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Milk [Blu-ray]
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on March 10, 2017
What an awesome history; he was such an amazing man and truly gave back to our community; I cried at the end, but he made such a mark and place in life for all of us;

Sean was amazing; hard to believe he is heterosexual; what an amazing actor; he so deserved the award he received!
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on September 28, 2010
This is a very dramatic and heartwrenching movie to watch, but a great one that is based on a true story. Sean Penn plays a very good Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was a very charismatic and intelligent gay rights advocate. James Franco plays Scott, someone who was very much loved by Harvey. They both move together to San Francisco, where Harvey goes on to have his political career. Harvey Milk becomes the first openly gay man to be elected in office. The movie chronicles some of the other battles that Harvey must face when he gets elected. However, I enjoyed how the movie showed him displaying persistence, courage, and self-confidence even in the face of obstacles. Josh Brolin plays Harvey's political rival Dan White (in real life Dan White is responsible for his murder). There are going to be various elements that catch an individual's attention depending on who they are. What caught my attention was how Harvey Milk is portrayed as one who is the rescuer. Obviously, this at times served him well to have a good heart because he was well loved by many people. The movie shows how he would come to the "rescue" of the two lovers that are portrayed in the movie (Scott Smith and Jack Lira)in a compassionate and caring way. First off, let me say that I think that it was a good thing that he had a big heart. It served him in a positive way on how he connected to people from all walks of life. However, the movie does portray that it was his rescuing personality that may have cost him his life. This is due to the fact that the movie shows how one of Harvey's campaign workers warns him about being too close to Dan White. Harvey understands this concern of the campaign worker, but he implies why Dan could benefit from his help. Then the campaign worker rightfully points up that he is big on being the rescuer, and seems to drop hints to Harvey to be careful. Sean Penn played the role of Harvey Milk so well that it really felt like I was getting a historic glimpse on what it might have felt like for Harvey Milk and for those that were the closest to him and helping him out. I normally love and prefer to watch only cheerful feel good movies. However, this movie pulled at my heartstrings because a very powerful, caring, and intelligent man was taken at such a stage in his life where he was just starting to reap the benefits of his hard work. Aside from this caveat, I still feel that this was a terrific movie with some convincing and talented actors and actresses, with my favorite two being Sean Penn and James Franco.
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on May 5, 2014
I loved the movie when I saw it in the theaters. Watching it a again with a slightly more critical eye, I thought the first part was pure genius until it became more conventional in the latter half.

Perhaps I am feeling sentimental but the beginning was simply enchanting, featuring one of the best pick up scenes in all cinema as the homely middle aged Harvey Milk, on the basis of his sweet talking charm, seduces gorgeous Scott Smith. At the end of the evening, Milk confesses that at age 40, he has done nothing true or worthwhile. Scott, who is the perfect and perfectly easy going foil for tightly wound, closeted Harvey, suggests he might want to do something to change that.

Still at the beginning of their romance, the two men move to SF's Castro Street area—and it's a tribute to the director and those behind the scenes, who were able to recreate those heady times, when the promise of of post 60's liberation was in the air for many groups-and particularly for the gay community, so terribly marginalized and deeply despised in America. And it is the dark side - the harassment, violence, lack of police protection, backlash by the Christian right which galvanizes Harvey, who is experiencing his own r/evolution, into action.

Harvey is more than intelligent- he is street smart- and understands the economic clout he and his friends can bring to bear on the area by patronizing or boycotting businesses. He then goes one step further to create coalitions between unions, the elderly in the district and the gay population—and promulgates his vision for a more empathetic community. Through all this, Scott, with his gentle charm which deflates any pretensions or overreaching on Harvey's part, keeps him balanced and sane.

But once Harvey, choosing his political career over the relationship, allows Scott to leave, the movie [ for me at least] begins to falter. Far too much time is spent on Cleve Jones and the machinations of the campaign, and the personal life is relegated to a few snapshots of the woefully miscast Diego Luna as an unstable boyfriend. We segue into political office a bit too quickly—while too much of that time is spent on newsreels of the bats*** crazy Anita Bryant [ when you see her rolling her eyes and spewing inhumane venom in that saccharine sweet voice while invoking the Bible, you'll think of Sarah Pailin as an evolutionary leap forward] and the religious right [ then ascending to power] which wants to fire all gay teachers in the state -and their supporters for the imaginary crime of corrupting children.

The lumbering and slow witted Dan White then appears and because we never really understand his motivation [ politically betrayed by Harvey, closeted, envious, under too much pressure and needs to discharge his stress by killing two human beings?], there is an inability on the part of the film maker to elevate Harvey to iconic status [ seemingly his intention]. Certainly the shooting, as portrayed, seems incidental to Harvey Milk's career as the first openly homosexual elected official in the USA. This could have been handled more delicately—you could almost envision the end being scripted in manner reminiscent of a latter day Tolstoy or the offhandedness of a Chekov–the irony or inexplicability of a random shooting when Harvey had come so far and was gaining acceptance for his cause.

Perhaps I am being too critical; my hetero libertarian husband had to be dragged to see Milk in the theater but got misty eyed at the end and rooted for the film in every single academy award category [ even the ones it wasn't nominated for]. Fantastic performances by Penn, Franco and Brolin and well worth seeing.
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on May 27, 2017
Had forgotten how much this movie meant to me.
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on May 28, 2012
This film bio-pic of Gay Right's pioneer, Harvey Milk contains an extraordinary performance from Sean Penn in the title role as well as exceptionally good performances from the supporting cast! Josh Brolin, in what could have been a one note part, does a great job portraying Dan White as a multi-layered person, smitten, confused, and ultimately dangerous to Harvey.

There are so many other reviewers on here that have gone onto the storyline with insight much better than I could provide, so I'll conclude by saying that this film is surprising NOT preachy! All of the characters have "Human" faults just like everyone else and they are not glossed over. This is the story of one Gay man's fight for dignity and equality in the eyes of the law during a transitional time in American history.
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on June 21, 2016
Deeply moving and beautifully acted. Great integration of film from that era and new film in that style
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on August 26, 2017
love this move thank you
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on April 5, 2017
Great movie.
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on January 30, 2017
An important story to have been told. Harvey Milk did as much for homosexual's civil rights as Martin Luther King, Jr. did for African Americans, including giving his life for the cause. I love that 2 heterosexual males played the main characters! Male homophobia is an issue to me.
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on October 20, 2013
Milk was a different type of movie for me to watch. I am taking a multicultural class in Grad School and this was a required assignment for me to watch this movie. I realize that these are actual accounts of a mans life and political career. I can relate to some of the happenings in the movie because we still have racism and bigotry going on today; however if it had not been assigned I would not have chosen to watch it. I try to only watch movies with ratings that my children can watch.
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