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on September 19, 2015
4.5/5 stars.( Rachel Caine has written one of the most unique vampire series that I have ever read, and I have immersed myself in these books as I read the first four back to back. I don’t know how many I can read before I have to stop for awhile, but right now I am enjoying every one that I have read, or am now reading.

The main character of these books is Claire, a young freshman in college, one that has managed to get herself completely tied up with the vampires that run the town of Morganville. She’s only sixteen, but is probably smarter than any of her professors. Now that she belongs to Amelie, she has to do anything Amelie wants her to-in exchange for protection for her boyfriend Shane, and her other roommates, Michael and Eve. Amelie is the most powerful vampire in the world, and is the founder of Morganville. Mega bully Monica is back in this installment, and she’s acting weird even for her.

One of my favorite things about this series is that each book continues the story from the previous books-sometimes just a few minutes later, or a few days. Because I am reading them one after the other, at times little plot holes do stick out for me, but nothing big-I just tend to notice things like that. And that is the only slightly bad thing I have had to say about any of these books so far. Well that, and the cliffhanger from the first book. Can’t forget to mention that, for all those that hate them.

The main premise of this installment involves an extremely old vampire named Myrnin, that is new to the story this time around. Myrnin is on the edge of madness at any given moment, and at times he tips right over into crazy town. Claire is assigned to help him with his research, before he slips over and doesn’t come back. The vampires are all sick, and going insane. Myrnin has been researching a cure for decades without success. Whenever Myrnin tips over into his insanity, his first thing to do is to try and attack Claire. It was pretty fascinating seeing how she handles him. He lives at the end of an alley that everyone has warned her to never go down, and now she has to go there on a regular basis.

As with all of these books, I love the snark that most of these close friends have in spades. It makes what is actually a very scary premise, have a lighter feel at times. Although Claire is new to the group, it didn’t take her long to become close to all of the friends, Shane in particular. As Shane is her boyfriend now, I have enjoyed the budding romance between them. Michael and Eve’s romance has evolved even more than Shane and Claire’s. As they are adults-compared to Claire-their romance is not G-rated. Nothing is explicit, but is mentioned, so you do know what is going on. There’s also lots of lustful feelings, and almost actions between Shane and Claire as well. That’s why I can’t get over this having a suggested twelve years of age as a starting range for this read. I would think 15+ would be better. Jumping off my soapbox now!

There’s a lot more that happens in this book, but I will just sum it up as more life and death moments, and an adult party that gets more than out of control. If you haven’t tried these books yet and paranormal reads are your thing, I highly recommend this series. It’s fun, it’s creepy, and it’s a total page turner.
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on August 22, 2013
As the third book in the Morganville Vampire's series, this is my favorite book so far.

I liked the way I was reminded of little hints from the first two books when something was revealed. Like "the trap-door spider". You can really see how the author thought about this series as a whole when she was writing.

Part of what I really liked about this book is the way all the characters develop. Shane is extra moody in this book as he deals with the fact that his best friend, Michael, is now a vampire. As the story continues he grows up in a lot of ways. Claire continues to grow up as well. We see her retaliate against Monica's evilness by ruining her party and she really starts to figure out who she is.

Also I really liked that I got to hear a little more about Monica's background. I had a hard time understanding why she was so evil in the first two books and we learn a little more about why she is that way in this one. She never exactly had the best options or opportunities in her life, even though it seems like she has everything on the surface.

I love Myrnin. He was like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, completely crazy and yet sweet at times, completely unpredictable and frighteningly dangerous. He wanted to learn so badly that he became a vampire so he could learn forever. There's just something kind of tragic about his character that makes him fascinating, and even though he can be really scary sometimes you still want to root for him.

Jason however was a bit of a mystery to me. On the outside it seems that he's a straight out cold blooded killer, vampire wannabe, who's lost more than a few marbles. He appears dirty and dangerous, but there's something mysterious about him as well. I feel like he's hiding something.

Like the first two books, Midnight Alley was packed with action and adventure. Claire ends up in danger, Shane gets stabbed, and I was so scared for Sam. We see more layers to Amelie, and it seems that despite her cool calm nature she's panicking and becoming desperate. Getting to know more about the doorways was interesting and this series developed new depth with discovering that the vampires are dying of some kind of disease.

This book was wonderful from beginning to end, with the exception of the traditional Morganville Vampire cliffhanger ending. I enjoy the fast paced nature of these books, but those cliffhangers make it almost feel like they're TV episodes instead of books, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Nonetheless I can't stop reading.
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on March 27, 2013
This installment gives us the lovely, crazed, immensely intelligent Myrnin and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! Yeah, he's a little off his rocker and he threatens to eat Claire more than once (not in a sexy way, mind you) but I just love the guy. He's MYRNIN!

Aside from the fabulous Myrnin, this book messes with Claire and crew in a big way. The dynamic in the house is all screwed up and tense as Shane tries to deal (or not deal, as the case may be) with Michael's new self. While I like all the characters in these books, Shane is... well, he has the tortured hero thing going for him and I'm such a sucker for the tortured hero types. I mean, his dad is vicious and kinda crazy, he's had to deal with WAY more death than most people should ever need to and, at heart, he's a protector and he takes Eve and Claire's safety very seriously. I like that about him. I like his willingness to throw himself into the thick of things (something that will land him in trouble more than once in the course of these books) and I get why he had such a hard time wrapping his mind around Michael being a vampire. I also like that Claire can redirect all his internal anger with a few well placed kisses. *swoon*

The dark underbelly of Morganville is uncovered -- not just the vampires (which we know about) but the rebel human factions that are willing to sacrifice a teenage girl because they perceive her as helping the vampires they're trying to tear down. Bad humans are bad. Speaking of bad, Monica is ten types of creepy. There's so much that happens here. SO MUCH.

Have I mentioned that we get to play in Myrnin's world a bit? I just love that crazy vamp.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
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on January 22, 2011
Publisher: NAL Jam
Purchased: Purchased from Amazon

What I Loved: This has been my favorite book of the series so far. There is so much that I loved and it was mostly from a nerd girl POV! List o Love: Claire's smarts are important to the Vamp World. Shane is a tarnished Knight in Shining armor but he is protective in the best ways. Micheal's self control and makes me wonder about his overall role to come. Eve is just wonderful all around with her quick quips and loyalty. Overall--I loved that the foursome grew as a team but still showed that things can happen to make you question even those closest to you!

What I Liked: I really like how RC manages to wrap up some storylines while throwing some new ones in the mix. She manages even to make the "mean" girls show some humanity and yet you still don't like them. Her endings always make you want the next book immediately.

Complaints: None!

Why I gave it a 4: This was a fantastic story of friendship and growth. It was fun, quick, and easy to read.

Who I would recommend it too: This is great for YA PNR readers and I would say PNR readers that liked the Vampire Academy. However, I would say not to start in the middle of the series.

Author's website:[...]Books in this Series:
1: Glass Houses
2: The Dead Girl's Dance
3: Midnight Alley (this one)
4: Feast of Fools
5: Lord of Misrule
6: Carpe Corpus
7: Fade Out
8: Kiss of Death
9: Ghost Town
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Spoilers for book 1 (Glass Houses) and book 2 (Dead Girl's Dance).

Since I'm assuming y'all read Book 2 by now I can freely say that I hated how Shane acted throughout much of the book. I understand that he was under pressure and that he was mentally, physically and emotionally beaten down by his dad, but I'm not sure that excuses all of his jackass behavior. Unfortunately if I thought he would improve in this book I was obviously mental. His attitude in general is horrific for much of the book and his attitude towards Michael in particular is worthy of a quick slap upside his head with a frying pan. I wish I was joking.

The troubles for Claire and Co. just keeps coming. Yes they successfully saved Shane and stopped his dad from making a mondo-mistake...but the trade off was Michael is now a full fledged Vamp, Claire is pledged to Amelie and the part of the town that didn't already distrust and dislike Shane now has joined the other side. Not to mention Eve's brother Jason is still creeping (literally) around the town, Oliver has a score to settle, Amelie's independent study for Claire is this side of crazed and oh yeah Monica seems to think that Claire is the newest coolest toy in the whole wide world.

I still contend that Michael and Claire's chemistry is better then either Eve/Michael or Claire/Shane. They just...get one and other, understand almost immediately if something is wrong. True that was hampered by Michael going vamp (though a more gorgeous vamp you'll never meet apparently), but the two connect. Its hard for me not to see that romantically (especially as Claire seems apt to calling him gorgeous every little while).

Amelie proves to be more then her mettle in this book. Cracks appear in her demeanor and Claire is quick (unfortunately) to pick up on those cracks. Despite what is said I think Amelie does have a sort of fondness for Claire, though I fear its the sort that one feels for their pet goldfish. Two new characters are introduced in this book, well technically one because the other sort of showed up in Book 2, and both are dangerous. On different levels however and both are connected to Amelie. Oh and the reappearance of two other characters is less welcome.

I think the most interesting addition is Myrnin, a very old vampire friend of Amelie who studies alchemy and is losing his mind. Has been for years upon years. A well guarded secret even amongst those she trusts, Myrnin alternates between utterly charming (in a crazed manic sort of way) to cruel, dangerous and manipulative. He's a wonderful character though! He's never completely sane quite frankly and even when he's mostly sane he's really not. A true mad genius.

The end, as usual, leaves us with a tasty predicament for the Glass House residents specifically and Morganville in general. Its ends like these that make me happy I waited till I had a good chunk of the series to read at once. I don't know if I would like having to wait.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2008
I am officially addicted to this series! If all Young Adult fiction was this well done, there would be no need for an adult section! In "Midnight Alley", Claire has pledged herself to Amalie in exchange for her Protection, and that of her friends. Amalie forces Claire into advanced placement college courses (not a bad thing) and private tutoring sessions with a crazy vampire (this could soooo be a bad thing!). Claire discovers some of Morganville's secrets during these tutoring sessions but what role she has to play is bigger than she could have imagined. On there personal front, things are still tense between Michael and Shane, and Eve's evil brother is claiming to be the killer of an alarming number of corpse's turning up around town. And Monica and the Monic-ettes aer up to something as well... There is literally danger around every corner, and the only kids in the Glass House can truly on count on each other. My biggest complaint in the first book "Glass Houses" was its unbelievably dramatic cliff hanger. Caine seems to have taken notice because she finds a great balance between finishing up the pressing issues in this story and allowing a few continuing threads, as well as a new twist and turn to entice us into the next volume. Great job done here and I again encourage anyone considering this series to grab up the first volume.
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on March 25, 2013
Okay so this book pretty much takes up where the last book ended. So far this book was my favorite in the series and you finally find out what Amalie's agenda is with Claire. I must say though one of my favorite characters in the book is Myrnin. A half crazed vampire that sometimes looses it and eats people. I know it sounds crazy but I liked him. I liked his quirkiness. Claire does really stupid things in this book but hey she's 16 even if she is a genius she's still a kid. I will say that I didn't care for the ending at all. I wouldn't consider it a cliff hanger like the others, it's like it's mid sentence or mid-scene. Off to read book 4! I have find out what happens next.
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on October 27, 2010
Yet another well written book that is so hard to be put down and yet still leaves you hanging on for more. Claire is not just your typical everyday college student but she has officially become part of Morganville. Now officially with Amelie as her employer, she is being thrown in every way that has trouble written all over it but no matter what she becomes stronger and more mature for her age. Claire is just outstanding in how she conducts herself in doing to protect the ones she loves and holds close to her heart. This book proves how much she is willing to go to make sure they are completely safe but yet again the ending of this book leaves you hanging on for more with an incrediable cliffhanger. I am a huge fan of these books so far and looking forward to reading what happens next to the gang in The Glass House.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2007
This third book in the Morganville Vampires series begins where the second left off. Claire Danvers had signed a contract pledging herself to Amelie in return for the protection of those she cares for. Amelie is the town's Founder. She is the oldest, scariest vampire of all. Claire now wears a Patron bracelet.

Claire still resides in Glass House with Eve, Michael, and Shane. Michael and Shane are still buds, but there is some major friction between them now. Then there is Claire's archenemy, Monica Morell. Claire detects the strange scent of oddity, of something rotten, when Monica starts showing up and begins acting as though she wants to become one of Claire's closest friends.

Amelie demands Claire become an apprentice to an ancient vampire and begins some private lessons in his secluded home. Claire will soon discover why.

**** Holy bloodsuckers! Author Rachel Caine delights with this installment of the M.V. series. Readers will actually find out HOW and WHY the town of Morganville even exists. As I watched various characters turn from friend to enemy (within seconds) and the darker side of college life emerge, I detected flavors of P.N. Elrod and R.L. Stine. I can't help but wonder if the stories by Elrod and/or Stine had somehow inspired Caine as she began writing this series. Each installment had many hidden surprises that kept me on the edge of my seat. The only major down side is that each book left me hanging, like an old Batman show. ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on December 27, 2016
This book is interesting and fun. I would recommend this book to many people, especially to those who like adventure books.
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