these vendors are getting these DVDs from, but don't do what I did - open it right away and try to install and activate it right away. I'm rating it 3 stars because it does work fine, though I don't believe I've found any significant differences for my simple needs over the 2007 version. Office 2010 runs on Windows 10 if I'm ever forced to upgrade, and since Office 2010 has support for a few more years if I recall, I'm thinking it should also run on the next Windows version, which is the only reason I bought it to begin with. But I'm quite sure that it's a used product and I don't know if I have any more installs, so fingers crossed.
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on July 25, 2013
I thought that it was important to let consumers know that this version does work with Windows 8. When I was looking to buy it no where did it state that it would work on Window 8. I hope this information can be helpful to someone else.
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on December 28, 2014
Purchased a "New in Retail package" disc version for 3 PCs and it arrived sealed and looked new. Successfully installed on one PC and it automatically activated online with the supplied activation key code, however for my other 2 PCs I had to use the automated phone activation system which involves talking to a voice recognition automated assistant that requires reading off a very long sequence of 6-digit number blocks, a process that takes just a minute or two if you speak clearly or use your phone pad. I don't know if having to manually activate the last two means that this new in package actually may have been used somewhere and previous installs were not deactivated, however, I am just happy that it worked and now I have a decent office suite that can be used for home and work. A good value over time compared to succumbing to the new monthly fee models, even though it feels like a big sum to pay at once. Hope to use it for several years and can' t imagine what I would need from any of the newer office versions any time soon. Tried the free suites out there but got tired of dealing with minor differences that slowed my work down. Microsoft is still the best after all these years.
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on November 30, 2012
My home and business experience with Microsoft Office goes back to Office 97. For fifteen years I've used Word and Excel on a daily basis, and PowerPoint several times a month. I've been using Office 2003 as my primary version since its release nearly ten years ago.

Office has always had a bit of a learning curve, so I empathize with Microsoft's desire to make the program easier for new users. From that perspective, the Ribbon interface makes sense: Put the most commonly-used features on large buttons clustered in groups.

But for long-time power users like me, the switch to Office 2010 is confusing and frustrating. The familiar menu bar (File | Edit | View | etc.) is gone, and is not even available as an option. Familiar Alt+letter keyboard shortcuts have been changed to match the Ribbon interface (although Excel, mercifully, has retained the old ones; why not the other programs?). Features that used to be accessible with a quick tap on the keyboard are now four, or five, or seven mouse-clicks away.

Despite this, there are some things to really like about Office 2010. Most especially are the new file formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc.), which result in smaller file sizes, as much as half the size of the old (.doc, .xls, etc.) files. And PowerPoint has better transitions and animations that give it a new professional edge.

But these new features could have been rolled out without removing familiar and powerful features that long-time users have come to rely on. Would it have been so hard for Microsoft to throw their existing customer base a bone? Apparently so.
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on May 3, 2015
American Baseball has a motto: “3 strikes and out”. Discount Capital, TechOutfitter, and JoeJohn79… all have the same swindle! I bought one Office 10 Pro and two Office home & Student from the above. The individual programs of the suites only uploaded trial versions. I did the steps correctly. I uploaded the shared programs, tools etc. along with the office programs. The different links in ‘help’ did not navigate. The products were auto activated with uploads but only as trial with a 30-day trial period. I doubt it: perhaps at the end of the trial one could enter the product key and then call when it comes back denied. I am not going to wait 30 days while each time I open a program and window’s alert box pops up asking for permission to load. Jeez. I wonder what kind of screening of providers Amazon does do. Three for three scams, jeez! And, to mention the time and effort packaging the returns and trips to the USP store. I am very much grateful for Amazon’s return protocol, for sure.
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on June 10, 2013
I bought Office 2010 for several reasons.
1. It is used by and for work, where they use Office 2007 on computers and 365 on the web.. Compatibility with my Open Office was not good. I could not open or edit without many work-arounds from my work e-mail. Sometimes not at all.
2. 2010 is the last of the "Buy it for your computers (3 pc's) and Use it at home versions"
3 The price can't be beat. AND I have the disk!

The install was quick on 2 Windows 8 Pro (64bit) computers and one Windows 7 Home (64bit) Laptop. About 15 minutes each plus time for 38 updates and re-boots.

Cons: My fault... I had trouble opening excel from company e-mails. A box kept popping up that it had a "problem sending the command to program" I had to save to desktop then search for it to open. It worked on my wife's computer just fine, but not mine (?)
The fix: open the "C" drive, Programs (X86) go to Microsoft Office then Office 14 look for EXCEL (which is listed as an application). Right click to properties click compatibility and uncheck "run as administrator" and uncheck run in "compatibility mode". at the bottom click "change for all users" and close.
Now..against advice, I put MY computer in "run in Win 7" compatibility mode" because that what we use at work. And "BINGO" Now it works great. On my wife's computer I un-checked run in compatibility mode. and it also works great.
So the main problem was "run as administrator" was checked on mine.

Final thoughts: I love it. Works great. If I were you I would buy it.
For Microsoft: Make a 2013 version I can Buy and put on my computer, I don't want to "subscribe to an Online version.
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on June 30, 2017
Bought 8/2010 & it's working on a Windows 10 HP as of 7/2017.
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on August 22, 2014
[UPDATE 9/21/2014 (changed rating from 1 star to 4]
Returned the first one to amazon and bought another the next day. The new one (from a different seller) arrived with the expected golden product key label and documentation. It activated successfully and shortly after I received a refund for the first one from amazon. So 4 1/2 stars to Amazon customer service for fixing it, 3 stars for having this occur in the first place.
Bottom line is to be careful when purchasing software on amazon.

[end of update. Original review is below:]


Arrived sealed, COA intact but upon attempting to activate the software I'm told the 3 licenses are all already in use!
I have never had a problem with software activation before, having bought and installed multiple copies of windows 7 for clients/family as well as several previous office installs.

I bought another copy months back from another seller and it works just fine.
Checking the differences between them I see the one I bought here has its activation code printed on a white sticker stuck on the quick start booklet while the old one (which activated without issue) had an orange-ish yellow sticker with microsoft logo on it (as seen on their "how-to-tell" genuine microsoft software page) applied to the back of the thin cardboard front (which this one is also suspiciously missing).

Other thoughts:
I tried re-entering the key as well as basic troubleshooting.
I'm calling microsoft tomorrow and failing a satisfactory resolution there I will be returning this item and filing a complaint.
I'll update this if anything changes.
The CD looks genuine and has the correct holographic technologies, just someone stuck in an already in use product key and absconded with the real one!
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on April 29, 2017
I have been using this version on my laptop and both my and my husband's desk top computer for several years and we both like the program. I am now very used to using the spreadsheet in Excel and the word docs in Word and use them daily. I have used all of the other software in the product of One Note and Power Point. I used Power Point often for class requirements when I took classes that required a slide show for class or on parent's night for my open houses at school.
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