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The 2011 edition of "The Milepost" is the most recent version of the most uniquely valuable travel guide to the road network in the State of Alaska and Northwest Canada (British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alberta provinces). This guide is a must-have resource for the tourist, RVer, and North Country camper.

Alaska and Northwest Canada cover a huge geographic area with significant terrain and weather variations and far less infrastructure than most travelers are used to in the lower '48 states or urban Canada. Travelers should not expect gas stations, restaurants, and franchise hotels at every exit off the main roads, nor should they expect that facilities, or even the roads themselves, are open year-round. Dangerous weather and driving conditions are possible to likely as much as six months of the year. In addition, travelers need to be alert to the prospects of wildlife viewing and the dangers of close encounters in the road.

"The Milepost" provides maps, diagrams, and an almost mile-by-mile travelogue of what to expect along the main roads in the North Country. "The Milepost" includes a generous selection of photographs as well. This detailed informaton will allow the traveler to locate the next gas station, campground, hotel, or scenic spot in areas where signs and billboards may be scarce. The text is seeded with advertisements for many of the commercial establishments along the Alaska Highway in Canada and the limited major road network in Alaska, allowing travelers to plan ahead for scarce beds and RV hook-ups. Travelers can also plan ahead for fishing charters on the world-famous Kenai Peninsula or the operating hours of the few but fascinating small museums and roadside attractions to be found along the way.

The annual updating of "The Milepost" assures the traveler of some advance notice for construction or major changes in the road network. "The Milepost" does contain some information on the locations of trailheads, but serious walkers and hikers, bikers, and snow machine enthusiasts should seek elsewhere for more detailed information about off-road routes. This guide includes scheduling information for the Alaska Marine Highway System of ferries linking coastal Alaska, and directions to the digital version of this guide.

This publication is very highly recommended to both the visitor and the resident in Alaska and Northwest Canada, which are some of the most scenic parts of North America. Don't leave home without it.
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on December 11, 2012
I purchased the 2011 edition of The Milepost in May of 2011 for a trip coming up in 2013. Now that the trip is getting closer, I wanted to load the PDF version of the book on my tablet. I followed the instructions on how to verify that I owned the printed book, and got it linked to my online account. The problem came when I actually tried to access the digital edition. My login was being rejected.

I sent an email to The Milepost and asked what I was doing wrong. The response I got back was that the 2011 digital edition has expired and was no longer available. I don't see any mention of an expiration or limited time offer in my printed book. I assume they want me to buy the 2012 edition now, but why would I do that when 2013 is right around the corner? This should serve as a warning to anyone buying this book shortly before a new edition comes out. You better get the digital edition right away, or you will be screwed like me.

The customer service from The Milepost is also quite poor. When they informed me that the 2011 digital edition offer had expired, I asked if they could send me the PDF of the 2011 edition since that's all I really wanted. This is a request that should be easily granted since I've already proven ownership of the printed book. The response I got back was one sentence. "Sorry, it's no longer available." As if the bits magically vanished from their hard drive. Sending me the PDF was the least they could do, and they blew it.

As for the printed book itself, it's giant and contains a lot of information. There's also a ton of ads. Since the ads are relevant, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Overall, it's a good reference to have. I just wish they were more accommodating to their customers.
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on April 24, 2012
I am torn here because there is a lot of info in this book, however, not sure how well it is organized, or how could be organized better. The pages are thin and glossy which I think is good for readibily in case of book getting moist in damp air conditions. Good section on Ferry travel and railroads. The book is basically organized by traveling down major roads (25) - which are by name not number such as Parks hwy,Richardson hwy, Dalton hwy, Sterling hwy, Alaska hwy, etc. I live near Chicago and have never been to Alaska, and have no idea which highway goes where. They do provide maps and one can figure it out if you put some effort into it. They do go into great minutia as to what one will come across at spot in the road. (Convenience store?). Maybe it is more for Alaskan's, but then they would already know the road and what is on it. I think it would be good to have in the car as a referance, but I think it would be too cumberson to use on a long trip - especially in planning a long trip. It is what it is,and is projected to be, so I have no complaints, just that I am not sure how I can easily use it. 784 pages of stuff. (I guesss that would make it a great buy)?
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on June 3, 2011
While preparing to drive from Utah to Alaska this spring, I asked a fellow student who had done the trip if he had any travel tips. He said, "Buy this book," and handed me a copy of his 2010 edition of The Milepost. After taking a quick look through, I ordered the 2011 edition right away. It proved to be an indispensable resource for this trip, both before and during the drive. The book comes with a large, full-color tear out map that is great for route planning before and navigation during the trip. Main routes are detailed in the book, with descriptions of road conditions and detailed street maps of towns and cities. It gives complete lists of lodging and camping options, as well as activities and attractions. I like that the book also describes towns and cities -- history, major attractions, lodging and dining, and other services. Other sections include basic car travel tips, Canada/US customs information, and information and routes for the ferry system. The best thing about this book: it helps balance planning and spontaneity for the trip. I consulted the map and route sections to choose a route to Alaska prior to travel, and during the trip I was able to stop along the way, pull out the book, and find something to do or see and stretch my legs for a bit. So, if you're traveling to or through Western Canada and/or Alaska, don't leave home without The Milepost!
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on November 30, 2013
If you are planning a trip to the great state of Alaska and intend to drive anywhere, this book is a MUST! It will be the best $ 35.00 you ever spent. In a place where gas stations and places to eat are very few a far between, the milepost gives you exact distances, directions and hours of operation. The highway guides are accurate to tenths of a mile and show cutouts for scenic views as well as locations where it is safe to turn an RV around if you must. Listings for campgrounds, hotels, places of interest as you would find in a normal guidebook. As you are in a state like no other in the country, this book has much,much more. Best places to view wildlife, info about river conditions and ice and wind possibilities. ( all these things you must consider when camping in Alaska, as conditions change rapidly and sometimes dangerously.) All in all a must if you intend to drive around and see the great state of Alaska. It will be your trip of a lifetime.
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on September 9, 2012
The MILEPOST is an outstanding travel planner for the motoring tourist going to Western Canada and Alaska. I purchased this publication in order to plan out an RV trip but I may use it for a trip in our automobile instead, staying at Lodges, etc. There is a large map included to help you visualize the overwhelming amount of information given in the book. Much of it on a mile-by-mile [or milepost] basis. If the large oversize book [volume might be a better word] is not enough - hold on. There is a Digital Edition free download to the book's purchaser. That Digital Edition has all that the paper volume has plus tons of embedded materials such as videos and slideshows. Think that you don't need this book because you only travel to Alaska on a cruise ship? Wrong! What do you know about the places you are cruising through or visiting? Maybe not much other than what the cruiselines want you to know. This book outlines the cities, what to do there and how to get around. Plus the maps, esp. of the Marine Highway system, help you to figure out where you are and what you are seeing on your trip. This is not a novel with a fine story plot, but it can bring to mind grand dreams of a lovely vacation taken in splendid surroundings. Bon Voyage!
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on December 15, 2011
Traveled through Canada and Alaska with help form this gem. This book gave me more confidence as compared to without it. Great maps and wonderful mile posts along that match the maps. Really is an excellent guide and cannot see an obvious room for improvement. Is very detailed along with being easy to use. Displays multiple paths and highways to use, also displays most popular paths. Pretty thick book, tons of information. Used it to travel from Washington state to Anchorage, AK.
Highly recommended if traveling in Alaska or western Canada.

A highly helpful hint ;D : I used a GPS unit I bought from Best Buy to help my travels through Canada. I just returned it when I got back to Alaska and all was well. My first time using a GPS unit and it was EXTREMELY USEFUL and gave me unreal amounts of confidents, I could find gas stations, hotels, food and camping in a pinch.
I highly recommend you do this for those who are very thrifty or down right cheap.
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on April 9, 2017
Purchased for my travels thru Alaska. A WONDERFUL resourceful guide. Don't travel Alaska without it.
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on July 7, 2013
There are only a few major roads in Alaska, but you will know everything about practically every mile of each of these major roads if you read MILEPOST. If you're a solo driver, it may not be as useful, but with a driver and passenger, it's very helpful. The passenger will read about the location of scenic pullouts, restaurants, gas stations (sometimes they are few and far between), hiking paths off the highway, places you might see a whale or bird, to name a few. There's history, anecdote, ads for sightseeing, flightseeing, lodging, and information about the size of cities and towns and what to do when you get there. Although the book is too heavy to carry, you really only want it in the car anyway. There is a code at the front of the book to download it onto a tablet, phone, or computer.
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on April 11, 2012
I was pretty disappointed in this. I've heard so many great things about the Milepost that I guess I was expecting something more along the lines of the "Lonely Planet" guides. This book is so full of ads that it should be given away for free, or $5 tops. It reminds me of the old "Computer Shopper" magazines that people used to buy just for the ads. The ads are so interrupting and distracting that they make it difficult to filter through the real information. It's basically a really thick tourist magazine--the type of thing you'd expect to pick up for free in the entryway of Denny's or at a highway rest stop. Save yourself some money and do your research online. If you want a hard-copy backup, pick up a used copy of a previous year for cheap...not worth it to buy new. If you're looking for a solid travel guide, I recommend Lonely Planet Alaska (Regional Guide) and Lonely Planet British Columbia & the Yukon (Regional Travel Guide) instead.
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