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on August 20, 2011
I bought this for one reason and one reason only. So I could run some of my old apps such as AutoCad
and OrCad. To do so you have to start something called the XP mode virtual PC and it's buggy as heck.
You can't print to your USB printer unless you manually release it from Win7 and activate it within
the virtual environment. And once you go back to Win7, surprise! If you forgot to undo all that then
you have to go back into the virtual environment and undo it all in order to use your printer again
in Win7.
Rather than spending $80 on this useless upgrade I'd suggest just using an older computer if you have
one and run your old apps on a computer with XP or Vista. If you don't have an older computer ask
one of your friends or buy one for $80 on eBay. It will be much easier that dealing with this virtual PC.
Oh, and I forgot to mention that my Win7 is acting up now too. I think I'll restore my PC to the state
it was in before I did the upgrade.
If you do decide to upgrade then I strongly suggest you create a mirror image backup of your entire
OS partition before you do upgrade. That way you have a sound exit strategy if you find you are as
unhappy with this upgrade as I am.
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on September 25, 2010
The Windows 7 operating system is offered in several versions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. It's important to understand what features are contained (and not included!) in each version so that you won't be disappointed with your machine.

If you are going to use your laptop, computer, or workstation for any business or other serious purpose, forget about the Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium versions. Unfortunately, one of these is usually what's installed if you buy the machine from online discounters or in large electronic stores

However, all is not lost. For the first time, the Windows 7 operating system comes with all the features for all the versions. All a user has to do is "unlock" those features. That's where the "Anytime Upgrade" comes in. Open this package and you will find a code. Type in "anytime upgrade" on your machine, and you will see a screen that asks for the code. Type it in and voila! You are upgraded to Windows 7 Professional. No disks. No sweat.

It's great that Amazon sells this product at a good price. Windows 7 Professional includes a license for Windows XP and can run your older software (and drivers for older hardware like printers) in XP Mode. So when I bought my first Windows 7 machine and knew it came with the Home Premium edition, I did not worry, knowing I could buy this upgrade from Amazon.
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on July 10, 2010
This product saved me about $50 over buying my computer with Professional pre-installed. As most of you know, most new computers come with Home Premium, not Professional. Additionally, most manufacturers will charge you $120-150 to do this upgrade for you.

Professional lets you do 5 things Home Premium will not:

1. Run programs in Windows XP Mode (virtual OS)
2. Join a Domain
3. Back up data to a network location
4. Encrypt your data
5. Set a default printer for multiple networks (for laptops)

The upgrade took 8 minutes on my computer. No disc or download required. If you want or need to do any of these things, this is the way to go.

To avoid disappointment:

If you want to use XP Mode, you need a computer that supports virtualization. To find out, go to [...]. You may also need to turn on virtualization in your BIOS settings. Update: Microsoft claims you do not need hardware virtualization if you have Windows 7 service pack 1 installed. I have not tested this myself.

This product will not upgrade you from 32-bit Windows to 64-bit Windows (nor does it claim to).
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VINE VOICEon August 21, 2012
I've now used the Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade (Home Premium to Professional) several times now, and in most cases, it's easy. You simply click on the text link on your Windows 7 properties page (the one that says "Get more features with a new edition of Windows 7."), type in the Microsoft-standard 20-character key and let it do its thing. In most cases, you'll be done with the upgrade in around 15 minutes.

Notice that I said MOST cases. I've applied this upgrade to several PC's (all PC's bought with the Home Premium version, even though they were intended for business use within a domain...bad purchasing decision, but what can you do?). In most cases, it works like a charm, as described above, but I've had a few cases where the upgrade was noticeably more difficult. In those cases, I've either had to reimage or restore the PC back to its factory state prior to applying the Anytime Upgrade. A large number of updates needed to be downloaded as well (83 on my last problematic one), so that definitely added to the time, which ended up being almost two hours. Another possible workaround is to uninstall Service Pack 1 prior to applying the Upgrade, but in my cases, SP1 had never even been installed, and there was no reason to troubleshoot (company PC's being redeployed). It's an inconvenience, and you'll need to backup all your files prior to preforming the restore or reimage, but ultimately, the Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade did work.

The Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade is a good upgrade, but due to the unpredictability of PC's (and the software/malware they have installed), there will be the occasional case where it ends up being more troublesome. In most cases though, it's still the fastest, easiest OS upgrade I've ever installed.
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on September 17, 2012
Installing this upgrade for me was not as easy as everyone made it out to be. I should have read all the 1 and 2 star reviews first. I tried installing this upgrade through "Windows Anytime Upgrade" and it didn't work. It said, "Can not install, please try again." Whatever that means. So I tried about 10 times and it never worked. I then called the Microsoft Activation Hotline to verify that this wasn't a bogus code. After waiting on hold about 30 minutes I finally got an agent. He remotely hooked up to my computer and spent about 30 minutes fishing through my registry, rebooting, etc. trying to make it work and he couldn't fix it. Long story short, their plan was to have me put my original Windows 7 Home Premium disk into my computer and try running the upgrade off of that. So I did and after 45 minutes it finally worked. You just run the upgrade off your disk, key in your original code for Home Premium, and then key in the code for Professional. Total time spent doing this upgrade was about 2.5 hours. Hopefully this helps anyone who is in this same boat.
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on October 16, 2011
I thought I'd provide some details of what happens when you buy the online upgrade code, because that's where I had some concerns before I purchased. I'm not going to even attempt to review why I needed to purchase an upgrade code, etc. as the reasons behind why any individual person needs to upgrade their operating system are so diverse. I'm also not going to review the operating system itself, as this is an Upgrade purchase, and the review should be of the upgrade process, and specifically this is a digital delivery purchase so my review addresses the specifics of this purchase.

Note: You don't have to upgrade the computer you are currently working on, the person enters the code later on whatever computer is to be upgraded. In my case, this code was entered some time later on a completely different machine.

When you go through and purchase, the end screen will tell you that you have purchased and ask you to confirm that you wish to view your upgrade code on the screen. Note that you automatically receive an email from Amazon with the Order Confirmation, but this does not have your code in it.

You click that you agree and want to see the code. The screen then shows you the code directly on the screen. You can cut and paste it right then and there (that's what I did). There are three small buttons on the right of the code on the screen:

1. "Print" - Gives you a printable popup with the code and instructions that I've provided below. I printed it, print of course works fine. The email options did NOT work for me, as described below....)

2. "Email" - Shows a popup with your amazon account's email address prefilled so that you can easily email to yourself (or you can change the email address as needed), (I sent the email to my email -- it has never arrived a day later, I've checked my spam folder as well, so I'd say definitely print it in addition to anything else you try and;

3. "Send as Gift" - This sends the code in an email to someone else. Clicking this button shows a popup, with the following fields: Recipient's email address, To (used to address the recipient, presumably), From (defaults to your Amazon name, you can update this field), and Message (an initially blank field that you can type in, it's a free field text of 300 max characters). I tried this one as well, no email, no message in spam, so not sure what to think, maybe their email (SMTP) server was down this weekend... but be advised that email can have problems)

They give you instructions on how to use the code. I'll provide them here in case anyone else (similar to myself) was curious about how exactly this worked:

How to Use Your Windows Anytime Upgrade Key
1. Copy and paste this key into the PC already running Windows that you wish to upgrade:
2. On your PC, open Windows Anytime Upgrade by clicking the Start button, typing "Windows Anytime Upgrade" in the search box, and then clicking Windows Anytime Upgrade in the list of results.
3. Click "Enter an upgrade key", then enter your 25 digit upgrade key.
4. Following the verification process of your upgrade key, accept the licensing terms.
5. Click the "Upgrade" button to complete the upgrade process.
6. If prompted, you may need to reboot your computer.
Congratulations, you have now updated your edition of Windows 7!

Now, the email that has your Order Confirmation (that does NOT have your code, it's just the order confirmation) says that your code is available in your Amazon Games and Software Library, and the order confirmation email itself gives you a link to your own account's library. Click that link in your email and it will open up your Amazon account's Games and Software Library and the Product Key(s) that you've purchased will all appear there. The "Print", "Email", "Send as Gift" buttons appear to the right of the code on this page as well, so if you missed it the first time around, you can try again.

Upgrade (it's an unlock) was smooth, nothing to comment there. At this point, a day later, I still haven't received an email with the code by clicking the "Email" button to the right of the code displayed on the screen. I definitely recommend printing your code with the "Print" function.
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on May 27, 2012
Just a cautionary tale.

I was looking into this and kept reading about how it works (or doesn't) and get it now - versus - Free Shipping.

There are apparently two versions offered by Amazon.

One is delivered by Amazon using Shipping (I did not buy that one) which ships a carton or something with the Anytime Upgrade key. I do not know if you can then download the key online, but I suspect not.

The reason I suspect not, is..

There is a different one called [Online Code] that is about a dollar more expensive but says its delivered by Amazon Digital Delivery (I bought this one) and it does present the key to you after the purchase.

I used this with a Velocity Micro PC to upgrade from Home Premium to Pro. Which is an OEM install of Win7 Home Premium and does have the Anytime Upgrade feature, it accepted the key and started performing the upgrade. I'm currently waiting for it to finish.

The reason I bought the PC without Pro was I wanted to buy it stock and perform the Anytime Upgrade myself, after finding a reason to justify it.

The reason I found was first thing after firstboot I went to find System Backup and planned to backup the system to another networked computer. But I read the Network Backup feature does not come with Home Premium. You can backup to a local disk or DVD drive but not to the Network.. that's a deal breaker and all the reason I needed to justify upgrading.

It's a rather odd feature for Microsoft to quibble over and justify Pro over Home Premium, but its insulting to think it should not be included with base product. That's just my opinion. I can't live in 2012 without a network backup and recovery product. So end of story.
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on April 27, 2012
I recently purchased a new quad-core laptop that had Win7HP on it. I wanted Win7 Professional for the virtualization capabilities, so I could run Linux within Win7, as well as have access to XP Mode for certain unique business applications.

Getting to this item took a bit of careful searching, especially at the price I paid (nice savings compared to direct from Microsoft). Within a minute of purchase, I had the Product Activation Code, both in my email and here on Amazon. I opened the Anytime Upgrade menu, and copied the code in. About 10 minutes later, I had the machine I wanted, running Windows 7 as the host, and XP Mode and Ubuntu Linux 12.04 as guest OS's. To get Linux running, however, I did have to download a different virtualization package from Oracle (free), but other than that it works just fine.

A bit of warning here, though, this is not for gaming. HID devices (joysticks and game controllers) will not work in XP Mode, though most business devices that use USB ports work just fine. However, if you have a legit copy of the OS you are wanting to use (CoA with activation code), you can install it just fine, especially using the Oracle VM device.

USB Devices aren't shared across the different OS's, but your networking devices are. Make sure to just stick to the default settings on this, and each OS will be able to share your wired and wireless network connections.

You will need to reinstall antivirus software for each individual virtual machine, for some reason each OS insists on it (especially Windows). I haven't explored the why's of this, and tend to lean towards the paranoid side when it comes to the internet, so I installed Microsoft Security Essentials on all Windows virtual machines, just to be safe (I've never had security issues with Linux).

Total time to pay for, get the code, and do the upgrade was under 15 minutes, and setting up Linux and XP Mode in under 30 minutes combined total. All three run very happy together. The host runs in 64 bit mode, all guest OS's run in 32 bit mode.
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on January 8, 2012
Boy Windows has come a long way. I left them 6 years ago to go to Macs where the world is all rainbows and sunshine, but recently had to buy a PC for work. Most PC's in stores only come with the Windows 7 Home Edition so I bought this upgrade to go to Professional.

You can buy the upgrade as a box, so you have something in your hand, or you can just purchase it and the "unlocking code" can be emailed to you. I chose to buy the "empty box" because I wanted the fancy holographic sticker in case something went wrong and I had to call Microsoft about it. For instance, I used the code to upgrade my new computer, but what if I had problems with the computer and had to return it? My upgrade would go with the computer and I didn't know if I could use it more than once.

Well, obviously, Microsoft doesn't want you using it more than once just because you have multiple computers you want to upgrade.. But I did call and ask them what would happen if I had to return the computer that I had used my upgrade on and buy another one. They told me to just call them, and they would take care of it.

So, maybe there's no problem with just buying the code, but I feel better having the receipt and the box with the fancy hologram. You only have to wait a few days to get it. Amazon is so fast, even on their free shipping.

As to how it worked, it was simple as pie to upgrade. There is an Upgrade option listed in my applications, but also the box told me how to find the correct place to go to enter the number. So it was easy and just worked, which is not the way I remember Microsoft to be 6 years ago! Finally, they are making things work for regular people who are novices and not computer techs.

Do read the description well before purchasing. There are different codes to buy if you are upgrading from different versions of Windows. This one is for Home Premium to Professional.

I chose Professional because I wanted the encryption for work since I work on patient's charts at home. The native encryption only comes with the Professional version.
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on August 3, 2010
Needed XP Mode on our i7 desktop that originally shipped with Home Premium in order to run several work-related packages that my wife needed. Brief debate over whether to anytime upgrade to this or Ultimate, but since this computer receiving the upgrade didn't ship with a TPM chip, I decided (rightly or wrongly) that BitLocker and Ultimate wasn't worth the added expense and opted for this Professional upgrade.

Don't think that the upgrade process could have gone any smoother.

All you receive with the Anytime Upgrade package is a product key; with that it apparently unlocks portions of Windows 7 already installed on your computer that make up the different aspects that define it as being the 'Professional' version. I say 'apparently unlocks' because while monitoring the upgrade process I noted the internet activity indicator on the computer's taskbar (via Comodo's Firewall icon we already had installed on this computer), and there was little if any downloading taking place during the update beyond that of an initial Windows validation contact with Microsoft's servers.

Pretty much the entire process takes place within your existing installation of Windows 7; simply type in the product key when prompted for it after launching the Anytime Upgrade routine built into Windows and the rest of upgrade pretty much is off and running on its own. After a period of 7-8 minutes, an auto reboot, and signing back in...and the computer is now a Windows 7 Professional box, ready to download and install those parts unavailable to the Home Premium version. Actually seemed more than a bit weird that for the cost of the upgrade that I didn't have to spend HOURS fussing and cussing with Windows as I've had in the past with upgrading from one version to the next. Too easy...and actually a nice change for once. Things went so smoothly and painlessly that I didn't need to touch the backup of our data on our external hard drive.

Windows 7 Professional operates just as Home Premium did before; bootup is just as quick, and once all the bits my wife needed were downloaded from Microsoft and installed, it was all very stable and running quite smoothly, without so much as a hiccup (knock wood).

Very nice indeed, Microsoft. But as seamless as the install went, there's still a part of me that for the price of this upgrade wishes that the process didn't go quite so FAST.
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