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Size: 36-Inch w/Divider|Style: Double Door|Change
Price:$43.45+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on June 30, 2016
I purchased many many crates for my dogs in the past 45 years, I bought the cheapest and I bought the most expensive. You used to have to get them at the pet store and pay anywhere from $90-$200 for standard great. Thank goodness for Amazon. I just added to my "stable" of dogs with an eight-week-old golden retriever named Bentley. Now he's just a little guy weighing in at 12 pounds but he will get bigger. Right now he fits in a small crate and I mean fits. He can get in it but he can't lay down or turn around. I needed to get him a crate he can grow into so I went online to Amazon and looked around. I saw my old friends Midwest who stood by me with durable crates during my dog show days. They always made a sturdy crate out of heavy-duty material that was well engineered and well put together. It's been a few years since I bought a crate and a few things have changed. Pretty much now everybody offers a folding crate that wasn't so back in the day Midwest was one of the first to offer that feature and they did it well and they still do. They have a variety of sizes more so than most manufacturers so I chose the middle middle size which is a little bigger than other manufacturers middle size. Some of the features I like was this one has double doors, one on the side and one on the end. Each closes and locks sturdily and securely with two hasps on each door. Nowadays the bottom tray is made of plastic instead of steel so with a little lighter and more resistant to corrosion and easily cleaned. I ordered this crate and it came promptly from Amazon as I am an Amazon prime member. It was packaged well and arrived without damage and I had it set up in less than 5 min.. The only problem was the location where I was going to use it was against a wall and the doors were all wrong. Well I solved that by swapping the ends by bending back four hooks on each end, then squeezing them tight again to finish up, this took all of 3 min. to do in my crate or I should say that Bentleys crate was ready to go. One of the big advantages of having the second door is that when I wanted to introduce Bentley to crate I left both doors open so he could wander in and out at his leisure. I placed a few toys and water bowl in their as well as a wee wee pad and some bedding. He was curious and wandered in and out. I will admit however, the first night he was full of screams and barks and crying for most of the night. It was his first night in a crate. The second night I placed him in the crate and he laid down and was quiet until early morning. When he saw me and heard me moving around a little bit he started vocalizing so I took him out. The Crate also comes with a divider so you can change the size as your dog grows. At this point I'm not even using divider and giving Bentley full run of the crate. I am really glad that Amazon is selling these and the price is phenomenal. If you go to a pet store I'm sure you will easily over $150 for this crate or poorly made imitation. I really recommend Midwest and I think you'll be very happy with the quality and the operation of this crate. if you're a first-time buyer, check the AKC standards for how big your dog will be, then buyer accordingly. Don't buy too small as you will have to buy bigger later on. I give this five stars I love it I know you will too and it's recommended buy

If you found my review helpful please click yes on the button below I really appreciate your support for that I intend to leave reviews to help others make decisions prior to purchase taste upon my recommendations or disclosure and I utilize your reviews to help me with my purchases as well. my reviews are honest factual and accurate thank you
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on March 22, 2013
Having raised and cage trained many dogs from pups, we've usually given the bulky cages away after successful house breaking. We found this to be the best we have owned over the years because:

1) Cage is very sturdy. Others we have used have had much thinner and more easily bent wire.
2) Two doors. Inevitably you need to place the cage in a position where a side door is needed.
3) Divider to constrain puppies. A divider is the way to train a small pup, limiting their ability to relieve themselves to only where they rest. They get it much more quickly. In every other situation, I built my own divider out of plywood. This would have saved me construction time and readjusting as they grew. Another suggestion - Don't use towels or blankets that might absorb urine during taining. Once or twice and your dog "gets it." Introduce a blanket or pad only after they are trustworthy in the crate.
4) Best fold and setup of any cage I have owned.
5) Price. Checked out three big box pet stores. This was a better value for all the items above at a lower price.
6) Liked the plastic tray for our situation as our dog is house broken and not a chewer. Think a metal insert might have been better for pups.


1) Rough spots on wire end edge at doorways. I used a fine file to smooth out the sharp edges I found on several wire ends. The manufacturer should have done the same smoothing they used on the corners at the door openings.
2) Clips not fully closed. There are metal clips that act as hinges for set up and fold down. Several were not completely clamped close, again making an unsafe edge for you or your pet. A pliers made quick work of that problem.

I really wanted to give this product a five. But I just felt the slight safety issue was significant enough to mark it down to a four. No blood should ever be spilled by either pet or owner.

Update: The manufacturer contacted me via Email on this issue. Manufacturing mgmt wanted the date code off the unit to remedy the problem I am very impressed by their followup and attention to Amazon comments!
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on October 29, 2015
It works! He's trapped!! =D
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on May 16, 2015
I originally was going to purchase the Large crate, which is 42" long, but by some fluke of Amazon pricing the Extra Large 48" crate actually turned out to be less expensive than the 42" long crate, so I bought the XL 48" crate instead. I'm so glad I did. Even though the L size was considered adequate for my dog, I just feel better knowing that she has the extra room--and the extra 6" of length still works well in the dining room area I have gated off for the dogs. The dog in the photo is the 55 pound dog I'm fostering right now; as you can see the dog has plenty of room. Midwest makes a good quality crate, and I love the double doors. It's so much easier using the side door. I also like the cover for the crate that Midwestern sells, although here it is covered by a 'decorator' crate cover.
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on July 14, 2015
We have a little 14 pound schnauzer poodle mix, but I got the 36"x24" because I wanted him to be comfortable and because... overkill. That's what guys do. Besides, I needed to. He got sick from chewing up the plastic of the previous crate, so I went as heavy duty as possible. Overkill. Or so I thought.

This tiny little dog managed to rip the cage apart. And I don't mean the seams connecting one side to another. He bent the bars and then ripped one of them off so that he could squeeze out. On the one hand, he's a ridiculous little tenacious beast of a dog. On the other hand, if a dog the size of a purse can rip your metal crate open like it's a can of tuna, maybe your crate's not so good.
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on March 3, 2017
After a couple of months of having this, I can provide an accurate review now. I had some difficulty putting this together, although it is not hard, per se (I'm just technologically challenged). PLEASE BE CAREFUL to not get your fingers stuck. When I assembled this crate, I got my fingers caught and had a bit of an emergency situation on my hands (literally). I was by myself and could not get my hands out for a few minutes. 2 of my fingers were smashed and as a result I have too black fingernails.
It is also very heavy (I'm 5'3 and a single woman and couldn't carry it by myself). When I moved I didn't bother disassembling it since it had smashed my fingers the first time putting it together - I just had my movers move it.
That aside, it is a good strong crate and I crate trained my puppy in it. She sleeps in it every night. Bonus is the divider allows you to section off the crate so your dog can grow with it. That's a little tricky too but I figured out how to move the divider after a few tries.
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on June 13, 2016
We selected the 48L x 28W x 31H Inches Sized crate for our Cane Corso which is for a large breed. The dual opening doors make it easy to fit in different spaces and the removable tray is helpful for cleaning purposes and a nice smooth surface. We purchased it to crate train as a puppy as we felt this would make it a safe place for her when we were out while she was young as well as train her to travel with us. We bought the MidWest crate mat as well which she still uses like a favorite baby blankie. We used the divider as suggested at first and later removed it completely. We covered the top with a dark sheet to make it a little "cozier". She loves her crate to sleep in and goes right in on her own accord and has never tried to escape from it. I do know of some dogs who experience separation anxiety will try to escape and if they are strong enough, they can bend the frame. Definitely would recommend crate training while they are young for best results. It is great peace of mind knowing they are safe while you are not able to watch them.
review image review image
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on May 20, 2015
I originally posted a high rating for this crate but this was BEFORE I used it. I have a 4 month old Golden Retriever puppy; she is no by any means overly active but this crate is NOT made for any puppy. The metal components are VERY, VERY thin. We put her into the crate and immediately she started to chew on the metal spokes and got her baby teeth stuck onto one of the metal spokes. Luckily I was in the same room at the time and I heard her thrashing and crying. I immediately saw what the trouble was and I rushed to her aid. Luckily I got her teeth unhooked but if I wasn't there, she would have surely broken her neck trying to free herself. It was HORRIBLE! To be honest, I was as panicked as she was since I didn't know whether or not I would be able to free her in time. Please re-evaluate the size of the metal you use on your crates. The GUAGE IS MUCH TO THIN AND FLIMSY! Would definitely NOT recommend this crate!
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on August 26, 2015
Fantastic crate! I purchased the 42" for my Lab-mix pup. For anyone else like me who isn't able to accurately picture sizes, even when listed, I've posted a pic. The crate is GIANT. However, he sits up tall, and was hitting his head on the top of his 36" crate. Also, the LifeStages comes with a divider, so if we were still housebreaking him we'd use that to make it smaller. It's very durable, although would need zip-tie reinforcement for any dogs who try to escape. Fortunately, our pup loves his crate! It also has thicker gauge wire than the iCrate by Midwest. Currently, the 42" does not have Prime shipping (and the price raised), but it was when I purchased it. If that's the case with you, try waiting a few days and checking again!
We decided take an Ikea tabletop with these legs (, and put barstools at either end to use as a kitchen table! It made a great use of the wasted space in our small home, and was much easier than building a table to fit on top of it.
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on December 30, 2016
First off... I know the photo is weird with extra details- mostly of my messy bathroom - but I wanted a pic to show the size of the crate. This thing is GIANT! I mean simply huge. 2 decent sized adults could sit "Indian Style" in it and not duck or be scrunched. Much larger than I anticipated. We bought for our American Bulldog puppy, and although it's too big to use for her potty training it's going to be plenty big enough for her to stay in during the day when she's full grown. Heavy duty, solid crate. Worth the $$!! Same things are several hundred in my local pet stores.
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