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on March 19, 2011
I have had my Xbox 360 for a couple years, but I never had invested in a chatpad. The live voice chat, I thought, made typing messages fairly rare. But as I played more online co-op and versus games, the occasions come up when you want to thank another player for playing honorably, or finishing the campaign despite the late hour, or whatever. Picking letters using the joystick and screen is a fairly laborious process, so I bought the chatpad.

At first, I thought it didn't work. I had attached it to the controller, but the chatpad did not seem to work. Make sure it "Clicks" on both sides of your controller. The fit is very snug, and I do not think it was intended to come on and off regularly. Once the chatpad was snapped into place properly, it worked brilliantly.

The chatpad is a great add-on for your controller:
1) the chatpad has an access point for the standard xbox 360 wired headset.
2) the chatpad is very light and does not in any way interfere with the controller.
3) the chatpad letters/numbers are backlit when you start typing.
4) the chatpad works fine with the Xbox 360 Black Play & Charge Kit and also works with Xbox 360 Energizer Power and Play Charging System - Black. You do not have to remove the chatpad to charge your controller. NOTE: CHATPAD WILL HAVE TO BE REMOVED TO CHARGE YOUR CONTROLLER WITH Xbox 360 Charge Base - Black
5) the chatpad is compact with green shift and red shift which allows each key to function as 2 additional signs or symbols (great for creating names for aliens, elves, or other characters)

I frequently use the chatpad eventhough I didn't think I would. Generally speaking the chatpad is most useful for:
1) leaving players a quick "thank you"
2) entering the MS points redemption codes
3) creating your bio/profile
4) easily creating custom character names in various games.

The xbox 360 chatpad is a surprisingly useful add-on. I can't believe I used the xbox for so long without one. I can whole-heartedly recommend the chatpad to most xbox users and all xbox players who play online.
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on July 19, 2016
Chatpad [A+]
This is the exact same chatpad as the old XBOX 360 classic white chatpad. This black version has hard keys that are easy to find with your fingers without having to look at the chatpad and the keys don't go sideways on you like the soft key chatpads I've tried (and regretted). The individual letters light up just like the white version. It also has the light behind the orange and green symbols and buttons. If you like the old white chatpad, this is the one to replace it with.

Headset [A]
You'll probably need to bend the headband to stretch it out. After a while it will feed like you're not wearing it. It's very lightweight compared to some of my headsets (that have two speakers). You can wear it on your left or right ear - the mic wand rotates all the way around to both sides.
It's decent. The Friends in the Parties I've been in have all said it's fine and sounds just like the headset I normally use. I like the one-ear when I want to hear other things that are going on in the room, when I have music playing, etc. If you don't want to hear anything except the game and people in chat, then get a two-ear set and keep this headset in a drawer somewhere for when you need a backup.
Complaint About Plug:
This headset has the new standard single audio plug - not the old style plug with two plastic things on each side. The mute switch is large and slides On/Off. It's on a dongle in the middle of the audio cable along with the rotating volume control dial. I prefer the old style where mute and volume were at the base of the plug and you always knew exactly where it was at instead of having to look down and try to find the dongle on the cable like you have to with the new style.

Overall [A]
I'm very happy with the purchase. I would've paid $20 for the chatpad by itself. It's easily worth that much. Having the headset thrown in is a nice plus.
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on December 30, 2010
I wanted to play Xbox Live online with my friends on Christmas Day with my new 4GB Xbox 360, but I hadn't realized that it doesn't come with a headset. For just a few dollars more than the headset, you can get a headset and a nice, backlit QWERTY chatpad.

The layout is a little awkward- for example, apostrophes are square + J. Not that it's a big deal, you get used to it quickly. Oddly enough, when it's attached to my controller, it looks like a modern Atari Jaguar controller.

The chatpad isn't limited to Facebook and Twitter as the box may suggest; you can use it anytime the on-screen keyboard pops up. I also noticed that pressing A, B, X, and Y on the chatpad do the same as their colored button counterparts when there's no on-screen keyboard.

Bottom line: if you need a headset, just get this. On the occasion that you need to type something, it's so much better to tap it out on the chatpad than using the D-pad at 4 words per minute.
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on December 19, 2011
OK, we all know how incredibly annoying it is to input any alpha-numeric character with just a standard controller (that's why you're reading this, right?). Here are my thoughts on the chatpad:


- It saves a lot of time when entering codes or sending messages.

- Overall feedback is perfect. The physical and audible clicks feel just right.

- It snaps right into the controller and does not need a separate power source.

- The keys are backlit (only activated when typing) so you can use it in the dark.

- It comes with a wired headset. Don't we all already have one of these that we're not using?

- Has a headset jack so you can still plug one in (it covers the controller's jack).

- It does not impact chargers that charge from top of the controller. Works fine with what I have, Xbox 360 Energizer Power & Play Charging System.


- If you have really big hands and like to wrap your fingers around the entire controller handles, you won't be able to anymore.

- This adds a little bit of weight to the controller.

- It drains the battery quicker; though nothing too noticeable for me since I don't message much.

- It blocks chargers that charge from the bottom of the controller.


- Personally, I think this chatpad is worth the investment if you can afford it (or if you send a lot of messages). That said, at the cost of about $25, if I was a starving college kid like I was eons ago, I would probably suffer without it.
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on February 19, 2013
First of all, I'd like to say that I mostly ordered this for the headset.
My original headset got its wire cut, and so it was time to get a new one.
While doing research on a replacement, I found that this set was about the same price as the headset by itself.
How could I go wrong?
Besides, who likes scrolling around on the screen keyboard when entering codes, messages, and while using Internet Explorer.

I figured that I'd leave it off until it was time to type something and just keep it close by, but as it turns out, I've just left it on my primary controller.
The chatpad is top notch!
It clips to the bottom of the Xbox controller, isn't overly bulky, and the controller is still as comfortable (if not more so) as it is without it.
The symbols on the keys light up when you press one, so you can see to type in low light conditions (I didn't know that when I ordered it).
It has made using the internet much more "possible" and now I no longer dread entering those long codes for extras, Xbox live membership, and such.

I wish I'd gotten one a long time ago.
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on September 15, 2016
My grandmother bought this for my 10 year old for her birthday. She was extremely excited when she got it. Shortly after opening all her presents, she plugged the Chatpad into her headset only for it not to work. We switched out batteries and everything. It didn't come with a headset, but we were fine with that because we have 2 of them already. We returned it today with no problems at all. I am thankful we didn't have any issues with returning it, but I do have a bummed kid.
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on September 7, 2012
I needed a new headset and purchased this over a month ago. I decided to purchase this since at the time Microsoft Xbox 360 headsets (as opposed to third party headsets) were not much cheaper on Amazon than if I bought in store, but this combo of the chatpad and the headset was much cheaper than in stores, and only for a few dollars more than the headset alone. I got the package and so far both of them are working great, although since the headsets are now much cheaper on Amazon, I would recommend getting only the headset unless you have a need for the chatpad, such as lots of messages over Xbox Live or using Apps on Xbox like YouTube where you have to type out things often. If either of these cases apply to you, then I would advise getting this combo since it is a pretty good deal. Some reviews seem to say their product was opened, but that is probably based on seller. I would recommend getting from Amazon or sellers that have Fulfillment by Amazon to ensure that the product arrives in acceptable condition.
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on October 16, 2012
It took me a long time to realize this product was available to me and boy to I regret my ignorance... The Chatpad is amazing! I have to be honest - I never have used the headset that came with it, but the keypad itself is well worth your time, money, and attention. I use it all the time for Netflix, HBOGo, Chatting, Messaging, Searching, Binging, Gaming - you need to spell something it can do it! Don't know how I survived so long with using the joystick to spell things out... If you play a lot of RPG's that ask you name things a lot, this makes that process soooo nice!

- Sleek design fits perfectly with the controller
- Sturdy when connected
- No apparent drain on battery life
- Plug and Play (no brains needed)
- Does not interfere with gaming
- Great for large-handed individuals (like myself)
- Decent value for branded gear

- So far I have found only one game where the shift button will not work when typing.
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on November 4, 2013
I love the chat pad. It makes surfing the features and searching for videos on Netflix, Hulu, and similar a breeze. Also, you can respond quickly to chat messages and such. Headset is fine, comfortable enough, but it's a bit quiet... especially when you're in a fighter jet in hot pursuit of a guy on a moped scaling the countryside, bullets blazing, engines roaring in GTA - on your surround sound, of course.

Volume feature is a plus, as with the mute, but it is hard to hear folks at times.

Can't beat the price, though. Worth every penny.

Also, the chat pad makes the controller feel a bit larger/heavier, which I actually like.
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on February 15, 2013
The Xbox 360 Chatpad kit that I received included the chatpad itself and the headset as advertised. The chatpad is magnificent! The keys are back-light and that makes it easier to see. Also, my search time improved over 9000 fold. Now I can search by typing as if I were texting; chatpad has a QWERTY style keyboard. It also has the those symbols and special characters for other languages such as English, Spanish, and French. Makes searching Bing, Netflix, Hulu, and others a breeze.

The headset is pretty nifty too. It has an on / off switch and volume combo on the wire. I play on my PC using the Xbox 360 wireless controller with wireless receiver for Windows. Once the lastest drivers were installed, Windows 7 recognized not only the controller, but the wired headset plugged into the wireless controller! I ran the "set up a microphone" wizard and calibrated it and the Xbox 360 wired headset is working great!

This was a Win-Win for me. Xbox 360 wired headset works on Xbox 360 and PC. Awesome!
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