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on January 4, 2017
I got this cable to hook up an Xbox 360S to my father's older TV without HDMI because I was tired of the Component-HDMI converter box causing headaches. It wouldn't work with dedicated streaming devices (i.e. Fire TV Stick or Chromecast), Roku's last component-out capable box is so old it doesn't support most apps (incl. HBO Go), and the last "Smart" blu-ray player I could buy with component-out finally bit the dust. So I busted out my old Xbox 360, hooked it up with this cable, and voila! Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, YouTube, etc. All streaming to an old tube TV.

Not much to say about the cables themselves other than that they work on the Xbox 360 (check that your 360 didn't already come with this cable) and the Xbox 360 Slim. I used these to connect a 360S to an old Toshiba HD CRT display that doesn't have HDMI, and the only issue was getting 1080p to work. I am still not sure if it's a compatibility issue with the TV, or they limit component output to 1080i, but in the Xbox's settings, the highest it would go and still display a picture was 1080i (despite other sources running 1080p). It still looks sharp, and it's a pretty old TV, so I certainly can't complain.

There were some mentions of cables arriving not as pictured; I received the same official MS cables in grey as the image, (the same ones that had come with a previous 360).
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on August 14, 2017
Originally bought as a replacement cable to connect my Xbox 360 to an old HDTV that doesn't have any extra HDMI ports. Now this allows me to directly output the audio to my sound bar while route the video to the projector. Perfect for separating audio and video while still getting the HD signal through.
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on December 31, 2014
Since it's almost 2015, I thought I'd do my review of this before the New Year starts. As a backstory, I was finishing up my undergraduate degree and my Xbox 360's HD video cable bit the dust after several years of working. I ordered around the time of my Spring Break in March. It arrived within the time frame given, and while it was a little bit boring at times waiting for it to arrive, it eventually came. I had it mailed to my address at my college, and checked my mail one day and found that it had finally arrived. My experience with Gdreamer, the seller (based in California), was good, as I tested the cable when I had some free time, and it worked fine. It came in a sealed USPS First-Class package, and survived the trip. It helped make my final semester of college enjoyable, and also helped me get more out of my 360.

To clarify, in the event that someone reading this has one of the two more recent versions of the 360, my Xbox is the second-generation 360, which is the same size as the first one, but has improved cooling fans and other things which prevent the Red Ring of Death (RROD). This cable is meant for the first two or so generations of 360's. The newer Xbox 360's may or may not work with it.
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on January 13, 2017
BLUF: this cable works.

This cable is not made by Microsoft, the material and build quality are cheap by comparison.

Connections are snug, and easily identifiable.

Does not display 1080p correctly. 1080p casts shadows, and is a bit blurry. 720p is better, but has sharpness faults. 1080i seems to display the best. Not showing 1080p is the reason i knocked 2 stars off.

I use a 2015 model sony bravia 50". I used Microsoft built component cables before with 1080p with no issues, this is how i know these particular cables are at fault.

Hope this helps.
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on August 20, 2016
Everyday Primer No BS Review

* Official OEM Cable
* Cheap
* Great cable always buy OEM if you can

* None

Final Verdict:
* If you need a cable to play Xbox 360 on a Component TV buy this!
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on February 22, 2013
From the build of the cable to its output, this is a well-crafted cable.
The clarity is impressive and its colouration is vibrant--tested on a Samsung HDTV.
The cables are really thick even where they separate, and the ends are gold-tipped.
I can scarcely think of any other component cables I've ever seen that look and feel so sturdy.

There is one little thing to be aware of about these though;
there is no SDTV/HDTV switch like there is on most Xbox 360 cables like this.
As far as I can guess, that switch would've activated or deactivated a progressive display.
(Why in the world these cables needed that, I don't know--the Playstation, Wii, and every DVD player ever don't...)
Though this is probably not a problem for most people, this means you NEED an HDTV to use this cable, or perhaps an SDTV capable of progressive displays (if that even exists) because the Xbox 'senses' the cables and automatically turns progressive. Of course half of the fun of these cables are higher resolutions, but sometimes people get these just to read the gosh darn text on modern games--so tiny...!

I just about returned these cables but kept them at the last second when I overheard a relative wanted to get rid of an HDTV--which means I could use these in the future. Right now I'm at college, stuck with an SDTV (but one of the best I've ever seen thankfully--a Sony Trinitron, '96 I think...?). Already having component cables for my Playstation 2, I didn't think this would be a problem, but I think it'll work out anyway.

This cable certainly looks to be an even higher quality than Microsoft's alternative (with the SD/HD switch and composite leads on the side), which is why I picked this set. Ironically, I probably should've picked the other...
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on October 14, 2014
The Microsoft XBOX 360 Component HD AV cable I ordered through Amazon was what I expected. It got delivered between the dates that were provided. It works very well on my children's XBOX 360 and it has an extra switch on it that the old cable that it replaced did not have, as of turning the cable on or off.. It also have extra plug-ins that the old cable did not have that came with the XBOX. The cable works very well for the game, the TV and if I want to use it on radio, DVD etc. Very satisfied. I can say of all the things I've been ordering through Amazon, I have been very satisfied with all of them with shipping time, prices, easy ordering, comparing and the item itself. They also sent me a free gift for being such a great and satisfying customer.
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on November 4, 2016
These cables work as well as the out-of-the box cables that come with the original console. If you have an older TV that doesn't give you the option for an HDMI input then these cables will definitely do the trick. Using my console with these cables on my old CRT worked flawlessly and I noticed no lag in video. The product and housing of the cables looks and feels identical to the original component as well. Even the color is exactly the same.
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on March 1, 2014
I purchased this item so I would be able to move my Xbox 360 from one room to another without the need to move all of the wires along with it. After I received it, I took it out of the package, saw it looked okay and sat it on the shelf until I was ready to move my Xbox to another room (which was months later, I have been remodeling).
I contacted the seller and they IGNORED me. Now, I find that it's too late to return the item, which is BS.

Do not buy from this seller. If they would sell something not as described and ignore customers emails, then they are not honest. They take your money and run.
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on December 18, 2012
We have two TVs, one is a newer plasma with HDMI connectors, and is downstairs; the other TV is an older older HD 1080i CRT TV, and is upstairs, which naturally, only has component video in. Guess which one the wife gets to use, yep the nice new plasma with HDMI connectors. So to get the best picture for my gaming experience I needed to get component video cables. These were inexpensive and advertised as Microsoft OEM, so I picked them up. (For $400 bucks you would think MS could have included these cables instead of the RCA only cables.)

The seller was great, the price was very competitive, parts were in stock, the order was processed promptly, arrived quickly and in one piece. I was not disappointed; I plugged them in, adjusted the settings on my Xbox, and voila beautiful 1080i HD picture. Bonus is the cable has a fiber optic audio cable port which I use to connect to my surround sound system.

If you need component video for your XBox 360 Slim, these are the right cables.
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