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on August 7, 2017
In a few respects, it IS better than the "WIE". The mouse is incredibly responsive and accurate. The left and right mouse buttons have a nice, firm click, but are easy to press. The thumb buttons on the left (which I rarely use) are not in the way like they are with the "WIE", resulting in less accidental clicks. The recharging feature is very much appreciated (and I appreciate even more that the battery is replaceable). The scroll wheel feels very smooth and the left/right tilt functionality of the scroll wheel is far less stiff. The tilt feature however, is also something I rarely use, but maybe I'll start now that it's actually usable.
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on December 6, 2012
As with all my reviews i review them based on expectations not on actual performance. Because anyone buying this expecting it to perform like 80 dollar mouse is in for disappointment. Dont buy a ford and complain it wont handle like a porsche.
Light weight
good size feels great in the hand
scroll wheel is smooth and precise (no clicking, doesn't bother me tho)
External charger is optional. you can just change batteries manually as i have a separate charger i use for my batteries.

no hyper scrolling
i miss that extra button logitech MX gave me on the thumb rest
Only holds 1 AAA battery. would like to see two to increase run time

I'm very satifised with this mouse for a cheap price. I"m coming off a logitech performance MX mouse a high end mouse which i loved but the scroll wheel is going bad and its very jittery and had to get new mouse. Overall happy with this mouse does what it needs to.
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on July 6, 2011
I purchased this for the ergo design. Unfortunately, I have not been able to use it, as it simply does not charge! I have followed all of the instructions including rotating the power cord, turning it off while attempting to charge, adding paper around the battery to make it thicker, adding foil to help it connect, and replaced the battery. It simply does not hold a charge therefore I am unable to use it. I also plugged it directly into the wall instead of a power strip thinking through some unknown logic that it would solve the problem. It is a failure and does not work! I wish I had read the reviews before making this purchase!
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on February 6, 2012
I bought this mouse during May of 2011 (over 8 months ago) and the mouse has served me fairly well.

The construction is good. No annoying clicking sounds. I only use the 2 main buttons and track wheel on a regular basis. The hardware on the track wheel is excellent. Its really smooth and perfectly sized. This is a relatively large mouse, but I like this as I have fairly large hands. It is heavy to use over time, although this really takes a good 6 hours of use to really be an issue. I wouldn't use this mouse in any kind of mobile capacity. I use it at my desk (i'm a college student and so i spend ALOT of time using the mouse).

I've used it for a little bit of everything, including FPS gaming. The wireless is really nice and i've never had issues with it. A mousepad is definitely NOT needed. I have used it on my bed from across the room, so it really can work on any surface.

There are some significant problems with the mouse however. The charger is a piece of crap. Worked once and never worked again. Did everything I could to get it to work, but in the end I just used a normal AAA battery. This is annoying as one of the selling points for me was the easy charging cradle. Despite this, the battery truly does last a solid month. So I consider this to be a minor annoyance.

The way the mouse is designed is a case of "almost" right. Again, the size isn't an issue for me, but my pinky and ring fingers are considerably lower than the rest of my hand. If I need to lift the mouse at all (maybe due to a lack of space on my desk) I have to use my thumb and pinky to lift it. This fatigues my pinky over time as the mouse is kinda heavy and my pinky is awkwardly placed.

Also, the microsoft mouse software is really annoying. Every once in a while (it is completely random) the scroll wheel setting just goes to max sensitivity. I have to go into the settings and adjust the sensitivity back every time this happens, and its happened enough for me to call it a problem.

I see this mouse being useful for a long time to come, however i'm looking for something new that is a little more comfortable to use over time. Hope this helps!
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on December 25, 2012
I wanted an affordable rechargeable wireless mouse, and that's what this is.

So, for the pros, it's mostly about price. It also doesn't seem to drain through my batteries fast, and charges quickly.

The first two issues I've had were commonly mentioned in other reviews:

1) Blinking Red LED - The generic battery provided is crap. It seems they've had two main issues, either they're not fat enough to press a sensor, and people sometimes fixed this by wrapping paper around the battery (didn't work for me). The other issue being the male part isn't long enough (Ha Ha). Simple solution for me was a quick trip to walgreens, bought a pack of Energizer AAA Rechargeable batteries, and it's worked great ever since.

2) Very low profile. Moreso than most mice. Mostly an issue because I have averagely larger than average hands, but not so much of an issue that it ruins the mouse for me. Just very awkward at first, and this mouse is the most extreme out of similarly shaped ones I've personally used.

3) The skates on the bottom don't elevate the hole for the lenses very high. What this means is that if you use it on surface that collects dirt/dust, it'll scrape across, get in there, and you'll have to clean it off fairly often. I put a few pieces of scotch tape over the skates to raise it slightly, just so that the hole wasn't scraping across the surface and collecting dust. A Q-tip also fits in the hole and makes it a simple task to clean.

Other thoughts: I'd prefer if I could plug directly in to the mouse to charge it instead of placing it on a charger for continual usage. Also, the thumb buttons are a bit higher and a bit smaller than I'd like. Lastly, I really wish wireless mice would have some sort of 'beeper' built in as a standard feature to help me find it, I always end up losing it lol..
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on October 19, 2012
I was a little skeptical about buying this mouse, especially with all the mixed reviews. However I figured being a Microsoft product it can't be that bad for the $20 it was listed for. So I decided to buy it and out of the box had the same problem everyone else had, that is the battery won't charge. Initially I was pretty disappointed because the rechargeable feature was what really made me decide on this mouse. After trying to mess with the adapter orientation, and the tape around the battery trick with no luck. I decided to try a 15 minute rechargeable battery that I had laying around in it, and it worked (mostly). After charging for a while the mouse would recognize that the battery was a bit different than what it was designed for and would go back to the flashing red light, it was however enough to use the mouse. I should point out at this point that this mouse has one rechargeable AAA battery, and you can just use standard AAAs but it defeats the purpose of it being rechargeable. I decided the reason the mouse didn't accept the 15 minute rechargeable battery was the fast charging rate, I therefore decided to take a trip to the store and buy a pack of regular Energizer rechargeable batteries. 10 bucks later I have 3 extra batteries and a mouse that now charges.

Now that I have power to the mouse it is really a nice mouse, I have it set up for the defaults now but you can change the speed for the pointer and scrolling. You can also change the function of the two shortcut buttons. Operation is very smooth and the laser-less design seems to work better on different surfaces than my old Logitech. I find the ergonomic design to be very comfortable as well. There is however one more thing you may have to do in order to really enjoy what this mouse has to offer, at least this was the case for me. The disc packaged with this mouse was not compatible with my Windows 7 64 Bit machine, however a short browse through Microsoft's website fixed that problem as a more updated version of the software is available from their website. Bottom line, I really do like this mouse but it did take a bit more work than expected to get it working. However even after buying batteries I figure $30 isn't terrible for a mouse of this caliber.
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on July 24, 2012
The Battery that came with mine was corroded. Probably from sitting in warehouses since 2010 which is the date of manufacture. I already had extra rechargeable AAA batteries sitting around so I just swapped it out and have had no problems. Other than that it is exactly what you would expect. A medium quality, rechargeable and ergonomic mouse. I'm not a huge fan of how it was assembled as you can feel the creases along the silver strip and it is way lighter than I am used to but that may just be because I'm use to mice that need 2 x AA. just by going to the single AAA you loose a lot of weight. It had no problem working automatically when I hooked it up to my 32-bit XP PC nor did I have a problem connecting to my 64-bit windows 7 machine. I didn't even need to pair them up. The connector sits about 3 feet away plugged directly into the back of my PC and I have great connection until about 6 feet. I love the built in charger and on/off switch. seriously, for $20 this is really a no-brainer. You get a great Microsoft wireless mouse with decent range and a built in charger with decent battery life and good ergonomics. I would pay that for a standard wired mouse.
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on October 17, 2015
-Good range
-Accurate laser pointer
-Nice shape
-Tactile button response
-Rechargeable (used for over two years with no new batteries required)

-Stock batteries are too small (everyone seems to have this problem, often causing no charging/blinking red light)
This requires either new batteries or to wrap a couple layers of paper around them so they fit properly

I was considering a four because it seems insane to cheap out a little on batteries and create a mis-functioning mouse but after the initial setup it's worked great for at least two years.
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on February 7, 2011
When I first received the mouse and started using it I will say it was uncomfortable. The shape is unique and does take some getting used to. But once the "break-in" period was over, about 3 to 4 days it feels great. Easy to hold even with small hands. After a few adjustments on track speed it became very accurate and quick. I do a lot of gaming where fast point-and-click is required and it performs well. Very smooth glide wheel action and fine tuning is great with the the options in the driver for customizing. The 2 sides buttons are a Godsend. I also do work at home that requires a lot of copy/paste so that is what I chose to program the side buttons for. No more ctrl-c/ctrl-v or using pull-downs. The mouse makes that task simple and easy with no effort whatsoever. You can also program the buttons to do things according to a specific program. I chose to make them shoot primary and secondary weapons in a game I play all the time. After you leave that program the buttons go back to the default which in my case is copy and paste.

The only negative thing was that the rechargeable battery in my package was a dud. Once you open you install the software first. Then charge the mouse for 2 hours to have enough charge to complete install. After that 2 hours you can install the USB transmitter and then the mouse sinks up automatically without the need for pushing buttons although there is a connection button on the USB kry and the mouse if ever needed. So, anyway, after 2 hours in the charger my mouse light was still red and dead. I inserted a regular AA battery and away I went. I didn't bother trying to get the bad battery replaced. I bought a 4 pack at Walmart for like six bucks. I use the mouse heavy and a full charge lasts over a week. What I do is cradle it like every other night and it keeps it conditioned and fully charged.

Overall a great product and I would highly recommended it to anyone.
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on November 3, 2011
I'll try to be delicate here and still get across my extreme displeasure with this product. It's highly likely, as I've never had problems with a Microsoft product before, that this particular unit was a lemon or the batter was a lemon. Having said that, these wireless mice are suppose to be plug and play. I charged the unit according to instruction for the prescribed time and the green indicator light did not come on to indicate a good power source. In addition to that, I inserted the driver CD into my computer and got a window that said the software is not compatible with my operating system (Windows 7 64 bit)and to go to Microsoft and down load the updated driver. I did so and when trying to install, I receive the same message about incompatibility. So suffice it to say at this point I am just a little frustrated. Went through the entire process from start to finish three times with no positive results. As I was not happy at this point I followed the instructions to return the item. Amazon was very cooperative at this point and credited my account. Though I am still totally dissatisfied with the product. Hugh
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