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on June 13, 2013
I got this game on sale was very excited to play as i hadnt played a might and magic game since my childhood. I read reviews and was seeing a general agreement that the game was ok. not great but ok. So i bought it installed it started playing and thats when after 45 min of play it froze. I shut down restarted played another 15 min and freeze. so I took to the web looking for answers well apparently this game had a well documented issue with freezing in menus when running nvidia GPU's I had seen none of this when originally researching the product. so i updated drivers no luck. downloaded a patch for the game itself. new problem now my activation key was unrecognized opened ports contacted ubisoft support after probably 6ish hours researching and troubleshooting i gave up had not heard from ubisoft support for 2-3 days. contacted amazon to simply express my disatisfaction with this product. because it was a digital download I knew not to expect a refund. amazon totally refunded my money. AMAZON IS THE BEST.
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on January 10, 2012
As many other comments have said the game would be tollerable if not for the horrible DRM. This is a game that 90% of us play single player and therefore should not need a network connection. However, it requires an internet connection to their server to play. You may play offline however games played when the servers were up cannot be played when the servers are down due to the way the DRM works.

The servers go down A LOT. I have launched the game somewhere between 5-10 times in the last week and the server has been down for at least 40% of those. The third day I owned the game, the servers were down for somewhere between 24-36 hours. Worse, should you lose your internet connection during game it will immediately boot your game back to the log in screen. It will not save your progress or give you any grace period so if you have a flakey wireless connection forget it!

Gameplay-wise, it is more like Heroes V than any other heroes game. On the plus side, it has a new feature where you buy spells with ability points when you level up your hero and buy them on a per hero basis, so you don't have to worry about whether your town's mage guild will randomly generate the spell you wanted. On the downside however almost all your familiar units are gone. No nature town with unicorns and elves. No dungeon town with dragons and demons. How is it heroes without Dragons?
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on May 14, 2013
The download took literally two days. I had a friend over so we could play teams on this game, his steam version of this game took less than an hour to install in my home on his computer. I have a degree in programming and have many certifications, so trust me when I say its not the antivirus.
The game itself is great, but the server is terrible, constantly kicks you off, and everytime you start the game it has to take 10 mins or so to "sync" to their servers. You can disable the sync but that causes other issues.
The server will commonly have "out of sync" errors when playing games, forcing you to restart. If you load an early save, it will still give the error in the same exact spot.
When first updating, there is a terrible system for it. It shows a c++ error even after uninstalling c++. One trick is to install all of the updates individually but they are hard to find and that doesn't always worked. It worked for my buddy running the steam version of this game but not mine. I had to go in and use my programming skills to manually put the updates in. I do not reccomend this game if you are a novice at computers bc there is a very high probability, you will have to fix the game yourself bc ubisoft basicially points fingers when you ask them for help. It is their system messing up, nothing on your computer causes this. If you have the know how to fix it, try reinstalling all of the updates, if that doesn't work, try repacking the updates, if that doesn't work, you could try my method but... that's too much to explain and if you don't know programming you wouldn't understand it anyway.
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on February 10, 2013
It is a let down from the previous versions. Heroes 4 was the best, V not bad. This acts like a great idea that was rushed to production as if sales mattered more than quality. I would have rather had to wait a while longer to get a well programmed product. I love the series and am playing this version, but am sorely disappointed. Buggy programming and too many towns, characters, etc... left out of this one. Here's hoping that VII is in the works and they do it right.
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on September 17, 2012
I had erroneously been told that Heroes VI had gone back to the format of HoM&M III with better graphics.

True the graphics are impressive, with high resolution realism, similar to Heroes V but with video drivers that are more stable. The game play, at least in the individual scenarios is quite difficult even at the easiest setting. I suggest anyone just starting should select the campaign which is calebrated to the starting hero.

Sadly, the fascinating, flexible and user controlled scenario map generator that made Heroes III and IV endlessly replayable, is missing again. It has a random map generator like Heroes V that makes a purposeless mess of scattered landscape, resources, artifacts, etc. The game play is very similar but slightly more complicated than Heroes V, with less access to calling up and planning your heroes improvements and little explanation of advantages of the various artifacts.

Unfortunately, I believe simple game play is better. Perhaps with more playing some of it will become more clear, but this version will never have the internet groupies exchanging maps with clever themes and twists that Heroes III generated. This game demonstrates the industry's continuing move to manipulating and removing control from the consumer to increase their presumed profits. I don't believe this business strategy is going to change anytime soon.
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on November 26, 2011
Not sure if there were a lot of bugs when the game first came out, because I see there are a lot of bad reviews here on Amazon. I'd like to add my voice to the other side of the spectrum and say that as a long time fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic series (I played 2, 3, and 5... A LOT), I think this game is by far the best of the series.
I have windows 7, and did the digital download of the deluxe version. No bugs or issues for me so far except I had trouble connecting on multiplayer with a friend the first time we tried. No issues since.
I believe that they must have worked closely with fans as every single thing that bothered me about past games has been addressed in this one.
The battle screen has been carefully revamped to ensure that all relevant data is at the player's fingertips. Everything that was confusing before is fixed - they now show you how many creatures each stack started with as well as how many are left. They show all positive and negative bonuses more clearly with colored arrows so you can tell how certain bonuses work better than before. Each creature's special abilities and the heroes abilities are easy to get to and pop right up on the screen when they are available. I also like that the hero can go at any time during each turn of combat - seems to make more sense that they are not considered one of the creatures and have to wait in line.
For hero upgrading upon level ups, I love the new system. I think it is a great idea to allow the player to choose which direction to take. The old way of providing only two choices, sometimes neither of which you want, was outdated. Now there are a myriad of choices and you can customize greatly both in abilities for map exploration and general skills, might, or magical powers. The blood vs tears thing is a tad weird, not sure if that's really worth it, but it doesn't hurt gameplay at all. And it is a bit funny to have to decide if you're a good guy or bad guy in letting creatures run away or chasing them down.
For the main adventure map interface things are pretty similar to before. I am ok with how they have simplified the number of resources. It did seem silly that there were so many various types of mines before. I'm also fine with the forts and castles controlling the surrounding mines. It was very annoying before how enemy heroes could waltz in and grab mines and run away... which the computer loved to do with crappy heroes.
Graphics are excellent, I'd say they took the good 3d graphics of heroes v and brought them up to more modern standards. The backgrounds are really lush and exquisitely detailed. I'm also impressed by the creature design. Very cool looking creatures.
In terms of the selection of new and changed creatures, I'm happy to see the new ones. There are some of our old favorites but for the most part they've really gone to some trouble to make all the creatures better. Tier 1 and 2 units are no longer totally useless without a large stack, they have many more hit points and seem more worth the investment. Having there be three tiers with several units in each tier is neat, and makes for some interesting choices upon the new week when your coffers are a bit too low to just buy them all.
For the various factions, so far I've played three of them, and very much like them all. Haven is pretty similar to before, and so is the necromancer race. The sanctuary race is very cool. Their new creatures are a refreshing addition and their special abilities are fun to behold. Very visually appealing design.
For multiplayer, the interface seems to have been improved, I like the new look and the system of signing in sort of like battle net for starcraft is fine by me. Seems like it keeps track of things pretty well. I also like the in game chat window, it's better than the on screen chatting of heroes v that slowly faded away.
Anyway, I could probably go on all night about this game... but it should suffice to say that I love it, and it is most definitely a worthy addition to the heroes lineup!
Heartily recommend!!
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on March 27, 2015
The sixth edition of the series strips it down a bit compared to past titles. There is just plain less content, but that isn't necessarily bad as the content in it is well balanced and carefully thought out. Maps are smaller than you'll be used to in previous titles, only four resources (no mercury, sulfur, gems) and there are few neutral creatures with no neutral creature dwellings. While it lacks some of what previous titles had it manages to be a compelling and fun game that adds a something new to a franchise on its sixth title. My wife and I have had many hours of entertainment with some good old fashioned "hot seat" multiplayer.
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on September 24, 2012
I tried to download this from Amazon about 7 times, each time it was corrupted and wouldn't install, one time I did get it to install but had no sound and after I reinstalled, it wouldnt work at all. I bought it while I was in USA, and downloaded it while in USA, and tried to install it again and again, now I'm back in China for my job and can't download it again. Bought it in February, still can't play it. Amazon was fast to try to give me some solutions, however, now being in China, they can't help. Mostly my fault on this one I guess not being able to resolve the problem, but 7 times of downloading and being corrupted is super annoying, I have downloaded other games from Amazon no problem. After this experience I will stick to buying the good ol' fashioned ones I can actually touch and carry home from the store. :) BTW others have also had this problem. Sorry to give one star without having played the game, but I paid for something I dont have.
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on February 25, 2013
Heroes of Might and Magic V was my favorite of the series so far, so I was excited to see the next one come out. Unfortunately Ubisoft delayed the release by 6 months. Even more unfortunately they didn't delay it another 6 months The version they ultimately released is generously described as an unfinished product. The worst part was that they released it and then didn't really bother to patch it quickly to fix any of the numerous bugs and problems that were they originally.

Over a year later, they have finally caught up on patching the game and it's an excellent game now, but it's hard to get over the gross incompetence that pervaded Ubisoft when this game was originally released.
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on June 3, 2013
I had high hopes for this game, but it is horribly bugged. I can't get past the start of the second battle of the first turn before it crashes my OS. I can't comment on much else about the game since I haven't been able to progress any further.

Regarding the Ubsoft game launcher, I found it annoying and prefer to play the game in an off-line mode. One tip I found to play the game in offline mode right away without going through the Ubsoft game launcher was to:
1. Create a short cut to "Might & Magic Heroes VI.exe"
2. Edit the properties of the shortcut
3. Add to the Target: /offline
4. The result should read something like: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Might & Magic Heroes VI\Might & Magic Heroes VI.exe" /offline

Fortunately I only paid $7.49,... which is still $7.48 too much.
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