Customer Reviews: Millennium
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on October 10, 1999
this really puts a damper on the musical revolution that took place in the 60's. Did we learn nothing. Why are people like this singing music, they should be on sope's cause they sure as hell don't have any musical talent.
If we've learned one thing from our parents it has to be what good music is. The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, John Lennon, The Stones. Those are musicians that can write and play their own damn music. The backstreet boys will be forgotten in about a year or so. To quote the late great John Lennon, "your voice is muzak to my ears." Kids do me a favor and don't buy this, try and make your life a little richer, and buy The White Album, cause this is crap.
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on April 13, 2000
I don't want to say that this album is COMPLETE garbage, because that would be unfair to the session musicians who played on it and seem to be pretty competent. Also, to those who complain that the BSBs don't play their own instruments, neither did the Temptations, but I wouldn't hold it against THEM. The thing is that after hearing the singles off this album one thing is for certain: used record stores in college towns are going to be inundated with freshmen trying to dump their copies of this CD.
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on May 27, 2000
I always figured Backstreet Boys to be a parody band. They look like walking satires of their progenitors, The New Kids on the Block. Then, as I started seeing other "boy bands" sprouting up like mold, and after I started hearing "I Want It That Way" about as often as I breath, I began to realize that people take this band seriously.
Don't be the dupe, I'll let you in on the joke. First, there's the look. "Millenium" basically has the same cover as Backstreet Boy's self-titled debut. The point here is to let you know that it's all the same. The Boys' look is street gang meets 90210 by ways of Studio 54 circa 1978. This all indicates that they are not only derivative, but it suggests the sources they are trying to parody - "urban" music, disco, teeny-boppers, and of course, boy bands. The title, "Millenium," is about as pretentious as a throwaway pop CD can get. It's bigger than Neil Young's "Decade," heck, its bigger than Holst's "The Planets." The payoff, as you know if you've ever been in an elevator or a dentists office in the last few months, is the punch-line. Guess what? A thousand years from now, "Millenium" won't make it in the top 2000.
The biggest joke is the music itself. If you haven't already heard "I Want it That Way" eight hundred times, you would be hard pressed to distinguish it from any of the other wretched songs on this CD. They all sound alike. Some slightly faster, some slightly slower (you'll root for the faster ones because they seem to go quicker). That's the gag - they are all alike, they're just about identical to what N'Cync is doing, they're just about the same as "old" NKOTB stuff. It's all the same. It would almost be funny if we didn't have to listen.
If, for some reason, you like this stuff, go out and buy a vinyl record version and play it on different speeds and it will sound like you have a library of the genre. If, on the other hand, you're looking for something that sounds better than background music at a fast-food restaurant, buy anything other than this CD. Or else be ready for the disappointment of the millenium.
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on February 8, 2001
"I Want It That Way" sounds so right in the Burger King commercial (or McDonalds...whatever) because that is what all their music is... a jingle meant to sell you something (and that something is the Backstreet Boys, of course). Does this make their music unsubstantial? well, in my opinions there is certainly a void as far as substance is concerned. Sure, the goal of all musicians is to sell albums...but with Boy Pop Bands like the BSB and N'Sync, that is all you have. Pretty boys singing pretty jingles written by some music industry hack. In the 60's, you had bands like the Beatles hitting number one... in the 70's, a talented musician like Neil Young could also reach that top spot. But, now... I look at the top 40 and cringe! and, no, I am not simply being nostalgic. Heck, the Beatles had already broken up when I was born.
The subject of the Beatles also brings me to another important point... basically, the next person to comapare the Fab Four with the BSB will get a swift slap in the wrist from me. Oh, no, no, no... that's bordering on sacrilige. People go, "Oh, it's the same thing... look at the mass hysteria and the hordes of screaming young girls!". If you think that is all the Beatles were about, then you've only been watching snipets from the occasional historical reel documenting their first trip to america. The comparisons end with a handful of shots of screaming girls, my friends. The Beatles were innovative, talented, and creative. They left a body of work that, even now, follows them. I read somewhere that if the whole history of pop music was destroyed in a massive fire, it could be reconstructed if only 1 copy of Revolver was left behind. I doubt anyone will say the same of Millenium. What the BSB have given the music industry is only passing... a few years from now, they will be the New Kids on the Block (ooooh, sorry, NKOTB!). If you have to compare them to somebody...well, there's your answer.
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on January 8, 2000
I can't belive the junk this "band" produces. They have no musical talent and just pray of young people. thank god they are just a fad and this will not go down in history as great music. I hope that the company that put this out goes broke so they will not beable to unleash this plage upon us. After you hear this music you will see why kids today are so depressed. readrider P.S. If you want some good music find some Sinatra
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on June 13, 2000
I feel shameful for even allowing myself to surf into this page but I also feel my voice and those that truly appreciate music should be represented to balance out the score. N' Sync and all other assembly line groups are designed to do one thing and that isn't to make art but rather to make money. Granted there is talent to be found but it is packaged up, wrapped in cellophane and marked with a price tag. My biggest gripe is not necessarily with N' Sync, but with the response that they and those like them have received. I know this will only be read by the 8-16 demographic but I had to get this off my chest.
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on January 21, 2000
Ok, i'm just gonna tell you facts about this album. They hardly wright any of their own music or lyrics, and still all their songs are about the same thing. I don't mean the same theme, thats different. But they all sound the same. A beat with chime like instruments and teenagers singing about girls like they are in love, in EVERY SONG. Sorry, but they just aren't original, and hardly even a band.
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on December 31, 1999
For the love of god. They could make a barney sond track and it would sound better than this. This time I don't have to keep my name anonymous.Don't waste half a penny on this... let alone 20 bucks. If you spent money on this you wasted it. If you got it for free because they wanted the Barney sound track instead, you wasted your time.There "hit" song larger than life, shouldn't even be considered a one. If you want something good get the Offsprings Americana. All around bad CD. Don't get it.
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on April 8, 2000
The BBB know very little about music. To have some guy mix a few percussion beats in a studio and then have a writer put together a few redundant, genotypical lyrics is not what I call creative and beautiful music. Where has the music that stirs the soul with a syphony's violin, or a bluegrass banjo, or a guitar burning from the speed of the solo, or even a soothing church's organ? Where has all the music gone?
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on December 5, 1999
Like I've said before, to be so young and so successful, you need to have a look, and the Backstreet Boys have that down just right. They certainly aren't the only pop stars to use their look to create success- Elvis, The Beatles, Madonna (to name just a few) are guilty of this as well. However, what distinguishes them from the BBoys is the ability to grow and mature into legitimate artists with a wide range of artistic expression and musical influence. Do the BBoys have it in them to grow as well? Not likely. Enjoy the BBoys while you're young, because you won't be listening to them (I hope) after you turn 17.
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