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on February 28, 2012
Mighty Hammer down is a terrific book that follows war, philosophy, love and Mythology. I found this book very interesting and fun to read as the story line and plot was truly amazing. What I found most fascinating with this book was the ideas that the writer brought to the table. He would include a character talking about anything from the trials and challenges of war, as well as have the most interesting conversation about the Gods we call myths' as well as the world around us.

My favourite point was of how the moon stays in the sky because it is falling. Although that idea may not have been completely original, the way that the writer made the characters discuss and debate about it made it feel as though Mr. Guyton had had the discussion himself. What I also found most intriguing about the book and its story is how he had shaped his own Gods and religious views. The lore and information that was included with the Gods, as well as their creation and how they are sustained is truly amazing and it is quite possibly the most attention grabbing and detailed part of this book.

Of all the truly amazing characters presented in this book, I am forced to choose Rommus to be my favourite. His character is a truly amazing, intelligent person. Rommus is the main reason for the philosophy aspect of this book as it is his character that presents these well thought ideas. I also feel that I come to choose him as a favourite character because I became attached to his character through the compassion and care he shows to those who respect him, and also because of the truly horrific circumstances that we come to endure with him.

However a [small] downside was that there were some spelling errors, which could confuse the reader at times, and some of the dialogue would easily lose the reader as you would forget who was talking or you wouldn't know at all. But apart from those small errors, there is nothing else at all that is wrong with this book.

This book is a truly amazing read to quite literally anyone and everyone. However anyone that holds an interest in war, Mythology or even just likes to have their knowledge tested will enjoy this book so much more as it covers all of those things. I highly suggest for anyone and EVERYONE to get this book. It's inspiring, different, interesting and fun to read, and it will definitely keep you begging for more.
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on September 29, 2012
this fantasy book by Guyton is one to be read and take note on. do you want something unique? thought provoking? then this book is a definite read. i found this book from the author's contest to win a gauntlet. i didnt know what to expect when it came from someone that had a contest just to read his book. It is an amazing read a lot of things i can relate to personally and it makes you think a little different about life itself. Though David J Guyton is a small author i wish to spread his ideas and thought by getting people to read his book. By what i have personally seen i think the author is actually Rommus himself, just trying to get by in life through the troubles he has seen. He is also one of the best amateur metalsmiths i have seen in a while. Such as Rommus himself being a good smith Guyton puts time and dedication into his work all the time, especially when it came to this book and the gauntlet he made for a trailer of his next book in the series. Such stories of old times in ancient Rome/Greek dont usually appeal to me but in this book you can see the fall of the empire and its traitors, gods, and mages that wish to take over the world. i loved every minute of this book and i hope that you will to. I was very shocked to see the end of the book....leaving me wanting to know if the mages will succeed in their endeavors against the world and if Rommus can successfully lead the empire out of their struggle with his new powers and the sword and armor of Arius...
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on July 31, 2015
I find that this story touches on ideologies that are relevant to our world and culture. I will recommend this book to everyone In my circle of readers. As a culture if we do not start paying attention to the fanatic liberals we are lost!
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on September 21, 2014
I recommend this to anyone who loves a great book. If you like battles, magic, and gods even better. If you also like intrigue, romance, and fantasy, then this is the book for you! The Legend of Reason series is full of political turmoil, war, strife, love, and hate. It also has a little bit of metalsmithing and magic, and just a "teeny" bit of Mythology thrown is to spice things up. :P
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on October 6, 2012
This story has many elements which I greatly enjoyed but it was dragged down by excessive philosophical, political and religious discussions. I really enjoyed the primary storyline of the conflict between and within various nations and gods which setup a truly interesting epic conflict. I have no issue with taking time to setup distinctions between peoples/nations which include their philosophical, value and social systems. However, this story went too far for my tastes with constant debates on the values of one system versus another. Also, it was a stretch to me how one of the characters was a prodigal who could rival some of the greater scientific breakthroughs merely through the power observation without use of the scientific method. Both of these issues were a great distraction to my enjoyment of a very good story line.

Mighty Hammerdown is the first book in the Legend of Reason Series. I could not find intended length of series in the book, on author's website or on Amazon. The second book, Blood and Bronze (Legend of Reason Series), and third book, Soul Under the Mountain (Legend of Reason Series), in this series have been published. Author has announced that fourth book will be published Winter 2012. I am leaning towards getting the next book in the series.

No significant editing issues were noted. Mighty Hammerdown is 8,311 Kindle locations long. Standard length "paperback" novels seem to run in the 4,500 to 7,000 plus Kindle location range. Long novels can range from 15,000 to 20,000 plus Kindle locations.
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on January 8, 2012
I found this book browsing the Kindle store, looking for free books for a new series after finishing the Sword of Truth. I did not have high hopes for the next series, but I wanted to at least be entertained. The idea of a man becoming a god intrigued me so I downloaded it. After finishing this book, I was pleasantly amazed. It's got a good story, good implementation of philosophy, and had me turning pages left and right. I love the fact that the characters actually think they way real people do, and not the way some of the childish, prude characters do in other books. From what I'm told, the author plans to at least have 5-7 books with no limit on how many exactly he plans to make. I can't wait for the next book when I finish one and I foresee great things to come. I know I will come to grow attached to Rommus and Alana the same way I am with Richard and Kahlan, and I know that the Legend of Reason will become just as amazing as the Sword of Truth as the books go on and events become more chaotic. It is definitely a must-read for any fantasy enthusiast, especially those that love Terry Goodkind's saga.
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on September 21, 2011
I recently downloaded this book from amazon for my Kindle. I was bored and needed something new to read, and it was free which made my pocketbook happy. As soon as I started reading it I was enthralled. While I admit that there are a few moments in the story where the author was a bit long winded (such as the Emperor's speech halfway through the book), I still would consider this an entertaining and beautifully written book.

I was intrigued by the characters (David J. Guyton's descriptions of the people in these books are detail-oriented and I could actually picture the people in my head) and excited by the story. Normally religious books (whether they are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religion on this planet) don't interest me, however this one was well rounded. Yes it does mirror the religious war we are experiencing right now (no matter how much the government says it isn't a religious war, it is!), but it gives it a whole different feeling. I could feel myself being drawn into the tale, egging the hero and heroine on, wanting them to become the characters they have finally started to become at the end of the book.

Since the second book in this series is not free on this site, I have not read it yet. But as soon as I get paid I will assuredly be purchasing the sequel to see how the tale ends.

Believe me when I say this is one of the better books I have read in a while, and I read around a hundred books a year. Anyone interested in this sort of epic novel should definitely give this a read.

I've already got my husband to start reading it (and he's not a big reader) and I'm going to recommend it to my dad as well (it's right up his alley).

Thank you David for giving us a wonderful new series to read, and I hope to read more from you in the future!
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on January 2, 2012
Anyone who spends this much time and pours this much effort into writing is surely determined. Kudos for that. The world and mechanism used to propel this story forward was solid; however, the character dialogue was not. The preaching and sermonizing was nearly intolerable and detracted from what otherwise might have been a decent novel. Beef up dialogue, cut down on the sermons and with a little work this can be an excellent novel. Get a good editor and listen to the advice given here !
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on December 5, 2011
I loved this book!!! I really got my brain cells flowing and questioning things in many different ways. There are some parts i agree with and then there are some parts i totally diagree with, but those are all the things that make a book so great.

One thing i didn't agree with is that there is no grey lines, which is not true at all the world is filled with greys. Nothing is ever black and white atleast not in reality. Rommus or Vohl tried to explain that light reflexs off of objects and that because of this there is no way that we can ever be sure that what we are seeing is real or just what our eyes are telling us is real. But before this happens and after this happens Rommus explained that all things i.e lies are based on definitive truths like the coin trick, where the coin and the hand where real. Also where he mention truth are based in reality i.e rocks. but if we are to believe in reality being based on only what our individual eyes tell us we see how can we hold the things to be the absolute truth and not just our own perception.

Another thing that I absolutely disagree with is the scene with Odieron where he is indifferent. I do not believe God is indifferent. We human beings are created with free will. God gave us the ability to believe or not believe in him. This freedom is not indifferance more like a father allowing his chlidren the time to arrive at the truth at the root all creation. This is proven in the book itself when Rommus explains that equality in a society can never work because people with stop achieving greatness and become stagnant. Those that work hard will feel cheated. Those that don't will become even more lazy if everything is just handed to them. This is the same for religon everyone must fight their own demons to believe unwavering in God. If that belief is just given to them at birth they will never appreciate it for what it is. But by fighting those of us that do make it and believe find that we are stronger and all the better for it. Many will fall and get back up and some will fail completely but i believe even more will make it. Don't get me wrong i believe that fanatics and atheists walk the same road to hell but somewhere between the two is the light of Gods truth.

Man!!!! i could talk about this book for years but i have to go read the second book now.
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on January 17, 2014
I stumbled across this book after finishing Jim Butcher's Calderon series. And I wasn't disappointed. This is great fantasy - but also with a philosophical message about personal freedom, which I wholeheartedly embrace. One that's similar to some of the later volumes of Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series. Mighty Hammer Down is written in a style that's very enjoyable to read but not overly embelished. Only thing that I missed from the Kindle version was a Table of Contents, which makes it easier to go back and forth throughout the text. This sometimes helps keep track of things if you're not reading the book in one sitting. Looking forward to reading the other two volumes!
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