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on October 22, 2010
For a long time, the stand light with the long incandescent bulb has been the de facto standard. Unfortunately they're power hungry (forget running them on batteries), hot, and the bulbs burn out easily, especially if jostled when hot. Finally, the hinges get loose after a while, and few things are more annoying on a gig than a droopy stand light.

This light eliminates all of the negatives of the traditional stand light, while retaining its wide coverage and bright light. The color is on the cool side (it's distinctly blue-violet) but not enough to mess with color perception if you are one to use highlighters or other color markings on your music. It's lightweight. It will run on batteries or from AC. Nicest of all, it is completely cool to the touch and won't burn out from being bumped.

While it may initially appear to be expensive, it is far superior to the cheaper offerings and includes the bag, adapter, and one set of batteries. If you figure the adapter is worth ten bucks, and realize it has NINE white LEDs, the price suddenly seems reasonable. The adapter is also small and won't block sockets on your power strip.

As another reviewer noted, you cannot run it from the adapter with the batteries in. What may not be obvious is that you do not need to pull all three batteries out -- removing any one of the three will break the circuit just as effectively as removing all three. The only other potential drawback of this light is that it has a very wide coverage angle, enough that it may light more than you want lit... like your feet! Since it runs cool, you can tape on a paper hood and not worry about setting it on fire or melting the tape.

EDIT: The power switch stopped working after a while. Rather than send it back, I just hard-wired around it and pull out one battery to turn it off between sets. This is inconvenient, but livable. At the end of a show, I put paper between a battery and the terminal so I don't have to worry about losing a battery.
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on March 26, 2011
I love this light!! I have been playing in bands and orchestras for years. I have used those old stand lights - you know the ones - 1 foot long electric cord and a light bulb - YUCK!! I have also used a few of the newer LED lights. I have to tell you, this is the best one I have used. It provides plenty of light and is sleek in design. I bought it for my wife as a stand light. She plays a Motif XF8 keyboard and this light provides not only great lighting for her music, but also illuminates the keyboard so you can see the push button controls and knobs.
This is critical in a dark stage lighting situation. It can be used with either 3 AA batteries, or with electricity. The adapter has a 30 foot long cord and is small so that it only takes up the one socket place. This is great on a power strip. It has a small back plate to keep teh light from being seen by the audience. The light is cool blue is is more than enough to light everything.
It has a slick carry case that holds the adapter, the light, the little booklet, and batteries. If I were a travelling musician, I would buy this light for it quality and versitility (battery or electric).
I am very pleased with this product and will probably buy more of them in the future.
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on June 7, 2014
I couldn't wait to submit my review! I had been looking for a really bright, cordless, professional-looking, rechargeable lamp that is lightweight enough to comfortably clip onto the top of my art easel! I've been disgusted with the ones I've tried until tonight! I'm a live event painter, which means I set up an easel at corporate events, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, etc. Tonight I painted at an engagement party. It was an indoor venue. Low-lighting, romantic, swanky atmosphere. As an artist, I knew that would not be conducive to painting. I'm a portrait artist, so the details are important. Last minute, I ordered the Mighty Bright Orchestra Light and requested next day shipping. WORTH IT! And I'm pretty particular about lighting! I felt confident all night. Really. The light flooded my canvas without being a nuisance to guests. It's so compact (not at all clunky and hideous like some other rechargeable options I've seen). It's sleek. Professional. Allows me to have back up AA batteries for emergencies. Comes in a prefect little case to keep it all tidy. I can't say enough about this little lamp! I may get another sometime now that I know how awesome it is. This opens up new opportunities for performing/painting at night, on sidewalks without access to power, etc. Hooray!
Note:the UNIT itself is not rechargeable. My AA batteries are! After a five hour painting gig, the batteries were going strong. I love that I can keep three spare batteries in the lamp's case, though!
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on March 3, 2017
The light is great, and if you are going to just use batteries, it will rock. The 3-star penalty is for the criminally crappy power supply. I've had to replace it twice, and the wiring used seems purposefully designed to be of the lowest quality possible and still carry a current. They do not hold up under even the most careful collecting for transport in the provided bag - I've gotten to the gig and had to scramble at the last minute to find batteries when I found that the wires just decided to pick that moment to fray and short out. I've stopped ordering replacements, and rely on rechargeable batteries. Provides great light, for sure, but the power supply is less than worthless, and is not to be relied upon.
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on June 1, 2013
I have used the old-style stand lights for years, and was initially liberated from their limitations by the Mighty Bright Duet 2 LED Music Light.

Although I still love that small and foldable powerhouse for many purposes, this Orchestra Light is far and away the best choice for the music professional on stage. It is heavier and less flexible, but still much lighter weight than traditional stand lights, and much, much brighter. The bank of bulbs casts a strong, white light on multiple pages of music or other reading material, without straining the eyes of the musician or shining in the eyes of the audience. I keep two of these with my equipment at all times. It's a must-have.

This unit comes with a fabulous, soft, square carrying case, consummately well made just like the lamp and accompanying AC adaptor (which has a very long cord, thoughtfully supplied for reaching distant outlets). It even comes with the three AA batteries required when AC power is not available.

The batteries on all of the Mighty Bright's are long lasting. As with the other Mighty Bright products, I recommend turning around one of the batteries so that the light will not be turned on accidentally, draining the batteries. This is much less of a problem than with the Duet 2 LED, both because of the slider construction of the switch, rather than the push-buttons of the Duet 2 LED, and because the carrying case holds the unit securely, preventing turning it on unintentionally.

I wish everything were this well made, and this beautifully functioning. A truly great product. Kudos to Mighty Bright.
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on September 16, 2013
I have used the Manhasset orchestra light, and this is definitely an improvement, it distributes a nice soft light evenly through the whole page, unlike the Manhasset light which tends to be rather uneven. It illuminates my entire large Manhasset M54 Regal Conductor's Music Stand quite well by itself.

Having said that, for a 40 bucks light, it feels rather flimsy to me. In both construction and light brightness, it does not compare well with traditional clamp or desk lights, all of which are usually much cheaper (the issue being mainly the light switch, the jury is out about the clamp, though it seems strong). Of course, as an orchestra light, it couldn't be much brighter without defeating its intended purpose, I am just pointing out that I feel it isn't worth 40 dollars, when you consider the whole field of similar lights (those not intended for orchestra).

I bought this because of reputation and reviews, but it should probably cost the same as its closest competitor, the Rechargeable Music Stand LED Light Clip-on 9 LEDS with Adapter. That one has the same negative issues as this light, but at a much more acceptable $18.99 plus free shipping.

One more thing, you should ignore the "Frequently Bought Together" suggestion to get the Mighty Bright 80910 Bright Light Cradle for this light. I bought it, and can confirm they are totally incompatible, and anyways, this light has a huge clamp which can be used to carefully balance the light on a desk without clamping, if desired.
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on May 26, 2012
Bought this as a replacement to the DUET II - they tend to break after a year of use on me. Oh well! NOTE that Mighty Bright has TERRIFIC customer support and shipped me out a new Duet II with NO questions asked when I had a problem. This is significantly brighter than the Duet II and because of that little flap below the lights, you can bend it in such a way that NO glare goes out to the audience. Only drawback? Your face is lit up much more. Doesn't bother me a bit. The light is a bit whiter than the Duet II, so contrast is much better. I'm using it on the Manhasset mobile stands - full-sized, but thinner material - and the weight is a bit much. For portable applications, I think the Duet II is probably a better choice. But for pit work...this is terrific! The clip requires a FLAT zone to be stable. Ridges or bumps on the stand destabilize it. I might modify my stand just to use the light...I like it that much! The bag is good, but you have to bend the light to get it in. That 'bend' in the wire/casing is hard to get out when you hook up the light, so you have this...oddly-shaped curve. It doesn't seem to affect the light, though. It's the ridges in the stand that mess itup. It's MUCH heavier than the Duet II. HIGHLY recommend this as an alternative to standard lights. It's brighter than even a regular incandescent bulb, and much whiter.
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on April 2, 2014
I've owned a half-dozen LED music stand lights over the years. This one puts them all in the shade (pun intended; sorry).

The 9-LED bar spreads the light well in a wide fan pattern. The light is concentrated in the desired area and doesn't spread everywhere like it does with incandescent lights. The little fin at the back of the light is very good in keeping it from being an annoyance to other musicians when it's pointed back at the music. The light is two-level: normal and BRIGHT! Normal is plenty good enough for shows in a darkened theater. The fact that the light is white rather than the yellow typical of stand-light bulbs is a definite plus. If you need to put a color filter over it, you don't have to worry about a hot bulb melting holes in the filter. The light spread is so smooth and consistent that I don't have to waste time maneuvering the heads to find the optimum light pattern like is necessary with two-head stand lights.

The gooseneck is reasonably stiff and should hold up well. The included AC adapter has a much longer cord than typical for these lights. The included zipper case is fairly big and bulky, but will squash down as much as possible in an instrument case or bag. It has a pocket inside the upper part for batteries, a clip attachment for the light base and elastic holders for the top of the light, and a small pocket for the AC adapter. It's hard to fit the adapter cable back into the pocket, but there's plenty of room for it in the case. I don't know about battery life yet, but at least they include a pack with the light just like they included the AC adapter (usually an optional purchase).

This light is a bit large compared to other LED stand lights, but it's so good that I don't really care. I've gotten years of service from Mighty Bright lights, and I expect the same from this. Even if this one doesn't last, I'll keep buying more.
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on December 21, 2013
In terms of the light quality and brightness, this is a five star item. Bright and focused light on the music stand, with very little spillover outside the stand.
In terms of build quality, five stars. Gooseneck seems substantial and should be able to stand up to repeated adjustments.
Having the bag and adapter included, five stars.

The reason I could only give this four stars is that it does not clip tightly to the Manhasset music stand that we have. We have the Manhasset 48 music stand, which I believe is one of the (if not the) most popular music stand out there. However, on this stand, there is a slight "ridge" about 2 inches down from the top of the stand. Because of this ridge, the clamp on the light is not completely tight, and it is possible to move the light from side to side.

Having said this, unless there is a tremendous amount of vibration, this will not be an issue. Once you are able to get the light set, it does stay in place.

However, a relatively easy re-design of the clip (wider and not as deep) would have made this a definite 5 star item.
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on January 15, 2015
I debated on 4 versus 5 stars. This light works very well, It easily clips to the music stand of our digital piano and so far has stayed put (not slowly falling over or anything). It is easy to adjust. It has two settings of brightness (we've been using the brighter one as our piano is in a darker area). The light seems pretty uniform, not particular bright or weak spots or streaks. The cord is very long. The adapter that plugs in is pretty small although not just a plug. Honestly, the debate was about the price and a question I can't answer. This light was not cheap and Mighty Bright has that smaller light that is half as much and it is just hard for me not to wonder if the smaller light wouldn't have been just fine and saved me some money. There is no way to answer the question but that doubt remains there. I still don't understand why this light needs to be more than twice as much, but maybe if I could have compared I'd get it. I guess that is the downside of online ordering.
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