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on August 11, 2016
I feel that this is a counterfeit Microsoft product. It does not have the smooth feel of a true Microsoft mouse (this is NOT my first time with a Microsoft mouse.) The rubber on the wheel is too smooth. The bottom sticker is all in Chinese and not printed onto the mouse and to top it off, the USB transceiver will NOT FIT into any of the USB ports on my computer. It is far too small. If you have been using a Microsoft mouse for as long as I have, you can tell when it's just not right. That is my opinion on this product and I'm not sure how I could verify, other than sending it to Microsoft. I will visit our local office supply store to find my Microsoft replacement, as I do not trust purchasing this from Amazon.
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on January 9, 2014
Well...... at least it doesn't suck as bad as Microsoft software (like operating systems)!!! I frequently have to turn the mouse on and off several times to get it to work and the battery lasts MAYBE a month max. Now.... in fairness, I do use this pretty heavily so I don't expect to get the rated 10 months battery life, but other mice (Dell, Logitech, Etc.) have lasted WAY longer between battery changes even the ones using the lower capacity AAA batteries. My advice (especially if you consider the frequently reported over-heating receiver issues) is to consider trying another brand that is highly-rated.

(UPDATE) - I finally had enough of the battery gobbling and having to fiddle with it to wake-up that when it developed ANOTHER problem, I said ENOUGH!!! The mouse started having issues with the wheel rubbing against the surrounding housing and kept "biting-into" the housing and refusing to roll. I said enough is enough and replaced this problem child with a much superior (so far) laser mouse from HP. Below is a link to the one I would recommend instead of this "chunk"!!!

HP Wireless Mouse X4000 with Laser Sensor (Winter Blue)
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on June 9, 2017
I'll start by saying that I have purchased several of these because:

- Wireless with very good tracking on most surfaces (I'm not a gamer and this isn't a gamer's mouse, but it does track well)
- Good weight/balance (I prefer slightly smaller mice due to the weight)
- Good shape and fits in the hand easily
- Simple (2 main buttons, central wheel + button and "back" button on the left side*). I customize this side button so it acts as an easily accessible middle click instead.

However, the downside of this particular mouse is: Durability & quality. I keep 3 in use at any given moment with one being my main, i.e. 1 work mouse, 1 stays in my backpack for travel/meetings and 1 at home. I've purchased 6 (soon to be 7) ever since I've started using it maybe 4-5 years ago and have failures with them over time. The main flaw usually is in the scroll wheel which either gets dirty and locks up due to skin buildup over time (could be resolved maybe by cleaning*, but more on that later) or the buttons fail. The failing buttons usually manifest themselves over time by proxy of either starting to double click or no longer clicking at all.

* Note: You will not be able to dismantle this mouse if you want to clean it. The reason for this is because you must first remove the plastic contacts that are on the front/back edges of the mouse which are intended to allow for smooth movement across your mousepad. Unfortunately, they are basically just thick stickers and cannot be removed without slightly damaging them (as they will curl from the pressure of removal or just get bent) and there will be sticky residue left over on the edges, causing the mouse to stick/hang if you reapply; assuming the sticker sticks well after reapplication.
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on January 27, 2013
I am a 42 year old female who works for a Software company, and thus, spends 10-12 hours a day typing on my laptop and using a mouse. I have previously used the Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 5000 for many years and loved it, but decided to try something new. Since I have arthritis in my hands, as well as muscle tightness and pain in my arms (due to overuse for many years on the computer, for which I am not going to Physical Therapy), I really need a mouse that is lightweight and smooth requiring for the least amount of effort possible to navigate. This mouse is perfect for me!

It is curved in on the sides, more than it appears in the picture since that picture was taken on an angle. This is a great feature, as it fits better to your hand. The scroll wheel is very smooth - it doesn't click when you scroll it, it just rolls. It can be used on any surface - I have used it on a wooden tv table (as I am now!), my wooden desk, a plastic desk, etc. and it works great. I actually used a plastic mouse pad with my last mouse, but I have found that this works so well, that I don't need it! It just seems to glide over any surface.

Regarding the size, I would saw that it's slightly smaller than my other mouse, and more lightweight. I have very small hands (I am only 5 feet tall) and this fits my hands perfectly.

I bought it originally in Staples, and loved it so much that I ordered two more of them here (as products are often discontinued when I decide that I love them, for some reason)! I am not sure why the price varies depending on the color of the mouse? That is strange to me, but I now have two in the black color (called Graphite) and just ordered one in white (waiting for it to arrive).

In summary, if you are unsure, go to Staples or Office Depot and try it out as they have this on display in the mouse area. But, buy it here as it is about 30% more expensive in Staples versus the price that I paid for it here. Love this mouse - best mouse that I have ever used!
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on June 19, 2014
The mouse itself is nice and a little quieter than most. But the scrolling wheel doesn't scroll. I was about to return the mouse but first searched to see if there is an easy solution. What I found is that many people have been having the same issue since 2010 and apparently it hasn't been fixed. That's enough to give it a 1 star.

Someone tech-savvy posted the steps for how to fix this problem, but the process is very involved and I would not recommend it if you're short on patience or are not very tech savvy. But if you've already purchased the mouse and want to try to fix the issue before returning it, the steps are posted here - scroll down (but not with your MM 4000) to the June 14, 2012 post: [...]
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on March 17, 2017
Nice contour to hold. But not immediately inviting after getting used to Logitech M705 design. Good 'back' button on the right although there's no forward button. Scroll wheel is too smooth, it feels like you are sliding your finger over something fixed rather than the feeling of rolling scroll wheel. Pointer is fine, not impressive out of the box. Middle button difficult to press. It goes down to certain level first and then to middle click. Kind of weird and you would feel you are pressing it as it goes half way down first but then once you are there you need to press really hard. Not sure about right and left scroll work fine with interference from up and down scroll due to its smooth movement.

Weight of mouse seems a bit out of balance with it being heavy towards back. Can get used to it though.

Need to try what can be customized with mouse and keyboard center yet.
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on March 28, 2015
This mouse works great... I don't have any complains about it's performance. Nevertheless, THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL PRODUCT!! which pisses me off A LOT... I saw a comment talking about this and the person compared this mouse with another one that's supposed to be the same one; casually, I was also replacing an old mouse that's the same model. For my surprise, what that person said about all the differences between these two are true... I didn't notice these differences before, because when I got the new mouse I just threw the old one in the bottom drawer of my closet. In conclusion, as I said before, the mouse works just fine and if you don't mind getting a counterfeit product go ahead and buy this, but I'm seriously MAD because they're selling this as if it was the original Microsoft mouse.
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on August 11, 2016
Two months of use and I can't keep the battery in place. Amazon will not do anything. "too late to return" is not good answer to stuff that does not work and company who wants to keep customer happy!

Microsoft wants you to mail the mouse back at my cost and will then send another. SWELL! no mouse for a few weeks, great support guys.

I'm use to microsoft not caring but very disappointed in Amazon today.

Makes BestBuy look like a good idea right now.

Don't Buy

I add this a daylater: Silly me, I was thinking that MAYBE Amazon would read this bad review and contact me and want to fix this. But jezzz. Do a sort on just one star reviews of this thing and you can see a LOT of people think this thing sucks and are not happy. I have a real microsoft one so don't think it is only the knock off items that stink.
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on July 30, 2014
I was using a Microsoft Wireless Bluetooth Notebook Optical Laser Mouse 5000 which I absolutely loved. Problem is it seems that the 5000 is no longer produced or something. The ones I do see advertised are super expensive. In my opinion the 5000 is the best designed compact/notebook mouse ever created. So I purchased this as a replacement and here is my assessment of the 4000.

- Like the soft touch feel of the sides
- Scroll wheel gives a slight indication of scrolling (i.e. its not totally smooth so you can feel each slight rotation but its so slight its not like the old mice that clicked as they rotated).
- Has a back button on the left and ability to click/push left/push right the scroll wheel.

- Its a little bit too large for notebook use and storage (its about 0.75 inches longer than the 5000).
- The left side button used for back is too far forward to allow clicking the button when resting fingers on the mouse in a natural position. The middle of the back button is even with the back of the scroll wheel. If you naturally rest your fingers on the mouse this puts the back button right at your first knuckle of your index finger. So unless you have a thumb that reaches the same length as your pinky figure you won't be able to click the back button unless you move your hand up on the mouse or significantly bend your index and middle finger. The 5000 design put the back button right where your thumb naturally sits (between the 2nd and 3rd knuckle of your index finger) so you could click back without having to adjust your grip on the mouse. This is a huge design issue in my opinion.
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on February 26, 2014
The middle button is too hard to press and the scroll is too smooth without any notches, so when I try to middle click on a link to open it in a new tab, it scrolls the whole page! Very frustrating if you use the middle button on your mouse.

Also, it is a nasty battery drainer. But since I use rechargeable batteries I don't have a complain about that part.
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