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on May 13, 2012
Hi all,

I bought this vacuum because I was tired of cleaning my old bagless vacuum. It was a Hoover bagless turbopower 4900 twin chamber. I went with the Miele because every time I search for "quiet vacuum" the Miele was among the results. This one - Miele Twist - is the least expensive model. I almost went for the Jazz but the only difference is the color, front light and a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter can also be used on the Twist but it is optional. I figure if I need it I'll get it later and save the $100 difference for now. The HEPA filter will cost you about $50.

I'm happy with the purchase and the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the replacement bags are a bit expensive. I knew that before I got it though.

So... how quite is this thing? Here are some numbers. The measurements were taken with an Extech 407727 Digital Sound Level Meter (it has never been calibrated but it has also hardly been used):

Carpet roller on and full suction power: 76 dB(A)
Carpet roller off and minimum suction power: 65 dB(A)

Hoover bagless 4900 turbopower twin chamber: 85 dB(A)

So to me the answer is yes. It is quiet.

IMPORTANT: Warranty info.
The owner's manual clearly states that you must buy the vacuum from an authorized distributor to have a warranty. Amazon.com is not a distributor. Wait keep reading ... Amazon does not sell these vacuums. The seller is some other company (Vacuum.com in my case) and Amazon just ships the order (hence "fulfilled by Amazon). Your packing slip/invoice will say at the bottom "Sold By:...". So it doesn't matter that you are buying the vacuum from/through Amazon. Make sure the actual seller is a distributor and you'll be just fine.

I expect the bag to fill in about a year or longer. I vacuum every other week and I have a condo (1000 ft2) with about 60% carpet.

Take care
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on February 18, 2016
I LOVE this vacuum cleaner!

My husband and I agonized over the type of vacuum cleaner to get, we looked at so many different models! We have a dog and cat, and our previous little vacuum couldn't keep up with the hair any more! We have a relatively small carpeted area, just our living room and a stand alone carpet in the sun room. With our previous vacuum, we would have to empty it half way through a vacuum session, and the amount of times it got clogged..!!! I was constantly having to take it apart and pull out all the hair that was clogged in the pipes. It was a horrible ordeal!

There were a few things we decided we had to have in our new model:
1) Bagged design (I was sick of dealing with all the hair that got stuck in the bagless canister area. I would end up with so much dust, hair and yuckiness everywhere, I'd have to sweep it all up when I was done!)
2) Good suction, so that all the hair would be removed from the carpet
3) A design that WOULD NOT CLOG!!

The Miele ticked all those boxes and then some! I LOVE the bagged feature, it makes clean up so much easier! I will never go back to bagless, I don't care if it's economical or what have you. It's so much better for your lungs, too! No more breathing in dust and hair as I empty out the canister!
Suction on this machine is magical! My carpets look brand new after a vacuum session, and it only takes 1-2 passes to get all the hair off!
We have had this monster of a machine for a few months now and I haven't had a single issue with clogs. Haven't had to take it apart or even look at the tubes. I hope this lasts, but so far so good!
A few features I was happily surprised by were the power steering and the longer than usual hose. The power steering takes a little getting used to, but it makes getting around corners super easy. The long hose is wonderful! I can vacuum our (small) staircase without having to take the whole thing with me! Just make sure you vacuum UP the stairs, not DOWN. I went down the stairs once and pulled too hard, the whole thing came down on my head! OUCH! It's a heavy monster.
That is the worst thing about this vacuum: it's weight. It's a solid machine, and heavier than most. I don't mind because I keep it downstairs mostly, and to me the weight signifies it's put together well.

Overall, I love this vacuum. It works like a charm, gets all the dog and cat hair out of our carpets, with no issues and no pesky clogging. Since it's a German construction, I can only assume/hope that it lasts us a very long time!
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on October 18, 2015
I really wanted to like this vacuum. After all, it's price tag reflected what I thought would be a high quality vacuum. Alas... ~sigh~ My anticipated love affair turned into sheer hatred after just two months of use. I will keep this simple and short.
#1 This vacuum is HEAVY...way too heavy for normal use. I find myself tolerating dirty carpet because it was so exhausting to carpet.
#2 This vacuum is cumbersome...very difficult to manuver based on it weight and design. Did Miele do any research on this model?
#3 You must pick up everything...and I mean everything before you vacuum or it will clog.
#4 Based on #3, every time I used it, I had to take the vacuum apart to unclog it. I hate spending 30 minutes unclogging it each time I vacuum.
#5 It is not balanced properly, much of the time it will fall over backwards if not propped against something.
#6 $15 for three smaller than average vacuum bags??? Really?
#7 All of the above would be tolerable IF it did a great job vacuuming. Sadly it doesn't. For the price, I could have purchased 4 vacuums...so I did.
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on August 20, 2017
Pretty happy with this overall but there are some negatives. First the things I like...

1-Easy for me to maneuver and can even get under some of the furniture with it.
2-Easy to change the bag and filters and easy to change the settings from bare floor to carpet, etc.

1-Long cord is supposed to be a plus but to me it just gets in the way and I'd never need it this long
2-Unit smells a bit "musty" at times. Didn't expect this from a hypo-allergenic vacuum
3-Sometimes a trail of lint will fall out from the brush area and has to be re-vacuumed back up
4-The hose and tools aren't convenient or easy to use. Whenever I do use them I feel like they're fighting back at me!
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on April 17, 2017
This vacuum has been peerless for me. I have owned it for more than three years. I have dogs. One dog sheds incredible amounts of hair. The Miele has taken it all in stride. The cord is extra long which is very convenient. The variable speed motor for vacuum allows one to reduce the "pull" when going over low pile carpeting. As with any upright, using the hose can take impose a learning curve on the operator. The Miele has never clogged or malfunctioned in any way. The only negative is the weight. It is heavy. Too heavy for many people to carry on stairs. Still, with quality comes weight and I live in a single story home. There may be better options available. But Miele has my commitment when it comes time to replace my unit.
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on June 16, 2013
I have had a Dyson vacuum for the past several years and was disappointed by the lack of suction. It may sound silly but seeing those lines in the carpet are proof to me that the vacuum is doing it's job. After much research, looking on Consumer Reports, and reading reviews online, I decided on this Miele S7210 Twist. I can confidently say that this vacuum works SO much better than my Dyson did. First, it is a lot more quiet. I have a dog that immediately starts barking and biting the vacuum as soon as he hears me take it out of the closet. When I turned on this vacuum it is funny to say that he was a bit confused because it is not nearly as noisy as my Dyson was. Here are my top 5 pros I have found about this vacuum:

1) Suction is GREAT. There are 4 different suction and vacuum height settings you can choose from. I have a flat carpet and the vacuum does a great job at cleaning it well and makes those lines in the carpet I like so much.
2) It is self propelling. It does not take much effort at all to push this around and you can feel it propel itself forward.
3) The Twist-The body of the vacuum can twist right and left while the head stays straight, to allow you to maneuver and move around more smoothly.
4) Long hose- This hose can at it farthest reach all 13 carpeted steps from downstairs to upstairs. The 13th is probably at it's max stretch but still...if necessary you can reach the top steps by bringing the vacuum upstairs. The hose is VERY long and the attachment helps to reach the very last step by a stretch.
5) Quiet- I have never head a vacuum as quiet as this one. It's nice

The only real cons I can mention is it is bit top heavy. For instance, if you have the vacuum at the top of the stairs and start to use the attachment to vacuum the stairs you have to be careful it doesnt tip and fall down the stairs. You also have to make sure you really push the body upright into place completely to make sure it's back in place and won't fall down. For me, these are small cons compared to the pro's. I am much more happy with the performance of the Miele Twist than I was the Dyson and would definitely recommend this to anyone shopping for a new vacuum.
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on April 29, 2017
I'll start off by saying this seems to be a fine, well-made upright, which does everything I've asked of it since November 2014.
It does want to tip over when standing, which is about the only complaint I have.
So here are a few of my observations:
As many have pointed out, it's heavy, but probably not moreso than most conventional upright vacuums.
The cord is long. Really long. Plug it in and you can cover a lot of area.
The twist feature really makes it easy to handle, and I appreciate it more than I thought I would.
It vacuums smooth floors and medium pile carpets very, very well. I can't speak to shag or anything very thick.
It's easy on the ears.
I've had no mechanical or electrical issues since purchase.

Would I buy it again? If I wanted to stay with an upright, probably so. It's expensive, but based on my experience with woodworking and automotive tools (by way of comparison), quality power tools generally cost more. The Miele has for me, at least, proven itself.

That said, after a friend bought a canister vacuum with a powered head, I'd probably go that route next time. YMMV.
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on March 11, 2017
I bought my first Miele upright almost four years ago, and have been very happy with it. It is true that it is heavy, and it's also true that it tips easily when using the hose. However, I've never found a vacuum that performed better. I immediately noticed a difference in my then 10 year old carpeting. The Miele lifted it, and It felt almost new when I walked on it. I also noticed a difference when I cleaned the carpet. Again, by far the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned. A few months ago, it started sounding a little odd, so I again consulted Consumer Reports and bought two Mieles, an upright and a canister. I paid 50% more for the U1 upright and 250% more for the canister, and had every confidence they would perform as well as my old upright Miele. Not so. Very disappointed in both. See separate reviews. Haven't decided whether I will buy another S7210 since I don't know if the workmanship has deteriorated, or it's just those models (U1 and canister).
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on March 15, 2015
After owning a number of vacuum cleaners over the last 30 years, I tired of replacing them because they broke down. It seamed that vacuum cleaners had joined the long list of other disposable household appliances. After researching my options, I chose to spend a bit more money this time, hoping that I had selected a machine that would do a good job in our home and last me several years. I have been using my Miele for only 7 months, but I love it. We have mostly carpet in our home, but have tile and wood flooring as well. Living with four other adults in the Pacific Northwest, we track in pine and fir needles as well as dirt which is made worse every time it rains. The Miele is well built and does an excellent job of getting up debris on all of these surfaces. The hand held attachments are easy to use on drapes, upholstery, baseboards, etc, and the power cord is a generous length.However, the best feature is it's swiveling head which makes maneuvering around table legs is a cinch! As others have mentioned, the vacuum cleaner is heavy, but I find that it's easy maneuverability makes the weight a non issue.
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on November 30, 2013
My wife and I bought the Dyson ball first and it worked for one and a half vacuum sessions before it went kaput. During the time I was trying to salvage it, I talked to two different vacuum repair people and they both said they love Dyson because they keep them in business and that they repair six Dysons for every one other vacuum that they see. They also both recommended Miele as the best on the market. That's a shop in California and a shop in Louisiana, completely independently recommending the same brand. So I sent the Dyson back (there were two others at the UPS store getting sent back the same day), and spend just a little bit more on this model.

Oh man, I've been telling anyone who will listen how good this thing is. For one thing, it turns every bit as sharply as the Dyson and it actually lays down flatter to get under the bed and the tables. It's got way more suction than the Dyson ever did when used in upright mode, and the power is on a rheostat so you can dial it up and down for upholstery or curtains. The wand is maybe a little shorter than the Dyson but still plenty long, and the cord is something like 50' so I can just about do my whole downstairs without having to move the plug.

Both vacuum shops told me that they generally don't endorse bag-less vacuums because they tend to leave more dirt behind and I can see what they mean now. There is also an optional HEPA filter that we bought because we live in the woods and we're always tracking pollen and whatnot into the house. It seems to work well.
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