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The standard 6 foot 360 HDMI Cable. For the price point of just under $9 this isn't the best option you can find on Amazon. If you're like me and you still enjoy playing some old 360 games on the original console (but got said console before HDMI became as standard as it is today) then this is a good choice if space isn't an issue. However, I needed a cable with a bit more length than this one so I ended up returning it. The Amazon Basics HDMI cable comes in a 10ft length that is only a dollar or so less than this option.
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Normally, I review products so people know how they compare to the competition. I also want to give customers a feeling about whether the product is worth buying. It's tough to do in this case. There are no competing products, and you end up with standard connectors. If you need them, you have no other choice.

HDMI is a standard. Microsoft hates standards because they allow you to buy things from other vendors. Their HDMI cable is probably fine. I don't know because I don't need it. I have plenty of standard HDMI cables. What I didn't have was the dongle. Instead of building a standard Toslink connector into the XBOX, Microsoft gives you a proprietary connector and a standard HDMI connector. They give you an SD cable when you buy the XBOX, which defeats the point of HD graphics. If your XBOX came with component cables too, you got the Toslink connector BUT the cable blocks the HDMI port. Why would Microsoft design it that way except to force you to buy their dongle? This way, even though you already have both connectors you need, one blocks the other like the school bully who wants your lunch money.

You can use any good HDMI cable you want and get the same results. It will give you the best picture and sound. But if you need to hook an HDMI cable to your TV and need a Toslink connection for your audio system, you get ripped off paying for this dongle. The dongle itself works fine. I now get full surround sound for my XBOX and for any HD DVDs it plays. It's no better than from the component cable's Toslink jack except it no longer blocks the HDMI port.

In my case, I have a top of the line Sony HDTV. Sony designed it to accept three HDMI connections, and its Toslink output gives full surround, EXCEPT when the input is from an HDMI source instead of their built in tuner. This has nothing to do with this cable, except that's the situation that would require you needing one. If you can plug an HDMI cable into your audio system and have it send HDMI output to your TV, then you don't need this cable/dongle. If you are using your TV's audio, or if it sends the full digital audio signal to your audio system, you don't need this cable either.

This cable also gives you analog stereo output. It's fairly pointless. If you have an HDMI input on your TV, you can use its analog audio outputs if your audio system has no digital inputs or surround sound.
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on March 6, 2017
Exactly what we needed to play multiplayer minecraft.
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2010
This kit includes both an HDMI cable and an RCA/Optical Audio adapter. The RCA/Optical Audio adapter has connections for both digital optical and RCA-type audio. If you just want to connect your Xbox 360 to your TV or A/V receiver via HDMI, you can probably get by with an HDMI cable alone (and these can be obtained very inexpensively). I needed this kit because I need to use both the HDMI connection (to my A/V receiver) and the digital optical audio output (to my Turtle Beach wireless gaming headphones) at the same time. The RCA/Optical adapter that came with my Xbox 360 has such a large-size connector that it blocks the HDMI port, so I couldn't use both at the same time. The RCA/Optical Audio adapter in this package has a smaller connector so that both HDMI and RCA/Optical audio can be plugged in simultaneously. I give it 5 stars because it does all that it is supposed to do and works well. The list price is too pricey so I bought it used through an Amazon 3rd-party seller and it was just like new (and in fact may be new, but just not in the original packaging).
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on January 29, 2016
The cord had a break in it somewhere. When watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Video on my xbox, the screen would go blank for a few seconds every hour or so. I didn't immediately suspect the cable. It was new, the xbox wasn't; neither was the TV. I came across another HDMI cable I didn't know I had and replaced the new one just to see. Lo and behold the problem had been the brand new Microsoft HDMI cable
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on March 4, 2017
Nice product
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VINE VOICEon February 27, 2009
If your sound system setup can simply read the digital audio through an HDMI cable, then you can buy and use any HDMI cable which should cost significantly less.

However, if you need to split digital audio separately from HDMI such as to a receiver that has only HDMI pass-through, then you need this dongle if you want to use HDMI for the video. This is the only cable that doesn't block the HDMI port. It as a digital optical out on the dongle.

If you only need the RCA output, then I suggest you just plug the HDMI into your TV and then use the RCA out from your TV. But given reports of some problems with digital out from TV, you might not want to leave it to the TV to send the digital out as it might be PCM, not full Dolby/DTS even though the HDMI does it. Some setups detect or are set to send PCM through HDMI when connected to a TV that doesn't have its own Dolby Digital or DTS decoder, which might explain why you end up with only PCM out.

So the dongle works perfectly. The HDMI cable works as best as I can tell. I am very happy with it. The price is steep, but it might be your only choice. So just try to find a deal.
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on February 6, 2012
The other reviews are a bit confusing, but here is what you get: just a standard HDMI cable.

I am annoyed because you don't get what is shown in the picture. The picture shows the black HDMI cable and packaging that Microsoft sells for the "Xbox 360 S". It's black to match the new 360 and it says "Xbox360" right on it. They are currently selling this in stores for $40 or something. I thought I was getting the same thing that you find on a store shelf.

What you do get is a grey HDMI cable in a plain bag (not a box). It matches the old, white Xbox 360. It appears to be a genuine Microsoft product, and it works great. But again; it is not the item pictured. It serves the same purpose, but instead of being black and saying "Xbox 360", it is grey, has no retail packaging, and says "Microsoft".
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on April 20, 2009
First, let me say the Xbox 360 HDMI AV Cable that I purchased works flawlessly and is exactly what I needed to solve my AV needs. However, when I purchased it, it was listed as NEW, but is obviously a unit that had been returned to stock, the original packaging was held together with packing tape and the confirmation e-mail I received after the purchase listed it as a "returned item". It works and works well but I thought I was purchasing something brand new; just something to consider. The second thing is the item came within the time frame given but that time frame was 3 weeks, it came in two. I purchased other items days after this item which arrived within 2-3 days of purchase and then I had to wait another full week before putting everything together because this item took so long to ship out and then make its way to me. Still, it was very good price and as I said, everything is working fine now. I would rate higher but the deception(?) on condition and length of time from purchase to receiving was disappointing.
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on December 31, 2011
Beware of what your buying. You get nothing more than a Xbox Slim OEM packaged Microsoft HDMI cable for $25. I bought this assuming it would come with the audio adapter since the packaging they show in their picture is of the actual Microsoft HDMI kit. It however is not. I have plenty of HDMI cables i paid $5 for that will work just as good as this. I wanted the MS Audio adapter as the cheap chinese knock offs never work like they are suppose to. Don't make the same mistake i did with this seller. Read the description. It was my own mistake.
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